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  1. Slayer on Empire is the bane of my existence.. man, something about that map really irks me. It's so campy and stagnant, don't know how else to explain it.
  2. Never 4get the unreliable H3 BR. Remember shooting from A street to B street on Onslaught only to empty a whole clip and your opponent wasn't even one shot? That was unacceptable in my book. I am a self-confessed H3 fanboy but boy did RNG play a big part in who won a BR battle at mid-long distance. I did love the variety of maps and gametypes in Halo 3 though, that BR though. At least the H5 pistol and H4 BR shoot straight for fucks sake.
  3. I was really disappointed to see Naded fail to win his first LAN Event, again. I wanted nothing more than to see him with that gold medal around his neck. 3rd is nothing to scoff at though, at least he walked away with a medal in hand. That and I am disappointed to see Spartan and the rest of their squad struggling, Renegades needs a lot of work. Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. Here's to hoping Allegiance can catch fire at the H5GC and take it all. Hoping against all odds.
  4. I know, and now I have a lot of trouble finding games in Team Hardcore as the population is so low. It's a shame, the 360 MLG playlist community was wonderful for about 2 years prior to MCC's release, you'd play a lot of the same people over and over again and get to know them a little bit, how they play, how good they are, who has beef with who, etc. Trouble finding games in CE 2s as well.. I think it's safe to say MCC is dead. I have to search Team Slayer and play ARs on High Ground or SMG starts on Gemini, unacceptable. The playlists definitely need to be condensed, but I'm afraid they'll remove Hardcore altogether and that will be the end of competitive H2/H3. That would be a real shame.
  5. I'm getting frustrated with the lack of gametypes and bad maps, I know I'm beating a dead horse but where is oddball? Why is Arena Breakout being forced down my throat, 343's iteration of Search and Destroy? It's not fun to play, though I do prefer it to the old breakout, the 3sk half shield stuff was an awful idea. Look to the previous Halos for inspiration, it's time to stop innovating and start looking at what made Halo great in the first place. Enough immersion. ENOUGH That and we need better maps. I don't know about you guys but I absolutely loathe overgrowth, I guess it plays alright for territories but I played a game of free for all on it and it was absolutely awful. I hope we have some dedicated forgers out there that can make maps that flow, seems every map is a bit of a standoff in this game. I'm being a big fat complainer so I will say that the pistol/ar starts work well, the AR seems balanced. The light rifle on the other hand.. . Also, splinter grenades. Holy hell do they ever need a nerf. Please 343 learn how to make a decent map, this game is my passion and you keep fugging it up. I'm starting to get salty as hell. Very pleased with WFX's performance, LFG baby
  6. Having trouble finding games in Hardcore, which is a shame.. I know a lot of you guys hate on Halo 3 but I always had a lot of fun playing it. Maybe it's selection bias because H3 is the game I'm best at. I haven't played much of Halo 2 but I enjoy that as well.. just a little too much auto aim for my liking. At least I can find games in 2v2 and 4v4 H:CE. #PopulateTeamHardcore?
  7. I think that's a Lunchbox quote, and I'm fairly sure he meant that in the context of a 4v4 match. Like if you're far enough away from your team to be fighting individual battles you're probably overextended anyway.
  8. I've had this happen several times.. seriously 343 xboxdvr.com/Focused+ninja1/dd36c6d5-1873-4727-a267-a2f7a97640ed
  9. I knew there was something wrong with the snipe the first time I picked it up. It feels so clunky. It should zoom instantaneously. I think the magnetism is too high. There have been times where I was legitimately missing and bullet would curve and hit them.. I don't understand how the pro team didn't catch that. They are human, they make mistakes I guess. The only maps I like are coliseum, fathom, and truth. Empire is alright. Maybe I don't like them because I'm not familiar with them but I have a feeling those four maps are the only maps suited for competitive play. The storm rifle is stupid OP. It needs to be nerfed IMO. I don't want this post to be completely negative so I will say that the dedicated servers have been absolutely perfect so far. Everything registers. If I lose I can't blame it on connection anymore. If only MCC had/connected to dedicated servers like it was supposed to from launch.
  10. Is it just me or is there something really wrong with the spawn system.. it's atrocious in FFA, seems like 20% of the time I spawn in someone's sightline and start getting shot before I can press Y to switch to pistol. It's present in the other playlists as well but it isn't as glaring as it is in FFA.. Maybe I just don't understand it yet. But I have a feeling 343 has no idea what they're doing in regard to spawns and map flow.
  11. There needs to be a solo/duo queue and a separate queue for teams of 3 and 4. That's my biggest complaint. It's Reach all over again, getting perpetually smashed by teams of 4 going in solo.
  12. Hey Beyond, long time lurker here. I posted for a short time a few months back but lost access to my account, just got it back. My name is Hunter and I'm from Battle Creek, MI, been playing Halo since shortly after Halo 3's release. I started to get into and watch competitive around the beginning of Reach but I never was good at the networking/social aspect of Competitive Halo, nor was I a stand out player in game. I just played a lot of playlist alone on a lot of different gamertags, almost ot the point of obsession lmao. Considering how long I've practiced I probably should be better. I'm getting a bit better as my mental health improves, both as a friend and a player. But I don't want to make this a sob story. Still have a long way to go. Despite playing seven years, I have never competed in or spectated at an event, not even an AGL event. Since I devote so much time into this game I think it would be a good idea to maybe show up to Midwest events and at least try to compete, I have admired "Pro" players since I started playing and strived to be as good as them. Could I be doing better things with my time? Probably. Would I rather be doing better things with my time? Absolutely not. I love Halo as much as anyone else here and I HATE to lose. Losing streaks makes me rage a little.. sometimes. Getting better about staying level headed. My gamertag is Focused Ninja1, if you play Team Hardcore or CE on a regular basis you will or have probably run into me before. I usually play alone but it gets frustrating losing to teams of four, feel free to send me a friend request or invite if you'd like. Depending on my mood I may or may not accept an invite, I do struggle with a bit of mental illness that inhibits my ability to socialize sometimes. It has nothing to do with any of you, I don't hold a grudge on anyone in this community. In fact I like the vast majority of you, and those I don't care for (for whatever reason) I try to leave alone. I like to think I'm halfway decent at H1, H2, H3 and Reach, H2 being my weakest and H3 my strongest. Halo 5 remains to be seen. Looking forward to interacting with some of you and reading all your posts. Remember, the focused ninja is always lurking.
  13. Going to be rooting for WFX first are foremost. Also really interested to see how the Goofy, Naded, Str8 SicK and eL ToWn squad places. I haven't seen much of ToWn but I know he's been around for a while and he must be pretty solid to get on a squad with those three. Hoping for the best. I also think they should name their team The Goofy Goobers, but that's just me. Any word on a Formal comeback? I need intel. Been away for a while, feels good to be back . Lost access to my account, no idea how I managed to forget my password but I did it. Thanks to @@CyReN for helping me get it cleared up.
  14. Only ~25m total wealth because chins are expensive and I'm a NMZ prod. Feel free to add, tell me you're from here.
  15. Anyone know if teams of 3 and 4 are going to be forced to play other teams of 3 and 4 like it was in Halo 3? Losing to a team of 4 going in alone is really frustrating. I tried to tweet @@Bravo and ask him but he never got back to me.
  16. Excellent post. At the end of the day I don't think 343 is at home wringing their hands laughing at the state of Halo, right now. Hell, the guys working on the game are probably beating themselves up for taking so long. I refuse to believe they pour their hearts and souls into a game just to have it broken on release day, that's M$. It's the MS execs who really need to be blamed. I've even seen people call Bravo a bad community manager, that's just ridiculous. He can hardly use the bathroom without 343 breathing down his neck, much less give us the information we want. He's doing just fine and I'm happy for the guy. The pro team, too. God how I wish they would let the pro team pick out gametypes for the playlists. Now that I think about it, you know what? Most of 343 probably doesn't even want sprint in Halo 5 but the shareholders get what the shareholders want. Also, please don't forget dev support. If 343 didn't give two fucks about us they wouldn't give us anything, instead we're getting at least a few tournaments a year with decent prize pools, plus the online cups. They even removed ricochet from HCS !!! I think we're all a little over the current state of Halo but let's try to turn that salt into something somewhat productive, like telling 343 what went wrong in a polite way (Yes, I know we already did). Love you . We might squabble amongst ourselves but we all have one thing in common.
  17. Lately I've been streaming myself attempting to get good at CE, Ranked H2A, Team Hardcore and a bit of Halo 3. If you guys could drop a follow or actually listen to my horrid voice and watch my god awful gameplay it would be greatly appreciated :bman: www.twitch.tv/ravioli_br
  18. Alright, alright. You got me there. But I do know that when H5 beta dropped people were ragging on it, the general consensus wasn't "Hey, this game is great! We back!".
  19. None of us here like Halo 5. We all know 343 is jamming CoD mechanics down our throats. However, we have to play the cards we are dealt. 343 says they are going to have sprint toggleable, if we're lucky they might add some more custom game features that will be conducive to competitive play. The only way I see Halo 5 working as a comp game is if we are able to develop comp settings FAST. Think Reach v7. Vanilla Reach was garbage, I rate it below Halo 4 but ZBNS Reach was actually a really solid game. Yeah, it sucks that the competitive settings are going to differ from the traditional ones because it will drive new players away but maybe if we can make a concerted effort to promote the HCS we can get the "casuals" (for a lack of a better word) to play settings that are actually good. We have a lot of potential now that we have dev support, now we have to shill relentlessly for the HCS, comp settings, a HCS channel (VoD, Top Tens, Highlights anyone?) among other things. Don't give up just yet.
  20. Halo 3 feels WAY better now, shame there's still no MLG gametypes in Team Hardcore. If you can't figure out how to make forge gametypes work at least give us Pit Slayer, Heretic CTF, etc. Come on now, 343. I've been waiting patiently for months. The CE off/on host fix should be wonderful provided it was implemented correctly. Lastly, I SERIOUSLY hope they don't match parties of 3 or more with players going in solo. In my humble opinion there shouldn't be a "preference" for teams of one and two to face only teams of one or two, it should be mandatory. Getting slapped and then deranking by a team of 5 when spartanjon466 is on your team is one of the most frustrating things I've ever encountered in this game. Hyped for ranks though
  21. Trying to start some Halo 3 customs, message me on xbl for an invite. My gamertag is the same as my beyond username. pls no neg, I just want to play Halo 3 MLG :^(
  22. Yeah, godsquad might be going a bit far but I think that team would have a good chance of beating EG. If EG starts getting complacent and not practicing I could see them losing. I don't even dislike EG, just saying that with the right team changes they're not going to be on top anymore. Please don't roast me now Lethul.
  23. A little bit off topic, but I think 2gre, @@Naded, @@RyaNoob, and Str8 Sick or possibly a practiced Gooby would be a godsquad.
  24. I think th I really hope this happens. CLG with Naded just might give EG a run for their money, and god knows Naded deserves to win a tournament. A hyped up Naded is arguably the best in the game, he just needs to work on keeping his morale up.

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