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  1. im a F/A looking for 3 people with good attitudes no rage no ego
  2. but your neither onyx or champ so why do you require that and dont want anybody wasting your time, when anybody onyx or champ will surely be wasting theirs
  3. still looking, 1800+ in arena no shitty attitudes
  4. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/13261-eu-free-agents-partial-teams/ right there bud its the EU team search
  5. most of them do, thanks to sponsors and what not, but if i was to be asked a precentage it would be 95% so the vast majority have a scuf
  6. messaged me on what? cause I havent got any messages
  7. Hey, looking for a serious team for season 2, online events+possibly other LANs. Looking for players who are dedicated, have good attitudes and are willing to learn from/with each other. I have a lot of previous LAN experience and have been playing competitively since H3. I'm usually on around 4/5pm EST til about 11pm, Atlantic time zone so I'm an hour ahead of EST. If you're interested in running games hit me up on twitter @GizmoJBT or on XBL. GT - OMGizmo
  8. we are looking for 2 very solid players to compete in this sundays esl tourny, run games tonight (friday) and go over stuff and do scrims/PGL tomorrow and saturday to get ready for sundays tourny. Message/add OMGizmo InSaviour
  9. looking for 3 to play in this sundays esl, tourny with only 1 day left to practice it will be rough, but still down, looking for very solid players, lets not waste anybodys time here, hit me up GT: OMGizmo no ragers
  10. hey lets run games dog, i need to make a whole new team for this sunday's esl tourny : OMGizmo
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