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  1. Either train or get rid of the casters who know little about competitive halo or haven't played the game at an intelligent level. It's important that the people presenting the content to us are actually smarter than us (as in the average viewer), so that we don't patronize/make fun of the production. For instance, it's really easy to get into the show when Walshy and Bravo are talking some seriously interesting Halo theory, but when Frank and Goldenboy are just making ambiguous statements like, "They're coming out with so much energy", it makes the audience either question the show or not take it seriously; bad casters can easily destroy the immersive aspect in watching tournaments. That said, maybe get some pro players on the mic sometimes? Usually works out very well, as they know a lot about the game, but it's also interesting to hear their story of the tournament thus far, what games are coming up for them, etc. As well Dmaq was a great entertainer and had good things to say in game. Hope Gandhi can get back into the casting gig too.
  2. I haven't played Halo in almost 2 years, but is sniping really easy in H2A, or is Sdown just going off? Not being facetious, but anyone else have finals this week? Have an exam and a 12 page paper on monday, and two exams wednesday. This event is ruining me.
  3. Incredible awareness by Heinz. He heard Sdown freaking reload and went in for the melee. That's some ballsy and incredible split-second decision making; if he hesitated for a second he wouldn't have made that kill. Play of the match.
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