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  1. It's 2020 and games are still tying game speed to frame rate. What a joke.
  2. This is how I figured out sea of thieves wasn't worth buying at launch so this is indeed a good thing. Only thing is, sea of thieves got noticably better over time. Infinite isn't guaranteed to get better at all after launch.
  3. You joke but get ready to see some of those guns get repainted and look badass.
  4. Halo infinite is literally just going to be that cut megabloks halo game
  5. Noticing an abundance of reach style armor.
  6. Invasion having multiple races works for the class based nature of the mode. I'm fine with keeping that stuff in there and not having it get forced into the rest of the game. But you know, everything has to be the same now.
  7. Yeah it's hard to understate how vomit inducing h4 is visually.
  8. Have you ever played red orchestra 2 or rising storm 2?
  9. Anybody who says either of those games are the best cod has no class.
  10. Honestly, halo 3 does still hold up. It's only rough in a few places.
  11. Where the hell did I read that ce's magnetism is stronger at the edges of the reticle than inside it? I swear I saw that somewhere. Like, the optimal hold for headshots is 6 o'clock or something like that. Did I make this up or is this real?
  12. Running away is fine when there aren't abilities that encourage it specifically. Otherwise the games pacing and map design suffers.
  13. Does this grease gun resemble the actual m3 grease gun?

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