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  1. Standoff is one of the better btb maps if anything.
  2. Halos vehicles are about simplicity and intuitive control. The only thing they need is specific weak points so that players can counter them on spawn. Making them like battlefield vehicles wouldn't fit imo. Plus I never really liked vehicles in battlefield.
  3. Say what you want about wide open btb maps but I love sandtrap.
  4. Not even separate vehicle paths. Good player movement makes them harder to hit already
  5. Halo 3 has a single frame of animation where the character stops moving before going a different direction. It's not super perceptible but its why strafe seems to accel slower than 2. I dont think h3 has that bad a strafe. If anything its decent, especially compared to how difficult it is to aim compared to 2. But you really want to play the game with 10% faster movement. Its more fun this way.
  6. I still think halo 3s instasplode is cool
  7. Am I the only one getting vietnam flashbacks to "self selection bias" the last time the community tried to petition for change?
  8. It didn't fly over bungie's. The way they handle destiny, it seems they knew exactly that. 343 seems to not understand this at all for some fucking reason. All the community options and outlets are borked from the start, added way too late, or just deleted entirely.
  9. I wasn't directly responding to your post. Actually most of what you said was fine imo. The one part there about coop play... yeah I think I missread that too now. I only brought that one part up because it weirded me out the way I read it. I'm just commenting on a general atmosphere I've noticed on this forum for a long time regarding games in general. It wasn't specifically aimed towards you warlord.
  10. Halo 3 gameplay scratched the itches of most fps online players in its day. The fact that its weapons didn't kill quite fast enough or its movement wasn't quite crisp enough do not bother most players. Most of them aren't fucking stay up 23 hours super competitive tournament minded. And the idea that the game was only popular because people played it with their friends is just... like I don't even know what to say to that. Any game can be played this way, and yet most of them do not become that popular. I swear people will come up with any technical reason to dismiss a games success if they personally don't like it. Its like they can't step outside their bubble and accept that a group of gamers have different priorities than they do.
  11. Something tells me you don't know what any of this really means.
  12. I'm just concerned if any of the registration bugs will be fixed. Once again, the game's success is pretty much entirely dependent on 343s will to fuck it up.
  13. I've always thought of this as well. Not and insult btw. I just think that, particularly in the campaigns, doom is a major influence, especially with how enemies are designed. Just look at the hunters for example. Very similar to barons in the original doom.
  14. Its like a failsafe. Like imagine we send a guy back in time to like 5 minutes before h3 goes gold. He infiltrates bungie with the sole intent of turning spread off, but there's no way he doesn't get caught cuz as soon as he does the whole reticle goes wack and bungie is alerted to his treachery. He's then promptly executed for crimes against the people of bungie, and the mission is deemed a failure.

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