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  1. Yes if you played against some random fake name on xbc you thought may have been glassin it could of been me. If you played against (-HoLbrY-) then I was not hacking. Anyone that had walls im sure used them on occasion undercover....anyways when that vid went out people doubted me and I bought a dvr and recorded every game I played on xbc and posted any people wanted to see. http://m.youtube.com/user/Holbry I was on a fake name when the vid was made and have no idea how he even knew it was me.
  2. I disagree on dammy you have to save your nades to nade down camo and cant start throwing nades early to keep people away from the camo 10 secs before it spawns......So many times I get kills just throwing multiple nades behind camo and only having to save one to nade it down......Also on Hangem when you are spawning red and they are at blue you cant keep throwing nades back of blue when they hide. it just makes weaker positions a whole lot weaker with less nades....
  3. I played in matchmaking a good bit last night and was getting a lot of very good games, so maybe the noobs are starting to give up. But all they need to do is get 2v2 and ranked working and all the better players who only play customs now will constantly be playing matchmaking......Please let this happen before many more people give up on this game.
  4. What wierd to me is that I feel like ever since the game released Chill Out is the map that runs the best on every host. Even the bad hosts...so I don't know what would cause it to be different for different people. One thing I have definately noticed is that off host shooting on a good host is easier then on host with my connction. But that being said I do have better reaction time on my host which about makes up for that. My two biggest complaints now are the anti aim and the players that glitch around making them hard to hit.
  5. @JesseMatthews55 no new playlist planned for today - currently running final tests on hardcore, h4, doubles, and more. From bravo on twitter today
  6. Where did you see that 2v2 was launching today? Been checking 343 website and twitter and can't find it.
  7. I have actually had one really bad expierence off host the night after the patch. There was a player on the host's team that was sniping before I could react even when I was waiting on him. Pretty much felt exactly the way bad hosts felt on their host before the patch. I was on co beside portal on camo side in main room watching back door shotty with snipe. Partner told me one was coming so im focused and I get sniped around corner i was watching before I could react when he had no idea I was there. This also happened several other places in the map same game. We then did an hh and same thing he was getting first shots 100% of the time before I could react. He got 38 kills on both games with host getting 12. We then switched hosts and everything evened out. Everyone was getting around same kills. Only thing I noticed is that he was streaming. But he was also streaming on the host where everything was even. Anyone else had an expierence like this post patch?
  8. Well now the around corners thing is just part of the lag compensation. The person that is shooting you sees you behind where you actually are on your screen so to them they killed you. That is just a necessary inconvenience to make the game feel good. Cuz it is much more important that you get a kill when it looks like you should rather then get away when it looks like you did.
  9. I played about 4-5 hours of customs last night and had some really good close games. Seems like the easier shooting has dumbed down the power weapons a lot. Cuz I mean we where killing rocket guys over and over sometimes before they could even get their shot off. One concern I have and would like others opnions is that I felt I shot the best off host last night. It's like it was awarding me shots that didnt look quite good enough to hit....but on the series I hosted it felt like I had to be exact to hit. It honestly felt like I had a disadvantage the games I hosted last night, has anyone else noticed/expierenced this? By the way we had the same 4 people on and off host, so it wasn't a matter of skill.

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