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  1. Any chance they would announce MLG picking up Halo during the COD reveal stream?
  2. Any word on when H3 becomes backwards compatible? I just wanna play a game I actually like
  3. I don't think 2gre is the right person to go after about growing the scene. But there are a lot of pros who have a great opportunity to help grow halo and they choose not to
  4. I think the new radar would be better than no radar, less sprinting and holding forward
  5. Can we please get a 10 or 12 team pro league where top 8 goes to finals
  6. Finally got caught up. Overall this weekend was huge for Halo IMO Production was much improved, gameplay was incredible and viewership was good. The best part was 343 and ESL got put on blast by everyone, now it's time for some real changes, can't wait for what's next. Hecz and Lethul to save Halo #Greenwall
  7. He talked about it during the podcast he does with Maniac, seems like it's actually gonna happen
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