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  1. As ugly as that map was it was the layout that pissed me off the most. Though, it wasn't as stupid as overgrowth.
  2. An instrumental version if it shows up in one of chiefs later levels. It felt... super out of place.
  3. The Steve Vai stuff is great. The breaking Benjamin and whoever else was included straight up sucks.
  4. Hot take: Halo 2s guitars don't always work well with the overall soundtrack.
  5. My idea was that ground battles and orbit battles are going on at the same time with the objectives tying in with one another. Like let's say we have a reinforcement ticket system like red orchestra or rising storm 2 for ground forces, with the objective for the space theater being to destroy the enemy's ability to drop in reinforcement. Blowing up drop pods bays from the outside or inside (the prerequisite being to take out shields). Lets say this cuts reinforcement tickets to half. The ground objective would be to get into the defender base and capture information that reveals another objective for the players in orbit or something. Like releasing ai prisoners from the detention areas or something. The endgame would be the losing team attempting to exfil while the winning team has to kill them all, and then glass or bomb the fuck out of the area. Just for kicks.
  6. I still want an odst style first person drop pod for multiplayer. In invasion, what if we had ground and space battles going on "simultaneously?" Some players use drop pods to get to the ground while rest complete objectives in orbit.
  8. And perdition was supposed to be a reach map. That's why it was one of the better looking ones. Also lol does anybody remember skyline and all the hype around it? It wasn't even good.
  9. Wouldn't it be kinda cool if forerunner weapons weren't lethal but were more like gadgets? Like anti gravity guns or shield shooters or something. I get bored thinking of forerunner weapons just being reskins of what we already have. They should be their own paradigm.
  10. The utility weapon also occupies those ranges.
  11. What if melee only weapons were the only lunging weapons?
  12. I hope there's a melee lunge custom setting. Playing with it off might be fun.
  13. Unrelated but you know what funny? I've been reading the r/Halostory sub and it seems to have beef with r/halo on the basis that it's too negative towards 343.
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