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  1. Ya on the og game you just started with co then went left lol
  2. I also agree if just three maps are to be chosen co dammy and pris are considered to be the most fair maps. Hangem brings a significant amount of luck into play based off who gets better random spawns. Derelict pretty much speaks for its self its a fun map but once a team gets total control of top and power ups it can feel near Iimpossible to get it back. Another point I would like to make is I have seen more 50-49 games on dammy then any other map and seems like the perfect tie breaker map to me.
  3. If there is not going to be ffas to determine seeding then how is host going to be decided for the third, tiebreaker games? If it hasnt already been decided an idea I had could be whoever wins their game by the most kills gets to choose. Also a lot of people I have talked to feel like hangem high is one of the worst maps playing on host currently and seems like a bad selection for the tiebreaking game. What are other's thoughts on this? Would prefer opinions from people like toxin wubby doboy who have put the most time in the game, I would trust their opinions the most. Personally I find hh and pris as the two hardest maps to play on host.
  4. Anyone notice if they snuck a host improvement patch in and didn't talk about it? Host is feeling alot better then I remember it being after patch. Im also noticing other players doing better on it too.
  5. Beam what times do you usually play eastern standard time? I would like to try your host one night and see if its different from the 4 other overseas hosts i played on.
  6. Beam I honestly dunno whats up with your net but naker(who is from overseas) was playing me and an xbc friend the other night on my host and he was coming in first almost every game and not missing many shots at all. We had him host after the series and me and my partner didnt miss. It completely flip floped and we went from losing most games on my host to beating him 50-20s on a chill out on his host and then he wouldn't host anymore after that game... Also when I was playing on my friends high ping net this afternoon snipes and pistol shots hardly ever missed in the customs games we played. Even my friends noob ass was blaining like a vet lol. But the point of this is we joined match making and it went away, sniping went back to the way it should be. I was actually happy about that maybe it will make ranks alot more legit.
  7. So I mentioned earlier about how playing in really high ping some how made your shots easier to hit like against European hosts and stuff. Well I dont think that happens in matchmaking which is really good for when that gets ranked. I played at a local noob friend's house who's net is so bad he coudlnt even xbc with me. He pinged 120 to me 20 miles away.....I was thinking hmm playing on his net should be a huge advantage in this game, and it was in the custom games we played. But we joined in like 10 matchmaking games and aiming had to be good just like when I play at my house in a normal ping. So my question is for like mat logan and the other guys out of the country that notice the high ping advantage. Do you get this advantage in matchmaking as well?
  8. There are 4 players that are indisputably on a higher level then all other current Halo 1 players. Ogre 2, Patch, Legend, and Harris. As far as Ogre 2 I figure he got voted that because of his past Halo 1 tournament history and the fact that he has played the other halos competitively and still remains at the highest tier of player in Halo 1. The 4 players I mentioned have only ever played each other in a 2v2 series one time. It was patch and legend vs Ogre 2 and Harris. Legend and Patch won with Patch having the best overall stats of the 4 players if that means anything. Here is a link to the videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/CodyInColor/videos The quality is crap but its Halo 1 being played at its absolute highest level.
  9. For me both matchmaking and customs got a lot better after this last patch unless you are host, but I don't have crazy internet mine is 24mb down and 2mb up. I still find some people a little harder to kill then others but I think its just due to something they have going on their end that makes them seem glitchy. But hit detection is best its ever been for me, I had way more people eating bullets before this last patch. I will say it seems like people that are streaming through the xbox one app are always harder to kill for me then when they are not streaming. I cant stream because people say I skip around, some people that don't quite skip still shouldn't do it in my opinion.
  10. There are alot of people with really fast internet that play good, im not convinced thats completely true. Snipysnap had awesome internet in florida and he won more online tournaments then anyone other then maybe toxin and mando.
  11. Aparently they deleted that ce gametype vote thread...thats wierd.
  12. I didn't realise it was bad for you.....my teamate said it was good for him. I'm always down to pass up host just lemme know next time..
  13. They bring up a good arguement for people who dont play 2v2 ts. They are saying now that there is a doubles play list it should pick up ce and that the ce specific playlist should go to 4v4 like the other game specific playlists. I really hope they don't convince them because if they go to 4v4 the hardcore want be playing in it and a year from now when all the casuals quit playing or move to h5 the play list will die.
  14. I completely agree with that buzz because 4v4 ctf was a ton of fun back in the day. Thing is small as our community is I doubt they will make both playlists and if I can only have one it would definately be 2v2ts
  15. Everyone may want to go over and vote 2v2 for this Ce matchmaking thread. I don't know how much 343 looks at this info but the last thing we want is for them to take 2v2 back away from us again... https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/halo-ce-2v2-or-4v4-let-s-take-a-poll/b75cd475-8c78-42bd-b447-687447cbeaf5/posts
  16. Is me asking if split screen can be allowed considered bitching? If so I don't mean it that way just wondering why it is not and if it can be reconsidered.
  17. I havent noticed some people being harder to hit then others on my host. I run into that all the time off host though. I have noticed that it seems like some people get a shot in me before it is possible for me to get a shot in them when I host which makes no sense considering that everything is supposed to run off my box. Also before last update it was the opposite and it felt like I saw everyone a split second before they did me when I hosted.
  18. Can I please get a response from someone in charge of tournament about allowing split screen or not? It really is going to decide if im going to ask my halo ce friend that is in town that weekend to play with me or not.
  19. So ive been hosting alot last few nights, long range definately feels a whole like og. But short range does not feel like og to me. I shoot pretty well on all maps except pris. Im not sure whats going on there but it is definately not like og, cuz I shoot fine on pris in og. Anyone else thats been hosting alot lately notice themself shooting consistently worse on pris when compared to other maps?
  20. Nothing that happens online is embarrassing or matters......especially in this buggy version of halo ce. I have lost games online on mcc to college/highschool friends that I destroy when we lan every christmas vacation.
  21. Im pretty sure the goal is to not only attract new halo ce players but to get old school players to play. Thats a pretty big turn off for an old school player to not only have to play a bad version of a game they love but also have to play it in a way they do not like.
  22. April 25th is at the end of april so odds are the content update will be out before tournament anyways.
  23. If call outs are what make halo 1 so great to you then you clearly where not a part of the og halo 1 scene. EVERYONE played splitscreen and ive seen some great teams not make a single call out in games....only chatter was stuff like nice shot. Anyone can go halo 2 style and slide their monitors beside each other and there is no rule aginst it, so what is the reason to not allow splitscreen on same box? The reason im asking is that my highschool halo friend is going to be in town that weekend and he doesnt own an xbox. I was actually considering entering this tournament with him until I read that.......
  24. I just read on the rules that each person must be on their own box....is there anyway to get that changed since this is halo ce?

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