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  1. SC2 tournament wins at the first three GSLs are taken way less seriously because the settings weren't as competitive (Fruitdealer is not even in like the top 50 SC2 players of all time). Maps were straight garbage in 2010. Anyway a single hero being tweaked is different from global settings being very different
  2. this guy is a troll but I have to admit ... I'm a little uneasy. do HWC 2016 and HWC 2017 maybe have a tiny asterisk next to them? like that MLG tournament in H2 that was slayer-only; not the ideal competitive settings, so it's not really taken as seriously as a tournament victory. we all agree that previous settings were way less competitive, right? so victories on the previous settings would necessarily be less meaningful, right?
  3. I live in Washington state and have had zero heavy aim in 5000+ games
  4. H1: 10 H2: 7 H3: 6 Reach at launch: 2 Reach v7: 8 H4: 3 H5: 5 maybe?
  5. Patch and Snipy had to work as well, I think
  6. Because the H1 playlist is incredibly fun, and then BTB / TS aren't bad ... I'm able to play with parties, etc. Though it's not ideal in some ways, I still have a ton of fun playing MCC
  7. didn't know Blaze was still playing, awesome
  8. ninja cannot be happy with how well C9 is doing ...
  9. CEA, MLG, and Snipers in Reach are actually very good ... everything else is incredibly infuriating
  10. lol played Chill Out oddball with a random teammate against Patch and Snip last night ... got one kill and 7 seconds of ball time, but it was a lot of fun. It was so easy for them that Snip got bored and kept jumping to his death
  11. If H5 is close to H4, I'm not sure if this is such a bad thing. I feel like I'm one of the only people who played H4 for two years after release (probably because I was ... lol); imo it really wasn't that bad of a game, better than H3 and I think slightly better than Reach (though MLG v7 Reach is great). 1. Ordinance is fine in BTB, and isn't that bad on other gametypes, though I agree it's not ideal (Snipers / SWAT don't have it, at least) 2. Disc maps are bad, but DLC maps are great, and there were a TON of forge maps in playlist rotation in 2014-15 that were great 3. BR/DMR actually connect long-range, weapons are good in general (unlike H3) 4. There aren't ranks, but I was always matched up with people of equal skill level after a couple weeks (on one-months), so the Truskill system seemed to actually work On MCC, I play H1 and H2C the most (getting spawn-killed on H1 is more fun than winning in H3), but I play the H4 playlist like 25% of the time ... no ordinance, only the very best maps (except Adrift is still in there, smh), 60fps and the processing power of the XB1 makes it play incredibly smoothly. It's definitely better than H2A, imo, and waaaaaaaay better than H3
  12. I have a feeling we'll see a ton of mid-tier H3/H:R pros coming out of the woodwork for S2 ...
  13. GT: Trazzz Up for Customs and Matchmaking Pacific U.S.
  14. GT: Trazzz Up for Customs and Matchmaking Pacific U.S.
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