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  1. yea that's the same thing I was just being dumb and didn't look. Threeshotpistol: kevin can't join you? he has open nat see if you can join his room we're ready whenever.
  2. Ok so just tack on priz game 4 and then derelict game 5? I'm assuming those are the maps people would want (i'd rather have creek but for no arguments those others are fine)
  3. Team Ohio vs Severely Inexperienced - Team Ohio wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Round 4 2-0 question: can we start doing bo5 now in the round of 8? I feel like we're down to the top teams now and with single elim we should have time. who's down?! get some new maps in here
  4. Team Ohio vs 343 Shot - Team Ohio wins Round 3 Won game one by 25, game 2 was attempted to be play about 6 times on stream, longest we made it was 33 kills in where it was 33-19 us, a most likey victory. They sent us a message and asked if we wanted to just report the win since we can't seem to fix this. NistiC took a picture of it if need be. Thanks!
  5. IDK if any of the mods are watching this buy these guys have "lagged out" or made nistic lag out about 5 times in a row now. we were just winning game 2 33-19 with control on damnation, at what point can we take the DQ win?
  6. Team Ohio vs Royalty: Royalty was a no show. Team Ohio wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. legend can't play so now this: Team Ohio - The 2gre The NistiC
  8. silly noobs. chilly, hh, pris, dammy, derelict. (if only running nooby 5 game series) - start chillout and go left. always go left. real men play the 7 game gauntlets, including both BC and rat race, as they are actually 2 of the most fair/competitive maps in the full rotation
  9. This is said before the release of every new Halo. Just wanted to point that out.
  10. Just based on the frequent tournament schedule, I most likely won't be able to attend beach LAN this year. Even if I did it would be on 0 Halo 1 practice and just for funsies - time for McDick to step up as Alternate-horseman

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