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  1. Do rockets not insta kill in quake? I've seen lightning quick games where players get killed at the moment of reaction.
  2. ...in what universe are h5s PWs not completely out of their minds?
  3. I've read enough of McKeever's posts to know that it's stupid.
  4. Lack of power weapons makes more sense for OBJ. Last time we argued about this it was contained to obj and how the flag or bomb already provide incentive to move around the map.
  5. The bloom thing is what I'm talking about. Spread is a thing obviously.
  6. We know spread was in halo CE. Bloom is not how I'd describe the inaccuracy of auto fire. It was just random extreme spread. It doesn't progress like bloom does. FWIR it's completely random in the original.
  7. Reza Aslan is a fucking fraud.
  8. I have a question. Why is the ideal utility kill time 1 sec? Is there something wrong with it being .6 like the pistol or even a little slower but still faster than a second?

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