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  1. Not great not terrible. Carbine didn't need to be in multiplayer really. The br should've just not had spread.
  2. I think generally our disdain is directed at the upper management most of the time.
  3. I've been saying quite the opposite. Reach has too many utility weapons. I want exactly 1. What I'm saying is that I don't think you're going far enough with your hypothetical changes.
  4. Ugh, just combine the two then. You're essentially taking the h1 pistol and making it two guns. What is the point?
  5. Right but then the pistol is a waste of time. Like it was in h3. Honestly hate the idea of having more than one utility.
  6. What if when odst is ported modders create a pvp mode
  7. Is it? Why not just get rid of the dmr then if you want to reduce it's effective range to that of the pistol? Hemorrhage, or hee-mo-rage as I like to call it is fun for race gametypes and fuck you if you disagree.
  8. Should I submit my resume and 2 writing samples as well?
  9. These people can't be bargained with... They can't be reasoned with! They don't feel pity, or remorse, and they absolutely will not stop, EVER! Until you spawn with an AR...
  10. Vehicles need specific weak points. Titanfall 2 did this with those glowing red areas on the Titans and I was totally fine with that
  11. Cod also had kill confirmed with mw3 after reach had headhunter.
  12. I must be insane for liking the CE remakes. I get that they're not made for reachs balancing but... I don't know.

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