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  1. Anyone here actually enjoy warzone? Cuz I don't.
  2. I don't give a shit about warzone.
  3. Wipes sweat from brow Well that was a close one.
  4. ...why they showing gears footage when they're talking about halo?
  5. I see what you mean. That's concerning.
  6. It makes the visor look a lot cooler as well.
  7. The only skill I can think of with it is just situational awareness. Since you have to sacrifice it somewhat. That's also it's trade off along with not being able to shoot. This is a problem with sprint because the speed boost is too much of an advantage, which strong siding doesn't have. This also means that the pacing issues brought on by having 2 primary movement speeds isn't present. Although there may be issues with the increase in random kill times since you can't even predict when someone will strongside but I'm not convinced the effect is as severe. In short, it's relatively inoffensive but not something that's necessarily worth encouraging.
  8. The only things I'd change about the armor design would be the color and shoulders. I like the darker green of h3 and the smaller triangular shoulders of the early armors. Other than that I like the update overall.
  9. Bethesda is doing the same thing with fallout 76. The game was a complete shit show but of course now they're making a big deal of the RELAUNCH ON STEAM. It's to recover losses.
  10. Probably open world to a degree. Which I don't really care for honestly.

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