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  1. 4sk magnum No radar Limit close quarter combat weapons on map (no need for 2 smgs, 2 plasma rifles, and a shotgun/scattershot on empire for example) Instead of limiting CQC weapons, rebalance weapons to give them unique functions that add utility when you use them (i.e. plasma rifle stun, a plasma pistol will disable thrusters for 1.5 seconds, etc) Remove BR and DMR from arena and reserve them for warzone. No need for redundant weapons clogging up the sandbox Reduce sniper bullet magnetism ADD EXTRACTION, KOTH, and ODDBALL idk why 343 threw extraction out of the picture. It was "their" gametype from Halo 4 and imo was the only thing about Halo 4 that felt competitive since they fucked up oddball and CTF. - more game modes = longer life span for the game with more replay value Add spread to the AR increasing by the length of time being shot. For example first .5 seconds there is no spread, after that start adding in spread to account for the ease of spamming it. Or just remove it since the SMG makes it a fairly redundant weapon. Halo 5 has a great place to have all their weapons for use: Warzone. Not every weapon needs to also be in arena.
  2. You can download and upload any of my shitty videos to yours if you want as long as you link to my channel in the description and don't remove my intro and claim it as your own. www.youtube.com/smoakleyyt I have map callouts (havent gotten around to the new ones and honestly dont know if I ever will) and some basic tip videos for beginners. Also some forge maps I've tinkered with.
  3. Ideally we would have classic 2v2 Halo using the CE magnum as the starting weapon and played on remade CE maps and then a 4v4 list with the H2BR + H2/3 maps. This would split the already small population though so I would say a mix of gametypes and maps, CE magnum starts on the CE maps, and H2BR starts on the H2/3 maps. I haven't use the CE magnum yet, and I'm honestly afraid to try it out because I feel like 343 probably made it hitscan... Side note, regardless of how they coded the magnum, I'd love to see the meta shift to CE magnum starts + spartan abilities post HWC (basically Halo 5 gameplay with a starting weapon that should have been in the game from the start -- with all the additional movement speed and escape mechanics a faster TTK for the pistol should have been top priority because as it stands, it's TOO easy to bail out teammates or clean up kills imo). Edit: no matter what the settings the needler would have to be removed. It's nearly impossible to dodge them as is without using thrust so without thrust they would just be OP I think.
  4. Hyperx Clouds are great for the price range I love mine and they are very comfortable. I've been using mine for close to 2 years now. What I've been using lately though are my sennheiser 598s and a desktop mic and using the xbox app to win10 to chat or just discord depending on who I'm playing with. Running audio through my soundcard is infinitely better quality than the crap controller audio port. Since the second option is a bit more of a niche setup, I'd go with the Cloud's. I guarantee you you won't be disappointed. IDK about the cloud II's but the OG like I have I read are manufactured by the same company that manufactures headphones for beyerdynamic. Obviously the components aren't the same but the build quality is pretty top notch. Add in a turtle beach DSS2 if you don't have a soundcard you can run the audio through on your desktop for better audio quality and a bit cheaper than the astro mixamp.
  5. I have to agree with duji here. I don't have experience with SC2, Dota, or CSGO, but I have played LoL more than I'ld like to admit, and their system works amazing and is purely win/loss. How does this work? LoL, like Halo, is a very teamwork oriented game. You win and lose as a team. So how does basing rank off win/loss only work? Well this is where I think the Halo system is flawed compared to LoL's (although LoL changed this for this season so we have yet to find out how this impacts ranks). In LoL, prior to this season, you could only have 2/5 players on a team being together. This means that you either play solo and are 1/5th of your team, or with a friend and you constitute 2/5th of your team. To compensate when duo, LoL would pit you against slightly higher opponents. Over the course of your first 10 games, the game give you a rank (fresh account no previous ranked seasons) between bronze 5 (lowest) and gold 1 (highest) -- i could be wrong on gold 1, highest might be gold 5 or 4. After ~150 games played, the game can accurately place you where you belong. If you place bronze 2 but are a platinum level player (wouldn't happen but some challenger players get bronze accounts and stream them going up in the ranks) you will win 90% of your games. Why? Because the skill difference between bronze and plat is ridiculously large and even though you are 1/5th of your team, you can guide them where to go and you know exactly where to be to carry them to a win. As you begin to get into gold, as a plat player, your win/loss % would probably drop to somewhere around 60-70%ish. You would still climb faster than other players due to this. But as your opponents get tougher, your influence for your team would start to not matter as much. When you hit around the 50% win rate, you are about where you need to be. At a 50% win/loss you will very slowly go up over time. Below a 50 you will go down in rank. That's really my biggest issues with the H5 ranking system: you can't go down divisions (diamond to plat for example) and the game doesn't have a party size limit so you may be playing solo with 3 other solo players against a party of 2, 3, or 4 which can skew rankings and doesn't give a level or fair representation. Over enough time it can correct itself but as someone who plays with 3 others consistently I prefer the competition when we face another full party.
  6. I just wanted to drop in here and say how much I started to suck at this game out of nowhere. Can't aim for shit the last 2-3 days and I can't find a setting that feels right anymore. I fucking suck. That is all.
  7. I had planned to make this into a video but I am far too lazy, but here's my thoughts on the ranking system. It's a lot, sorry. The system sucks. After playing more, I don't think it's necessarily too easy/quick to rank up, but more so that the seasons are way too short at 1 month. The following is just some random thoughts I threw together one night into an outline form.
  8. Like the idea. Is there a reason you don't just go with the H2 BR for starting weapon though? Granted I much prefer a single shot weapon so I appreciate the testing that went into it to get it just right.
  9. I'm the opposite. Halo Reach and Halo 4 completely turned me off from Halo altogether. I honestly played maybe 10 games of reach launch night and didn't look back until after Halo 4 also failed to be a good game and I had heard reach got better. Went back to reach again and still didn't like it. Halo 5 on the other hand has me wanting to play (except since Feb 1st where the servers have taken a shit and I get unplayable connections, it's not outright plain lag, but the same sort of issues that I get when I play CoD.. shot around corners, getting shot by someone who isn't there only for their head to pop up over a ramp as I'm falling over dead, shots landing but not actually dealing damage... pretty much feels like my game is completely desync'd timing-wise from the server /rant....). Are there things I want to see changed in the game? Oh yes, lots. Ranking system and matchmaking are busted on multiple levels, weapons need balancing, overlapping weapons need to be relegated to warzone (looking at you BR and DMR and smg/plasma rifle etc). To combat my issues with Halo, things like limiting ranked matches to a party of 2 and providing a ranked 4 man premade playlist, making Team arena/ffa the only ranked playlists and the rest all social to get as many ranked players into the same hopper as possible, weapon balancing for the autos (or completely re-tooling the map pickup weapons to offer unique utility, ala CE plasma rifle stun, for each one is my hope), more objective game modes like oddball, extraction, and assault, and giving the starting utility weapon a faster TTK are among the top things I would like to see. I'd play this game a lot more if I enjoyed it solo but it's just not fun bc of how matchmaking works. As it stands I either dick around in forge or play warzone assault for REQ points until I get a full party to run arena with. Pretty lame. When I have a full party the game is a complete blast though.
  10. Well that's nice to know. I hope they revert it soon. I've been enjoying the game lately until last night where I can't wait to stop playing.
  11. Fuck I knew I sucked at halo but this is a whole new level Seriously nearly every game this is happening and it cost me so many games for my placements. Did they do anything at the start of this season? It only started this bullshit last night.
  12. Has anyone else had really bad connections since the new season started? Only about 30% of my melees are connecting and people aren't dying after I get them one shot no matter how many bullets I put in them.
  13. Color and some of the designs are heavily influenced by Chill Out, but it is symmetrical. It is set up for CTF, strongholds, and slayer.
  14. Well the LR offers a unique option, and the dmr does excel at cross map supportive type of play as well. Although those two could technically be considered the same style of long range precision weapon too. Carbine could be dropped too. There's a lot I would do with the sandbox if I had any say in the matter. Removing redundant weapons that dont offer a clear alternative to one another is just one of those things. I'll add this too. They did a good job of balancing h5s sandbox in terms of a load out based shooter by making them have similar kill times. The problem is halo isn't a load out shooter. I made a video discussing this topic if you care to hear my full take on it. Search smoakleyyt on YouTube video is called post honeymoon weapon balancing or something to that nature. I'd link it but I'm on mobile. I'm also in the process of typing up an outline on the flaws of h5s matchmaking and ranking system and why I think it has hurt the population.
  15. Keep the ar/magnum. Remove BR from arena modes sans btb. Its a redundant weapon as is anyway. Create a classic halo playlist with no abilities and halo 2 br starts. Semi auto utility weapon is more skill intensive but doing it the way I suggest seems like a win win to me. If you want h2 br starts you're probably in the classic halo playlist-wanting group like me anyway.
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