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  1. Now that I think of it, yes CoD doesn't have much going for it if this game flops which I suspect it will. Doesn't really matter a lot of people have accepted cods destiny and moved on there will be something new to take it's place.
  2. CoD will never die no matter how hard the games fail
  3. I can't wait to play Relic in Custom Games because BTB doesn't work for Oceania.
  4. I never recall Halo ever having lag compensation, H3 is a bad example simple because of the inconsistent net code with packets just disappearing or not registering which happened even on good connection.
  5. Internet speeds are irrelevant in lag it all depends on ping, I used to play on 1 down 0.5 up and the only time I lagged (put on redbar) was if someone was downloading. Secondly, I don't understand how a game could lag just because of a random foreign person connecting in 9/10 cases if one person is foreign and the majority of the lobby are local the game will realise this and the foreigner won't get host the game would then run smoothly for 9/10 players unless the host had a bad host which then would affect everyone as all data gets sent to the hosts Xbox, so the closer you are and the better the host the smoother it feels... This is basic stuff
  6. US to EU ping is the same as US to AU, it's around 200ms.
  7. Aus/NZ/Jap and all the other Oceania regions match together it's a pretty big community that's gotten the shaft the worst out of everyone. Pretty dissapointing
  8. I wouldn't call, Lallana, Lambert, Balotelli, Lovren young talent all four of them were brought into the team to improve the starting 11 and none of them have made their mark. I am a fan or Lallana though, but I have yet to be sold on Lovren if we are to be winning titles we can't be relying on a one season wonder whose mistakes where covered up by a good defence of Southampton last year.
  9. Fast TTK was the biggest issue for me I gave up after day one because of it, felt a loss of power.
  10. Haven't read too far into this thread, but what are the thoughts on having specific playlists that don't allow party chat... I'm pretty sure during CoD4 SND you couclnt be in party chat during the game which forces you to communicate with your team... In MCC communication in game is non existent, I personally think this would be an alright idea it wouldn't actually affect teams that are in party chat because either way they are still communicating with each other
  11. I've found games in it, try searching during the day I must have been playing on the NA server as it wasn't that bad connection wise. But yes, 343 needs to broaden the search restrictions
  12. It's going to be interesting to see where cod goes after blops3 as it's been coping a lot of hate for being futuristic and most likely with Ghosts 2 coming out the year after which will again most likely be futuristic warfare what's next?
  13. Agreed, AW got me so hyped I bought it and hated it after one day... This trailer actually wasn't that good at all, I'm going to wait out for gameplay.
  14. Ghosts had a small following, much lower than advanced warfare I think but the community generally didn't like it. I can't see it being a success tbh, In my view the franchise rests on this game for that sake I can see it flopping. I really hope they get it right I'm really not a fan of the fast paced action advanced warfare gives and the leaked box art makes mention of a whole new movement system but I'm just gonna hold out for gameplay ATM hopefully it's not a cluster fuck I back treyarch to make a good game they always do.
  15. No one does, this is cods last chance because nobody liked ghosts who will buy ghosts 2 haha
  16. xboxdvr.com/ethikkz/d71e2d6b-fa16-46e4-a2c2-1fcf5afd526f Has this happened to anyone, the game starts while I'm in the UI main menu screen. Watch it
  17. You sound about right, actually given me abit of hope for this game haha
  18. "Fastest, fairest matchmaking experience we have ever seen" Snake oil salesmen pretty much sums him up.
  19. I've never found a match in HCS too little too late 343 I suck now.
  20. If only it was so simple devs are now just too caught up on the concept of in your face fast paced gameplay... If they actually read what people have been asking for on YouTube, forums etc it's the complete opposite. This game is the last hope, as I'm still waiting out on that mod2 remake ha I even voted in petition for it
  21. I didn't enjoy either of them, but titanfall was pretty fun at first however you didn't have to do much to get the actual titan it was a casual gamers paradise... OT: H5 comes out in October, and whatever population it had they will go straight to blops3 GLHF 343 you've got to get it right
  22. Ghosts and AW had fast kill times, it ruined the game for a lot people. Blops2 was in the middle of those two,
  23. That's your opinion, but to me it adds to randomness and completely takes away everything competitive from cod it doesn't add to the skill gap IMO it lessens the skill gap. But sledgehammer can do what they want I'm not getting their next game, I can't stand this whole fast paced idea that is being pushed by devs for next gen games.
  24. For me personally this is last hope I have for this series, it's just gone completely downhill... Who do I have to kill for their to not be exo suits or any of that rubbish in this game... Judging off the description of the game, "a new breed of soldiers" or whatever we said it's going to be another advanced warfare type game... I don't know about you guys but I absolutely despise everything about that game, so here's hoping we actually get a proper cod not a titanfall/Halo rip off.
  25. OT: BLOPS3 just got announced 343 is going to have a tough competiting against that.
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