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  1. Have to agree with vinny dere and wizard are the two most talked about maps for ce in this thread and they are the 2 most imbalanced. I love dere and dont ever wanna skip it in series but its pretty low on the competitive scale. I have played people better then me lost everygame in the series then won the dere countless times. I mean all you have to do is keeping getting rockets/camo/os and not do anything risky and its really hard to lose control (it does help that my 2v2 partner is a great sniper and usually is covering me up top in these wins). Wizard was removed from 2v2 mlg ts because of how hard getting control back was and the 30 kill swings that it was producing too much. The best 4 maps to compare for the purpose of this thread are chill out, pris, hangem, and dammy. They are really fair and have a great weapon sandbox. Finally to answer ops question I think halo ce was perfect in the ammount of pushing for control. The only one of the 4 maps that can get boring is dammy cuz some people like to not take risks and play it really campy.
  2. So maybe I am wrong maybe wargod is looking for a way to lag and be harder to hit. That was not my intentions for posting what I tried and I think banning people like blitz and mando is a great idea until 343 does something to fix the situation. This is coming from an unbiased opinion I have not competed in an online tournament and just liked to watch them until mando made a joke out of them.
  3. Because people like mando and bobby blitz have an unfair advantage of lagging through bullets that should hit them and it doesnt affect their ability to shoot at other people so they should not be allowed to compete in a tournament for money.
  4. Threeshot im not trying to be like mando or bobby blitz I dont like playing with them and avoid it. I told the people ahead of time I may be lagging and to quit out if its real bad and I would fix it. I was wondering if the people that do it are doing it intentially and how easy it is was. Quit trying to make this into something its not me and Wargod obviously dont like bullet spounges and don't want to be one........I havent even watched any online tournament games since mando skipped and lagged his way to victory in that iron gaming one.
  5. I get angry when people eat my bullets and dont die, it ruins peoples expierence so I just put on torrents to see if something as simple as alot of activity on your conection would cause it. I want it fixed before matchmaking gets ranked, right now in customs I have the choice to not play with someone like that, but in matchmaking with ranks and quit penalties I wont.
  6. I do think its a problem and should be fixed by 343 though they need to make the people who have unstable connections the ones that suffer, not the ones shooting at them. I wouldnt think this would be hard to fix except when the bad connection is hosting.
  7. So ive tried doing this to test it and even though people said they had a hard time hitting me and I was skipping some, the game felt very laggy and I couldnt hit people very good either. Also I was getting tons of ghost grenades and ghost rockets, maybe these things dont happen on a faster conection but either way I played alot better after I turned that stuff off. I feel like the people that eat bullets and still shoot well is due to a wireless signal with some interfearence or something.
  8. Patch notes said the next update should improve the rank system and I think it said they will add it to more playlists when it works better.
  9. Beamimpact I cant tell you if its more aim assist or more bullet magnetism with higher pings, you may very well be right I dont understand the technical side of it. But the fact is on most west coast servers my shot is getting way better and my ability to aim is not . I was reading about the tf2 game where some snipers do really well in high ping but usually not aginst others snipers in low ping. The way that game works is with higher ping you dont have to be as acurate because if you have a ping of 150 and miss the shot but you are within 150 ms of the shot it gives it to you. However if you are up against another sniper with a low ping he will see you first and if he is a good shot he usually wins. Im not sure if that is whats happening in this game or not.
  10. Thanks for that I didnt think there was anyway it was just chance im always shooting best on west coast servers. I was looking further into it aparently tf2 a popular computer game is the same way they have EU people getting on US servers picking sniping class and shooting lights out. They also say all other classes are worse in higher pings. Anyway I thought I would point this out with the online tournaments you might want to get a teamate far away and let the lower ping/host do the rocks and whoring and stuff and the higher ping be in charge of the support slaying. There is a guy from washington I was teaming with in customs and I was easily outshooting some people I dont usually outshoot.
  11. Anyone else noticed that you get more shot compensation with a higher ping? Everytime I am shooting amazing I ask the person where they are from and they say like California or Washington (im from nc). I personally think that is one of the reasons sn1py and toxin do so well together because when one hosts the other one has the maximum amount of compensation. Being from Washington and Florida one of them is going to always have a high ping no matter where the host is located. However I have noticed it has to be a legit high ping though if you just open up torrents to make your ping high you get loads of ghost rockets and ghost nades and the game just feels laggy.
  12. I would of guessed your protege nistic would of been the closest player to this title. Or are you going off the official halo 1 rankings?
  13. Well the goal is to make mcc as much like og as possible. I imagine us "old guys" will prob hang around and help out as long as 343 continues to work on it. The thing is even if they get this game fixed where most og players think its acceptable, that still doesnt stop the discussion of online vs lan which is a big problem as far as the mcc tournament goes. People that have either really good internet (which is not available to majority of us citizens) or really shitty internet (mando and bobby blitz) have a huge advantage which is really unfair.
  14. Thanks for info buzz. I want to know what monitor you play on knighty I cant see camo at all unless they are pretty close
  15. Hey what happened to cyrax he was an online god and did great at 50k2 then just vanished....anyone know? Also what happend to ios omni and his 2v2 partner? They where supposedly online gods that vanished too.
  16. Just an idea...if someone trustworthy (with a good job who wouldn't "need" the money) like john or patch or something, made a paypal account and named it like beach tourney this thing could still happen. There would have to be guide lines and requirements for me to donate such as it would only go down if all 4 horseman could attend and semi finals and finals would have to be recorded in high quality. Anyway I have no plans on attending and im a cheapwad and have never donated to anything gaming wise, but I would drop 100 bucks in if it was done right. Get 10 people like me and your already at 1k prize money. I bet if it was done right teapot might would donate some too. Who else would be willing to donate for this?
  17. Knighty sounded like he was arguing that the online winners are the players with the most skill and not the players with the best net to me. Which is probally why patch was calling him names lol. He was also telling patch he needed to play and win this tournament to prove hes the best which is ludacris.
  18. Im pretty sure the only point patch is trying to make as far as the mcc tourney goes is that the best players in mcc does not corrolate with the best players that come to og lans. He is only counting the players that play alot of both to be fair. So going off that info it looks like you are rewarding mediocre players with bad ass internet instead of the best halo 1 players. I mean if that is your goal then go for it......it just wont mean anything to the hardcore halo 1 players who wins it. Because online has never ment anything as far as skill goes thats why mlgs where and still are done on lan. Maybe in 15 years when everyone is on fiber to the house that will change who knows. But majority of people dont live in a big city where 40 down and 20 up net is aviaible and therefore are at a disadvantage before they ever start.
  19. Can you elaborate? Are you saying host shooting does not feel like og? If so whats different? Because as I said I havent lanned in over 2 months but best I can remember from years of lanning it feels basicly the same, if not it has to be pretty close.
  20. Tonight was the first night I have hosted since people started saying its like og shooting. So I went in with the mind set of pretend its og and I shot really good, prob as good as I was off host. I haven't lanned og in about 2 months but shooting felt identical best I can tell. 343 please fix off host to feel the same way and the shooting part of this game is fixed. Shotgun and plasma riffle also feel completely fixed on host now. I can finally go back to loving co again now that my sniper shotty combo works.
  21. I would wait until they fix the host issue thing before I would run the tournament with good prizes.
  22. What does that mean? That mean you are castrated?
  23. So does anyone know when toxin and sn1py play hali and bizzare for the purest form tournament finals?
  24. To me it feels like when im off host and my crosshairs are halfway on them and halfway in front of the way they are moving the shots hit everytime, and its almost like it locks on and is really easy to keep my aimer around them. On host far away it seems like it doesnt lock on as well and combine that with even when it looks like its in the right spot shots still dont hit them alot of times. So my guess is less aim assist and less magnetism both. I dont see how you can test the aim assist part of it because I would think it would just appear the person on host cant control his sticks as well lol.
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