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  1. @@Sal1ent Please tell us post game medals will be patched in. Please.
  2. I just don't get how a game designed for competitive play could lack an ESSENTIAL post game stat stream. How are we supposed to see how many snipes we got? How do we show off when we get an overkill? You could just lie and say you got an overkill and nobody would know otherwise. Its so dumb. Halo 3 would show the top 3 most impressive medals in the post game screen. If someone got an exterm or a killtrocity, everyone knew.
  3. Can we please talk about the fact that we cannot see medals post game? @@Sal1ent seriously...
  4. A squid latching onto a marine's face and forcing tentacles down his throat and then turning him into a murdering zombie is probly what gave it an M rating.
  5. I totally agree. It feels like a second Beta or something...
  6. Yeah so, you can't see your medals post game. Confirmed in Lethul's stream. @@Sal1ent ?
  7. Apparently pros are going to be streaming at 3am EST.
  8. Summit said he will be playing the shit out of H5 for the next few weeks because he loves the game. This is good. Also, Goldenboy is rank 4 in the world playing with summit. Fun as hell to watch.
  9. I can't believe your arena rank doesnt show up on your gamercard.
  10. Yet they show the emblem of the people you're matching. People will eventually realize certain emblem combinations m in a party mean certain team of good players. Same thing as MCC. If I see a Yellow Snake, Skull and crossbones and lips then I know who Im facing... Anyone?
  11. When I saw these settings I got a tingle in my gooch.
  12. I think the debate we should be having is whether its best to split the playlists because of one differentiating feature. If it turns out that radar isn't all that bad in H5, then maybe that little sacrifice is worth it to amalgomate default and HCS settings. In a perfect world 343 would instead remove radar from H5 in every mode which would most likely benefit H5 competitively and also give us the homogenization. But we all know this won't happen. What I believe they are going to do is use the first season of HCS to test things like AR/Pistol, Breakout and radar. If they seriously don't work out they will just make changes. I guess Im assuming a "wait and see" approach to the situation.
  13. Im not excusing their decisions, Im trying to explain what their intentions and goals probably are. People are wondering if and and why radar could be in HCS and I am providing an educated guess. I clearly said Im against radar in HCS, but you obviously skipped that part of my post because youve already decided to argue wth me.
  14. You do realize I meant combining the Default Arena playlist with HCS Arena right?
  15. I think the whole point of H5 is to get rid of the differences between default playlists and "competitive" playlists. Thats why we have AR/Pistol starts, which seems fine with the AR nerf. Im beginning to think radar will be in HCS because it promotes homogenization and lets them have one Team Arena playlist. This ideology would benefit both casuals and comp because it funnels more peope into one playlist (we all know the benefits of this) and also makes comp halo easier to get into. I dont think radar belongs in comp settings but I think thats what they are going to push. I seriously doubt they are going to have two identical playlists where the only difference is one has radar and the other doesnt. At this point we might just have go see how it plays or how negatively it impacts HALO 5.
  16. Oh shit, I was under the impression that radar didnt show normal movement. While I dont think itll have as detrimental of an effect because of the movement/scale of maps, radar is a no-no if it shows all movement. My bad dudes.
  17. 18 M is extremely small especially coupled with the speed of the game and player movement. If you actually watch gameplay before jumping to conclusions you have a VERY small window of opportunity to react. Also, radar will stop people from sprinting up behind you with flanks. The main importnce here is that radar will be in all gamemodes but does not break those gamemodes. Consistency across gametypes is the most important. If the radar behaved like previous Halo's, we'd have an issue. But I think it'll actually help gameplay in H5. We have to wait and see before freaking out. Easy Lemon, lets think this time before attacking the game again.
  18. I miss the focus rifle. Cool idea, sounded cool, looked cool. Got you way too many assists though. Would be cool to see a buffed focus rifle in H5 down the line. And, you know, the Grenade Launcher.
  19. Dont think Ive ever met a Larry I liked.
  20. I'm starting to believe TheFloyd is AkaDemiK on his second TB account
  21. Are you seriously lying that bluntly? We played 4 games in MM after CE was patched to its current state. We played 4 games, and I took 4 screenshots because you were talking shit. You were God awful and SCREAMING into the mic, not "talking about the shots feeling off". After those games I told you I didn't want to play with you anymore at which point you freaked out and came after me about gangs and hood life or some other nonsense. Me and my buddy in chat literally cried laughing at how serious you took the game so don'the turn around and say "it was a fun series". But this is getting real dumb. I'm not going to continue arguing with someone who is just going to lie. Bottom line is that I don't take Halo Ce on MCC seriously anymore, I just play it once in a blue moon to unwind and have fun. If you really feel the need to send me messages if you beat me, go right ahead. Finally, you've shown very clearly just how ignorant you are by claiming the other Halos are "easy" and discrediting those games, then refering to anyone that plays them as somehow lower than you. Anyways, I'm seriously done this discussion because it's literally pointless. All the best.
  22. Honestly I dont even want to continue this drama but I cant step two feet into the CE playlist without akadumbik sending me sweaty messages all night
  23. 1. I havent played CE in months. 2. This whole thing with Akademic started because I beat him in a series after barely playing the game, while playing with a team mate still learning CE. 3. I played 3 games with akademik in MM where I carried him while he went neg and complained the whole time. I can PM screenshots of the post game stats if anyone doesn't believe me. 4. He beat me twice in MM after I randomly decided to go in alone in CE after not playing the game for 4 months. The first game my random team mate got like 5 kills, the second game my team mate stopped playing while akademik spawn killed me on Priz and proceeded to message me after saying "Get raped". Boy, you really got me there buddy. If Im gunna 1v1 him in CE then its only fair he plays me in H2/H3. I'd be down for that. And if Akademik wants to team with Batchford then I guess Batch will have to carry him like every other game. Guess I'd be pretty salty if I spent 14 years playing a game and got beat by someone who has maybe 10 hours played total.
  24. I think the BR also fires faster in MCC compared to OG. But the carbine definitely got more of a buff from 60 fps. Weird.
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