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  1. Im sorry everyone but comparing this trailer and its content to Halo 5s DLC's makes it very apparent why CoD is on top. Everything from the music used (Paint it Black vs generic uhhh dubstep?) To the production level to the actual content itself is just bigger and better with CoD. So they get FOUR amazing looking maps (seriously, that water park map looks incredibly unique and fun), an entirely new and super intricate zombie mode, and tons of weapon balancing etc. We get one map, some new REQ cards, and a Halo 2 BR which is only available as one pickup on one map? Oh, and dont forget the super hilarious and totally original pizza and fries skins.. that you might unlock after 50-100 hours played. It hurts to admit it but 343 just seem so out of touch with what players want and what the gaming scene is all about now in 2016. Not only is most of the DLC just "catch up" or adding in missing launch features, but the simplest of changes seem to take months to come. The content we've been getting is pretty lame. Lets be real. They tried to package a few (awful) community BTB maps as DLC. Seriously, why are we waiting over 3 months for more than 2 objective modes? Why are we excited about getting this new mode back in finally, that we've had since 2001 at launch in every other Halo? Lets not even discuss how awful our first single map DLC release was... I could neglect shaving my pubes for 3 months and name it Overgrowth and people would have more fun playing on that than the version we got. And Im sorry but Riptide is nothing special. We're all just excited it isnt borderline broken with ludicrous weapon placements, game breaking exploits, and zero sightlines like Overgrowth. Wait, what am I saying? Riptide also has WAY too many random hallways and rooms and bullshit to hide behind, an OP version of the already easy to use sniper (spammable and TEN shots), and a Fuel Rod, an OP version of Rockets with five shots per clip and 10 shots total. Throw that in a map like Riptide. Good decision. Im sure the Pro Team totally dug that. CoD may get flack for rehashing things, but from what Ive seen every map in BO3 is extremely unique and takes place in some crazy, original and MEMORABLE setting. Once again that water park map is super creative and interesting, not to mention the 3 other maps possess some cool theme. Our single map takes place on - you guessed it - a human.. something? Some generic facility. Yay. Using assets from another human facility map. Sorry, this one takes place only halfway underwater, so its different. Great. The next CoD DLC will probably come with 4 more maps, one of which takes place in Angelina Jolie's right nostril or on top of a tsunami wave made of chocolate milk, and our next single map is shaping up to be... in another facility. So this "amazing" content 343 promised us has been: DLC 1: BTB with only forged maps. Something that was missing that was in past games. DLC 2: Forge, a feature missing in H5 that was in older games. And a map so bad people quit the build to avoid playing it. DLC 3: One map amd some REQS. DLC 4: A missing gametype from past Halos that may or may not be able to replicate the classic versions completely.
  2. The H2/H3 BR shot MUCH slower than what we have here with the H5 BR's (default H5 and the new H2 version). The slower fire rate in the OG BR's, especially the H3 variant, required actually tracking the target as the burst was coming out. (As an aside, remember that the actual OG H2C BR shot a lot slower than the PC port in MCC). The new bursts in H5 are so fast that you get the easiness of sweep shots without actually having to adjust aim during the burst. In short to medium range fights (90% of engagements in Arena maps), the BR's burst is so fast, and the spread is so tight that the BR is essentially a DMR (single shot) weapon. Theres no need to "track" the target and continue aiming throughout the burst. Like people have said here, once you fire and hit one bullet, the other two are guaranteed to connect. So whats the point in having the BR a burst weapon? Obviously just to cater to BR fans. The difference between the DMR/BR's mechanics are only apparent in Warzone with super far distances, and on the occasional Arena map sight lines. I think an easy fix to the H5 BRs would be to have it need all 3 bullets to hit the head for a kill, rather than just one of the bullets in the burst. The way it is now makes sweeping and spazzy aim too easy when finishing the final shot. Changing it so that you need all 3 bullets to hit would reward players who are focused and steady when aiming for the head. Like I said before, once one bullet hits the others will as well, but it'll stop extreme cases of spazzy aim at least. Not to mention this game's headshot magnetism is unreal, which screws all the Rifles up IMO. Before you would have to carefully and purposely aim high for the head (think CE, even H2 and H3) on your last shot. It was easy to mess up and only get body shots (or shoot above their head if you aimed a little too high). This made it so that people could "come back" when down a shot if they were able to hit the head on their first shot, and the person who shot first was only able to hit the body. In H5 you simply have to thrust away/back off if a rifle user gets the first shot, even if its by .001 of a second, or you're fucked. H2 did have high magnetism but the bullets did not "favor" headshots and bend upwards towards their head when a person was aiming at the body, like it does in H5. H2's had the most magnetism of the OG trilogy, yes, but the bullet bending only skewed the bullet towards the general player model, not specifically the head. In H5, I'm super surprised when I don't get a headshot kill, no matter which precision weapon I'm using. And yes, the pistol has the "favoritism" for the head as well. You can swing your aim around and shoot when the reticle gets somewhat close to their head, and it will magnetize right to their head. Its far too easy. So when you combine this factor with the previously mentioned H5 burst (which is super quick), it results in the BR being a headshot machine. Last thing - I definitely remember the H5 Beta being MUCH harder in terms of aiming. All of the rifles were much harder. The DMR specifically was extra challenging in close range, to the point where it was better to switch to the pistol if the enemy was close. Not sure if the decrease in difficulty post beta was due to magnetism changes or because the Beta's aiming was far more twitchy/responsive like in older Halos.
  3. Just went to check out our Spartan Company and realized I'm no longer in it.. what gives? I'd say I'm very active here, and I try to post well thought-out contributions. I'm also pretty close with many of you here on TB, and play with many of you in game. Sort of confused. I was in the company the first day they opened, so this doesn't make any sense
  4. Jeeze man you'd rather have unique songs that are instantly recognizable and diversified, consisting of abstract, memorable mysterious melodies, intead of good 'ol military drum beats and a trumpet? What? You don't like dubstep? Buddy, this is 2009. When are you going to wake up and realize that dubstep is exactly what all the kids are currently still into? Dude you're nuts. Thats like saying you'd rather have diverse maps that take place in various Halo staple settings, utilizing Halos famously creative palette and the wide range of art styles that fans have come to know and love, instead of some nice, familiar UNSC maps that take place on some super SECRET training facility? Or that you'd rather play on maps that have sightlines rather than corridory maze-like random chaotic breeding grounds, perfect for shotguns, or camo, or no..BOTH. In the same room. Yeah. Thats totally sick. And ooh I want a sword placed in the opposite area so that it balances out the map, you know, because theres no way one team could get both of those weapons at the same time. Sick. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh right - Lemon, 343 knows what the community wants, possibly even more than the community itself. You're simply living in the past and refuse to adapt. I think you'll come around when they release Ball in 2017. Or when you see how super secret the UNSC base is in February's map.
  5. I know its most likely already been said - but it looks like February's map is going to be yet another UNSC map. Yay. What a waste of Halo's assets.
  6. First off.. let me play this thing now. I promise Im sweaty enough. Dripping. Second.. go work at 343 now. Like start walking there now. Third.. I got really excited for a second thinking this was a new 343 map revealed on the stream that was some coliseum remix or something. I am dissapoint. But still pumped to see this. May as well be a dev map by the look/sound of it.
  7. Random: I am SICK of Arena Breakout in the Team Arena Playlist. Not only is it extremely broken, but its pure dominance over the playlist is extremely frustrating. Seriously. I just got FIVE Arena Breakout in a row, followed by one Flag game, then TWO more Arena Breakouts after that. That is SEVEN Arena Breakouts in eight games. Unacceptable. I don't even hate the mode. I get that Breakout is new gametype, and that it is a decent way to mix things up. However, Arena Breakout (full shields on normal maps) is completely broken, and is much worse than the default version. The last thing that is extremely annoying is how Arena Breakout is not and will never be used in tournaments, so it is literally a complete waste of time. Me and my team are trying to grind GB and play MM in between, but get nothing besides Arena Breakout, which is a complete waste of time. I bought this game to play HALO, not this constant elimination mode that simply doesn't work. If it MUST stay, at LEAST reduce the occurrence rate so that people can actually play the game modes that everyone wants to play when they buy a Halo game.
  8. That skin perfectly defines the environment in which Frankie would stay to chat.
  9. Preface: When I say "magnetism", I'm talking about the bullet's magical ability to curve into a target, even if your reticle is not actually perfectly aimed on your opponent. When I say "sticky aim", I mean when your aimer gets close to an enemy and it slows down and almost "wants" to stay on target. I hate the magnetism on H5, but I sometimes wonder if having a game with minimal magnetism is even feasible in an online environment. Perhaps excessive magnetism masks many "would be" dropped shots. I mean, theoretically, increasing the bullets chance to curve into the target effectively decreases the chance that the bullet gets registered as a "miss". So in a way, its possible that Halo 5's (and even H2A's) near flawless registration is partly due to the high magnetism. The obvious trade-off is that this also results in shots registering when they really should have missed (ahem: Vetoed's Sig) I'm not arguing for magnetism at the levels seen in H2A/H5. But I have a feeling that its a better idea to reduce the "sticky" aim (aimer slowing down near opponents) as much as possible, and then very slightly reduce the magnetism afterwards. The pistol is relatively high magnetism (with the bullet obviously tending to curve to the head), but pretty low sticky aim. Whereas the rifles (BR, Carbine, DMR) have much more sticky aim, with around the same level of bullet magnetism/curving. On a side note, H5's sniper magnetism seems like its 10 times as noticeable compared to the other weapons. Halo CE, 2 and 3's sniper had NO magnetism both scoped and unscoped. They only had slight "sticky" aim. H2's was obviously the highest, which led to the overly effective "sweep sniping" technique. Now, with H5, there is both high magnetism and high "sticky" aim, coupled with a massive head hitbox. There is actually magnetism on the no scope, and I believe a slight amount of "sticky" aim when no scoping. Thats why sweeping no scopes happen so much in H5 (when you flick your aim across the opponent and pull the trigger as the reticle gets near him). Its almost to the point where usingyour strafe to patiently line up the no scope (like in other Halos) isn't worth it anymore. Its almost better to just flick the aim around to try and take advantage of the bullet curve/magnetism. Now, going back to my first point of my post - Halo 5 rarely ever gives you "bloodshots" or dropped sniper shots - rarely as in I can't remember it happening once (you may be different). Whereas Halo 2 Classic and H3 both experienced tons of dropped sniper shots. I played a SHIT ton of H2C, and believe me when I say it had almost as many unregistered shots as Halo 3. Again, I'm not condoning H5's stupidly easy sniper. I'm simply just bringing up a possible hidden benefit of high magnetism.. What are your guys' opinions? Don't believe me? Load up a game of octagon in H5 and come back and argue then. Last thing - Vetoed's sig sort of exaggerates the magnetism because of his connection. If you watch his stream, you'll see he has a really high ping to most NA servers. The magnetism is bad, but I've only ever had situations that bad (like in his sig) when I'm in a laggy/delayed game.
  10. Frankie left because he wanted to leave. Exactly what others have said. Id be pissed about him leaving due Rolf's comment if I felt like we were about to get some awesome new info from him. But we all know we weren't. It APPEARS as though Frankie's motivation for returning was simply to dangle a cookie infront of us only to snatch it back, saying "nope". That might not be his true intention, but thats how his past and current behaviour make ME feel. The fact that he ignored 10 quality posts and then locked in on the singular shitpost simply reinforces my beliefs. If he truly wanted to be here he would have ignored the negative comment. Its TOTALLY a slap in the face to everyone who is civil to say "screw you all I'm leaving" even though all but one of us did NOTHING wrong. Its so rude of him. Seriously. Don't let your thirst for info cloud that fact. If Frankie's threshold for leaving is one bad comment, then there is NO hope of him ever staying here to talk. If 99.9% of people are nice to him, and .01% aren't, he will still leave. Next time, if its not Rolf, it'll be his inbred brother Dolf. There will always be one shit molecule that gets through the water shit filter (Lahey, 2006) Moderation will not provide the 100% purity Frankie apparently requires for survival outside of Neogaf.
  11. I feel like Halo CE/2/3 art style, game design philosophy, and overall "feeling" vs. Halo 4/5 are like comparing the Original Star Wars (4,5,6) to the Prequels (1,2,3). Just changing the entire essence of a loved franchise, for no reason. People who are invested in a franchise want new experiences, but removing all the nostalgia and replacing it with (unoriginal) elements just pisses off fans and ruins loyalty. I wish 343 would realize that people loved Halo because of how everything looked, sounded, felt, played, etc. Star Wars has now gone back to its former self, with Tie-Fighters, X-Wings, Death Star things, Good vs Evil, likeable characters, practical effects, good story, lots of action with little prepositional/dialogue only scenes, and so on. And guess what? 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, universal hype and love for the movie, and a massive re-popularization (and profitability for those who are profit driven) of the franchise. News flash 343 - people want Halo, not your unoriginal, uninspired reconstruction of its identity.
  12. Anyone who honestly prefers Reach's story over Halo CE/2/3's is nothing more than a hipster trying to root for some obscure opinion. ODST was actually good, but I still assign a partial hipster label to them. I know I know, unpopular opinion. Negs inc.
  13. Yeah having Cortana as the villain actually makes me care about the story again. Was getting really bored of the whole Forerunner thing. Theres just no backstory to them in previous Halos (to the Prometheans specifically) so I didn't really givea shit when H4 and H5 used them as the protagonist. Everyone I talked to was either: 1. Who are these orange robot guys and why am I fighting them? 2. Oh they're Forerunners? These don't look like forerunners. Mini rant: I hated how Forerunners went from this mysterious, ancient, colossal technology/legend to cheesy anime style robots with human flaming skulls as faces. Their tech went from ancient looking (almost some sort of mysterious ruins that were almost magical in their functions) to all this shiny, edgy blade looking (Asian looking) tech. Like seriously, that made me question 343 before any of the following events after H4 launched. Anyways, point is that Cortana has some emotional investment and I think she will be a much better/interesting protagonist.
  14. Add my gamertag (Jawshe) and send me a message when you need a playtester. I'd be happy to help you get this thing balanced. Looks incredible so far. I would help with 1v1s, 2v2s, 4v4, or FFA testing. Anything really. Hit me up.
  15. Please go work at 343 and show them how you can make a map that ISN'T a human "facility" of some sort. Seriously. Their new map (due this month) is yet another human-themed thing. I can't take it anymore. Halo has so many cool art styles that they refuse to utilize. Give us something like Truth, Regret or Coliseum. Forerunner maps: - Coliseum Covenant maps: - Truth - Regret (Which is just the same assets as Truth) Human Maps: - Fathom - The Rig - Plaza - Overgrowth - Eden - Empire - Unannounced January map Not only are all of these human style, but the actual style itself is the same from map to map. Materials and details etc. are all the same in each map. Its actually starting to mess with my head.
  16. Random, but does anyone else feel like Breakout is is somewhat random? It honestly feels like I'm flipping a coin each round. Some rounds I go absolutely off with an extinction, then the next I get insta-killed by a grenade. Shot registration honestly feels whack with the health settings. I can never tell how many shots its going to take to kill someone. I'm trying my hardest to like it. I want to like it. Its just hard to take it super seriously in tournament play. It really seems like it should just be like SWAT or Snipers - different pace, but not ultra serious.
  17. GT: Jawshe On at any time/day. I play a lot. Ottawa, Canada (EST Timezone) Add for anything (customs, MM, doesn't matter) I also have a to3 and we are frantically looking for a quality 4th for the approaching tourneys/qualifications. If you live reasonably close (doesn't have to be the same city, just Northeastern US or Canada etc.) then message me ASAP so we can try you out. We have a lot of potential and are extremely dedicated to the events this year, so obviously only the most serious players will be considered. Either way, if you re just looking to find locals in the Ottawa area, feel free to message me. Just make sure to say in your message that you saw this, so I know who you are! Thanks guys
  18. Just popping in to say that I am looking for one more team mate for the qualifications ASAP. We are Canadian locals, in Ottawa. Weare extremely dedicated to this year's tourney schedule and have ton of potential - so we are obviously only accepting viably skilled players. Also, feel free to add me (gamertag is Jawshe) even if you already have a team or aren't thinking of competing/trying out etc. Its always nice to have local Canadians on my list regardless if we are teaming or not. Thanks in advance!
  19. Were a To3 looking for one more local near Ottawa (or anywhere in Ontario alternatively). Message Jawshe (my GT) for details/tryouts etc. Even if you aren't looking for a team, message me anyways and just say you saw this post, etc. I'm always looking for fellow Canadians to play some Halo with.
  20. Then I'll take your word on it. My past experiences with Halo PC were tons of bugs, bad detection, and not being able to find quality servers (mostly because there were less than 100 people on at any time, half of which were foreign people). For the record I did try many different mods/tweaks but none really fixed my main issues with the PC port the way I wanted. But if these mods are as good as you say, and there are 1000s of people really playing now, then I'll give it a go. Thanks for the info.
  21. I wasn't directly referring to her. So sorry for that :P. And I wasn't trying to say that we shouldn't complain. I was saying that nobody should expect the game to be perfect, and that complaining too much over little things does more harm to yourself than good.
  22. This is probably going to be my most unoriginal post, but I feel I just have to make it. I am really enjoying Halo 5. Its extremely fun and playing with my set team of 4, learning together and improving, going over strats, grinding MM/GB together, etc. is seriously just as fun for me as back in the good ol' days. However, my team and I keep coming back to the same topics regarding changes that we feel should be made. We enjoy most of what Halo 5 has to offer, but feel these changes would take an "A" game and make it "A+". Again, most of the following points aren't meant to be new or unique. These changes are the most basic, realistic, and positive ones we all agree on. Also, these changes don't have to (or should be expected to) apply to more casual playlists such as Slayer, etc. These are for "Team Arena" only. Basic, realistic changes: 1. Motion Tracker off 2. Remove AR secondary (Add 1-2 max on each map as pickups, so that the weapon is still usable) OR slightly nerf AR (Either kill time or autoaim) 3. Reduce amount of automatics on maps, and treating them more like power weapons. 4. Slightly reduce aim assist for all rifles (Battle Rifle, DMR, Light Rifle and Sniper). ...and that's it. Again, I believe these 4 simple changes are both realistic and a fair compromise. Sure, we could sit here (and we do) list tons of other small, more debatable changes that could happen. However these will have the greatest impact, are simple to implement, and won't harm the casual community in any noticeable way. Reasons for each change: 1. Nothing new here. Motion Tracker prevents interesting gameplay (impossible to "juke" or confuse enemy in encounters), eliminates most "sneaky" gameplay styles, etc. It punishes those making aggressive pushes and punishes mobility (Something that ironically contradicts 343's main focus of Halo 5). Finally, Motion Tracker reduces the need for communication and awareness (Again, something that competitive Halo has always stood for). Simply put - Motion Tracker is frustrating for competitive players. The Motion Tracker is less detrimental in H5 because of its reduced range and how Halo 5 flows, the maps, etc. However, the prominence of automatics in the meta synergizes with motion tracker and creates a detrimental effect on gameplay. This effect would not occur if these two elements were mutually exclusive. Removing either Motion Tracker OR reducing automatics availability (through pickups or starting weapons) would have a seriously positive effect for everyone (except those who overly abuse this synergy). Having both in their current implementation hurts competitive gameplay all too much. 2. This change is an easy fix, but does admittedly hurt casual players the most out of the 4 changes mentioned. However, keeping the AR in its current implementation arguably inflicts more harm on all players, regardless of skill level. The "AR argument" used to be that the "casual's" weapon needs to compete with the "hardcore" guns. This is no longer the "AR argument" because skilled players (pros, who are at the very top tier) are even being forced to use the weapon because it is simply dominant over the pistol in most encounters. Skilled players are actually now abusing the AR against lesser skilled players. None of this would be a problem if the AR took any measure of skill to use. There simply cannot be a valid argument made against this simple fact: The AR's "efficiency to difficulty ratio" does not balance with the rest of the sandbox. Certainly not as a starting weapon. A reminder - historically, the only weapons that were both easy to use and extremely efficient were considered power weapons. By definition, Halo 5 starts players with a power weapon secondary. The simple and immediate effect the AR has on gameplayis that it reduces the pistols viability and creates a flawed ultimatum in encounters: "Do I use Weapon A, which is difficult to use, or Weapon B, which is much more forgiving yet kills just as fast, if not faster?" This is essentially the thought process that runs through any players mind in Halo 5. The choice is obvious. So now, the dominant trend in Halo 5 is to simply switch to the AR which gives you a massive advantage over people who stick with the pistol. In the past you could argue that the pistol has greater accuracy/range, but the difference in Halo 5 doesn't matter in most encounters in this game. The end effect is that everyone is now forced to use an "easy" weapon in a game that is supposed to be about skill. Nobody at a high level of play wants this. People want intense, skillful pistol Vs. pistol fights in medium range encounters. This isn't my opinion; its a well known fact among almost all competitive players. 3. Most of that last point applies to this one as well. The Storm Rifle and SMG are SO vastly superior to both the pistol and the AR that holding one instantly gives you an all around advantage over any player spawning. The spawning player literally has no choice when faced with an opponent using a SR/SMG. You can't use the pistol because it has a much slower kill time, even if you manage to have perfect aim. You can't even use an AR and expect to win because the kill time for the SR/SMG are so vastly superior. There is no disadvantage to these weapons. In the entire history of Halo there has never ever been a direct upgrade from one weapon to the other. There has always been some sort of trade-off, because that is what is fair, works, and balanced. The weapon variety in Halo 5 is amazing, so simply removing autos altogether is not the solution. If the SR/SMG are to remain as powerful AND easy to use as they are currently, then they need to be treated like power weapons. You simply cannot place tons of power weapons all over the map in a game that is supposed to be about balance and skill. There is no way for teams to predict and therefore strategize around the enemy holding a SR/SMG. The SR/SMG are both abundant and placed in "easy to get" situations which makes both acquiring them far too easy and preventing their acquisition impossible for the opposing team. The result is simply chaos. The SR/SMG are, by definition, power weapons that are just as effective (if not more) than the Shotgun, Scattershot, Hydra, etc. Their placement/abundance/ammo characteristics should reflect that. 4. Each of the Rifles are also a direct upgrade over the pistol, with absolutely zero drawbacks or compromises. The Rifles are each far easier to use and have much more range, no "ifs", "and's" or "buts". Again, there is no skill in obtaining these, and inversely no ways to prevent the enemy from getting one. They are power weapons that require no risk to get. Keep the range benefits sure, just slightly reduce their auto-aim so that they match the pistol. The Sniper is too dominant outright, and its ease of use is not fun for competitive players. The magnetism feels artificial and "fake", which sort of defeats the whole fun of sniping. This is true for every skill level, but especially for competitive players. I know its a long read, but if it was shorter and incomplete, it wouldn't be a post by Jawshe. I rant. Bite me.
  23. Have fun complaining for the rest of your life then. Halo 5 is Halo 5. Some changes will come, but there will always be something you can complain about with a gme you are passionate about. Sometimes its more fun to accept certain parts of the game and just have fun with it. Halo 5 deviates a ton from the formula we all know nd love, but some of those changes turn out to be just as good or even better than before. I for one would rather waste 5 hours of my day enjoying something that isn't perfect over complaining and criticizing the game for 5 hours. Thats just me though.
  24. No offence but, why would anyone want to go through all this trouble when theres the MCC version? Your post is super informative and you obviously put in a lot of time for this post, so I hope my post doesn't come off as rude or anything. I'm not trying to be a dick here lol. BEFORE YOU FLAME ME - MCC version is not anywhere near as good as OG Xbox, but all this work for a PC port anyways? Maybe there's a big piece of info I'm missing, but from what I've experienced over the years, installing all these mods for PC still doesn't make it even as good/reliable as MCC, as hard a that is to admit. Not to mention getting everything to work properly takes hours and hours. Tons of compatibility issues (esp with Win8/10), patches for these mods take months or even years if they break something, etc. Besides being able to use M/KB, what is the point in all this? What advantage does playing on PC give over MCC? The biggest issue left with MCC is the iffy registrtion when its a bad connection. However, its still WAY better than the PC version, no lead mod or not. Im sure I'll get negged by nostalgia lords who hate MCC blindly. I'm not trying to sound ignorant - I'm just genuinely confused/curious.
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