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  1. I liked the joke about demons being an offensive term
  2. Man I've been going down the communist rabbit hole on Reddit and I honestly need a pallet cleanser. What do you guys have for me?
  3. They don't even have skyscrapers in Canada. I would know I've been there a couple times.
  4. I forgot about David Ellis. Mr. Paintball himself...
  5. Nah ram is fuckboi confirmed. I mean who posts in the politics thread these days anyway?
  6. Will I get my money back if I'm not satisfied, guaranteed?
  7. The cartels would still have people to sell to. They'd just run into a metric fuck ton more competition. They could legitimize and potentially be of use to the economy but they could also fail and then we'd be rid of them. Either way we win.
  8. Nuclear is entirely feasible. The problem is that you have emotional fuckwits trying to stall it. It's the same thing with anything that's somewhat scary yet arguably inconsequential in how much harm it actually causes. Guns, drugs, you name it.
  9. what exactly is @S0UL FLAME trying to accomplish there?
  10. Am I though? Am I really? Most of this forum hates reach. They consider it a gameplay travesty. Like, how optimistic can I be when I say that the upside is that they may possibly go from steamed shit to...smoked shit, I guess? Lol.
  11. ...that's interesting. Maybe bungie will get like 10% of it's mojo back and get back to the reach days where they released a complete game at the minimum.
  12. Nah bro you sound too much like that jerkface @My Namez BEAST now.
  13. I follow their Twitter and they always post cringey meme shit. Given that I'm an old man stuck in a young man's body, it bothers me a hair. Why do I follow them you ask? Good question
  14. The dev team for that game is millennial cancer.

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