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    Hey guys, I am from the company Competitive Edge and I would like to let everyone know that we will be holding a Free Entry FFA Black Ops 2 tournament on September 28th at 2 PM Eastern (1 Central/12 Mountain/11 Pacific).


    Here are OUR rules and regulations! Check below the rules for a HOW TO of signing up!!!





    Competitive Edge
    Rules and Regulations
    1. First and foremost, upon signing up for any of our tournaments, you are specifically acknowledging that you have read and will abide by these rules and regulations.
    2. There will be no unsportsmanlike conduct of any type. Upon losing, you are to exit the lobby so we can begin the matches that follow.
    3. All of our tournaments are going to be held with the utmost respect for everyone participating, and we expect you to be just as respectful.
    4. All matches will begin ON TIME. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The times will be posted ahead of time, and we expect everyone to be ready to participate.
    5. There will be no substitutions of any kind unless prior stated by the Director of the tournament or those above him.
    6. All participants must be signed up prior to the deadline to be counted. No one will be admitted to participate once the sign ups have ended.
    7. All prizes (if any), will be posted with the announcement of each tournament, and will be at Competitive Edge’s sole discretion.
    8. Anyone caught cheating or exploiting any “loopholes” will be immediately disqualified and will have a suspension from tournaments thereafter.
    9. Please be aware that any rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Be responsible and be prepared upon tournament time.
    10. We wish everyone the best of luck in our tournaments. We hope everyone has a lot of fun and will continue to strive and be the champion of Competitive Edge!
    Rules Concurrent to Black Ops 2 FFA Tournament
    Saturday, September 28th, 2013
    2:00 Pm Eastern
    1. This tournament will be an FFA tournament with a single elimination bracket.
    2. To sign up, please follow the step listed below under "How to Sign Up"
    3. Each match will consist of a 10 minute time limit with no cap on the amount of kills. At the end of the match, the TOP 4 will advance. The BOTTOM 4 have been eliminated.
    4. The Championship match will be a 10 minute time limit, with no kill cap. The top 2 players at the end will then proceed in a 1 versus 1 match-up to 10 kills, Winner will take the prize!
    5. There are limitations involved with this tournament, and we expect all participants to follow these limitations or they will forfeit the match and be disqualified.
    6. Here are the following limitations:
    - No Tac Inserts
    - No Shotguns
    - No Lauchers
    7. All matches will be posted ahead of time and we expect players to be ready as scheduled. Anyone who is late reporting to a match will forfeit.
    8. Please abide by all the regulations and rules. We want all players to enjoy their tournament experience.
    9. The prize for this tournament will be a Complete Controller Upgrade Kit by Competitive Edge’s very own controller shop!
    10. Hope everyone is excited and Competitive Edge would like to wish every participant good luck in their battles!
    Here is how to sign up! 
    We need you to send an email to [email protected] (This is our way to keep track of who is signed up!)
    - In this email please include the following bits of information:
    1) Your Gamertag
    2) Your Name
    3) Your Skype (If applicable)
    If you have any questions please msg @CE_Snaptix on twitter. I will answer anything people need! Lets have a big turn out!!!!
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  2. Hey everyone, since there has been a big hype about this new Ricochet playlist, I figured I would host some 4v4 COMPETITIVE (yet friendly - no trash talking) customs.


    I have made variants of Pitfall, Haven, Onyx, and Simplex to support this gametype.


    Also, I have made 2 versions of this Ricochet gametype. 


    These gametypes are Throw and Non Throw. 


    During the Throw version, you can "obviously" throw for points as well as RUN it in for points.


    During the Run version, you can throw the ball, but cannot score points. (This is more like Assault without the De-Arming)


    Each map listed above (Pitfall - Haven - Simplex - Onyx) are compatible with both Run and Throw versions.


    Msg me on XBL for an invite!!!


    Gamertag: Snaptix



    Hope everyone can come try out these versions!!!


    *All map variants were editted from Ghostayame's V4 map settings.

  3. Will be holding these again today at 6 pm EST.


    Just send a message to Snaptix on XBL and let me know that you wanna try out.


    Current Team:

    1 Main Slayer/OBJ

    1 Filler (Support/OBJ/Slay)


    We are still trying to set our last 2 in stone, so feel free to msg me asap!


    Also, we REALLY REALLY want a powerhouse slayer, but all is welcome to try out.

  4. - We are looking for a main slayer for AGL 8 at Knoxville, Possible UMGs after Chicago, PGL and any ONLINE tournaments (AGL wired, and a few other small ones I know of.)


    - Teams current Gamer tags are:



    Touma No Tachi



    - We have a To3 looking for a main slayer. We are a good group of slayer capable people just want that one person who can slay for days.


    - You can contact me through the following:


    Twitter: iSnaptix

    Gamertag: Snaptix


  5. We break it down in a couple videos I'll be posting a new thread, but in short I really enjoyed the map. I'm probably gonna get some games with some friends in the future to get to know the map a lot better. Great job though, keep up the good work :)


    Junior, add me on XBL @ Snaptix


    I was "Symbiotiks" on Twitch during Yahtzee's AM Hour Debut Haha.


    Add me broseph.

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  6. - Call me Snaptix (It is my GT as well)


    - Looking to compete/coach in any/all AGLs following AGL Knoxville and possibly looking UMG and others.


    - GT: Snaptix

    - Twitter: iSnaptix  (Has an i in front)


    - I have some experience involving LOCAL Lan tournaments. Placed 3rd at once and 8th at another (2v2/4v4 types) I am a real competitor and I play to win but also to be a great player/teammate. I know alot about competitive play for Halo 4 and I am always learning more. Hit me up on XBL or Twitter and we can talk/game.



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