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  1. Allegiance is a squad that has split the community. Mainly due to peoples admiration of naded and their utter hatred for cratos. So I ask a simple question at halo worlds what you rather see naded win his first tournament on halos largest stage or Cratos losing in embarrassing fashion?
  2. One of the main reasons gets so much heat, is because he is arguably the scenes largest personality, similarly to what Nadeshot experienced in COD. this puts a target on his back as people expect so much from him, to justify his following. But for me what is so frustrating is that, everyone can see ninja's ability but he has failed to grow as a player since his halo reach days, he is still overly aggressive and makes stupid pushes and plays, he has never learned how to play clamly, everything is so frantic all the time, overall he is a disappointment as he just cannot sort out that mental game
  3. The pro's are missing a massive opportunity, if any notable pro streamed they would easily get triple their usual amount of viewers just for giving their thoughts on what has happened.
  4. Sorry was referring to NV's current cod roster, hastro announced recently that they were indeed salaried and was under the assumption hecz had done something similar, my mistake..
  5. as of right now formal regularly gets more than 4k on his twitch stream and has the largest amount of subscribers for cod on twitch currently. (that is 4 times the number of ninjas stream viewers usually) whose main source of income is twitch.. There are typically more tournaments in COD then in Halo with larger prize pools which when you place in the top 2 every tournament except one which they did last year is a substantial amount of money, (is yet to be seen how this year will pan out.) Then there are all of optic's sponsorship's This is not to mention the fact that the OPTIC brand is one of the largest in all of e-sports with one of the largest followings, where there are ample of opportunities to grow your own personnel image and earn extra income via YouTube. hell just look at maniacs, YouTube is is that guys main income stream for definite. He really does have no reason to leave
  6. If there was ever a perfect time for a bomb planted, it is NOW!
  7. What about halo 4 ricochet? You previously said you would refuse to play it in a tournament.
  8. here is a link: for anyone more interested: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/mlg-assets-sold-to-activision-for-46-million-repor/1100-6433451/
  9. So ...................... MLG has been bought out by activision, just curious as to what this means for the halo world championship? Does anyone have any idea?
  10. So say if Soviet joined these forums, would he be given pro status? I think he was only pro for 1 season in halo 3 but he did consistently place top 8 that year, or does it have to be across multiple titles? (I can't think of any other one season wonders)
  11. They are not the same caliber (no disrespect intended, this new show will look a lot more professional, well because it is, these guys will be getting paid so the production will be substantially better)
  12. Who is to say he won't be apart of the show, I watched the e-sports report virtually all last year, and they frequently had prp's and other significant community members on the show, to hear there POV
  13. I am not saying he is, I am saying he is a tool that our scene can and should use in order to maximize our growth I am under no illusions as to why benson is streaming halo, and talking up halo and down talking blops 3, but does that honestly matter to anyone? If he helps our scene grow then why should any of that matter
  14. Benson has more Okay, so your argument for not wanting him is essentially because he doesnt hold Team Beyond in high regard and B he doesn't know halo. I will not address (a) as I do not know what happened nor does the vast majority of this site, except the higher ups. As for B, yes he is new to halo. yes he doesn't know as much as other community members (infact the vast majority of the people on here) but has he had to? The last 5 odd years of his life have been devoted to call of duty as that was his job, and was the fps he had a passion about, there is nothing wrong with that, goldenboy also knew very little about halo when started casting, and had to learn just like Benson has to. Next how long do you think it will take him to get up to speed, I wouldn't say to long as lets face he has 8 years of mlg videos he can use to learn about players/teams, grudges, storylines etc so he will become informed quickly, lets not kid ourselves. Next as for the comments he made about the MCC, and his confusion, again i will reiterate halo had zero association with mlg, why would he play it, halo is now only starting to become relevant again, halo 4 and MCC were a joke so he had no incentive or need to become informed as there was no point. I really think people need to take a step back and THINK, halo NEEDS MLG AND BENSON in order to grow our audience, this cannot be disputed our casters, tournament organizers and others are not big enough for them to have any kind of impact, people need to swallow their prode and realize how this could help our entire scene. And yes well done to the simms for having helped the eu scene for the past ten plus years but benson has the potential to be help our scene quite a bit more, he should not be disregarded and should be given a second chance as to be quite frank we actually need both him and mlg, to grow WE DESPERATELY NEED MORE VIEWERS, THIS PARTNERSHIP WILL HELP, this will also give professionally put together halo content, the production value will be miles better than the average halo round table as well as been more frequent, so we don't hear this we dont have enough time to make content excuse People just need to swallow there pride and realize these benefits
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