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  1. When I watch Halo 5 gameplay on my phone (galaxy s6 - awesome screen) and its compressed onto such a small screen, and the colours are coma inducing (good) from the phones display, and the screen size hides H5's sub 1080p weaknesses... I wonder what H5 would/could have looked like on a kickass PC. Damn. Also regarding H3 - that game, especially the spartan models were absolutely jaw dropping when the game launched. The jump from OG Xbox to 360 was already a huge leap (compared to this gen) but Bungie's art style combined with the extra horsepower made H3 knock me off my 15 year old feet. In MCC, H3 looks washed out (colours aren't nearly as good as on 360). H3 on 360 has the shitty 720p but at the time there weren't any games that did higher, and 720p was god-like compared to 480p (which most people were still using in 2007). In MCC, the colours may be worse but the 1080p shows just how immaculate and detailed the assets of that game were. I want to find the quote from 343 when they were making MCC saying something like "We didn't have to touch any assets in H3 when moving to 1080p because they were so good already. Its really a testament to Bungie's talent". (paraphrased ofc). I think people forget that in 2005 before the 360, everyone except rich PC users were still on crappy 480p or most times, even lower. The 360 was actually better than most PC hardware of the time, unless you were willing to spend 2500$ on a rig. I remember my Dad freaking out when I told him my new Xbox 360 was more powerful than his 2000$ PC he bought just 6 months prior. He did not believe me when I told him it has 3 cores. Ah, good nerdy childhood times. By the time H3 popped my graphics cherry in 2007, devs had almost mastered the PowerPC architecture the 360 used. Halo 3 may not have been the perfect game for competitive, but you cannot seriously argue it didn't have amazing graphics for the time. Find me a game from 2007 or before that even came close. inb4 Crysis - That game took a $2500 PC and countless hours of tweaking or modding to get it going on Ultimate settings. TL;DR - the jump from H2 to H3 was nut-smashing.
  2. Nerf magnetism on all rifles, including the Sniper. Reduce amount of autos on the map, slightly increase AR TTK. Remove radar Game is a 10
  3. Sorry to rant - but another thing. The progression rank system (the 1-150 Spartan Rank) is so stale and pointless its probably a major reason why this game seems to fail at retaining people. CoD and Reach have systems that take months (Reach took years) to get to the final rank. COD and Reachs progression systems also give you really cool symbols and titles for achieving the next rank. Halo 5s system is a boring number (a random one at that, 151 or whatever?) That everyone will reach in the next month or so. Literally everyone will eventually just be 151 and it won't matter. Those who play a ton won't be recognized for it. COD also has a leaderboard to reward those who play a lot or have a lot of kills etc. In game. Casuals AND competitive people love grinding for ranks that don't necessarily display skill, yet show your dedication to the game. I wish Halo 5 both the skill based CSR system and an interesting progression system. Right now, theres nothing to "work towards" or grind. Theres no accolades to earn that show your dedication. Theres nothing that motovates me to get on and play besides the gameplay itself.
  4. I just don't find the ranking system in this game to be enjoyable or relevant. When literally anyone can get Onyx, it completely takes away the specialness of ranking. But the placement system is obviously broken and kills any integrity or meaning of the entire system. Towey and snip3down played 10 games together,with towey literally going negative every game. Yet towey placed WAY higher than Snip3down. That right there proves this system is completely fucked. Theres hardly any aspect of grinding your rank, because often youre placed so high that you don't feel the need to play. I miss 1-50 because everyone starts at 1, and has to play for a long time to earn their 50. Once you got your 50, you could move to other playlists knowing that each 50 you acquired would be displayed in the LOBBY, and wouldnt get reset. Getting a 50 felt like you "collected" something that everyone could see. You could collect 50s for each playlist. Not to mention playing for the win often hurts your K/D which is plastered all over your profile for people to judge. My main account has a KDA of 5 but a W/L of 70%, and then my "solo queue" alt tag has a KDA of 9 and a W/L of like 55% lol. Yet people will look at both profiles and think my Alt account is more impressive... its infuriating. If they would just put your rank on your nameplate then I'd feel more motivated. I honestly can't peg a reason for why I simply dont care about my H5 rank. Probably because nobody else seems to care or because theres no integrity to the system. Why would I be pumped to get a champion/onyx rank when my buddy (true story) who NEVER plays Halo and has a NEGATIVE KDA can log in once in a while and get onyx in SWAT and FFA? He came in last almost every FFA game and still got Onyx. Seriously what the fuck.
  5. Thats the thing - theres no objectively "best" setting. Like I said in my post, it all depends on your sens and if you like to be a "steady" aimer or a "twitchy" aimer. Deadzones also adversely affect that way your accel settings feel, but not everyone can have the same deadzones because everyone's controller is different. Either way, I think those who usually use a high sens would benefit with their aiming by lowering their sens and then raising their Accel. Just my two cents.
  6. Draw a circle with your reticle without touching the outer edges (pegging), on 1 Accel. Then try the same thing on 5 Accel. Both are exactly the same.
  7. You guys are drunk. 1 Aim accel and 5 aim accel are exactly the same when just normally aiming at someone. So in a gunfight, aim accel isnt going to make a difference. I keep seeing people saying things like "omg my aim is so much better now with X aim accel". Its placebo. The only time Aim accel makes ANY difference is when trying to look around quickly by "pegging" the thumbstick (holding it to the very edge of the plastic) For example, turning more than ~65 degrees to the right or left. Accel 1 makes it so that when you PEG the stick left or right to turn around, it takes a long time for acceleration to ramp up. The aim accel slowly, but gradually speeds up your reticle to full speed. The effect is not linear, but an exponential change in speed, dependent on the length of time you've been holding the thumbstick to the edge. Accel 5 makes it so that you dont have to wait as long for your max turning speed to ramp up. 5 essentially makes it so you can have a lower sensitivity for when you're in gun fights (which makes it easier to land shots at all distances, and especially at long distance). But at the same time, when you need to quickly turn or look somewhere off screen, you can because the game will more quickly recognize you are pegging your thumbstick, and not aiming. The actual increase in speed is exponential, like Accel 1, but the curve is steeper. Accel 1 doesn't help your gunfight aiming at all (because theres no difference from Accel 5. Accel doesnt make a difference unless you are pegged completely), yet will make trying to turn around/look somewhere off screen take FAR too long. The only people who can "successfully" play on 1 accel are those with high sensitivities. ***No matter your Accel setting, your maximum turn speed remains the same. Accel 1 just takes longer to get up to that max speed. You will rarely ever reach max turn speed on low Accel because it simply takes too long to reach it, which, IMO, is bad. Again, this doesn't matter to those with extremely high sens. Sensitivity is what dictates your max turn speed. QUICK GUIDE: 5 Accel, 1-3 sens = aiming in gunfights will be more controlled/precise from having less sensitive aim, and the 5 Accel will give you the advantage of quickly turning around (that higher sens gives) when you need it, without the squirreliness from high sens. 1 Accel, 1-3 sens = aiming in a gunfight will feel exactly as above, but trying to quickly turn around/aim offscreen will feel sluggish and like you're dragging your aim through mud. 1 Accel, 6-10 sens = aim will be more "linear" from 1 Accel, without feeling sluggish due to higher sensitivity. However, aiming will feel much more squirrely. This is good for people who like to "swing" reticle around. You dont need 5 Accel with high sens because you are already turning fast enough from sens, and dont need the additional speed from accel. 5 accel, 10 sens = Able to turn around incredibly quick, but not at a constant, predictable rate because of high Accel. Aiming will feel squirrely from high sens. If you use medium (4-6) sens I recommend using medium/high Accel values (3 Accel), otherwise your aim will feel sluggish as well. Another thing to consider is your style of aiming. If you are someone who tends to overcompensate or peg the stick in the middle of a gun fight (As in - those who aim like Naded), then having 5 Accel might make it kick in when trying to flick your aim too much. This is because the game thinks you are trying to turn instead of aim, and will throw your aim off. IMO, this shouldn't happen much even at 5 Accel though, because no matter the Accel setting, it still takes a decent amount of time pegging the stick for the game to apply aim accel. 5 doesn't instantly apply accel the millisecond you touch the outer edge. If you are someone like Roy who aims very steadily, I recommend High Accel. Because you never hit the peg point when aiming, you'll never enter aim accel mode when just trying to shoot, so its okay to have a high Accel value. Deadzones Inner = You want this as low as possible without drift, just like the Waypoint article says. This allows more precise aiming. A low Inner deadzone makes it less likely for the game to add accel when you're trying to aim. The higher your Inner deadzone, the more you have to move your thumbstick towards the edge for your aiming inputs to register. Because you'll have to move your stick more to aim properly with a high Inner deadzone, you're more likely to accidentally enter the "pegged zone" of your controller, triggering accel and losing control of your aim. Outer = the higher the setting, the further away your thumbstick has to be from the edge before the game thinks you are trying to peg (to turn around, etc.). A high Outer deadzone is good for those with slow turn. However, too high of an outer deadzone makes it more likely for the game to think you are pegging when you are just trying to aim, resulting in losing control of your aim, just like I mentioned in the Inner deadzone section. Basically, if your inner and outer deadzones are larger, you are less likely to experience slowturn/drift. However, having large deadzones narrows the area that you can utilize the stick for aiming, and makes it more likely for your controller to think you aren't aiming at all when you're actually trying to, or trying to peg it when you're just trying to aim. If your controller has bad drift and/or slow turn, then I recommend using larger deadzones, but lower Aim Accel so that accidental "peg reads" from your controller won't mess you up as much. As mentioned above, having a higher aim sens will still allow you to look around quickly even though your low accel is sluggish. If your controller has little/none drift/slow turn, then make your deadzones small, and raise your aim Accel. This will let you use a slower sens which is good for aiming, but will give you a responsive boost when you peg your stick to look around. You won't accidentally experience Accel when trying to aim because your deadzones are far apart. ***Another point to consider: Fact 1: Halo 5's aiming is harder than most other Halo's. Combine this with the fact that gunfights tend to happen at longer ranges in this game (due to map scaling), and the result is that those with lower sensitivities are at more of an advantage. Fact 2: However, another fact about Halo 5 is that player movement, speed and general mobility (thruster, groundpound, etc.) means that there are a ton more instances where you need to quickly turn around and react to a fast moving player who is moving around you, compared to previous games. This fact gives those with higher sensitivities an advantage. The only way to take advantage of both of these facts is to have a low/medium sens for aiming in gunfights, and a higher Accel for when you need the extra turn speed. This gives you the best of both worlds in my opinion. TL;DR Accel = ability to turn/look around quickly or aim at something off screen ONLY WHEN PEGGING THUMBSTICK. Sens = how aiming in a gunfight feels, effects aiming/look speeds at ALL POSITIONS OF YOUR THUMBSTICK. Deadzones = effect the distinction between when you are aiming and when you are turning/looking. Changes when the game applies aim acceleration setting. *** The wonkiness of Halo 5's aiming does NOT come from sensitivity or Acceleration values. It comes from high input lag/latency that exists in the game itself. Halo CE and 2 have extremely low latency aiming which is why it feels much better. Halo 3/4/H2A/H5 use varying types of aiming systems that add latency to your inputs, which makes aiming feel clunky or uncontrollable. This is possibly caused by V-sync settings or general aiming mechanics. You cannot "fix" Halo 5's main overarching aiming problem through any combination of the controller settings. All possible settings are affected by the same amount of latency that is present in the game's controls. The only thing you can do to help the situation is having a responsive (low input lag) monitor and a wired controller. Both of these things reduce your input lag. But there is nothing you can do about the lag/delay/wonkiness that exists in the game itself. /thread.
  8. Either way, the quality and feel of the controller is totally worth the money IMO. The whole thing is heavier, coated in rubber, with minimal plastic, and lots of metal bits. I feel like itl'll last way longer than my other controllers too which will actually save me money. It comes with an awesome rope-style USB cord too, which I needed. The paddles are probably going to be useful in other games too. I went to my buddies house the other day and I couldn't stand how cheap and shitty/slippery the normal controllers feel now that I'm used to the elite.
  9. I got my Elite at launch and it was really hard for me to adjust. At first I was accidentally pressing the paddles, which happened alot foe the first two/three days. Then I took off the two large paddles and left the two small ones. I am now 100% comfortable and am so glad I stuck with the Elite instead of giving up. It also took me a while to adjust to the weight and feel of the metal thumbsticks. Just stick with it and eventually youll be so glad you did. It took me about a week of grinding to get the muscle memory down. Good luck
  10. Like many other things in CE, CE did aiming the best. Literally instant response, perfect amount of aim accel (hardly any), and good amounts of magnetism/adhesion. I can play CE on 7-8 sens even though I play all other Halos on 3-4. I can play so high on CE because the aiming is responsive as fuck. Halo 2 in MCC is a little too twitchy for me but damn is it ever responsive. Halo 4 aiming felt like H2A... decent but some sort of input lag thing that CE and 2 do NOT have. Halo 5 feels like I'm dragging my reticle through poo.
  11. Nah, its more to do with me just not having the drive to get on and find 3 other people to run with who are at the same skill level. When you finally get a solid team together it seems I usually only get in a few games before somebody has to take a break or get off, etc. I find its a hassle to grind for some reason. Sometimes I just want to get on, search alone and play even matched games but that doesn't seem to be possible with H5's MM.
  12. Kinda weird.. haven't played H5 in 3 days now. Just no urge to get on all of a sudden. :/
  13. Sorry if this has been asked already but.. How are people checking the XBL chats for activity?
  14. This would have been funny if my Service Record was bad
  15. Downloaded in 26 seconds. Eat my shit everyone
  16. I did say this waaay back after they announced it. Nothing "wowed" me from it's showcase. Too lazy to dig up the post though.
  17. Holy shit. Placement matches shouldn't put anyone past an Onyx. Seriously.
  18. I think a large factor in Halo 5's success is what happens post launch. Like I said before, the two biggest obstacles Halo 5 had to overcome was 1) 343's bad track record/hurting Halos "insta sell" characteristics, and 2) Poor performance of Xbox One. So no matter what, these would have hurt Halo 5 regardless of the game actually shipped consisted of. There was nothing 343 could have done around launch to change these factors. Obviously its 343's fault for 343's reputation, but the fact remains that at the time of launch, there was nothing they could have done to change this fact. So lets take those two points, and look at the future of Halo, and what Halo 5 has the potential to do for the franchise. The sustain plan definitely can work, and it makes sense that the first wave of post-launch content will consist of "catching up" features, AKA BTB, Forge, File browser, Gametypes. Once these features release (in December, ideally), then its up to 343 to provide content that will actually draw in people to buy the game. I've also said many times that this first wave of "catch up" will help stop people from leaving, but probably won't draw in new people. The question becomes: Will 343 be able to deliver interesting enough content? After BTB, Forge and like are added, what else can 343 do? I hope the answer isn't some run of the mill REQ packs, mediocre maps, one more Warzone map, some playlists,etc. The answer better be something that wows us. Its got to be lots of amazing maps for BTB, Warzone and 4v4, coming every single month, or entirely new and interesting weapons, or new gametypes that we haven't seen that are innovative and fun, or entirely new Warzone mode thats completely different (Like Scarab wars or something). My point is that the upcoming content may feel like catch up, but the content after that and over the next 3 years has to be great, and regular. This will keep people playing Halo, allowing it to stay relevant, but will also demonstrate 343's ability to keep Halo players satisfied. That way, when Halo 6 comes out, people have some confidence in the company. They'll know that by purchasing the game, they are buying into a long-lasting, well supported, ever-changing, always interesting, community-driven world, and not just some game riding off the hype of previous installments. We have a right to be highly skeptical though, because 343 have yet to show us that they can deliver lots of quality content in a somewhat timely manner. Its hard for us to believe the post launch content will be enough because we're dealing with a company that has stil not been able to fix MCC in over a year past launch. Hopefully we are proven wrong. Halo 5 has the potential to be Halo's transition back to what the franchise is known for, but it all depends on how 343 handle post-launch.
  19. Until we know the actual digital numbers, we can't make any concrete conclusions to this. Obviously there was a large drop though, regardless as theres no way 75% of sales were digital. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the main reasons for this. 1. Xbox One is not as successful as 360. Also, PC gaming seems to be taking over the industry. 2. Halo 4 and MCC ruined a lot of the what "Halo" means in the industry. 3. The franchise is burning out from age. 4. Halo 5 is lacking many of the features of previous games. The casual Halo audience literally has nothing but Warzone. 5. There are way too many good games already out that compete with Halo 5. I think the largest two factors for the decline are 343's track record and the Xbox One performance. After two flops from 343, both fans and the general public just don't see Halo as a "surefire" good game. We can argue how Reach started the downward trend, but that game still held on to its audience through the shear amount of content and casual offerings the game had. Halo 5 is missing the features that casuals love. Warzone is really nothing special at all. None of my casual friends were hyped for it, because there really is nothing to be hyped about. I pictured Warzone to have Scarabs, Pelicans, Phantoms, Longswords, placeable turrets, huge scale AI battles, etc. All Warzone is is BTB with a few more players and some AI targets to kill. Its definitely not a game seller, especially when compared to other "huge PvP" games like Battlefield, Battlefront, etc. You could also say that while Halo 5 is missing features from past games, it is also lacking "wow" features to draw in new players. Spartan abilities probably don't appeal to new players because they are already in Titanfall, Blop3, AW, etc. Halo 5 just doesn't bring anything new or innovative to the table. Its seems all the new features are just rehashes of other popular games, but ones that are worse versions. An example of this is in the REQ system. CS:Go's is far better and deeper. To summarize: If you are a casual, BF, Battlefront, Destiny, CoD, phone games, etc. do it better than Halo 5. If you are a competitive gamer/esports watcher, CSGO, LOL, DOTA, and even CoD with its larger scene do it better than Halo 5. If you like custom/community content, GTA5, Minecraft, and countless PC games do it better than Halo 5. If you like story-driven single player, Fallout 4, Dark Souls, MGSV, Tomb Raider etc. are all far above Halo 5's mediocre campaign. The only people buying Halo these days, after all the franchise has been through, are fans of Halo. But even we as fans don't feel like this is really Halo anymore. Its main strength is the competitive crowd but even we aren't really satisfied by the choices 343 have made. At this point 343 are less of in a state where "We need to continue making great Halo games" and more of a "We need to show everyone we don't suck and that Halo is still relevant". The whole "sustain plan" is not going to work because the kinds of features they will be "sustaining" us with include things that are missing from Halo 5, rather than things that add more to the game. The sustain plan consists of adding Forge maps, BTB with only forge maps, and some new armors/REQs, and some missing gametypes? Oh...yeah... that'll keep people coming back. No. Things like Forge, File browsers, gametypes, playlists, etc. are things that keep people playing the game. They aren't the type of features that draw people to buy the game in the first place. Johnny isn't going to rush out and buy Halo 5 in December because he heard they added Oddball. But you can guarantee that the absence of these features has made a lot of people angry, to where they don't purchase the game, ever.
  20. Keep up the honesty H0lm. Always enjoy your realness.
  21. New info from source: Gravity Hammer will release with the forge update.
  22. I really hope you aren't referring to me though Clutch. I've had to riddle my posts with "I understand there needs to be changes" because I'm afraid of making an argument against complainers without getting called a fanboy or a blind liker of H5.
  23. Dude. Both OG and PC CE pistol have spread when shooting at a wall from mid to long distances. Yes, some shooting mechanics are slightly different in PC, but the spread is not one of the them. That wasn't even the point of my post though, which you clearly missed. No surpise to me since you are literally the poster child for the people I'm talking about. People like you will excuse issues with their favourite Halo game as "meta" while calling similar issues in H5 "game breaking".
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