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  1. Ya im not sure what it is about ce but once you get a rank in the 20s you start getting matched up with people shots dont register correctly on. That killed the game for me, because I don't ever feel like the advantage swings in my favor. Its possible its my connection but its good for all other online games ive played so that doesn't make sense to me.

  2. Only way the pro xbox community would play it is if you can hook your controller up and have bullet magnetism/w slight aim assist like on the xbox. A very low percent will want to relearn how to play a game they have been playing for 15 years on a mouse and keyboard. However right before mcc came out I played halo pc custom edition with a controller using a keyboard/mouse mapping program running in the background. That along with the combination of turning on player_magnetism 1 and playing on the no lead modded servers felt pretty damn good. It felt much better then halo pc ever felt to me the numerous times I have downloaded it and tried it the past 12 years.

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  3. I couldnt agree more about the distance thing snipe three. I loved ctf bg back in the day but that was on og xbox when the pistol worked correctly. I could sit up at the canyons above red base and 3 or 4 shot people on spawn consistantly. Now in mcc it takes like a whole clip to get one kill on a spawner from that distance. I dont understand why but mcc pistol is way easier then og on close up and mid range battles, but way harder and less consistent then og in long range battles.

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  4. Sounds good on paper but in reality it will lead to more dodging, more quitting, and more frustration for both ce players and h2/h3 players. Just look at the frustration ce being in big team battle causes with all the betrayals and quitting. Also putting halo ce as the left selection makes it where h1 players can get 50s while playing no other games which rules out your questions/points. I have no desire to play anything but H1, it being on XBL for the first time is the sole reason I bought an Xbone.

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  5. This is a very bad idea because at least half of the competitive players in the halo ce playlist only play halo ce. The later games are so different having them in the same playlist just doesnt make sense and would really piss off the of the majority of the current doubles players. It would limit them in moving up ranks because to compete in h1's list you have to have a lot of halo ce specific game knowledge like knowing spawns, timing weapons, and grenading weapons to yourself. These things took a long time to learn and I seriously doubt many people in the doubles playlist would want to take the time to learn all of it.

  6. Define perfect.

    Perfect means game is smooth as butter bullets hit exactly when I think they are going to, rockets kill people when they should, and no one is twitching/skipping. I am realistic and realize that my example of perfect does not equal orginal....but half my games are completely acceptable to me. The problem lies in the other half of my games and last 2 nights I keep getting the same laggy people 2 to 3 games in a row and just quit early and go to bed. If they would just make ping and lag a disadvantage it would solve majority of the bs. I truly think some people are making the game lag on purpose.

  7. You still shouldn't be ruining reputation and other people's experiences when all that's happening is you playing on a good connection because your own is not very good to begin with. Now even though you have them blocked it doesn't even matter so your efforts are all for naught.



    I blocked them back when it did matter and as I said earler eating bullets that should hit you is a form of cheating whether it is intentional or not. There is no way to know if someone is doing it on purpose or not, so there is nothing wrong with blocking/reporting players like that. I just looked at my rep from the night I went from green to red because of streaming and it does seem like it takes you down way to fast...I only had 3 reports.



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  8. So let me get this straight, you're ruining other people's xbox live experience just because you're being hosted by some other people? Come on man that is just wrong and uncivil. Blocking people doesn't work anymore anyways so why even do it smh.

    No there is like 4 or 5 people in the halo 1 community that ghost through perfect shots that should hit them. It has nothing to do with host it doesnt matter if you play them in matchmaking or in customs they eat your bullets and thier shots are unaffected by this type of lag. I have those 4 or 5 people blocked, its pretty rare and its always the same people. 90% of games run perfectly acceptable in the halo 1 playlist for me.

  9. I don't have a single Halo 1 player blocked. Not even Naker from Venezuela. Yes I've lost to him and other laggy players in MM I shouldn't lose to, but guess what? It's a terrible messed up port of Halo 1 being played online. People lag. I am not in the red rep all of a sudden because I lag. Dirt Migirt is not in the red because he lags. He has 125 down and 35 up. Soulja may eat shots for you but that happens when you play a game online. That is not a reason to essentially ban a player from searching MM by abusing the reputation system.


    It is designed to avoid players who are vulgar, racist, cheating, etc. not to avoid someone who eats shots online or is simply better than you.

    Just as the guy said earlier he is high level in many playlists and has 0 negative reports. I never block anyone for being good. Eating bullets that should hit you is a form of cheating whether its intential or not (there is no way to know if people are doing it on purpose or not). You have been blocked by me 6 months before the h1 playlist even got ranked because of constantly being a douche/butthole via messages and chat. I know slim and 50 send a lot of messages telling people they are trash and stuff too. Have you ever thought maybe your attitude is getting you bad rep and not your skills?


    On a different note I got my net upgraded awhile back from 1.5mb up to 2.2mb up which is the highest I can get in my area. So I decided to try streaming again, aparently I was eating bullets even though my shots where unaffected and I was wrecking people. I went from green rep to avoid me in one night of streaming. To me that is a very good thing because if not for the rep system all people would have to do is cap their upload at 2.2mb, throw up a stream and lag their way through the ranked playlists.....

  10. This affects not only Halo MM, but other games as well. My friend Saruh ( you may have player her in the H1 playlist) has been blocked to red rep because her boyfriend (Soulja level 50 in H1 on his main) will sometimes play on her account in MM. She cannot find games in COD: AW now because her accounts rep is red from people on H1 blocking her account.

    No that is wrong people block saruh and soulja and thebo and others because shots don't register on them correctly. These people I have mentioned constantly 3 shot at you, but yet when shooting at them bullets just go right through them like shooting at a ghost or something. I have them blocked just for that reason because it ruins my XBL expierence to have people constantly eating bullets yet shooting at me just fine.

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  11. One problem I have is when I watch pink hallway from top PR in chillout with rockets somebody will go around corner with sniper and headshot me and my rocket will act like it fires but it doesn't. So now that guy has camo rocks and control of the map. All my years of lan and even in 100 ping xbc the rocket always fires and kills the guy even if he does get a lucky headshot on me.

    An new issue with rockets this patch is it is near impossible to hit someone above you on a skinny ledge (like top powerup on hh) with rockets. Last night so many shots that I lined up to hit the ledge just shot off to the ceiling, I guess magnetism is changing the path of the rockets. They are supposed to fire straight where you aim with zero magnetism.

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  12. don't we all want the same thing? unmolested halo 1. what's causing this huge difference of opinion among us? i don't get it.

    Too easy shooting drasticly changes the flow of the game and makes it not feel like Halo 1. When you have everyone and their brother playing with the super agressive playstyle that only very few people such as harris, legend, Jownz, and few others could pull off in og its not really fun. It makes you have to learn to play that way too or get raped by people that do. The slower more passive smart playstlye feels worthless in MCC even though it works just fine in og.

  13. My initial feel is they just reverted back to what it was before. Im not going to jump the gun though ill do my due diligence and test it out for a few nights first. Insidious im a halo purist and to me the game played closer to the orginal with the harder pistol. Strafing was back and was fun and sniping felt perfect it actually took skill like og did. Anyways gonna go play some more and try to form an educated opinion for this patch.

  14. But specifically with this patch what makes hh and pris feel so bad on host is you are constantly using your pistol in these two maps. Snipers are not within easy grabbing range like on dammy and co. Also you spawn in the open and have to fight people pretty soon after you spawn, where with dammy and co you can spawn in a room by yourself giving you time to get a different weapon and prepare.

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