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  1. Equipment was fun in a silly kind of way. If you want to be able to account for an entire match, obviously you're going to hate it.
  2. I still remember seeing that very first trailer for odst, back when it was called Halo 3: Recon. Fuckin remember getting so hyped for it.
  3. Never quote last jedi in my presence again.
  4. It was a cool trailer but it couldn't top the Batman trailer for me. I watch that shot for fun on its own.
  5. Didn't they also hire back a former bungie artist who worked on halo?
  6. Looking forward to halo infinite being 350gb.
  7. The pistol reminds me of a vp70 mixed with a hi point. Both are terrible pistols irl.
  8. Competent map designers: We need a comprehensive kit to create interesting play spaces 343: haha right angles go brrrrrr
  9. Love the whole look and direction of the movie. Pattinson looks cool as shit as batman. The suit is awesome and I can't wait to see how it evolves.
  10. There's reports of the contractor situation coming out now. It aint pretty.
  11. Are they? Cuz frankie said it not an iteration of blam and that its all new.
  12. Where did this unreal 4 thing come from? I dont believe for a second that they built a brand new engine so it wouldn't surprise me.
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