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  1. When you zoom in your pistol off host you dont notice how it kind of locks on a little bit sn1py? On host at hh and pris feels awful to me, co dammy and dere don't feel too bad. But I can tell a huge difference between the two when I zoom in with pistol.
  2. Maybe for a different halo no one wants ce to be this way though. we just want it to feel as much like og as possible without being way easier.
  3. So this patch wasnt that great anyways same thing happened to me tonight as last patch. I was playing some games tonight where I had extreme ammounts of magnetism and some where I didnt have much at all. Thats right I said magnetism, off host 100 percent has magnetism every game and it varies in ammount just like last patch. What is making host so hard is that it feels like your aimer doesnt stick on them as well and there is little to no magnetism when hosting. If you notice when you zoom in off host your aimer locks on and you get varrying ammounts of magnetism, but on host when you zoom in you dont get any of that.
  4. Well if they are trying to please the majority then I imagine they are doing it. I don't imagine the endless waves of noobs in matchmaking want shooting to be harder haha. Its really unfortunate for the true fans though.
  5. He said it was a weird reversion? I have played every single patch since release and at no point did I play one where pistol felt like it does now.....That just doesn't make sense.....
  6. Ah ok I haven't really seen much debate on that. I mean if they fix the magnetism at long range then it will cancel out the spread like it did in OG wouldn't it? I mean the only reason its even a problem in this patch is because magnetism is either missing or extremely low, right?
  7. The community is not split, everyone agrees it needs to be somewhere between current pistol and pre patch pistol. Only thing people are split on is which way they liked it better and that should be irrevelant since both sides thinks it needs work.
  8. Finally got to play it. There is nothing good about this way of aiming. Im all for harder but this just doesnt have a halo 1 feel to it at all. I was strafeing with a guy and had to lead to hit him thats just not right strafing with someone cancels out the lead even in 100 ping xbc. There is more off then just magnestism in my opinion like bullet momentum too maybe.
  9. Cant wait to try it out. Shooting really was absurdly easy before this patch. Rockets have always had aim assisstant that will pull on your reticle when someone walks in front of it. But the problem with the rocket was the magnetism, rockets in og have zero magnetism they go exactly where you are aimed when you pull the trigger.
  10. Have to give it a couple of days seems like things are always worse on patch days maybe due to everyone downloading from xbox live. I hope they didnt screw it up for a month though....
  11. Shooting felt better (harder in a good way) to me before the 4/21 update, this is also the patch that re-broke the previously fixed plasma rifle and shotgun. If they made shooting more like it was at this time I'd be really happy.
  12. Man they are running out of time on this month's patch. Waiting until the last days of the month screams procrastination to me.
  13. I think its wierd bravo didn't mention a thing about individual game fixes in the community update today. I would hope some will be added in since it's been a month.....
  14. Halo ce was very close to being in good shape before last months update. The only huge problem with the game before last patch was shooting on host was more difficult then off host, but it still is. Now there are a ton of new issues that where previously fixed. Assault riffle, shotgun, rockets, and pistol are all very inconsistant I guess due to magnetism. The plasma riffle was correctly freezing players before last update now it is broke again and not freezing correctly. I'm sure im leaving a lot of things out but game just felt pretty good before last update and now it doesn't.
  15. Cool, well now if they just get that thing ranked, I'll start using it.
  16. The magnetism level is completely screwed the more games I play the more I notice there is always one person on each 2v2 team that if my aimer is anywhere close to where it needs to be shots rarely miss them. But the other person on their team feels almost like it does when you shoot at your teamate, like you get no asistance at all. Is this how it is for others? What really pisses me off is when im the person on my team that people cant miss.....and it almost always is me.
  17. Minto it only happens in og when you have 1 rocket in the chamber. You have option to either drop your one rocket and get a full set or guard it until your teamate can get it. This is actually one of the few bugs from og I think should be fixed.
  18. I hope the hot fix contains a fix for all the ce specific stuff they broke last patch too and is not just fixing joing people's games/parties.
  19. Haha wow what a load of crap. Man that may have even been a double kill too. Does this mean that they aded magnetism to rockets? I dont even understand how your aimer can be inside door and rocket go side ways. Thats way worse then the 180 glitch ever was.
  20. I agree I get a lot of 3 shots I dont deserve at wierd angles then miss easy shots on a guy running a straight line to a power up... Shooting just feels Iinconsistant and over all too easy again. But to be fair I havent played much this patch maybe I just havent figured shooting out yet and thats why it feels so inconsistent.
  21. Im not sure, we ran 6 series last night didn't go to bed until 4 am and all of these series are running together. The game im refering to was a dammy though. Man I really wish we could go back to before last patch only thing wong with the game in my opinion was host was a little bit tougher then off host. After running customs for 6 hours last night it just felt like so much new random bs. For some reason im having trouble hitting camo guys now and im talking with pistol.........not ar or shotgun, this is an issue i've never had until this patch. Was having so much fun with this game before last patch, I mean all they needed to do is up the bullet magnetism just a tad on host and instead they break like 10 things that where previously working fine. Im pretty depressed about it because all patches had made the game a bit better until now. Makes me wonder if they know what they are doing or not........
  22. Funny story on the game that we figured it out on, I just now realized it happened twice on same game. I die as camo comes up when I respawn I say to blade what happened to camo. He says I got it. I look at him and hes not camo so I say, you burnt it? He said no, I got it. I just think to myself he clearly isn't understanding what im asking so I finish by saying....so they dont have camo? He says no.... and he is probably thinking im the dumb one at this point. Anyway I didnt even realise what happened there until just now. Later the same game they knock camo down in shottys he jumps down gets it and says I got camo rocks. I look at him and say you got camo right now? He says ya then I tell him not on my screen you don't...... We then realize there is a problem.
  23. A few times I have been standing on the new camo as my faded and even though I see myself as camo my partner told me I wasnt camo and the other team shot me across map like I wasnt camo. Last night it happened to my teamate he said I got the new camo I looked at him and was like dude you are not camo... Looks like im going to have to let the old one run out to be sure to avoid this. This has to be happening to other people too right?
  24. I feel the same way man I haven't touched a halo multiplayer since 1,2, and 3 and have no intention on playing Halo 5. I spent right at a grand on xbox one, astro head set, and a ben q monitor to play halo ce on xbl for the first time ever. All I care is that they get it working correctly and thats the only thing I will play for the next 5 years or so. There are a ton of people that got suckered into mcc because they said it will be just the way we remembered it and we could care less about Halo 5. If they truly polish halo mcc games and get them working correctly then no more complaining from me just happy gaming until they shut down the mcc servers. If they dont completely fix it, 343 is dead to me and I will complain about them anytime they are brought up plain and simple.
  25. I posted a long time ago that I would be willing to donate 100 bucks if it was guaranteed that all 4 horseman would be there competing. Shortly after that ogre 2 posted he couldnt attend this years beach lan. Anyway I know 100 bucks is nothing compared to your $500 teapot, but I share a bank account with a wife that doesnt share my love for Halo...lol

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