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  1. Just the way you shut that other guy down by saying "yeah, you don't get it...good talk" to that guy made it sound like you were putting your fingers in your ears and saying "lalalalalala". Hehad some good points is all I'm saying. But for the CE part, really I didn't mean to target you specifically, it just seems to be the whole Beyond mentality - that a game that isn't CE is shit. Sorry for taking it out on you. Do you have a response to my post about thruster, etc.? We were having a good convo there for a second haha.
  2. I actually think this is the best answer you're gunna get OP. Well said Silo.
  3. There is no solid argument for sprint. Its in there to make it "feel" faster and to appeal to non-Halo fans. Same reason they put ADS in. It doesn't help the gameplay whatsoever.
  4. Obviously concerned. When you get to high-level play in the game I noticed the thrusting away to be a bit annoying in certain situations. However, I really do think people are blowing it way out of proportion and claiming thrusters make a bad play into a neutral play. I could argue that using thruster in fights helped me get kills that I wouldn't have normally gotten, because I used it in a skillful way (faked the guy out, used it to ninja, etc.). Just an example, I remember shooting across map at a guy and him thrusting away. I was pissed, but then I met up with the same guy later in the game and he began melting me with an AR. I had a BR, so I jumped, thrusted back, put some range between us which let me out BR his AR. That gave me a triple kill, and it felt sick. If thruster wasn't there, I would have just died and there was no way I could have outplayed him. I'm not saying thruster doesn't need some changes. I agree that when cross-mapping, its too easy for people to thrust away (I picture a guy popping out on P2 and thrusting back into P2). Although its annoying, sometimes I have to remind myself that he may have gotten away without thruster pack. Just because someone uses thruster and got away doesn't mean it was BECAUSE of thruster. I remember playing H3 and having guys just walk way from me because of how bad the BR was. In H5, we have superfast kill times, which really helps those types of situations. I'm not saying what happened in H3 was okay, I'm just bringing up my original point - people also got away in old Halo's sometimes. Do people get away more in H5? Probably, but its not as bad as people are making it out to be. I think thruster is too strong still, but they said they are tweaking it, so I'll have to reserve my final opinion on the mechanic until I see its updated implementation. Another thing is that now that sprint has been nerfed, you're going to see even less of people running away. If I shoot someone, and they thrust away, I'll just thrust towards them. (Assuming I'm already close to him) Then if they start sprinting, I can chase them with my increased base movement, while they are sprinting just a little faster than I can walk, while I regain my shields and he doesn't. He may still get away, but guess what? He's hiding somewhere, waiting for his shields, and not helping his team. He's still punished in some way. I guess I'm just trying to say that thruster/sprint need attention, but their inclusion doesn't necessarily correlate to a bad game. I think taking sprint out is a much easier way to fix all the problems with H5 rather than trying to balance it, but obviously that isn't happening unfortunately. As for thruster, I think it can be annoying, but it also adds a lot to the game. It still needs some changing though - Let us shoot while thrusting, and reduce its range and increase its cooldown. The "good" of thruster: (trying to link a video of mine) xboxdvr.com/Jawshe/5fce2ec2-bda7-4001-a182-e98385dbdea2 xboxdvr.com/Jawshe/a68b6b7e-fafc-4a7a-b5e6-48b8c99a0c40 Second clip even demonstrates a skillful use of ground pound + thruster. I had moments like these constantly and just didn't record them. For every time I got angry at a player using thruster to escape, there was a time where I used it in a skilled way to outplay a person.
  5. The fact that you find anything that's not "Make Halo CE:2" not worthy makes me cringe. Halo CE is sick. We know. But the franchise hasn't been anything near H:CE since 2003. If you're still hoping for 343 to say "Ah, screw it.", and make H5 into Halo CE:2, then you're wasting your time. The guy you quoted has legitimate points. Sprint is still there but as it stands now, its almost not even worth using at this point. The base movement increase and the Sprint speed decrease are huge changes that nobody is seeming to comprehend. Again - I hate sprint. No neg.
  6. I agree totally on what you are saying. Most of the stuff 343 changed (for no reason) is now being changed back. Either way, they are good changes that will improve H5 from the Beta to the final game. However, you're forgetting that H5 is actually doing a ton of things right - things that weren't in previous Halo's. - Aiming in Halo has always been way too easy. Too much aim assist, and finally were seeing less of it. Halo 3 took some skill, but the poor registration and terrible spread randomness killed a ton of the gun play. In H5, were finally seeing a gap, especially with the increased movement and strafing. H5 has amazing registration as well. - Strafing is being brought back. The only Halo with decent strafing was Halo CE and Halo 2, but again Halo 2 had way too much aim assist. - The new ranking system in H5 is MUCH better than the 1-50 systems (nostalgia aside, people), ie. No boosting, no modding, no derankers, etc. - Balanced, meaningful sandbox. Again, Halo 1 was the only Halo that had a somewhat balanced sandbox. Everything after was laughable. - Static spawns and weapon nading. Every other Halo, again, aside from H1, had BULLSHIT weapon spawns. Halo 3's had to be altered via forge for MLG. Halo 2's is utter garbage. - Dedicated servers. No matter how much people bitch about the MCC servers, the fact is that NOTHING will ever be worse than H2-H3 back in the dark ages of shitty internet and bad routers. Playing H2-H3 in their day could be character defining to a person. That shit sent me over the edge and it hasn't in recent years. - Spectator mode. - Improved Forge (obviously) to make incredible maps of our own. In H5, you're not going to spawn with an assault rifle that's useless on a BTB map. You're not going to see cheaters superbouncing or modding in MM. You're not going to see people abusing bubble shields or regens. You're not going to see people hiding behind shield doors with an oddball laughing at you. You're not going to get 4-shot by Loadeddiaper420's guests.. In fact, you're not going to be matched with them at all. I could list off a ton of more points, but my point is this - I love Halo 1-3, but they had their flaws too. A TON of the BS from those games doesn't find itself into H5. The thing people have to remember is that we played Halo 5 DEFAULT, out of the box. Go load up some H2, H3, Reach or H4 games on default settings and tell me you had fun. Will H5 have its own set of bullshit? So far, I see sprint being pretty much my only main concern. Sprint, again, is being nerfed beyond belief at this point. Its still a big problem, but its not as much of a problem anymore - get angry at me all you want. I'm still against sprint. TL;DR, H5 has some amazing aspects, some better than past Halo's. Nothing will ever touch Halo 1 for me, but there are plenty of things that H2-H3 had that were pure garbage that won't be in H5.
  7. I hate 343, but the amount of negativity in this forum is ridiculous. I see some constructive comments but mostly just crying. Do I like sprint? Nope. Not at all. I hate it. But who honestly can sit there and say they aren't happy with any of the changes? - Sprint is getting nerfed, again, along with an increase of base movement. This makes sprint even less game-breaking, and will help the whole situation. - Strafe is getting a buff ON TOP of the base movement increase, ON TOP of the already existing reduced aim assist. Halo 5 will have an amazing shooting skill gap. - Thruster is being worked on, most likely a nerf. - They're bringing back the SPNKR, a nice little bonus. - They are cracking down on MM by 1) Improving skill-based MM, 2) Increasing speed of MM, 3) Not letting players see who they are being matched with prior to being locked in a lobby and 4) Punishing quitters. - Fixing Hydra, another nice little bonus. - Fixing crouch jumping. - Fixing the sniper - Nerfing Automatics/Headshots - Fixing Killcam, making it toggleable which is perfect. - Letting us toggle spartan chatter, and also reducing the useless spartan chatter and announcer. - Decreasing medals - They are fixing "boosting", something that ruined H3 MM - Improving Party vs Party MM as well, meaning searching alone won't be a death sentence. On top of a ton of other fixes that were all requested by fans. Again, I hate 343, and its going to take a lot to earn my trust back after their track record. However, complaining about this list and saying that it sucks, etc. is completely asinine. The changes are amazing. Sprint or no sprint (let me state again that I hate sprint so I don't get negged into oblivion), these changes show that 343 are listening which is a surprising change for them. I agree that the toggle really means nothing, and arguably its introduction only causes more problems. However, they are nerfing the shit out of sprint to the point where using it poses a massive risk. (Still hate sprint; no neg) Am I convinced Halo 5 will be amazing? Not yet. Not even close. Its still 343 - anything can happen. But at the end of the day whining like a bunch of children does nothing but de-value our merit as a community. C'mon dudes.
  8. The biggest conerns for Halo 3 for me are these: The aiming AND movement deadzones are messed. Yes, they "fixed" the left stick deadzone but now when you walk diagonaly you sometimes "jump" and glitch, or strafe super fast for a second. Seriously. They couldn't even correctly patch the deadzones. The sound is totally screwed. Not only is the directional aspect broken, but the sound files themselves are rediculously compressed (likely to save GB on the install), leaving sound shallow and utter garbage. Seriously, go back to 360 and you'll notice instantly. The gamma is way too high, making everything look washed out. Go back to 360 and watch how much better the colours are. The shot registration is fine - thats just Halo 3 unfortunately. Maps are wrong, due to lack of Forge functionality (setting game-types for editing) Kills, medals, etc. don't count towards you stats. I've gotten 3 exterms on H3 and none have shown up. Still says I have 0 kills, etc. You cannot do a lot of the the skill jumps, ie. Gold 1 to gold 2. Some are possible, but only successful 1/50 times. Its not the same game. Back to 360 I guess, to the land of 2007, where the game works and theres skill-based matchmaking.
  9. The thing for me that made Halo great was the gameplay AND the people. The community and just the feeling of Halo being on top made you pumped to play. The game itself used to be good, and still is, but the extraneous things like the ranks, people, tournaments, forge communities, machinimas, etc. are all gone. Also, matchmaking is utter garbage. You spend an hour trying to get 4 people on one team into a game, and then 9/10 times you're playing poor competition or guest, etc. Its a pin in the ass trying to get PGL matches working, let alone finding a good team anymore because hardly anyone stayed. Most of my skilled friends were smrt enough to go play CS or DOTA/league wheras I'm stuck here with my finger in my ass waiting for Halo to return. I totally agree that classic Halo is amazing, but its just not worth all the hassle these days. Thats my point in this post, I just hate seeing all this passion from fans like us for nothing. 343 literally doesn't give a shit about the true fans, and will do whatever it takes to "appeal to the masses". We are second priority.
  10. So, whats your point? I know its a video game too, so what are you trying to say? Its a video game that means a lot to me, and Im just asking people to give me reasons for why they are still playing. I can't tell if youre saying "Jesus mate, its a video game" because I wrote such a long post, or are you saying you play it because its a video game?
  11. To you, maybe. But as clearly as its been said, by countless others: Its more than a game to some of us.
  12. Thats exactly my point. Why play a game if the only reason is that "because everything else sucks"? Thats why I am considering trying out PC gaming or maybe even quitting gaming altogether.
  13. I may be new to this community, but I have been involved with Halo since 2001. One thing immediately that I have to say is that this must be the best community I have seen in over ten years. I've never been a huge poster on any major forum but I have always been around and listen. I've attended many LANs, used to run customs with some of the best in the game but have never become "known", I guess you could say. Really, there is nothing special about me. I would consider myself someone who understands the game deeply, and I have a lot to say about Halo as a franchise. At the end of the day, I am just like all of you - a person who loves Halo, am pretty damn good at it, and have been through the rise and fall of the Halo name. Its important that I convey just how important this franchise is to me. I grew up with it along with all of you. We grew up mesmerized by what Halo as an entity was. It's been said a thousand times but as the old saying goes, it was more than a game. Really. When I speak about Halo and what it used to be, I don't just mean the competitive community. I would say that I'm a competitive player first, but I spent tons of time Forging, watching Theater, Machinimas, checking Bungie Weekly Favourites and the Bungie Weekly Updates, etc. I was involved in lots of casual custom lobby groups when I wasn't searching 50 high and competing in competitive customs. When I talk about Halo, I'm talking about everything that the Halo community had. I'm sure you guys all experienced Halo in slightly varying fashions, but the point is that we were united by the game and everything that it encompassed. Looking back, the franchise has always been of high quality. Even though Halo 2 largely eliminated much of the skill gap that Halo 1 possessed, and then Halo 3 reduced the skill gap a little further, they were still great games. If you set aside the changes these games made from a purely competitive aspect, you still see progress. Going from Halo CE to Halo 2 introduced things like Xbox Live, clans, button combos, DLC maps, vehicle boarding, dual wielding, ranks, etc. These were things that pretty much everyone loved. Hardly any of the changes made to Halo 2 "ruined" the game, hence, mostly everyone liked it. I know many die-hard Halo CE fans didn't like the sequels to the same extent, but you really can't argue against the fact that the franchise was still on the rise, and that Halo 2 brought many huge advancements to the series. To me, Halo 3 represents the same kind of transition. They did reduce the skill gap, sure. However, the game on LAN was arguably the most fun Halo game to date, at least in my opinion. Bungie at the time was still extremely involved in making the game amazing from the community's perspective. Sure, the BR wasn't optimal. Sure, the registration was poor at times. Sure, the game could have been better. However, additions such as Forge and Theater showed that Bungie still had it. The community was massive and fucking amazing. The expansion of options in custom games allowed people to play Halo any way they wanted. The game as a whole still felt like an advancement, like the franchise was gaining momentum and getting better and better. You can sit here and argue that Halo CE was the best competitively, but you can make strong arguments for 2 and 3 as well. Its ridiculously opinion-based, but the point is that Halo's 1-3 were all competitive and were simply great games even beyond a purely competitive viewpoint. Don't worry, I'm getting to the question. Just bare with me. Of course, now you look at the franchise and see but a shell of its former self. The momentum behind the game is gone. Many communities, this one included, have been struggling to keep pushing the Halo name on even though the developers have shown severe lack of competence. It shines through in every crack of every product 343 have shipped. Halo CE Anniversary was the first major disappointment, when they left out Halo CE OG multiplier. Honestly, this to me was the first time 343 showed that they had no idea what the community wanted. They then released Halo 4 which was a failure. It cut features that Halo 3 and Reach had, and the game played horribly competitive wise. To me, Halo 4 felt like some cheap chinese ripoff of true Halo. Something about the quality of Halo just wasn't present in Halo 4. This permeated through every aspect of the game: from the fonts used to the quality of the maps and gameplay itself. We were all thinking that Halo 4 was a return to form. It wasn't. Then we have MCC, a complete and utter failure of a game. NOTHING works like it should. There are still no ranks, you still cannot play with a team properly, there are still in-game bugs such as Halo 3's directional sound, Halo 2's respawn glitch and horrible registration, and Halo CE's anti-aim bug. The game is riddled with countless bugs that will NOT all get patched. The basic fundamentals of a multiplayer game do not present themselves in this game. The litter things that 343 missed in MCC show that they haven't a clue as to what Halo is, and the absence of these things just makes you shake your head. Its a complete miss and it directly demontrates, for the third time, that 343 are clueless. Looking at Halo 5, I see promises. Just promises. 343 promises to return Halo to from once again, only to introduce sprint and change the game into something that is not fundamentally Halo. They promised they would listen to our feedback in the Beta, then link us to Wikipedia, basically shutting down our main complaint about the game. They come on here, providing their "reasoning" for sprint, and directly demonstrate their total lack of understanding of the game. Josh, Quinn, Bonnie and the rest of the gang have zero clue on how to produce quality game. 343 were assembled by Microsoft to keep Halo on the market to make them money. The people in charge of Halo were not here with you and I throughout the years. Kevin Franklin was busy ruining Socom while Quinn was busy destroying Gears. You take two devs largely responsible for tanking two huge franchises and then send them to work on Halo? Sorry, but its just another appalling reassurance that 343 are lost. Halo 5 is looking better, and that's for damn sure. They got rid of the BS that existed in Halo 4, BS that they introduced, but that's literally it. The only other plus that I can think of is the reduced auto-aim which is honestly an amazing, surprising change. However, 343 still have yet to demonstrate quality matchmaking, balanced gameplay, or any other important aspects that made Halo great. Add to that the abysmal setup of HCS, with the sanctioned events, terrible promotion, and poor prize pools, 343 have demonstrate that they cannot conjure either a quality game or a venue to host the game on. 343 have shown nothing but awful decision making since their inception and they show no signs of redeeming themselves. I know that Halo 5 will be slightly better than Halo 4, but I think its safe to say that they just don't get it. Then, look at the other games out there right now that are flourishing the way Halo did in the 2000's. League, DOTA, CS, Smite, etc. all have the same thing in common- a competent developer. The devs listen to their community, especially the competitive people, and trust that the fans know what is best. They drop their ego and make smart decisions that benefit the game long term. They don't just sell out and ignore their fanbase. Also, they keep the games core while building on top of it, just like Halo 1-3 did. These aren't new points. This isn't rocket science. Its simple logic. 343 constantly makes decisions that make me sit my face in hands and question life itself. It just doesn't make sense. How can we expect Halo to make a comeback when the devs can't even implement the most fundamental aspects of Halo or listen to us?We may only be 10% of the Halo market, but we are the 10% who know the game best and understand what constitutes a good or bad change. Finally, I can now ask the question: Why play Halo anymore? Just think about it for a second. I have my answer, but what is yours? The answer for me is because I love it. We loved Halo 1-3, and love the memories and feeling 1, 2 and 3 gave us, and we want to stay. No matter how many signs saying "Leave this burning ship now" smack me in the face, I just can't do it. On top of the nostalgia, there still isn't anything that plays like Halo out there. Personally, I like Halo's arena gameplay that is slower than UT or Quake. I like how even in Halo CE the game is slow enough to promote cool, calculated set-ups and strategies. I love UT and Quake but something about the pace of Halo and the atmosphere and the game as a package is untouchable for me. I like recharging health, sniping, and the guns/grenade/melee variety that Halo does so well. If competitive Quake and UT are ll about individual skill and CoD competitive is all about team setups and coordination, then Halo is perfectly in balance between the two spectrums for me. I like how there is tons of individual skill and also tons of teamwork needed. I've tried going to CS:GO and League but they just don't give me the same feeling that Halo does. The truth is that I don't see Halo improving or returning. MCC for me was a way to keep playing classic Halo while the new iterations self-combusted and died out. However, MCC is nothing like what we all thought it would be. It isn't a joy to play in my opinion. Sure, it contains the games that we know and love, but they aren't surrounded by the things that made them great. The extraneous elements such as matchmaking, ranks, or even the basic functions of keeping a party together ruin Halo for me. I honestly just don't see any reason to keep playing. Eventually, Halo 5 will come out and the tournaments and population will move on to Halo 5. I honestly do like Halo 5,but its not anywhere near 1-3 and the developers making it are still clueless idiots. 343 have successfully killed off every major community. Forge, Machinima, Screenshotting, trick jumping, montagers, competitives, and even casuals and more. It sucks to say it, and you may get angry reading it, but its true. Most of my friends are gone and won't be returning, and Halo as a brand has been stained by the disaster that is MCC. The games industry has changed and the market for competitive, skill based games has entirely returned to PC's. A competitive shooter on console just doesn't look appealing to the executives. Xbox One as a console is weak as well, as much as it hurts me to say. The platform is limited while games on PC are easier to market and flourish easier. My point in closing is staying with Halo while 343 control it is like riding in a Ferrari with Hellen Keller driving. Its fun for now, but where is it going? Do you really trust Hellen, uh, I mean 343 to steer Halo away from demise and into its former glory? Is it really worth having blind faith that 343 will pull an amazing game out of their ass after their track record? I really don't mean to be such a downer about everything, but its been 5 years guys. Five. Years. Since Halo was good. As much as it hurts to let go of something that has been a part of my whole life, I think its time for me to set aside emotions and look at things objectively. I honestly think Halo is going nowhere, while simultaneously there are other franchises to pick up and have fun. There are other games that have amazing developers that listen. Honestly, I just want to log onto a game for once and be excited again and get behind a developer that doesn't scare the shit out of me and doesn't make me want to pull my hair out. I know people like Saucey, Cyren, Lemon, and literally every other person in this community knows that there is some truth to what I am saying. Its hard to accept, but I really do think leaving is the best thing for many of us. Ask yourself this important question - If Halo 1-3 never existed, and Halo 4 and 5 were the only ones that ever existed, would you still be here? Who in their right mind would stick with a franchise whose developer cannot be trusted? That is really the main thing here. 343 seriously has broken the trust of fans from every subculture. I have honestly never seen such hate and disappointment surrounding any developer, let alone a developer of one of the biggest franchises in history. Who wants to play a game when you haven't got a clue what 343 will throw at us next? I can't count how many times people would joke about "Imagine if 343 added ADS". Me and my friends would laugh at the idea, not thinking it would seriously ever happen. But here we are, with Halo 5, and the fucking thing has ADS. Its just one of many examples of 343 slapping fans in the face and blindsiding us. Why should we stick around when a constant stream of controversial features hit the game with each iteration? What ever happened to adding features like Forge or Theater, additions that are universally praised and loved? Going back to ADS as an example, did they not think adding such a thing would piss fans off? What about minor things like changing the Rocket Launcher's appearance for no reason? Who made that call? Its things like this, the microscopic details that form an ugly, moldy, mass. Its just mind blowing and I don't get it. 343 have failed, multiple times, in both gameplay decisions AND technical screw ups. The games play like shit and the games work like shit, no questions asked. Who expects this to change? One or two mistakes from the devs would let me be optimistic, but its been years now and 3 games now. Why would I believe the fourth game to be any different? Going by simple logic, the only games being shit out of 343 Industries any time soon will be games like 4 and 5. How many times are we going to go through the same old "Game is announced, game gets hyped, game releases, game is broken/terrible, we complain, 343 doesn't listen, 343 takes months to fix a simple bug/error, we come on the forums to complain, repeat, repeat, repeat. I'm tired of it at this point. It isn't worth it anymore. I'm done fighting with the developer, I'm done getting let down, I'm done with being frustrated and just hoping 343 will pull a 180 and do something fantastic for once. Halo is like a bad relationship. You love it and its been with you for so long. You have tons of emotions surrounding it, but I think its time I dumped it. I appreciate if you read this far and didn't get bored. I also apologize for the wall of text. Please go easy on me.
  14. Really wanted to watch this, but I see you need a sub to watch past broadcasts... lame. No wonder it has zero views, why would I pay 4.99$ to watch something like that? Make it free. The community isnt big enough nor the channel popular enough to justify gouging people like that. Also noticing none of the other vids have any views either. Please fix that.
  15. No reason to complain about delays. Clearly 343 are making sure this update goes well, a nice change for once. I only wish they had the same mentality about their Games as they did their patches
  16. Really? I'm somewhat new here and already I can see just how argumentative and annoying you are. Seriously, grow up and try contributing something to the forum rather than borderline trolling. I feel like you were the kid who would run into the sandbox where all the other kids were making neat castles like normal people, and you'd kick them all down. Ass.
  17. Gamertag: Jawshe Region: Northeast NA Trying to get an H2:A team going to scrim and pay HCS MM/customs. 50 in H3 MLG, lots of LAN exp. Add me and send a MESSAGE just stating youre adding me and I will add back.
  18. Honestly, as much as I love Halo 1-3 (21 year old vet here), I have to say that enjoy playing Halo 5 much more than Halo reach and 4. I don't think anything will ever compare to Halo 3 for me, but I believe what Halo 5 is shaping up to be is fundamentally fun. The ranking system needs tweaks but its by far the best we've seen in the series. In MM I actually got fun, even and competitive games. Shooting skillgap is back. The new abilities, while different, DO add some extra options in combat and none of them feel easily abused. Yes, thruster is a little OP. Yes, sprint sucks. However, there are tons that this game does right. Every Halo has had major flaws, and none of them except Halo CE are perfect. I honestly just wish they would remove sprint and replace it with higher movement speed. I wish they would take out smart scope to make the game feel better. However, as halo 5 stands, its fun. People aren't getting away quite as often as people are saying on here, sorry. If they do, their team is punished because they are out of play for almost half a minute. The kill times are fast but once you've adjusted it feels ok. Again, the shooting skill gap is great but there does need to be less magnetism. Overall, I just want to say that Halo 5 has massive potential and while I hate sprint as much as all of you, I don't think ts inclusion is going to kill the game. If 343 can fix the other major issues and provide a good matchmaking system, this could be right up there with H1-3. Can we tone down the negativity?
  19. GT: Jawshe Halo 1,2,3,2A customs/MM. Ontario Canada (New York) 50 in MLG Halo 3 Add me and send me a message so I can add you back.
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