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  1. Loads of people touch halo for the campaign above everything else. So I wonder if the quality of that will have any impact on the multiplayer.
  2. They straight up added Promethean vision to bf
  3. Hold on can't some of that power up stuff be changed in the custom settings or with custom power up settings in forge?
  4. I heard 6 is mediocre but I had fun with 5 and that was pretty mediocre too. I really didn't give a crap about 3 when I played it but that was a long time ago.
  5. I seem to remember we liked mercy during the beta and then hated it on launch. What happened with that?
  6. Live fire is ok and I guess the btb aren't bad. Bazaar and recharge kinda suck.
  7. Dam dood I was just referring to the fact that lemons are round. Get some help bruv
  8. I thought h4s pre patch br was slower it was a 5 shot remember?
  9. So the brs ttk is what? 1.5 sec? A little slow but not awful if it's the main utility weapon and ars aren't in the game. Granted, it'd be better if it was quicker, like... 1.2 sec. Also making it hitscan is dumb.
  10. Vanguard will be terrible and still draw players. Bf has a chance if getting its shit together either at launch or soon after. Infinite isn't going to be complete until at least half a year after launch, it's battle pass system and XP system will be garbage. Really can't see infinite doing too well in the long run.
  11. If portal is successful I could see 343 shamelessly ripping it off.
  12. I think ghost implied that pros really aren't listened too at all.
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