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  1. If tournaments are still going to go on before a fix for host shooting then chill out should be used for tie breakers. I say this because as broken as my host shots are on other maps I still can manage to go +10 on chill out, running around with mostly sniper/shotgun combo the whole game. Tournaments could be considered semi fair if every game alternates host and uses chill out for the tie breaker, and top seeded team should have choice of host or not on the tie breaker chill out.
  2. Long range shooting has been harder and a little inconsistant on host for like the last 2 months. I always really notice it on hh and dere. My theory is that whatever they did to make off host feel harder now just made on host even that much more difficult. Because long range now on host doesnt even make sense at all its just an inconsistant guessing game. I noticed this and made a post about it the first night patch dropped......
  3. I have been having the ghost rockets and grenades long before patch. One thing that has helped me with that issue is disabling wireless on my router when I play. Cuz even though wife and kid is asleep and no one is using the wireless something about just having the signal on was giving me issues. Also some hosts give me those issues even with all that being disabled just not often anymore.
  4. Before patch I loved hosting. Long range shooting felt a little difficult at times compared to off host shooting but the other benefits made up for it. Now hosting is just complete garbage for me 20% of shots fired just dont register at all. I played with around 8 people last night who had varrying opinions about how bad hosting was. But all 8 people said hosting was noticibly worse then playing off host.
  5. So I was in a couple of groups tonight where everyone refused to host. Aparently shots not registering well on host is happening to most the people I played with tonight....this needs to be fixed fast. I dont see how a tournament can be going on like this.
  6. Im pretty positive I would of noticed if kill penalty was on. The very first custom game I played someone had it on and I noticed it immediately. As far as missing jumps I dunno if everyones A button is presurre sensitive but mine is. Eveytime I dont push mine hard enough I miss the longer jumps. I first thought it was a mental thing then tested it and it definately has to be hit with a certain ammount of force.
  7. But the main difference and what made og stand out from other games was shooting. Og shooting was percise and hard, mcc feels like a mix between shooting in halo 2 and 3...although this last patch did make it feel a tiny bit more like og shooting and I welcome all of those changes!
  8. Ya about 1/3 of my gettaways on og are one red bar of health left. In mcc I just die after I get out of their view or die on other side of a portal. I too got the frozen floating death nade off 100 percent of the time I had a nade left, having 4 nades at start also helped with that. Those two things alone take away countless kills and add countless deaths per series.
  9. Every now and then a game will not have back ground sound and I notice them. But I cant hear them otherwise. I havent had a game with no background sound since patch though.
  10. They didnt finish they are in finals. They lost one game to doughboy and frolic on dammy.
  11. If I was still in college id play that much...Im sure I averaged 7 or more hours a day on world of warcraft in college, and this is way more fun then that game...
  12. So glad to see someone else with this issue. Aparently not all hosts are expeirencing this. But thats an absolutely perfect way of putting it......about 20 to 30 percent of bullets just dont register for host pistol for me either. Just dont host, I've done that and this patch has made the game feel the best its felt yet (as in closest to og). But ya you couldnt pay me to host right now I was about to break my controller last night.
  13. Patch and legend would win the online tournament if they played in it. I mean they where beating cujer and threeshotpistol 50 to low 30s in about the only serious games ive seen patch play. Thing is they just dont enjoy it cuz they still have access to the real thing on lan and dont have to settle with second rate halo. I am hoping the easy money pulls them in though. I like watching them play even if it is this garbo version. I also hope 343 keeps increasing the skill gap and making it more like og.....
  14. But on a positive note I played like 8 matchmaking games after patch. Powerup times started when they where supposed to and hit registration felt perfect in all of them. This will be good when its 2v2 and ranked.
  15. I agree with everything except host. Last night I was also loving patch until I hosted a series. Shots where not registering on people when I was host even when I clearly had my crosshairs where they needed to be. I went from first place most games off host to last place almost everygame on my host, all same people same teams. I hope everyone isnt expierencing this but I definately wont be hosting anymore unless something changes. Even had some snipes that where executed perfectly that didnt land on host......that didnt even happen to me back when this game was completely broken.....
  16. Pretty sure the last beach lan was open to everyone, not free though. There is still too much random bs for high stakes money on mcc imo. Should wait for some more ce updates. I mean the people who get anti aim multiples time per game cant even compete at the moment.
  17. Thing is third place is the only spot up for chance if the 4 horseman all come. But hell I would freakin love to watch a prize money series between the 4 GOATS. Maybe if the money was high enough jownz could get everest to come down and team with em....imo that team should easily take 3rd and possibly even give the horseman a run.....
  18. Maybe patch and legend would play it for 500 bucks at stake thats awesone man.
  19. Snipysnap is a top h1 online mcc player, did you feel like a top 5 og halo ce player at legend`s lan snipy? Im not trying to disrespect snipy either hes clearly one of the best at mcc and a good halo og player but shooting is waaaaaaay different and waaaay easier in mcc. And the top 4 players are on a COMPLETELY different level then everyone else....Toxin included.
  20. If you play a top 4 player and let them get away with a camo rocket you could very easily have just lost the match depending on the map. Once they get control of a map most players are unable to get it back. Also even though there isnt much host advantage on lan its still a big advantage to people who shoot as well as they do. So if it was 50 to 20s it was probally their host. Also derelict can yield 50 to 20s even off host sometimes its just the nature of the map.
  21. Legend was streaming a lot during the lan he had that snipysnap went to. Patch was there, thats two of the best players right now. Hopefully next beach lan will have ogre 2 harris patch and legend. So we can see the 4 best players go head to head. Its only ever happened once and the video quality from it is hardly watchable.........
  22. In my expierences its easier to shoot on a really good host then it is my host at long range. Short range and spawn time is better on host though.
  23. Also I have noticed shots not registering on certain people in ffas and some bad hosts its pretty rare for me though.
  24. When I stream people say I skip around and am hard to hit. But when I do this my shots dont register good at all and grenades throw really late and rockets shoot really delayed. Also I have to hit the reload button at least two times before it actually reloads my weapon. I feel it is no advantage at all to lag skip around its just frustrating for both parties.

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