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  1. Yeah I remember he was the only consistent streamer for a while. But now he NEVER streams. I get he's busy, but so is every other pro and they still stream.
  2. Faves are Walshy - great storyline, legacy, personality, still doing lots for the community, and he pioneered competitive Halo and defined all three OG games. Halo CE: Defined the game. Period. Walshy IS Halo CE. He dominated in H2 and was the mastermind behind the greatest Halo team of all time. In H3, he held the greatest comeback story in the scene. Now hes an awesome caster/streamer and so much more. What the fuck else do I need to say.The list goes on and on. Runner up, Snip3down - Great personality/sportsmanship, consistent, has a hugely positive effect on the game, seems to genuinely love competition and playing over just fame/money etc. Not to mention hes decent My opinions are fanboy yeah, but you can't deny their greatness for Halo as a whole.
  3. Agreed on that point Moa. Never meant to imply that he wasn't good, just not consistent. As far as personality I've seen a lot of negatives from his personality like a lack of sportsmanship (especially during recent online tournies) and severe anger/outbursts (Chair)
  4. I've never understood the naded love to be honest. I'm not saying that to cause arguments or to trash opinions - I'm just genuinely curious. He's the only pro to me that is so consistently inconsistent - sometimes he has really good plays but I see SO many games/stats where hes goosed, dropped neg bombs, etc. I've been watching pro gameplay since 05/06 and noticed this even when I was young. At X-games he dropped a few neg bombs even when his team were all highly positive. He's done similar things in past events and online. I'm NOT the only person to notice this because we see pro's joking about his consistent choking/not "showing" for tourneys, thorwing chairs, yata yata. Ratio doesn't mean much but getting ~5 kills in a game in multiple tourney matches is an obvious red flag. The last thing that makes me question his following is - and I hate to say it - hes never won an event in over ten years of playing at such a high level. Yes, there are other factos, getting screwed team-wise, or just not having the stars aligned when needed, etc. but come on. Ten years. I seriously hope I don't get negged because I'm NOT saying he is BAD player at all, just seriously wanting people to explain to me exactly what makes him a fan favourite. I promise I'm not being shit.
  5. 343 free "content" - A map - Custom Emblems (catchup) - Orange, brown and purple colours, somehow left out of launch. Guess we have them now? - a gravity hammer Yay. 343 truly leading the industry with this one. All my friends are sure to pick up H5 now with this news.
  6. Once again I'm not saying there won't be Champs going into Social and eradicating noobs left and right and going 55+KDA in a lobby here or there. The whole reason good players want the playlist is NOT to try and do that every game. Personally, I just want to go in and chill. I'm not saying I'm going to let noobs kill me, I'm saying I'm not going to be going full-sweat on them every game for hours on end. I'd say most good players want the same thing. A place to run around mindlessly and try to groundpound, or ninja, or try new weapons, or go for commendations/REQ points, whatever. Frankly I would love a playlist I could go into after a night of drinking/blazing and just chill out without worrying about my rank, stats, or getting shit on.
  7. So you think that Champions (Literally the top 200 people in the World) should include people outside of Pros, "known" players, AMs, etc.? Thats like saying they should let Junior hockey take spots in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Onyx exists for competitive, skilled players. I think most people would agree that Champion, by definition, should be reserved for only the very peak of competition. I don't get this whole "everyone should be able to get to Champion" mentality. As for rank distributions, Bronze, silver, gold and plat are by far the majority of players. Theres a graph floating around here showing Onyx-Champ is like 10% of people, if that. Lastly - Champion in Slayer is literally a joke. It may be 'the second hardest Champion to get", but I can seriously hop into it and play 3-4 games every couple of days and get champ. I can avoid the playlist for days or even weeks before I'm knocked out of the top 200. Just look at the CSR threshold for Slayer (Usually 2000) compared to Team Arena's (~2400) VERY few of the top people in the game even touch Slayer (they either play scrims or Arena), unless they are searching alone. Then there are those "Slayer only" try-hards who can only get champ in Slayer, and get shut-out in Arena when faced with the real competition. My point is If we have to choose between a Ranked Slayer and a Social Slayer, I think it would be most beneficial overall to go with Social. That small group of "Slayer" kids are the biggest group of people that will get butthurt over this.
  8. I don't think anyone against MMR in social is arguing that pub stomping won't happen. There will definitely be lobbies where douchebags are tearing up noobs. But in the grand majority of matches you might have one or two "good" players mixed with a bunch of "bad" players only once in a while. Anyone that is truly good enough to have a massive impact on the game (esp. 5v5), to the point of noobs noticing (and then actually caring), will not be staying in the Social playlist for long. You think there enough exceptional players in this game (maybe 1% compared to ALL those Bronze-plat people) to have a meaningful impact on noobs' experience of the playlist? There will be lopsided games, but the point is that nobody cares. If there's no ranks, stat tracking, etc. there's practically no reason to care. You have to weigh all the benefits of removing MMR (Instant games, better connections, can play with friends of all skill levels, not have to sweat every game, etc etc.) to the occasional lobby that will have a guy going balls to the wall, and noobs actually caring about it. I have to say it again - the players who are skilled enough to actually ruin games for noobs don't play social very often. People who are that good get bored after one or two games. I can think of one person who is decent at this game and likes to stomp noobs all day - Lt. Wasp. - a rare occurring breed of douchebaggery. If you think there are enough Lt Wasps out there to ruin the most populated playlist (tens of thousands of players still), then God help us.
  9. You mean these? - Social has always been more popular than Ranked. - Team Arena is more competitive because most top players play it over Slayer. - Team Arena should remain ranked because a. Its the "HCS" playlist, and b. Most competitive players prefer Team Arena. - Most of the Slayer playlist is populated by casuals (Bronze, Silver, Gold etc.), most of which do not care if the playlist is ranked or social. - Limiting the use of too many playlists is beneficial to MM, considering connection, skill and search times. - We need a Social playlist, preferably Slayer only. Exactly which of these assumptions would you care to refute? Most can be backed by literal evidence/stats, and the rest are just basic logic. If you really want to get picky, I'd say even if you could prove one of those assumptions wrong, you cannot say any of them are baseless. Baseless would imply I have absolutely no reason to make said assumptions. I don't think you'd have a fun time trying to convince the people here otherwise. Anyways, what would you suggest then?
  10. Dude - you're starting to piss me off with your ignorance. Listen up. My argument was to convert Ranked Slayer to Social Slayer in H5. Social Slayer has always been much more populated than Ranked Slayer, since the beginning of Halo 2. I think having both Social and Ranked slayer is redundant in H5, something that can't happen because we need to condense playlists as much as possible. Thats why converting Ranked to Social is the best option. The two biggest niches that need to be filled are 1) Competitive players and 2) Casual players. Competitive players want ranked Team Arena (with OBJ/slayer mix) while casuals want unranked Social Slayer. Ranked Slayer is the odd one out because it is redundant. Team Slayer was popular in past games because they offered default settings (radar, etc.) and slayer only. The competitive playlist in H5 has the same settings as default so it makes the playlist even more redundant. Slayer is the most popular playlist right now, you're right. But thats because its the "casual" playlist compared to Team Arena. 80% of people in the Slayer playlist right now don't care about ranks. So making the playlist social will still give people who only want to play slayer that option, but will also provide a much needed social playlist to the game. The only people that will be annoyed by my suggested change are those competitive "Slayer kids" who are too egotistical to compete in the Team Arena playlist, yet still want to achieve a high rank. Besides that small group of players, nobody cares what rank you are in Slayer because its known to be far less competitive than Team Arena.
  11. Actually, Social Slayer and/or Social BTB has been the most popular playlist in every single Halo since Halo 2. By far.
  12. I didn't mean remove the playlist completely, I said replace it with a social version of Slayer. Its been aid a thousand times but you can't have the same number of playlists in H5 as we did in H3. We don't have the population to support it, unfortunately.
  13. Just because something is changed to align with the other, prominent (or better) solutions doesn't automatically make it bad. It just has to compliment the game thats doing the borrowing. Your Halo 4 argument doesn't make any sense because that game took ideas from other games and didn't implement them properly to suit Halo. I thought this was established a long time ago? In 2016, most people play more than just Halo. Having the reticle match other games helps when switching between games and is helpful for new players. If something makes the transition to Halo easier and doesn't hurt the game, then whats the problem? The reticle change is good for everyone. Same reason the new default controls are more in line with other shooters. It makes more sense from an industry standard, and doesn't hurt the game in the slightest because you can change the controls if you want the old style. Either way, the centered reticle is better from a gameplay perspective. So whether it was borrowed from another game doesn't matter anyways. Oh, and CE used the centered reticle before CoD, BF, etc.
  14. I think you quoted the wrong post lol. But thanks for agreeing. Its hard to explain but theres definitely a positive effect to it that most people don't outright notice.
  15. 343 chose the centered reticle because: 1. Its what literally every other shooter uses. It makes it easier for players to jump between games without being thrown off. 2. It allows players to see more of the ground in front of them while holding the reticle at "head level". Being able to see more of the ground in front of you has a positive psychological effect on peoples (esp. new players) perspective/bearings/orientation etc. Thats why 99% of new players held their reticle slightly down in past Halos and looked more towards the ground. On another note, Halo 5 would really benefit from a slightly wider FOV than current. A wider FOV makes it easier to orient yourself, especially in a fast-paced and highly mobile game like H5. Close-range battles are sometimes downright annoying because of the current FOV. Plus, a wider FOV gives the illusion of speed, which makes the game feel more fast and exciting.
  16. Lets step bck from this whole "social" discussion for one second and rethink: Back in Halo 3, with its thriving population, the most populated playlist by far was social slayer. Social Slayer in Halo 3: - ZERO skill/MMR matching = Fast search times, relaxed atmosphere. - No skill-based rank, but still gave EXP. - Attempted to match similar-sized parties, but would loosen this parameter the longer you searched. - Separate "Social" stats from Ranked. This deincentivized pub-stomping/padding stats/KD. - Halo 3 also did not display K/D anywhere in game (Ranked or Social). You could only check it via Bungie.net, which let people relax in social. - Reach and even Halo 4 had non-MMR playlists that ended up being the most populated playlists by FAR. I honestly think they should remove the Team Slayer playlist from H5 and convert it to a permanent Social Slayer playlist that uses the same methodology as Halo 3's rendition. Lets be honest - the current Slayer playlist only appeals to those "try-hard" people who refrain from Team Arena to avoid competition, yet still want to feel like a Champion. Remove stat-tracking, ranks, and MMR from it and it will be a perfect place for players seeking that "social" vibe.
  17. When I play the social playlist I still feel like I need to try my absolute hardest or I will get stomped by players who are champions in other playlists. Its as simple as that. I don't think skilled players want a place to pub stomp. Yeah, some matches will end up like that, but most skilled people just want a place where they can mess around, try new playstyles/weapons, etc. out. Just not have to go balls to the wall every game. Somewhere you can take a few close friends who maybe suck, and it be a game that can be fun for them too. Somewhere where you don't have to worry about your KDA (which is needlessly plastered all over your service record). A social playlist should have the same feeling as Warzone - there's huge imbalances, yes, but nobody cares because 95% of people are just playing it to chill out. There will be the 5% who have to pub stomp to stroke their egos, but I think omitting stats (like Warzone does for KDA) would stop most of that. In CoD, every single pub lobby has that one kid going 50-2. That game also lets those players constantly call in Killstreaks to rain shit upon noobs. Noobs still love the game.
  18. I seriously hate the sandbox people at 343. That completely ruins the weapon for me. Now every time I pick it up I'm going to feel guilty. So annoying. Give us a fucking break on the magnetism.
  19. Has it actually been confirmed that the H2 BR (the new H2 BR in H5) has more magnetism/autoaim than the H5 BR? I find the new H2 BR to be slightly more difficult because you actually have to move the reticle in a way that lets all 3 bullets hit due to the slower burst. The H5 BR rewards twitching aim adjusting but the H2 one rewards smooth and steady target tracking. Anyone?
  20. I seriously dont understand their reasoning for trying to combine all of the "holding a ball" into one gametype, and making each gametype into just a "sub-gametype" of the "Ball" gametype. What is the benefit to 343 for doing this? What is the benefit for us? Is it really that difficult to keep each mode as a distinct gametype, with its own categorical name, symbol, etc.? Benefits of compacting 4-5 modes into one: -SLIGHTLY less work for 343 for minor UI stuff. It cant be saving much "coding time" since they are programming the settings to allow all the modes anyway. - I literally can't think of a #2... Now think of all the negatives that come with their decision.. - Confusing for players, especially new players. The gametype distinction will be hard to make when the ball looks the same no matter which mode its in for new or casual people. "I thought the goal of Ball was to plant it so it blows up the enemy base. Now its telling me I have to hold it to get points?" Its ironic that this seems to be an oversight by a company that felt the need to remind players to "control power weapons to eliminate the enemy team" everytime they play a game mode literally named "Slayer". Weird. Anyways.. - The "ball" won't have a unique model for each mode (logical assumption), so instead of having a cool-looking skull, a bomb, etc. We seem to only have a generic "ball". - The sub-gametypes will be a mess like others have said. The settings will be different depending on the creator. We shouldn't have to "jerry-rig" staple gametypes. We want them to feel like official modes that are distinguishable. Its like comparing the forged BTB maps they gave us to official on-disc dev maps. - The resulting lack of continuity and distinction just means were going to have to wait until the "best" combinations of settings is adopted and then chosen to actually be put in MM. Knowing 343 this may take months upon months to actually happen. I want to be playing assault, oddball etc., in the playlist, the day the update is released. Not 6 months from now when 343 decides to adopt some dudes oddball settings (if ever). - There are so many conflictions that will come from trying to cram all these modes into one. One major example is for objective placement. If someone is forging a map (new or existing) how is there going to be different ball spawn point(s) dependant on the specific sub-gametype? If its oddball I want to place one ball spawn in the middle, but then if its multibomb I have to place a "ball" spawn point at each base. In that case, how do I modify a map to support both oddball and multibomb etc. if they are both considered by the game as the same gametype that share objective placements and player spawning? There are tons of other huge compatibility issues like this that come to mind. Lastly, how do we know if all the necessary options will be available to recreate (or create new versions) the classic settings? I just don't understand why we are once again getting compromised, "ripoff" substitutes of what we've had in past games. Things like theater, file browser, spartan AND emblem customization, BTB maps, remixes, and MANY other "downgrades" seem to all stem from 343's desire to cut corners. Im tired of getting bargain bin, mickey mouse interpretations of things that were once high quality. I want a fucking "Bomb" mode with a nice little bomb emblem in the UI in the game and menus, and the bomb to be a cool looking bomb that makes an epic explosion, and specific announcer things like "BOMB armed, BOMB planted", BOOM. I want specific medals and waypoints that are unique to bomb modes. I want to be able to make neutral and multibomb modes. I want to have a seperate, specified "Oddball" mode with its own unique elements. Including, you know, an actual skull and not the same generic ball model shared with bomb etc. This isn't asking for much 343 - we got this 15 years ago from premature Bungie. Nevermind what we've got in the past, what about giving us some new additions? Why not create an "official" Grifball mode like Bungie did for Infection (Ironically missing from H5 as well) back in Halo 3? Have the announcer say "Grifball" at the start, give us Grifball medals and UI, make something funny like a grunt's head as the Grifball itself. Fuck. Use your heads (no pun intended). Try and impress us by delivering pleasant surprises rather than expected corner cuts. I literally see no benefit to condensing all the gametypes into one "Ball" mode, besides letting 343 do less work with assets (announcer, UI, etc). It comes off as lazy and yet I'm sure they'll spin it to sound like they are "giving us the tools to create our own gametypes". As for PR, wouldn't you rather do a TINY more work so you can advertise "FIVE new modes!" rather than one? Maybe I'm way off here but damn I'm sick of being dissapointed by 343s unfathomable decision making. Lets hope Ball is everything we expect AND, God forbid, more.
  21. Tour de Walsh playlist = 40% increase in 343's revenue.
  22. Except 1v1s will never work in this game because of the footsteps. Soundwhoring happens in 4v4s too, its just more difficult to do because of the chaos. Removing radar makes things better but the footsteps will just substitute for a lot of the BS radar caused anyways. You can still easily camp in a corner with a storm rifle, even in 4v4s, and just listen for footsteps instead of watching a radar.
  23. Why are the servers so bad? I don't get it. I literally have the fastest possible internet money can buy and every 3 games people are teleporting or eating shots. This all started a few weeks ago. I'm hearing the same things from my friends so its not just me.
  24. How can you call it content? Its stuff that was shockingly absent at launch that was expected to be there. The REQs are to encourage people to buy more REQ packs with money, because a casual, no, most people, will take months to unlock it by playing. If this is what "free content" looks like, I'd gladly pay a couple bucks every 3 months for original and interesting content.
  25. I'd rather pay 2 dollars for a hotdog than eat a free slice of shit.
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