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  1. how the mighty have fallen
  2. Any graphic designers still kickin around here? The MLG community used to have some crazy talent. If anyone reads this PM me
  3. did a big cut, stopped drinking, focused on at home kettle bell workouts and EMOMs for cardio. Ended up losing 30 lbs and gettin chiseled back to bulking now that gyms are open again - taking Obi Vincent's Crosslyfter program for a spin.
  4. nice to see my thread still kicking (kinda) 7 years later
  5. Is Darryl alone? It looks like they're coming back full circle to the books, can someone refresh my memory of what happens after the prison in books.
  6. what could be my last shift at my current job. Going in looking good so if I quit I'm quitting in style and letting them know what they're losing. Aka most professional employee
  7. This thread looks familiar (Looks at Proven)
  8. Dress-boot I guess. haven't worked in a while cause of exams so when i finally could pick up a shift my manager tells me I'm not allowed to because I don't deserve it and I need to work support before I can serve or work bar again. meanwhile... when he's short staffed I'm "the best bartender and he needs me" ugh
  9. Hence the saying "Look good, feel good" I couldn't agree more. Once you're truly happy how you present yourself and being comfortable with your physical appearance, the rest falls into place. side note, just copped there, couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  10. @zaaand i think im pretty clever on my twitter game
  11. what about getting behind Emma?
  12. Discuss HipHop as a genre and post dope and new songs Go.
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