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  1. Ya im not sure what it is about ce but once you get a rank in the 20s you start getting matched up with people shots dont register correctly on. That killed the game for me, because I don't ever feel like the advantage swings in my favor. Its possible its my connection but its good for all other online games ive played so that doesn't make sense to me.
  2. He said it backwards then. In Halo CE magnetism is the curving of bullets, and aim assist is reticle stickiness. Doesn't make sense for termonology to be oppossite now......
  3. Back ordered means out of stock and waiting on a shipment from their suppliers.....sorry bro
  4. I completely agree with the person that said the halo pc elitist view is rockets and power up timing is newb. In fact all of the pro labeled servers I joined had rockets and power ups disabled where you cant even pick them up standing on them........
  5. Only way the pro xbox community would play it is if you can hook your controller up and have bullet magnetism/w slight aim assist like on the xbox. A very low percent will want to relearn how to play a game they have been playing for 15 years on a mouse and keyboard. However right before mcc came out I played halo pc custom edition with a controller using a keyboard/mouse mapping program running in the background. That along with the combination of turning on player_magnetism 1 and playing on the no lead modded servers felt pretty damn good. It felt much better then halo pc ever felt to me the numerous times I have downloaded it and tried it the past 12 years.
  6. I couldnt agree more about the distance thing snipe three. I loved ctf bg back in the day but that was on og xbox when the pistol worked correctly. I could sit up at the canyons above red base and 3 or 4 shot people on spawn consistantly. Now in mcc it takes like a whole clip to get one kill on a spawner from that distance. I dont understand why but mcc pistol is way easier then og on close up and mid range battles, but way harder and less consistent then og in long range battles.
  7. Does it still give you better or worse hit registration based off your teamates's connection?
  8. Man that chill out looked like it should of been a draw, I mean how could he kill you after hes already dead? Im pretty sure that was somehow a high ping issue, either way good game.
  9. Is it possible they set up their routers to only allow a connection to a certain ip address, one that they controlled? Because that clip is of 2 guys not playing obviously.
  10. Sounds good on paper but in reality it will lead to more dodging, more quitting, and more frustration for both ce players and h2/h3 players. Just look at the frustration ce being in big team battle causes with all the betrayals and quitting. Also putting halo ce as the left selection makes it where h1 players can get 50s while playing no other games which rules out your questions/points. I have no desire to play anything but H1, it being on XBL for the first time is the sole reason I bought an Xbone.
  11. This is a very bad idea because at least half of the competitive players in the halo ce playlist only play halo ce. The later games are so different having them in the same playlist just doesnt make sense and would really piss off the of the majority of the current doubles players. It would limit them in moving up ranks because to compete in h1's list you have to have a lot of halo ce specific game knowledge like knowing spawns, timing weapons, and grenading weapons to yourself. These things took a long time to learn and I seriously doubt many people in the doubles playlist would want to take the time to learn all of it.
  12. Perfect means game is smooth as butter bullets hit exactly when I think they are going to, rockets kill people when they should, and no one is twitching/skipping. I am realistic and realize that my example of perfect does not equal orginal....but half my games are completely acceptable to me. The problem lies in the other half of my games and last 2 nights I keep getting the same laggy people 2 to 3 games in a row and just quit early and go to bed. If they would just make ping and lag a disadvantage it would solve majority of the bs. I truly think some people are making the game lag on purpose.
  13. If it has to be hitscan to be consistant then do that all I want is consistant gameplay from one game to the next. 50% games feel perfect, 20% feel like I get too much bullet correction and 30% feel like I get almost no asistance at all and bullets are actually being redirected away from the target.
  14. I read somewhere that some people's negative feedback does a lot more then others. Like if you report people a lot yours will not do much, but if you dont report people often they will be more effective when you do. Also I got all of mine in one night, that may be important too, I'm not sure.
  15. I blocked them back when it did matter and as I said earler eating bullets that should hit you is a form of cheating whether it is intentional or not. There is no way to know if someone is doing it on purpose or not, so there is nothing wrong with blocking/reporting players like that. I just looked at my rep from the night I went from green to red because of streaming and it does seem like it takes you down way to fast...I only had 3 reports.
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