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  1. Bonesaw just play a series off host then on host with the same 4 people and you wont need anymore proof. Your mood will go from this game isnt that bad, to fuck this game im done!
  2. There was only a little difference between shooting on and off host before this last patch (I only really noticed it at long range) which is perfectly acceptable. The curent state is not acceptable and is killing customs because no one ever wants to host....Another thing that needs to be changed is that laggers should be penalized and not the people shooting at them. If thats not fixed once matchmaking is ranked everyone will be playing off their cell phone's internet and streaming to try and get an advantage.
  3. Well I was glad to see legend getting into the mcc tournament scene and he played well. Quite disapointed in mando's joining in and messing up the close co game and his lag teleporting on the hangem game. He should never be allowed to host or stream again if he is allowed to continue to play in these tournaments. Even the dere and pris that he hosted both froze a few times. There was one play on the dere where hali picked up overshield mando teleported up started running in place game froze then it unfroze and hali was dead with full os. I've never seen that happen in any of my games or games that I have watched before.
  4. Ya seems like they could make legend host since mandos shit is messed up
  5. I dunno which stream to watch for finals legends or halis...guess ill have to watch em both at the same time haha
  6. Well mando fukd team clutch gene. Hali went buck wild on the restart like 29-12
  7. Wow the final game was co score 43-40 wubby and soulja was winning.......then mando poped into the game and killed someone........I didnt even know you could do that mid game in halo 1......anyway they quit out and restarted the game. Really going to suck if the restart isnt a close game cuz that last one was anyones game.
  8. Hali and bizzy are on third game that dere was intense. It was like 48-30 wubby/soulja and bizzy and hali got top and made it all the way to 49-46. I thought they where gonna pull it off lol.
  9. Np, wubby and soulja are playing hali and bizzy now in semi finals..Im watching hali's stream atm I think wubby( NT Mighty) took his stream down.
  10. Looks like legend is going to be streamimg finals at twitch.tv/AsKLeGeNd but that will prob be about 30 more mins or so.
  11. Didnt know legend was in it...legend and mando just took down doughboy and rippon for a spot Iin the finals. Wubby and soulja are in game 3 with dr montage and threeshotpistol, winner of that game plays hali and bizzy in semi finals.
  12. Doghboy and rippon took down sn1py and toxin in the iron games. Considering tournenment is single elim looks like we are gonna have some new winners.
  13. About 95% sure the pris was the second game and on wubbys host but I guess I could be wrong.... if he did go 31-8 on host pris thats amazing with the way host shots are.
  14. He was on wubbys host for that game if I remember correctly patch
  15. Well what it looks like to me is that you have to shoot perfect on host you can see shots just barely miss that would easily hit off host. Its a lot more noticible at longer distance though because the players you are shooting at are smaller targets.
  16. One thing I noticed is that sn1py hosted the co for their series and he went like 32-18 or something like that. Then on the next two that he hosted he didn't do anywhere near that good. So that further makes me believe that co isnt that bad on host compared to the other maps.
  17. Bizazre and hali are in the finals with snipy and toxin. But the iron games starts tonight so I dunno when they will have them. Was a little confusing what went on yesterday but best I understand it that logic had to work leaving hali without a teamate and bunny looked like he was having connection issues leaving bizare without a teamate. So hali and bizzare combined. They beat naker and pollo, then they beat doughboy and poopy, then they beat wubby and soulja finishing at like 1 am last night which was too late to have finals. I watched hali's twitch and that dude wasn't missing hardly any shots, was pretty impressed. Bizzare was the one hosting for their team and he seemed to be doing well for how bad hosting is at the moment.
  18. My computer monitor is right beside my xbone monitor so I usually watch both sn1py and toxin play at same time. But the last series I watched I had soulja on one and bizare on the other. I liked being able to see a screen from both teams better I think. One thing Ive wondered about is there enough delay in the broadcast that having your oponents screen up wouldnt be an advantage?
  19. When I get home today ill definately try those things because I want nothing more then to be able to have better expierence while playing this game. Disabling wireless when I play has definately made my expierence better. I have att u verse vdsl and they make us use their modem/router combo, its made by 2 wire I bet its crappy.
  20. I think the discussion you guys are missing is that there is so many things wrong with it that it can't be played competitively and appeal to anyone other then the few people who have connections that for whatever reason doesn't have most of these issues. Issues like ghost rockets, ghost nades, rockets being on floor in front of you with no option to pick them up. My biggest gripe is the people my shots doesnt register as good on. Like Bobby blitz and TheBo are two that come to mind that im always having that issue with. I can be camo behind them when they are running a straight line fire a risky shot because I have such a huge advantage and easy shot. And even though the shot looks perfect it doesnt connect or register with this person and they turn around and hit me with their first 3 shots dropping me..... That stuff completely ruins the competitiveness of this game for me and these things happen to me alot. Cuz that one play I just mentioned can screw us out of getting the next power up that I should be able to get easily and potentially even lose the game for you if your playing good enough people. I watch toxin and sn1py on twitch alot and their shots seem to register fine on bobby and thebo.... these things dont happen to them. So I honestly feel like even if I had same skill as them(I dont think this btw) that I wouldnt be able to compete with them for unknown shot registering issues. 75% of series I run shots register better against one of my oppents then they do the other, which ruins my expierence more then any other issue.
  21. Looks like its gonna go down another night sn1py is mia
  22. Ya I just look at it like I did xbc, games mean nothing. OG lan is all that matters as far as who is better then who. But like xbc its fun for people who cant lan. Honestly I would rather this game be exactly like xbc just Iintegrated into the xbox one. Because the only reason I would rather play MCC is for convience and amount of players.....XBC was actually more fun when a lot of people where playing it.
  23. That was the whole reason for my chill out post. I dont find it to be much of a disadvantage on that map. I have hosted 4 series since the patch and have done well on the co all 4 times and in alot of those series I went negative the rest of the games. I mean can I get any others that regularly run on and off host series opinion on this? Maybe I just run co better then other maps I dunno just would like hear other's opinions about it.
  24. I dont like that method because of how much better some hosts feel then others. If this is the method that is used its going to suck if you have a really good host and a disadvantage for your team. I realize the same can be said for just doing it by total wins like it is now. Sometimes you can pull off a win on a bad host but scores will be closer and makes your method kind of flawed. A win is a win in my opinion whether it is 50-49 or 50-25 and should count as one point like it does now.

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