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  1. Oh I agree. But I remember somebody at one time swearing it was coming out.
  2. You soul did you ever say that halo 3 anniversary was a thing? I can't remember if that was you or someone else.
  3. Fps developers have no excuse for bad weapon balancing. So much has gone wrong over the years that problems should be spotted way in advance.
  4. Well we know that color is now a microtransaction. Id say we're already off to a bad start.
  5. Make it. But don't release it until halo news starts coming out and halo related media starts trending. That way you can ride the algorithm wave.
  6. Nah dude every gun has to look like the kriss vector with a thumbhole stock or something.
  7. Honestly I think being able to shoot while tossing a grenades is a cool idea that halo could use.
  8. Woah look at tsquared over here not missing all his shots like the rest of us. Or is it just me who's missing every shot...
  9. Yeah facts. Some people don't get why a game like fallout 76 didn't get a pass but cyberpunk does, but the difference is that cyberpunk is actually a good game at the end of the day. 76 was... really just an attack on gamers everywhere.
  10. The cyberpunk ai needs work but its reasonably ok at maintaining the illusion in the majority of cases. Plus the sheer amount of ai is probably staggering. Even when compared to gta.
  11. Some of us only play games like h3 because we don't want to look at the eyesore that is 343 halo. Also the original games on 360 will have their online services shut down next year. So at some point, "go play the original if you don't want x" won't be an option.
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