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  1. alright alright you can hear it here first.....I'm coming out with my own Cereal brand.
  2. seems to be a common trend on the forums. with nobody to speak truth, things just get passed around enough until everybody believes them. some of the stuff I've read recently about "back in the day" things is comical
  3. why do I still see ppl say I said this? never came out of my mouth unless sarcasm
  4. might have been talking about him and legend beating me and harris? dan hasn't played halo 1 since 2007 haha
  5. no they didn't even really play h1 when we did back then we never lost a series, and never even lost a game on lan host. I think cujjer is referring to single game losses off host to certain combos at a winter lan. only game we lost in tournament was a 2v2 bc ctf game from red base to some cali guys black 3lk and i dont remember the other guy
  6. uhh false. not sure where you got dis info
  7. his monitor broke last night, while wal mart was the only store open. that was literally the only monitor they had there. he is returning it today and getting a new one from best buy.
  8. 11-3* , that Coli flag game you linked is a winterfox game o.O
  9. I honestly don't know and maybe Ohio does it differently. I never had to re-enroll because I was still a student. Did this at 3 different universities.
  10. False. You claimed I 'dropped out' in an attempt to make it look like I could not handle/complete college. I remained enrolled as a student throughout all of my years, whether I was enrolled for classes at the time or not. I was, for all intents and purposes, always planning to finish. P.S. it was quite easy. School was never a problem for me.
  11. Definitely didn't ever drop out of college. Took time off to focus on gaming and do what I love. I have a BA in Economics from Ohio State University.
  12. Oh so you actually are a troll. I thought you were just stupid.
  13. much better 4v4 game. no frame rate issues, best online play, etc. CE had it's problems it was just soso fun to LAN and has the best 2v2 obviously
  14. Like i said, the stats are best suited to represent how the team operates. Comparing similiar-positioned/style of players from team to team with the stats would be a better use of them than amongst the players on the same team. Comparing the stats of a player who gets every single sniper vs a player who literally passes snipes off/drops them for teammates and leads a lot more of the pushes is pointless. Comparing a player who gets every snipe and sits back more often vs the same player from another team is a better use of the statistics.
  15. stats only say so much. so many important variables not shown. Ex: player tendencies, weapon distribution, strength of opponent, stats in more important series vs whole tournament, communication, etc. also obj time almost shouldn't even be considered on a stat spread as it is 1 game per series and doesn't represent objective done in flag or bomb games clearly. add to that the fact that most hill/ball games are setup games and the person who gets the time is often just whoever is closest during time of setup, and is often actually more protected than those not in the hill/with ball. the amount of scrap time vs setup time is actually such a smaller portion. stats are interesting and definitely tell a story but it's more so the story of how a team operates, unless there is an obvious extreme difference. just informing the close-minded
  16. h1 - 9 h2 - 9 h3 - 5 hr - 4 nbns hr - 6 h4 - 2 h5 - current state - 5? could be a 6 or 7 with tweaks IMO (obvious improvement with radar out etc.)
  17. Watching toxin's stream....Mando is skipping eeeeeeeeverywhere. He better fix that shnit before we play them or we'll slap em with the hot DQ
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