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  1. Things like Oddball, KOTH, and other gametypes arent the type of features that will bring back players. However, their absence from H5 resulting in its extremely thin content is something that will drive players away. Warzone and its surrounding REQ system are not deep enough and do not possess the longevity to keep casuals playing for long. People will be getting bored of Warzone right in time for CoD, BF and Fallout to scoop them away. When these games, which are all well designed to suck people in come out, they won't be coming back to Halo. Does 343 really think that a couple gametypes or playlists or new REQs will tear people away from other games? I think 343 need to realize that keeping people simply takes an extremely good game with longevity and depth out of the box. If your game is good, people will stay. Offering this shallow launch to people is only going to let them get bored force them to go looking for new games. They had better come out with more community centered content like File Browsers and Custom Options (the current ones do NOT cut it). The SR ranking from 1-151 is also shallow and boring. Where are the cool titles and symbols for progression from Reach? Things like this suck people right in and keep them playing and keep them invested in the game.
  2. You guys ae kidding yourselves if you seriously think Warzone will stand a Grenada's chance against BF or CoD or Fallout.
  3. I imagined most decent people to be put in Plat, then "50s" being in diamond, and Semi pros, Pros and other "known" people to be in Onyx and Champion. I see a ton of people with negative K/D in Onyx and a bnch of really bad people in my matches in Champion. Kinda takes away from the whole system IMO.
  4. My buddy who sucks at Halo and was a highest skill of 27 in H3 just showed me his Onyx rank in Swat and FFA. I hate this ranking system. Onyx is WAY too easy to obtain. He literally has a negative KDA. How does he get Onyx???
  5. I'm talking about how it handled the whole to4 conundrum. I agree, divisions are GOAT. Although if it were up to me, I would have it so the maximum you could be placed after your first 10 games be Gold. You'd need to work your way up and do some grinding like in LoL. I also wish it took longer to go up, and that you could be deranked. I'm sick of seeing complete idiots in Onyx just because they got placed there and now can't rank down.
  6. Dying of AIDS when you're the victim of cancer is also never a possibility. Halo 3 had the best solution, hands down. You may hate the game for its gameplay, but you cannot deny that system. I think tht is a lot better than preventing me from playing with 3 of my friends and forcing me to play customs. re. maps - I do believe H5 needs more simplified maps. Truth is great in this regard. We also need a "two base each with their own sniper" ala Pit, Narrows or Sanc.
  7. Easy there cowboy. I'd take a .22 magnum to the forehead over another Epitaph.
  8. I was referring to the "max party size of 2" comment. Thats just ludicrous. Thats like saying "Sorry about your HIV, heres some cancer to kill you off before it turns into AIDS"
  9. I hear Neptune has some killer winters man, might wanna come back to Earth for a bit.
  10. I just can't stand that effing KDA stat plastered all over my player profile in size 72 bolded font. Every game I'm constantly worried about what my stats look like and that if my KDA drops, people will judge me poorly. Sometimes I just want to go into MM alone and grind some Arena, but a voice in the back of my head is always saying "Have fun getting your stats shit on". Get that shit out of here. K/D completely ruins the game and changes how people play. It encourages statting and sewering your team mates. 343 talks about H5 being a team game, and emphasiing team work, then posts a shallow, selfish stat on the front of everyone's service record for all to judge.
  11. Ah, good to hear. Glad that theatre is now all but useless.
  12. Daniel Wiksten, Sandbox designer at 343: "If we're doing our job well, the player doesn't even know all this is even going on" I don't think you did your job right.
  13. I just want to tie up the UI guy who left out medals from post game carnage and the guy who chose the bullet mag settings. Actually, better yet, lock them in a room and have them fight to the death. Winner gets tossed into the worm on Rig.
  14. Thing is, the strafe is very responsive but the amount of bullet mag negates any of that. Also, I think we all knew pre-release that the bullet mag was way too high. We told them over and over again after the Beta and they simply didn't listen. In the latest episode of the Sprint when I watch the guy talking about bulletmag I couldn't help but laugh out out and yell "fire that fuck".
  15. I'll give you a hint. The term starts with "bullet" and ends with "mag".
  16. For the record - this game does not try to match you with randoms if you search alone. I've been searching with a to4 for 20ish games and ive received 4 messages from people saying "wow to4" or "thats fair that I get matched against a team" etc. Each of my teams games are won 50-10, 50-20 etc. and you can tell that they are randoms. This is not fun at all. Inversely, when I don't have my team mates on I constantly play against to4 when I search alone just like in MCC. I seriously don't understand how they could have clearly seen this problem in their last two Halo games and then did nothing to fix the problem going forward. This needs to be addressed @@Sal1ent . For real. I think we're all sick of it. I don't want to hear about "priorities" or "weighted" for to4 vs to4, I want to hear that MM is handled like H3 where it is literally impossible to play a to4. It needs to stop or your "sensible sustain" with mean nothing. Going through all kinds of (questionable) methods to keep players playing Halo 5 post launch means nothing if a person can't simply load up your game and search MM without getting stomped by to4. On the whole E-sports angle 343 are coming from - how do you expect anyone to get into a competitive scene when this simple, essential MM rule is not in place? It would be like trying to get people into a football game where a solidified, long running team played against a team of pick-up randoms. Who would enjoy that?
  17. To all those critisizing H5s maps, Backwash, Orbital and Chiron would like to have a word with you. There are bad maps in every Halo. I would argue that H5 has mostly good maps for launch.
  18. I hated the aim when I first played the game. I normally play on 3-4 sens on H3, and found that to be too slow on H5. If you try 6, it feels a lot like 3-4 from past games when you FIRST start aiming, then speeds up to what 6 would be in old Halo's. To me this is good because I get the steady aim but then get the speed up when trying to turn around. 6 feels very free yet not too fast. Also, the more you play H5 the more you adjust to it. I can barely notice the weird aiming now unless im trying to swing my aim to quickly get a shot off. I think its the same case as Halo 3 aiming where it is clunky but ultimately can be adapted to. While this isn't optimal the bright side is that it sort of raises the skill gap in a way. I find using your strafe to aim is extra important in this game, especially with the pistol.
  19. I will never understand how they forgot to put in medals in the post game carnage report. Thats borderline troll.
  20. Knowledge of the gaming industry, lack you do.
  21. I don't think its tinfoil hat at all to think that 343 purposely didn't give us a copy. They knew we would criticize the game rather than blindly adoring it. It doesn't help that there are some seriously negative people on this forum who are notorious for only seeing the negative aspects of their game. I think that Cyren, Moa or Saucey would have given a fair verdict on the game, but honestly I think they know that Beyond would be the first to tell them their game sucks. There is a large chunk of Beyond that are stubborn in that they won't accept changes to the franchise. Halo 5 marks a major departure from "Classic Halo", and I think 343 are afraid of the backlash that some of the members of Beyond will have. As with any other Halo, there will be some serious flaws or missing content that the majority of "casual" journalists won't even notice. Beyond, however, is known for catching any mistake. We're hyper critical. That exactly why I come here. Theres no ass kissing or bullshit. If something sucks we tell it how it is. That is why we didn't get a copy. They know we are going to criticize the lack of gametypes, content and features. I bet Forgehub didn't get a copy either. The unfortunate truth.
  22. I'd also like to question something else about H5: Why are there no "Two base" maps that each get their own Sniper? You know, like The Pit, Sanc, Narrows, etc.? I honestly think that coliseum could have a snipe at each base. That would be awesome. Either way, I hope Forge brings us some really good maps that offer this type of layout, and are more open to promote helping team mates and team shotting. I feel a lot of H5's maps are too "corridor-ey" and its hard to help your teammates.
  23. Exactly. Instead of each battle being "who has the best shot and strafe" its "Who so happened to have the right gun for the range when I stumbled into someone" I'm alright with having a LR or DMR on the map or whatever, but we have SMG's, ARs, pistols, BRs, DMRs, LRs, Storm Rifles, Boltshots, plasma pistols, suppressors, AND then all the power weapons. Theres no way to know who has what anymore. Its makes the whole game feel very uncontrolled and chaotic. The problem with armor abilities is that you never knew what your opponent was going to have when you ran into them. The same thing applies to weapons now. If you wanna place a DMR/LR somewhere or maybe one SMG, thats fine. That can be called out and offers an interesting new dynamic to a map. But this is just bedlam.
  24. Cant see medals in post game stats. Just reminding everyone.
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