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  1. Problem is, because vehicles got shit on so hard they got used way less. Which meant that those ridiculously easy and powerful weapons got used on players way more than they would've under normal circumstances. Normal engagements were a clusterfuck. It was an inefficient way to fix a problem. Never mind the fact that it was literally random. This is the same thing armor lock did. Yes, it was a counter to rockets and other stupid power weapons, problem is there are more instances in which that ability gets abused than was initially intended. You can say it "fixed" a problem, but how many more did it bring? Granted, it's only a problem if you personally dislike they way it plays, which I did. It's like, we can agree that vehicles are op, I just don't think h4 solved that problem well. There are other ways to deal with it.
  2. They were within their rights to do this and it was only a matter of time.
  3. H4 has the least vehicle centric btb for sure. Granted, that's because the loadouts and killstreaks overcorrected the imbalance between players and vehicles to a ridiculous degree. I'm still of the belief that strong vehicles that have specific weakpoints that can be exploited with spawn weapons only would be fun to explore.
  4. Besides soldiers being dumb, the Prometheans in h5 weren't that bad. I liked the armor thing with knights.
  5. The main reason I loved h3 btb was because the maps and vehicle health allowed for a lot of really fun vehicle vs. vehicle battles. I get the complaint that the player too weak on spawn with the br but that never really bothered me. Like I just get in a vehicle or find a weapon or something. I try not to get caught out in the open if I can't get those things easily enough, use the BR or AR on stragglers if I can. Not a big deal to me. I get why people may hate it, I just don't. Reach is probably functionally better since you can fight a vehicle while on foot a little more effectively, but I didn't find it quite as fun as 3s in an overall sense. Definitely one of the better BTBs in the series though.
  6. There's a reason I said fun. I didn't say good.
  7. Ok....epitaph is fun for bullshit FFA modes. You guys can disagree with that all you want, but you you know I'm right.
  8. Revolutionary in like a "Tenacious D is the greatest band in the world" kind of way? Or actual, new and well thought out concepts that gaming either hasn't seen at all or has only seen in limited application?
  9. A lot of h3 maps were made for specific gametypes but shoehorned into Slayer and they...did not work.
  10. Gemini is literally the worst halo map bungie ever made. Not only does the design make zero sense, it doesn't matter since you can't see jack shit on it because of the lack of light anywhere.
  11. I'll be honest, halo 2's easy feeling weapons is one of the reasons I like playing h3 over it. As wonky as the aiming is, playing close in 3 feels more fun due to the challenge.
  12. Sounds great until you add spread. And a bad net code.
  13. I remember using this video to justify halo 4 in the initial months before I came to hate the game. I'm not proud of it...
  14. Someone link that halo 2 noobified video from a million years ago.
  15. You know what's funny? Us getting oil from the Iraq war would actually be a better excuse to go in than the lie that was used, considering we got virtually no oil out of the whole thing. Although then again, all our oil comes from our allies at this point. Plus we export that shit like it's nothing these days. So it would've still been redundant and unecessary

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