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  1. The pistol DOES have spread, and you of all people should know this. Do I need to go make a video of it?
  2. Sometimes I wonder how some people can spend so much time on these forums picking apart the game and constantly trashing it. And before you reflex neg me - I'm not defending some of the design decisions the devs have made. I get that there is such a thing as constructive criticism. Its the comments like "This game is hopeless", "Worse than Halo 3", or "I told you all pre-launch this game would burn", or "This game is DoA". Basically all the countless people saying the entire game is bad, and that they predicted it to be so. If the game is so useless, then why do you spend 10 hours a day posting about it? Again, this doesn't apply to those who offer positive, constructive feedback. I'm talking to the negative assholes who literally chime in to try and convince everyone that the game sucks. The game is incredibly fun for me and 90% of the people I've played with. I'm an extremely competitive player and still love the game. There needs to be some changes - changes that will probably happen. But to bring the entire franchise down by constantly trashtalking it is redundant at this point. Its also extremely annoying. If you truly hate the entire direction the game has gone, if you have an entire laundry list of major changes that need to happen before you can enjoy the game, then you guessed it - stop playing. At least until changes come. Reading the last few hundred pages of this thread is disgusting and hilariously negative. Some complaints are justified, but most seem to be the typical 1) Plays the game 2) Loses because of A,B,C,X,Y,Z 3) Comes on forums and vents frustration, blaming X. 4) Calls the game trash to excuse their loss. The forum is becoming a giant venting thread. If CE came out today, these same people would be spamming the forums with "F**king grenades are so f**ing OP nerf them 343", or "The jump delay is ruining my entire experience", or "The pistols spread makes this game so random"... You get my point. P.S., this is not a lash at CE, I'm just putting things into perspective, so save me the CE white-knighting. Lets not even talk about default H2 or H3, or the pre-patch release versions of both of those games. I love Halo CE, 2 and 3. They are my all-time favourite games. But Halo 5 has a lot of positives that the old games lacked. Feedback is essential but this is getting way out of hand, and its becoming embarrassing to the entire forum. It also discredits the truly constructive posts and feedback that 343 are watching for. If you really think the entire game is so badly messed up, that every single weapon is OP or imbalanced or needs this or needs that, or that all the maps suck, or that 343 sucks, etc. etc. etc. then I would sincerely believe that for you, its time to move on another franchise, or continue playing the previous games like many do. I hate to be the guy to say such a cliche, but damn people, get a grip. Halo 5 is nowhere near the realm of Reach or the 4. So stop acting like Halo 5 is anywhere near that level of broken. INB4 replies with something along the lines of "We complain because we care. We've been playing Halo for 14 years so we are going to fight for it and let 343 know they are fucking up". Believe me, I understand where the frustration is coming from, but to the inevitable responses like that above, I say this: Criticism>Complaints>Whining. Just keep it constructive, please. I'm not a fanboy, or an apologist or a 343 freedom rider. I just can't hear another story about how someone got the poop from the Storm Rifle.
  3. Little late to the Storm Rifle convo, but something that I find that works about 8/10 times is to rush a storm rifle with either your own storm rifle or SMG/AR and jump to one side then thrust the opposite way. This almost always results in them missing a few shots and them overheating. Or you can use a Plasma Caster to flush campers out or have splinters out which are an easy point blank 1hk. For doubles, using a plasma pistol against OV is an extrmely easy way of countering. I know it sucks that you have to do this but it works.
  4. Truth, regret and Eden are actually really good for dubs IMO. Fathom and Plaza are extremely frustrating. Rig is okay, but its hard to get angles to help team mates unless youre stacked. Empire would be good, but I just went 13-4 against Chris is Soarin (semi pro) by whoring the shotty with OV. Not cool. Gotta remove the shotty. Plaza is way too slow, with OV being way too powerful due to the segmentation of the map. The worst part is the crouching once one team gets a lead. Fathom is awkward because once you get top mid, they can only push you from treehouse. They cant do the top mid jump because its easy to see it coming with radar. You have to wait for camo to spawn but you can't push for it without getting railed from top mid. If you do push from treehouse, you have to kill the kid camping there with storm rifle. If you send two guys to treehouse to counter the camper, you just both get naded or railed by top mid guy. I literally have two perfections on Fathom because of this OP setup. Its so bad that Gabriel and FFantasy beat us 25-7 on the first game, then we beat them on the same map 25-11. Which ever team gets top mid locked down first wins the game.
  5. Grenade radius needs to be reduced about 20%. You simply dont have enough time to react to an oncoming grenade. Also, hitmarkers need to go for the aforementioned reasons. Also also, Pulse grenades should not be able to betray your team mates. Bad design decision.
  6. The ultimate handbook for Josh Holmes and Crue: - Remove Radar from Team Arena - Remove AR secondary - Reduce bullet magnetism of Carbine, BR, DMR Your Welcome. @@Sal1ent PS, Doubles better not have radar this weekend. Heads will roll.
  7. Just downloaded it in 27 seconds. Yay for gigabit interwebs. Thanks Batch
  8. How do we initiate the new dashboard download?
  9. So me and my dubs partner are 13-0 in PGL dubs and we come across the number 4 team, and lose first game on Eden 25-5 lmao. They literally corner camped with shotgun and rockets all game, and we had no choice but to push them. Each of our pushes was planned out and coordinated, but there was simply nothing we could do. Next game was Plaza where we won OS and were up 2-0. They camped in corners for a full minute until my OS went out, then got 2 kills with grenades. 2-2 now, they go back to hiding in the corner with SMGs. Same thing happened as Eden at that point. I just want settings and maps that people can't hide on. The radar in 4's is bad enough, but it straight up breaks 1v1 and 2v2. I sincerely hope that when the Team Doubles playlist comes out they will use maps like Truth and Regret rather than campy maps like Empire and Plaza. There should NOT be shotguns in 2v2 period. Every map must have some sort of power weapon placed in a spot that is dangerous, and not in some basement or in some corner. Fuck that was frustrating.
  10. Thanks for spoling campaign. Like in all seriousness i don't expect to not get spoiled a bit, but you had to blurt out the main twist?
  11. People should only be place in Bronze, Silver or Gold, and have to rank up from there. I see far too many 1500 Onyx players that go neg every game. People should not be placed in the second highest rank and not allowed to derank from there. I understand and support not deranking into the previous division, but this when combined with the placement system results in people getting into ranks they should not have been.
  12. I have more info from my source... File Browser is launching with Forge in December. Reqd
  13. If you made this game BR starts you would cut the skill gap of the entire game by at least 25%. I think they should leave the pistol as is, but nerf the magnetism of the rifles. Lastly, they need to remove the AR secondaries in Team Arena. These exact changes will preserve the skill gap while balancing the rest of the game.
  14. It had pretty bad gameplay for people who were super serious and competitive. For casuals or semi-Casuals, the gameplay was absolutely the best. and unlike anything out there besides H2/CE. We as a hyper critical forum will nitpick why H3 wasn't the best competitively but overall the gameplay for 95% of people was fantastic. I don't mean to repeat known facts but you gotta remember 95% of people playing H3 in 2007 were casuals. It still only took a few weeks to get the MLG playlist and even an MLG FFA list in H3. Snipers was pretty much put in at launch as well. Doubles was also introduced shortly after launch.
  15. I like most of your posts but dang this is bad. Halo 3 was popular because: - First Halo on the 360 - 360 was a juggernaut by 2007, that had tons of other amazing exclusives such as Gears and Forza that drew tons of people in. - Offered something for everyone - Customs, Theater, Forge, Social MM, BTB, competitive MM, competitive ranks hybrid with an extensive progression rank, playlist EXP ranks, Machinima, Bungie Weekly Faves, strong community events and attention, File Share, amazing MM (the best in all of Halo to date) etc. The list goes on and on. - Came out in 2007 before PC gaming took off like did H3 took on CoD 4 which was a massive game right from the start, it also took on WaW and MW2. Not only that, but Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, WoW's first major expansion back, Burning Crusade, when it was the world's most played game, Unreal Tournament 3, God of War II, Oblivion, The Orange Fricking Box, Tomb Raider, and tons more JUST in 2007. Thats not including all the massive franchises that began from 2007-2010. Fuck a "sustain plan". It didn't need any bullshit scheme to keep people playing because it was rich with features and made players invest in it. The game had something for everyone. It sucked you in and kept you there. The music was amazing, the story was epic, the graphics for the time were breathtaking, the sound effects were distinct and memorable. There was the perfect blend of classic Halo and new features. The game was a fan service through and through. The game had a heart just like CE and H2. H5 seems like it wants to be that game, but just doesn't have the complete feature suite that a game almost a decade old had. I could go on and on about why H3 was as popular as it is. and you know what the best part of all of this was? It all came right away, at launch, with no shortcomings or conspiracies or delays or hiccups. Bungie delivered what was promised to us and some would argue they overdelivered. Nothing felt half-assed or rushed or implemented solely to turn a quick penny. Thats why Halo 3 kicked ass. Many of you criticize its gameplay but you cannot argue the stupid amount of things to do in that game. All in 2007. H5 needs to bring more to the table. There needs to be more ranks to get and a deeper system to keep people playing. The mechanics are fantastic. Theres are some small gameplay tweaks that do need to happen - and they will - but more importantly there needs to be tons of new content and features that help the whole community thrive. People are wondering why there are only a few streamers doing Halo, but I think the answer is pretty obvious. Theres nothing besides competitive gaming to stream. People can't forge or do customs or play anything casual outside of Warzone. I could totally see popular Forgers or Custom game lobby hosts streaming interesting content. 343 needs to add the content and the viewers and popularity will come. It needs to come quick before H5 suffers the same fate as the 4.
  16. Wow.. the negativity in this forum is pretty embarrassing. Im hoping Halo 5 is able to build more of a community around user created content. Just look at how popular GTA has remained, and its all because of the creative content. I feel like theres nothing for casuals in this game outside of Warzone. The custom game scene is absent with no Forge, theres no Forge scene obviously, no machinima, no BTB... The list goes on. Like I said I sincerely hope they come out with a file broweser with Forge or this game will be as bad as some people on here are claiming.
  17. I don't see why they can't outsource some BTB maps to CA or other decent companies. I don't trust CA with 4v4 maps but to have them recreate some classic BTB maps would most likely work well. I'm not saying BTB maps are more "forgiving" in their design, but I guess its better than forcing those who like BTB to play in forge exclusively. By the way, I think Forge maps in this game look like something from 2001. Seriously. Disgusting visually. I guess thats not a problem that can be avoided seeing that the box One is a weak piece of kit.
  18. To commemorate the departure of Orion, I thought I'd post some of the Nade spots that I came up with to make the map a little more...Bearable. Enjoy! http://gameclipscontent-d3009.xboxlive.com/00090000005c42a5-b52becb2-b79a-4440-8e78-c2fdd0d82aae/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2014-02-14&sr=c&sig=6WrnWPW3Ngw6sHMq0EZMGjFPSh9XQJo%2Fxka9XnFzm2c%3D&st=2015-11-07T07%3A00%3A13Z&se=2015-11-07T08%3A05%3A13Z&sp=r&__gda__=1446883513_175a3a8f371d17d00f58363010b97131 http://gameclipscontent-d2011.xboxlive.com/00090000005c42a5-1f764046-d3cf-4346-9ae0-3ee4d767730b/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2014-02-14&sr=c&sig=Rfhn2GbrTTgsFrJJWE01ICu6%2Bn4gutGghHtnvTBaEow%3D&st=2015-11-07T07%3A02%3A06Z&se=2015-11-07T08%3A07%3A06Z&sp=r&__gda__=1446883627_1d4b162e1685887fb3d2d08f9033508e http://gameclipscontent-d2004.xboxlive.com/00090000005c42a5-372aa6e3-4aec-4336-bede-63630854da38/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2014-02-14&sr=c&sig=%2Fam2YOT8UV6%2FoKT2OvYObLd8rWWh%2F3v9aLIynHTMzd0%3D&st=2015-11-07T07%3A02%3A28Z&se=2015-11-07T08%3A07%3A28Z&sp=r&__gda__=1446883648_76adc05b511c9f634657ed71bd2e2b7f
  19. *Scrolls past long post by DoctorJ* *Sees Moas post about who it is* *Scrolls back up to long post by DoctorJ*
  20. Would love to see some stats on win/loss rate for people searching alone vs those searching in parties. Looking at games where a team of randoms is matched against a To4, I bet the loss rate would be somewhere near 20%. Can you tell me @@Sal1ent how this constitutes successful MM? I'm not letting this go untl we at least get a response on this.
  21. Totally heard Guy Pierce talking in this post
  22. 100% agree with everything. You still get ranked Breakout in Team Arena so its redundant to have it as its own seperate ranked playlist. Same thing goes for slayer. For social playlists it would be nice if it didnt display or effect your overall K/D so you literally have no qualms searching in it.
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