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  1. I feel like most maps in reach are my guilty pleasure That said, epitaph.
  2. I prefer 4s soundtrack to 5s I think. 5 does have a couple good ones on there though.
  3. The h4 br is one of the worst sounds I've ever heard. It sounds like a squeaky cricket. How that was accepted is beyond me. The AR sound sucked too.
  4. That doesn't sound good at all.
  5. What infinite needs is Lola bunny's big naturals
  6. They're perfect for 2v2. Playing that game more often made me consider the idea that the sandbox might be too powerful for 4v4 and up. Which isn't a dig on the game btw since it was built around the Xbox which only allowed 4 controllers to be plugged in. I know Lan allowed you to do 4v4 and shit but let's be real, that's probably why 4v4 became the defacto "default" gametype over 2v2 in the first place.
  7. Yo anybody got any crisp leaks they wanna share?
  8. You gotta find the right game. I never considered myself a rager. Until I played my first modern cod in 10 years seriously. Cold war pissed me off a lot of the time for a while. Contrast that with halo, which I've played for so long that I know exactly what I dont like about it vs what I do, and I'm able to just experience the game for what it is and enjoy myself.
  9. It still blows my mind that they soft rebooted the series 2 years after a successful title, which itself came out 3 years after its predecessor, just like that one did, AND the one before that.
  10. Sounds like death magnetic levels of brick walling.
  11. I always thought making something a map pickup was about limiting its effect on the game so that it doesn't actually matter of its unbalanced or not. Rockets spawning every now and again isn't the same as every player spawning with one at any given time, for example.
  12. And then reach launched with more features with h3. And then 4 launched with...
  13. One of the reasons halo 3s campaign is so good is because each level is so visually unique. Sad that 343 can't top a game from 13 years ago.
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