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  1. Do you have amnesia or denial? Has to be one or the to say this when we are talking about 343. Always remain sceptical and never assume that the most logical choice will be made. That said Ive heard a few people confirm it will be.
  2. Thats unbelievable. So much cooler stuff to show too...
  3. Seeing Moa scream like this gives me the same feeling as when my grandpa yells at something. Its like it shouldnt be happening. What are you referring to Moa?
  4. You cant search alone in Social CTF because you'll often get put into a game thats 2-0, and youre obviously on the losing end, getting farmed by teams trying to inflate their KDA. And yes, the playlist does count your KDA, games/win/loss into your overall record. If you search with friends your high MMRs will almost ensure you face other tryhards. We had to call out and try our asses off when me and a buddy were searching last night. Had to call out. Social. Right.
  5. You can do all the jumps without auto stabalize.. you just need to practice using the button to do it. Or assign it to a paddle on the elite/scuf like I do. Then you have the option to stabilize or not.
  6. This is starting to piss me off. First off, Huke has been playing Halo for WAY longer than 2 months. Hes always played, I would match him way back in Reach in Onyx Arena. He played through a lot of H4, and played at high level MM in MCC, and even played H3 over the summer before MCC released. Hes only been on a top team for 2 months, and he got noticed because of his name/connectioms from COD. He was able to land the spot in high level scrims and has been playing at the highest level for all of these two months. Most people would be at least decent if given the same opportunity. Not trying to say the kid isnt a natural. His entire performance was really good all tourney long. But people gotta stop saying the guy "just started playing 2 months ago".
  7. Holy blindside batman! Might not have to ACTUALLY kill myself, seems like you'll slit my throat before I cant get to it. Its called a joke, get a grip.
  8. Its all good homie, bunch of Garrets in here trying to smash more teeth Probably salty from you being champ and half the guys on here can't get past diamond lmao
  9. Why does every hate Cratos? Ive barely watched him on stream or anything. What is it that makes everyone hate him (besides his asshole face with douchebag goatie)
  10. For the love of God, just as long as it isn't more UNSC. I really don't even care what they choose at this point. Make it take place on Isaac Newton's right earlobe, or in a grunt's pile of shit. Anything.
  11. I relly wish they would nerf the rifles, but I find it really hard to see happening. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  12. Im actually going to off myself if the next map is also more UNSC bullshit. YOU HAVE LIKE 40 DIFFERENT AESTHETICS THAT MAKE UP HALO MAPS. Normally I do NOT give a shit about stuff like this. I just want the maps to play well. But after Riptide and Overgrowth - I honestly can't remain sane playing on the same aesthetic every single map. Its driving me insane. This company, man.
  13. Holy shit why all the hate? If any of you actually watched his stream you'd see the whole fuckboi shit he puts on is mostly an act... hes actually a nice guy, not to mention champ 2 in Team arena. Plebs.
  14. dude fable 1 is in my top 3 all time fav games. The feels that game gives is unreal. The story was SO good, combat, spells, abilities, leveling system, hidden shit, extra shit to do... the list goes on. Only wish you could go back to the arena once in a while or something. Too bad fable 2 and 3 sucked and didn't have the same "feel" that the OG captured. Something about fable 1's atmosphere/mood makes me feel really warm and nostalgic. Fuck now I need to go beat it again (probably my 20th time). #nerd
  15. Anyone have an idea how long it will take us to get the rest of the Achilles Commendations done at the rate we're going? Also regarding inactives - boot their asses and get the good guys in here :P Still grindin away.
  16. From Brav in the latest update: "The Hammer Storm update has way more inside, too. Not just new game types, content, weapons, and more, but also sandbox updates, new Forge goodness, UI improvements, and more tweaks." Sandbox updates? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Could this actually mean weapon tweaks? I'm way too giddy over something that is probably just some REQ weapon tweaks.
  17. Thanks for the reply. I want an IPS but have compared my monitor to IPS before and many time mine is still nicer, with a higher brightness/color saturation. The only monitor that has had a better picture was my buddy's $450 IPS (with a whopping 15 ms input lag) that was made for professional photo editing. I don't think a $100-150 monitor will be able to touch mine to be honest. I know there are some IPS that have the ultra-low input lag, but they usually cost over $300-400. Those that are less don't even look good even tough they are IPS. Either way, I don't care that much about the picture. My main focus is input lag. Not sure about the "if it works, it works" ideology. Before the PX2370 I played on a 5ms LCD TV (that probably had over 30ms input lag) and noticed a HUGE improvement in my aim as soon as I got the Samsung. So I know "it works" isn't necessarily enough. Especially at the level tht I play at, where even a 5% advantage is huge.
  18. Back in 2010 I bought a brand new Samsung SyncMaster PX2370. http://www.samsung.com/ca/consumer/it/monitor/led-monitor/LS23WHUKFK/ZA Its still beautiful and doesn't look dated in the slightest, even at 6 years old. The color is unbelievable and almost looks like an IPS. However... It has 2ms response time (TN panel), but I have no idea what the "input lag" statistic is. For those that don't know, response time and input lag are two different measures. 1-2ms is pretty much standard now in 2016 for TN panels, so I'm more concerned about the input lag stat. You can look up any monitor from around 2012 up to 2016 at Display Lag's website. You can see that even today, some monitors are only 5ms input lag, and some are still 15-20ms input lag, even if most are 2ms response time. So even though my monitor is 2ms response time, the input lag could be 20 or 30 ms (this is possible even with current monitors, so I'm worried mine from 2010 would likely have this problem). I wish I could test a monitor that was proven to have 1-2ms response and only 5ms input lag, then compare it to mine. I don't have any IRL friends with a low input lag monitor.Does anyone know how I can find the input lag measure for my monitor? The monitor was literally top of the line back in 2010 which is why it has lasted so long. If I can determine it still has a super low input lag then I can keep using it. I spent almost $400 (and that was a GREAT deal for the time) on it so I guess that proves you get what you pay for! Hopefully I can keep using it.
  19. nice. Jelly. mine is from 2010, and even though its 2ms im sure there are much better ones now (6 years of tech)
  20. A gaming monitor is by far the most important/instant change you can make. Like the others have said, it will instantly improve you shot noticeably. Thinking about playing shooters seriously on a big screen makes me shudder. Make sure its a 2ms response time, check the overall input lag on google (theres a "response time" statistic and a separate "input lag" measurement - both should be low) As for headphones, if you can't afford or are unwilling to buy an actual gaming headset, plugging in some earbuds into your controller is way better than using speakers.
  21. Read the other posts and so far everyone is spot on. Here's my take, especially in regard to finding good players: 1. Invite any friends who are skilled, good teammates, and are also good/positive people. 2. Search with them (or by yourself if you literally have nobody to play with). Don't wait around for an hour trying to form a perfect team, spend 10 mins when you first get on but try not to waste any more than that. 3. Play tons Team Arena, and after each game, determine the "good" players in each lobby (take note of performance in game, post games stats, obj points, etc.) Don't base you opinion soley on stats/KDA though - if you seem to be winning with someone, regardless of their stats, its because they are a team player and value the win. Stats are just a general idea of their performance. 4. Message them, saying "GG, added", or something like that. Add them, and invite them, or message them asking if they want to play, etc. The point is to network with people. 5. Play with your newly found friends, and be the best player you can, calling out, being nice, NOT raging, and trying to perform well. The important thing is to be a fun player to play with. This will make people remember you in a positive way and they will most likely keep inviting you. Raging, statting, and being negative will do the opposite. You have to give people a good first impression or they will simply never bother reconnecting with you. At the same time, don't psych yourself out trying to be the best in the lobby or sucking up to everybody. Just be confident in your gameplay and be polite. 6. After you've played a bunch of Arena with new people, take note of people you most liked playing with. Do the same for the people you tended to lose with or people that were simply not fun or skilled, etc. Trim the fat, and remove them. Its harsh but it'll help you fill your friends list with the people you want to play with. Its hard to keep track of all the new gamertags coming and leaving your list, so do what you need to to keep track of everything. Write names down, whatever. Don't worry about losing games or ruining your stats. I say this because its going to happen searching without a full team in this game. 343 have made it so you will match teams of 4 and you will get smashed. If your stats or ego are that important, just make a new account for free. You'll find as you get into high Onyx and Champ, you'll tend to have better luck meeting quality players. So you should therefore still play to win in order to increase your rank. Just remember that your primary reason for searching alone is to network, not to win every game without failure. Long story short - focus on networking, try your best to win, but don't expect to win every single game. If you keep doing this you will get better at the game from simply grinding the playlist, and will meet tons of friends. Each new person you message and invite is an opportunity to meet even more players through their friends. So its pretty much a giant snowball. Eventually your friends list will be chalk full of good people to search with and you won't have to wait around for hours trying to find people to search with. After a while you'll notice 3-4 players that you tend to gravitate towards the most. Try getting a team together with them or something. Boom. Another thing is to make sure you maintain relationships with the people you like to play with. Its easy to "forget" about people if you've been spending tons of time with other players. If you leave things too long people will eventually forget you too, and will then forget to invite you. This is all obvious advice but actually following it is something most people struggle with. Try to stick to Team Arena. Part of grinding is learning the gametypes/maps, and all the meta knowledge that comes with that. Knowing when to pull flags, keeping track of Obj's, learning spawns, power positions, weapon/powerup timing, and so on. If you play FFA, SWAT, etc. you're losing a lot of that. People claim you can "focus on your own skill" in FFA, or "Practice your shot" in SWAT, but you can do that all inTeam Arena anyways. The only time you should go into other playlists is when you simply need the occasional break. Just make sure to head back into Arena as soon as possible - again, not wasting time. Your shot is literally only a very small component to your overall skill (I'd say no more than 15-20% in H5) This mentality is probbly caused by H:CE and H3, where your shot mattered much more (because those games were hard as fuck to aim in). H5's shooting has a bit more skill required than recent Halo's, but most pros are at about the same level, with maybe 4-5 exceptions. Try not to worry about your aim too much because it will take your focus away from positioning, giving/hearing callouts, map awareness, and all the stuff that makes up the other 80% of your skill. I play 1-2 Octagons or 2v2 CTF warmups when I first log on to get warmed up. Just don't spend all day playing them because they are addicting lol. Good luck man!
  22. CE: 9.0 2: 8.5 3: 8.0 R Vanilla: 5.0 R ZBNS: 6.0 H4: 4.5 H2:A: 6.0 H5: 7.0
  23. I hate HF, but I noticed that the way he was speaking was much better than normal. In other videos his sentences and word choices are off and seem amateur (Like a 12 year old wrote his lines), then I noticed you wrote the script. lol. Wizard and BC shouldn't be on the list. Most high-level CE/2 players would say they were weak. Wizard wasn't even in the typical series rotation in customs, and BC was always last in rotation and often skipped. Flag wasn't used in BC either, with Slayer just being "okay" due to the huge advantage for red side.
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