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  1. Do you think it is possible to make CE's online shooting identical to the way lan felt through netcode though?
  2. It kind of bothers me that this last patch caused a ton of new issues and 343 didn't put a public response out acknowledging it......I didnt think they would make us wait an entire month for an update since it is so bad.
  3. People that have familes can maybe pull off one day of tournament stuff, but no way im gonna be at the house online with video games and not helping.for 3 days lol.
  4. They already did it for xbox 360 minus adding the tunneling software. I would really like it if they did that too so I could choose to play og with low ping friends. The only problem low ping xbc had was the host didnt have a ping or bullet lag. They add some kind of neutral host system into it and some people would like it better then mcc.
  5. Well bobby blitz had a laggy connection giving him an unfair advantage and he started doing tournaments at his uncles house which is very respectable in my opinion. Mando has a laggy conection giving him an unfair advantage and he keeps showing up for almost every tournament and wins a lot them. That is not respectable at all and warrents a ban or a dq in my opinion. As a twitch viewer of most tournaments it definately is not fun to watch. When mando would get on xbc with his laggy phone tether it made it hard on him which is the way mcc should be.
  6. Relyx, could this also be linked to why strafing to dodge bullets isnt working for me like it did before patch? or is that unrelated?
  7. Ya sniping is even easier then it already was too. Thats why I said unless they make pistol/sniping harder again im done with this game. I liked it alot last 2 months and have been playing it like 4 nights a week. Now thats its super easy again I dont....its personal choice but I mean I quit playing halo 2 because of how easy shooting was too. Just doesnt apeal to me, maybe others prefer it this way and thats fine. Im pretty sure ogre 2 doesnt like being 3 shot by scrubs either, last night on toxin' s stream he called the mcc version of ce "nonsense" and right now it just is.
  8. Its funny to me you said that... It feels to me like they reverted back to the way shooting was before the patch that made the game feel more like og. To me shooting is back to being almost no lead and way to easy making the pistol feel way overpowered. Last time they made it feel this way I quit playing it because I was getting 3 shot by random halo 3 noobs. Strafing feels pointless again and I'm done with the game unless they make it harder to snipe\pistol. I'ts back to being just point and shoot and whoever sees who first wins again. I can't believe they went so far backwards on this patch on everything. It honestly feels like they released the same patch they did 4 months ago when I quit playing.
  9. Your Team Name: WuTang Winner: WuTang Round Number: Two Score: Team juicy slayers is marked out in list so I guess team Wutang Wins
  10. Your Team Name: WuTang Winner: WuTang Round Number: One Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  11. I was reading the rules page it says you can do a test run on a different map to test lag. I would definately do that with him.
  12. Ya that was krazynades first time playing mcc and my first time playing a 2 box. It was hard he kept going like negative 20 all night and I kept choking on important kills. But at about 5 am we actually started doing a lot better. He started getting used to it and shooting alot better and our teamwork started meshing a lil better. I kept telling him that was prob patch on there with him that keeps getting single digit deaths. Cuz the other guy was definately playing a lot like patch.....was it you?
  13. Haha looks like he just signed up. I guess him and mando both will be gracing us with their lagginess.
  14. Oh that reminds me I played bobby blitz 2 nights ago with logic and he is skipping around and eatting bullets as bad as ever. Is he signed up for this tournament and allowed to play in it?
  15. Ive never gotten longest you sure its in the list? Wizard needs to go for sure but longest and ratrace can both be fun if everyone learns their spawns and how to play them. I have a lot of great memories of standing at os on longest and one pump shotgunning the guy getting camo through the little crack in the wall between them. I also still remember the nade to get both powerups through the wall.
  16. Im pretty sure it would kill an already suffering population in matchmaking.
  17. Well looks like we will get an update before the tournament, Bravo just anounced it should be out next week. It also looks like something about halo 1 is definately getting updated because he said there will be game-specific improvements for each title. Pretty excited about that because so far everytime they have updated halo 1 it has gotten a little bit better.
  18. Ive had a couple 25 ping games on xbc that felt almost like off host lan. Once everyone is on fiber and as they continue to improve networking and routing xbc/tunneling will just keep getting better. Back in 2002 I was one of the only people in my entire town with broadband and the fastest they offered was 1.5mb down and 384k up. I could only host 3 boxes and I could only play within 2 states of me for pings to be under 60, but back then I never had a problem finding games they where everywhere. I wish I could go back to that time with the net aviable now....That will never happen though its just so inconvienient for people to have to download a program on their computer, foward ports on their router, find an orginal xbox that works, and find a crt tv to play on. I wish mcc had a lan version of halo 1 with better graphics but same mechanics as orginal like they did for the campaign. Then have a tunneling app like xbc on the xbox one. That would of been awesome and about 1000 times easier to do then what we actually got =[ Even still if they would just make the lan version we could scrap our old xboxes and crt tvs and the people who like the new netcode version could play it on Xbl and the others who want to play everything "just the way we remember it" could play the lan version at lans and through tunneling software. All it would probally take is a week out of their time.
  19. Jawshe xbc on good internet and in a low ping is way more consistant and way better then mcc. Its exactly like playing on lan for the host and for the joiner its just a little more lead. Unlike mcc what you see happening is actually whats happening. There is no lag compensation helping some people more then it does other people. I have used x link kai with pacmayne and other people before when xbc would be down. It doesnt feel any worse or any better then xbc, about the same.
  20. After reading lammie's post again I think maybe he is relatively new to halo 1 but has a good shot, and he is confusing having a better pistol\snipe with being the better team. He said hh pris and dere are the most fair maps which is not the case but they are the most open maps and you are forced to fight off spawn alot on them with not a lot of places to take cover. So if you have the better shot and are pretty new to the game they could seem more fair I guess. Anyway thats just my theory it makes sense to me, I could be totally wrong.
  21. I completely agree with that I think the 5 map rotation is also called the "xbc 5". When I quit playing halo 2 and got back on xbc BC, Rat Race and Longest had stoped being played online and I was generally called a newb when I selected them. I was also told I needed to start running derelict in my rotation..... I was like umm derelict and wizard got dropped in 2v2 ts because of the crazy kill swings they could have. Anyways after playing xbc off and on for the last 8 years I learned how to play derelict and forgot how to play bc,rr, and longest which to me where fun competitive maps back in the day.
  22. Lammie will you please explain to me how lesser teams win at Dammy and co? You said that the randoms can be brutal in dammy but there is really only 3 spots people usually do random spawns from, which are rocket pit, back red, and waterfalls. If you are the team holding down top and you know a guy is spawning simply be ready to shoot the spawner if he randoms at top green health pack or top green platform. Any other spawn is not a direct threat (however there are tons of direct threat spawns in hangem including right behind you and there is no way to watch all of them). And as far as chilly goes I don't understand what makes that map random to you. Winning og CO was all about winning the fight for rockets and not dying with them. With camo being completely invisible from far away in MCC and with sniping being so much easier then it was in og, MCC downplays a lot of rocket's power but its still probably the best powerup of the 3. Anyway if you could please explain how lesser teams win on CO and Dammy because I just don't ever have that happening. The only map out of the 5 where I would get beat by teams worse then me was Dere, but that was largely due to the 30 second rocket. Since MCC has completely removed the rocket in Dere It really hasn't been an issue anymore. Just out of curiosity are you an old school player that has been playing for 10+ years or are you relatively new to Halo 1?
  23. Lammie lets continue our discussion in the halo 1 2v2 Tournaments thread I think we probably should leave this one for mostly teams registering.
  24. I like hh but there is no question it can be really unfair. Any good team is going to random why would you want your teamate to spawn beside you when he could spawn across the map somewhere or at camo....ive had hh games where everytime I random I get camo spawn or top blue making the game a joke easy to win. ive also had games where I get randomed in terrible places and the other team keeps getting camo and top blue spawns making the game really hard to win... you say worse teams can win on co and dammy yet those are the two most fair maps there is... I mean dammy can be won from top green or bottom red there is not possibly a more fair map. Co is the only map where power ups are split up so well. I mean you can get camo sniper and easily rival rocket guy. There isnt really anything left to chance at all on chilly. Prisoner is fair too because you have almost complete control of every spawn you give your teamate. The points I made are not just my opinion they are things I have heard for years from majority of halo players. I realise hh is the easiest map to beat people who dont have a lot of expierence and dont know how to play it. But when you got a group of 4 even players that all know how to play it, too many times it just comes down to who gets the better random spawns rather then who has better teamwork and is shooting the best.

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