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  1. That means the films, more specifically, but you could bring up the books. If you could write and direct the film, or films, that wrap the saga up in as best a way as possible, what story would you tell? The books would be tougher to wrap up, given how many of them there are (in the number of several hundred), regardless of Disney retconning the old stuff. I doubt Lucasfilm/Disney want to end it, but they will surely end the Skywalker saga with Episode IX.Its such a huge story but I bet there's ways to conclude it. What would happen to the brand afterwords is hard to say. Ending one of the most recognizable entertainment brands in history, if not the most recognized, is incredibly challenging. But its possible.
  2. ?? I also am mistaken by saying we're not going to get rehashes. Chunks of the new films are indeed that.
  3. Humor was overdone, I agree. Its a better and more intimate story than The Force Awakens. I think while Lucasfilm has made some risky and questionable choices, their films are quite entertaining. I'm enjoying all of them. You're not gonna get rehash of the originals, well...except a good chunk of TFA. We're getting post OT stuff. Not everyone likes them. Fine. I do. I also find it funny how many people put the OT on a high pedestal when they have stupid or weird moments too. And you can't justify them just because they're the first three. Yes they're going to remain the best SW films because of their originality.
  4. I agree with you about Rose. She was pointless. Unless someone else can explain her presence, which is fine with me. Leia doing that is questionable, but I've read some thoughts and opinions about it. So she could have prevented herself from dying by "taking" venting atmosphere and encircling herself. Which sounds crazy, but it works. There's a lot of strange, cheesy moments throughout the series. Why people get pissed and throw such a backlash at these new films is ridiculous. Oh dude...lightspeed kamikaze was epic! Now why Admiral Holdo did that instead of, say, Akbar, made no sense to me. And why she took so long, so the F.O took notice, instead of doing it asap, doesn't make sense too. Perhaps it was for dramatic tension build up.
  5. I've read a lot of opinions on Polygon about The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson basically gave us the most polarizing film in the series - either you really like its differences, or you tear it apart and read between the lines. There are a lot of head scratching moments and scenes that just don't belong; they could have cut it down to just over two hours long. But, there are a ton of details that I glossed over. So I'm deciding if a second viewing is worth it. Something a lot of Star Wars fans do is don't think about the film, or misinterpret it. So many just want a simple, easy to understand and root for two hour film with a walk-out-to -the-sunset heroes' journey. This most definitely is not that film. While those are great fun anyway, as its the framework of the originals, sometimes its good to have one that radically changes how we think about the finer details of Star Wars. Rian Johnson went that route, I believe. Like Luke said, "This is not going to go the way you think!" And he's totally right. Just maybe he went too far, making it so different, but confusing too, that he's about to gain a lot of rabid haters.
  6. Ready Player One looks great...for someone whos not read the book.
  7. I forgot about this thread up till now. Welp. I also don't visit the forums hardly anymore. Some of you said this year was weak for games? Like....are you kidding me? Opinions, I know but... This is one of the best years in recent memory. So many amazing games. Not all interest me, but the sheer number of quality titles is overwhelming. If PubG wins GotY, I'll be mad. Nothing about it deserves it. Like Overwatch upset Uncharted 4 last year. That was pathetic. I can't see Super Mario Odyssey winning. Its either Zelda or HZD in my eyes. Persona 5 could sneak up possibly, but I have no idea what kind of game it is. Zelda doesn't look too interesting. I've watched a few minutes of Super Mario Odyssey on Twitch recently. That looks like more fun than Breath of the Wild.
  8. I've played three new releases this year, out of the fifteen games I've beat. Many of those are first time playthroughs of older games and some are replays. Even if game awards don't mean anything, we still like awarding excellence in gaming. So, what is your Game of the Year for 2017? I've played Horizon Zero Dawn, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and am well into Middle Earth: Shadow of War . I've not finished Shadow of War; I'm over thirty hours in. Its nothing close to the other two, but its still fun. My pick is Horizon Zero Dawn. Outstanding game. Took me time to go from really liking it to loving it, but in the end its one of the top ten best games I've ever played. Intriguing story, great protagonist (I love Aloy ), beautiful open world, a stunning musical score, etc. Hellblade is quite a unique experience. Visualizing hallucinations and psychosis, plus hearing it through some of the absolute best sound design I've experienced in a game (binaural sound design) was striking. What are your picks? I bet Zelda: Breath of the Wild wins Game of the Year from The Game Awards...sadly enough. HZD and Hellblade are unique in what they offer though.
  9. So where are the rumors that MLG could return? Or is it wishful thinking?
  10. "Churchy"? Thats a stereotypical image and representation of Jesus for those that don't go to church. I don't listen to them like I do Skillet, for example, but from what I know they're a softer, more contemporary Christian band. I used to somewhat like TFK. They don't appeal much to me - their music sounds the same for most of their songs.
  11. I love it. Shocked Bonnie brought it up. Pleeease work right this time.
  12. Full album comes out on the 27th. Great band, but not a favorite. Probably the only symphonic hard rock Christian band I like. Yes, Flyleaf is Christian. I don't listen to them though.
  13. Children of Men is a great film. Wish Alfonso Cuaron got more recognition, thought it got Oscar nods. Its not my favorite film, but rather one of the more unique sci fi films I've seen. I first watched Blade Runner three or four years ago in a college class. It wasn't that great at first. Might be because it wasn't the Final Cut - one of the good versions. However, Denis Villeneuve's sequel looks GOOOD.
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