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  1. I personally swear by Samsung and Asus. I know Benq get good reviews but I've never actually owned one so I can't speak for them. I've found Samsung/asus to be visually stunning and reliable. The stats (responsetime/input lag) for a monitor can tell you how it'll perform, but you can't put a stat on the amazing picture that Samsung/Asus give you. Just my opinion. I would look up each of those two monitor's input lag measures and pick the one with the lowest. If they are the same... couldn't tell you lol. Theyare both good picks if they have a 9ms input lag.
  2. Is this preset under "Input"? If it is I'm sure this is the same as PC. Or is it under your "Picture" or color settings? If it is, then its probably just a preset picture mode that claims to be the best color/sharpness balance for gaming. Most of the time it isn't though.
  3. You'll have to google how to do it with asus monitors. I've heard it only really makes a difference for samsung, so if you can't rename it to PC, HDMI should give you the same benefits with an Asus. Just make sure you aren't using AV mode.
  4. This is actually the EXACT monitor I'm looking to buy. The best aprt about your monitor is that its an IPS panel that somehow manages to be faster than most TN panels. I'm so jealous. Make sure you go through your settings to make sure you're getting the most out of that beast. Any other info about that monitor? Should I get it?
  5. General Introductory Info First off - no matter what monitor you get or what settings you configure, H5's reticle will continue to feel like you're dragging it through dogshit. Second, you have to understand there is a difference between input lag and response time with displays: 1. Input Lag = The signal delay that begins in your controller, goes through your Xbox, registered as input by the game itself, then into the HDMI/VGA cord, into your monitor, through the processor in the monitor, and then into the pixels. Any deficiencies in any of these stages will make you reticle less responsive and will add to your total MS rating. The higher the MS rating, the longer it takes your input to translate to your screen. The actual input lag measurement between monitors/TV's is almost never disclosed by the manufacturer. The number that they advertise is instead Response Time. 2. Response Time = The time it takes each pixel of your monitor to go from one state to another (sometimes advertised as GTG or Grey to Grey, or BTW, as in Black to White). A higher MS response time means your monitor will be blurred during quick movement. Looking around or watching fast moving objects with a low response time monitor will look much clearer/smoother, making things much easier to track. Response time doesn't necessarily affect the "responsiveness" of your aiming, but extremely high response times (7-20+ms) will actually "trick" your eyes into thinking the display has lag. Essentially, you want a monitor that has as low Input Lag and Response Time as possible. The fastest Response Time monitors are easy to find and 1-2ms are pretty much the industry standard. Keep in mind that 1ms will have no observable differences from a 2ms monitor. You do notice something strange when you reach 7+ms though. Past that point, your game starts to look like a slide show, or as if you're getting framerate drops. So getting a 1-2ms response time monitor is easy. The tougher part is finding the input lag measure for your display. Generally, the larger the screen, the more ms delay. Most videogame vets know that playing on a large living room TV makes it way more difficult to aim properly. Also, PC monitors tend to have much lower input lag and feel much more "snappy" and responsive. Input lag is by far the most important variable that determines how your aiming will feel. Input lag can range anywhere between a lowest rating of 9ms to a whopping 50-60ms or more. If your big TV also has a slow response time of 15ms as an example, you're looking at a total of 75ms of input lag just from your monitor. I'll get into the other devices that affect your total signal delay. The only reliable way to check for your display's input lag measurement is through dedicated database websites, such as http://www.displaylag.com/ If you can't find your display in the database, you can try doing google searches which often give you the data you need (except in more rare or older products). No matter what settings you set on your display, if you have a bad lag/response rating there isn't much you can do. Moving forward, keep in mind that each of the following hardware/settings I am recommending may only give a few ms advantage here or there. BUT, once you've made several small changes, the ms reductions will add up and there will be a noticeable difference. Hardware - Monitor: A 1-2ms response time monitor, with an input lag of no more than ~15ms or so (the lowest monitors available are 9ms, and you will feel the difference between a 9ms and a 15ms, and anything higher is downright robbing you of your potential) You can get 9ms monitors for less than $150 (Benq is an option in this price range). Check Newegg or Amazon, and look for refurbished/used if you are comfortable with those options. Remember that these websites offer extended guarantees and free returns if anything goes wrong with the monitor (in Canada the policy is 2 years free warranty). - Wired controller. You can use any micro USB (even one from an old phone or an Android, etc.) in any Xbox One wireless controller, and it will charge your controller AND send input signals directly through the cable instead of wireless. No, its not a myth either. I can't find any official evidence from Microsoft on the wireless vs wired ms delay differences for this exact controller. However, using the 360's controller as reference, its well known that there is at least a 16.67ms savings from using wired as demonstrated by many tests over the years. One test even demonstrated huge 166ms spikes from interference. I would assume the Xbox One's wireless technology has improved from the 360, but theres only so much that can be improved with wireless technology. Expect the ms reduction to be almost the same with the Xbox One. - Monitor settings: There are tons of settings on your monitor that will affect its input lag. Keep in mind that every monitor/brand is different and often name the same setting different names (eg. "Magicolor" vs "Smartcolor" is really the same thing). You should also remember that if you accidentally mess your settings up, there is always a "reset" option in all monitors/TV's. Wait until the end of the guide befroe you try to mess with the settings to make everything look perfect. Messing with stuff before we're done is just a waste of time because everything is going to be changing a lot. Switch input mode from "AV" to "PC/HDMI". For monitors/TVs that have the "HDMI" label instead of "PC" (such as with 90% of Samsung products), you must rename the input mode to "PC" manually. I know it seems silly that changing the name of the input would actually make a difference - but just try it and see what happens. You'll cry. If your monitor is NOT a Samsung, AND you cannot find out how to rename HDMI mode to PC, then chances are your HDMI mode will work just as well. With any monitor though, switching to "PC" (or HDMI mode if you can't rename it) input mode instead of "Auto", "AV" or "HDMI" will instantly shut off all of the useless post-processing protocols that are specific to the AV mode. Whats amazing is that for every product I've ever done this on, the screen looks ten times smoother and actually has an anti-jaggy (AA) effect despite shutting off post-processing effects. This is because AV modes almost always use some weird "artificial digital sharpness" that makes jaggies from games appear worse. I'm sure this feature can make movies look great, but its not meant for games. Even more surprising is often you'll gain another inch... of screen that is. AV mode (or AV/HDMI mode on Samsung) is often zoomed and stretched. TONS of people go years without even realizing they are missing a portion of their screen. Flip back and forth if you think you notice a difference. That said, many monitors already use the unzoomed format (also called "Just Scan" protocol), and in that case you won't notice a difference. Either way, you're picture should look better but most importantly you have just shaved about another 10-15ms from this switch (we are essentially bringing down the ms to the figure that would have been recorded from DisplayLag). If your image looks worse for some reason, its probably because switching modes reset your other settings back to default. We'll get to those settings. Enable Game Mode, if available. Most of the time this option will have disappeared from selecting PC mode. PC mode usually stops ALL post-processing (which is what causes input lag), while game mode usually only stops some for HDMI mode. If you do still see a Game Mode, turn it on. Check to see if doing so reset your monitor back to "HDMI" mode. If so, go with PC mode over Game mode. If you can have both modes at the same time (its possible) then go with that. Look for a setting called "Response Time" or "Pixel overdrive", "overdrive", etc. Usually the options are something like "Normal", "Faster", or "Fastest". The "1-2ms" advertised response time of your monitor is usually only achieved by using this overdrive setting. Before you automatically choose the "fastest" (or equivalent setting), you should do a quick google check to see if your monitor's overdrive method is worth it. In theory the overdrive/response time setting should improve your response time (pixel switch speed) which will give you a smoother moving screen. However, many time (especially with Benq), the overdrive does nothing to improve your response time, and often can introduce input lag (as it is an intense/complicated form of post-processing). do your research to determine if the benefits will outweigh the costs. Remember that faster response time gives you smoothness while lower input lag will make your aiming "feel" better. If you discover there is a compromise, its really up to you as far as which to choose. If you don't notice any motion blurring effect (outside the game's graphical engine), then I'd personally just stick with better input lag if I was forced to choose between the two. If you find your monitors overdrive method is efficient then obviously crank it to get the best of both worlds. Turn off any remaining "magic" or "auto-color" or anything else that sounds like a patented, gimmicky name. Generally any color or picture settings that imply an "auto" mode are just processes. Settings that say "custom" or "manual" are the ones you want to gravitate towards. If your picture/color looks worse on these manual/custom modes, then feel free to move the manual sliders around (Sharpness, RGB color balance, and contrast sliders, etc. are all fine to customize and won't affect lag). My Samsung PX2370 has a common "Magic Color" setting that is supposed to auto balance colors dynamically. This option is not turned off by PC mode, so turning things like this off is necessary to "purify" your signal and eliminate remaining lag. I also have a "Magic Bright" picture mode that adjusts other picture aspects on the fly. Turn anything like that off as well. Make sure you go through each subsection of your settings (eg. Picture, Color, Input, General, etc.), and when in doubt, just google something if you don't know what it is. If you something off and it makes everything look like garbage, then obviously you can keep those vital processes. Once again remember if you do mess anything, you can just reset and try again. Do one last check for your monitor's refresh rate (60Hz in NA, differs depending on country). You might have a 50Hz if you are in EU. Check to see if you can switch the refresh rate to 60Hz, as its generaly the smoothest. If your display looks messed up when trying to set it to 60Hz, then just wait about 10 seconds or so for it to automatically switch back (it'll know). Also make sure your resolution is set to 1920X1080p. If your monitor can't do that - throw it out the nearest window you scumbag. Now go on your Xbox and go to All Settings>Display and Sound>Video Input and under "Display" on the left you should be set at 1080p (just checking). Under that you should see "TV Connection". Set that to Auto Detect. This probably won't make a difference, but if switching from AV to PC/HDMI mode on your monitor didn't do anything, go back to your monitor settings and try that step again. Moving on, under "Color Space", you should attempt "PC RGB" mode instead of standard. Most monitors should have no problem doing this. It will 100% make your colors better and your blacks/whites more pure. Its hard to tell the difference in the black menus of the Xbox, so go do some comparisons by opening a game. You should notice an immediate improvement. This PC RGB setting should also help reduce lag further by cutting out any remaining scaling/compatibility issues. There is a small chance this RGB mode will make you display super dark (too deep of a black), if this is the case then you can try changing the contrast, color intensity etc. settings on your monitor. You can change the brightness for Halo 5 specifically if its the only game giving you that "too dark" look from using PC RGB color space. If none of that fixes the darkness then its because your monitor just doesn't support that contrast ratio. If thats the case then switch your Color Space back to standard or RGB full. Make sure "Allow 50Hz" isunchecked if you have a 60/120Hz monitor. EU monitors (I think), should be 50Hz and should therefore check the box. Last setting on your Xbox - Color depth. This shouldn't affect your input lag, but some monitors can go higher than the default 24 bits.There are 30 and 36 bit options that will REALLY improve your color, but only if your monitor supports it (usually only monitors with RGBY capability). Give each option a try. If it doesn't work or looks messed up, then hit the B button and it'll put it back. Your monitor is now 100% optimized for gaming! You may or may not feel a massive improvement right away. Everyone is different. Maybe your settings were already pretty good, or maybe they were way off. Either way, load up a game and check it out. KEEP IN MIND, the game engine in H5 itself has unavoidable lag. There's nothing you can do to fix that aspect of the delay we all feel. There is actually a database for game engine input lag for past Halos over at DisplayLag.com that shows how different games can have different lags. Its no surprise that H3 is much higher than the other games. Take a look. I don't think they've added H5 to that database but I would guess it would be even higher than H3's. Anyways, at least you know you are getting your moneys worth from your console and monitor. Even if you can't feel a difference, you should notice some sort of improvement in your aim down the road (stat wise). Again, at the very least its peace of mind knowing you're maxed out as far as responsiveness goes. Make sure your in game deadzones in H5 are as close to 0% as possible as well. At this point you can mess around with the manual sliders on you monitor to dial-in the color and sharpness (side note - many people set sharpness too high thinking it'll make the image more crisp, but in reality too much of it just makes the game look jaggy and ugly. You want a bit of softness). The same thing applies to contrast - you don't always want to max it out. Also try different Gamma presets. If you want a reference for adjusting these things then there is a built-in calibrator in the same area of video settings that we were already in. If you guys have any other questions feel free to ask away! I put a lot of effort and time into checking and rechecking all my info. Believe me when I say I'm not talking out of my ass. I'm very experienced with displays and technology and have done extra research to give you guys the best results. Help me keep this bumped, and also give me feedback for both this guide and future ones. Thanks! -Jawshe
  6. Not to sound condescending, but you do realize, especially in Grifball, you just thrust backwards when someone is charging right at you, right? If you're sprinting into people or letting them get into melee range with those weapons then you're either going to trade/sword clash or get killed either way. Again, you let them get sort of close, then thrust back, they SC and miss, and you kill them. ...or you can break their ankles Ace-style: Step 1: Have sword out, zoom in on them, Step 2: Get to lunge range, which is further than their hammer range Step 3: Keep getting closer backing up to make them swing, then immediately lunge at them with your longer lunge before they are able to swing again. Done. You HAVE to wait for them to swing rather than just go right in for the long lunge, otherwise the hammer will beat you every time. Its hilarious, effective, and every successful attempt automatically donates $5 to Ace's ankle surgery fund.
  7. Most of the time if you react to it I literally just melee them right after they knock me back, and the melee lunge sends me right back to them. I notice people counter-lunge me too a lot of the time. In that situation the SC'er has to wait a longer time before melee'ing again so getting the counter-lunge pretty much wins you the battle. Just practice the timing of it in a custom and you'll get the rhythm for it. Alternatively you can thrust forward right as it hits you, jump, and you'll be sent behind them and they freak out. If you practice that so you don't get disoriented yourself, it gives you a major advantage. Still though, the original "counter" I gave in my first post (shooting then melee) is still better in most situations. There's lots you can do, its mainly just about not freaking out and getting lost when you get blindsided by it.
  8. I honestly don't fully understand the recent surge in Spartan Charge complaints. Hear me out boys. It seems I'm almost never killed by it in games anymore. When someone Spartan Charges you, you have to build that habit of just spraying the pistol/AR or anything else into them once you are being hit with it, and by the time they can come out of the animation, get their bearings, line up the melee and execute it, you've ready gotten in your death blow. A lot of people's first instinct is to melee back, but that guarantees you'll either trade or just lose the fight. Its not different than in past Halo's where if the other guy gets first melee, you should go for the shots + beatdown rather than the 2x beatdown, because he will get the second hit off first or you'll just trade. You'll beat them 9/10, especially if you form the habit of thrusting sideways or jumping over them (or both) while they are recovering from the charge. Obviously this isn't fool proof - there are times where you'll just not expect it from the side, but in those situations you gotta wonder if you were gunna be dead anyways. If there was no Spartan Charge you'd literally just get double-melee'd like in Reach/H4 which took way less time and wasn't counter-able (there wasn't bleedthrough in Reach). I can't speak for others or sound ignorant and say "if you're getting killed by it, you just suck." Believe me - I've gotten destroyed by it a few times. The thing you have to remember is that getting hit with the Spartan Charge is really no worse than if they were to just double-melee you (which was faster anyways). The SC is still a nerf because they only get one chance to hit it, and they are dead if they miss. That wasn't the case with normal sprinting melee's. Like I said before it can be frustrating getting hit with such a violent/obnoxious animation, but you have to think after it happened - would he have killed me anyway from that angle with a melee/shot/nadeshot, etc.? The animation honestly makes it feel a lot more OP than it really is. In my experience I see way more chokes caused by it (that end up saving me and leave me laughing) than "unfair kills". A lot of the time when get SC'ed, and I accidentally melee back, I get the counter-lunge anyways even while being knocked back. Its not like it knocks you back so you can't melee them back immediately. In those situations you're basically in a 50/50 like any other Hlo where you either have to double melee or jump back and try out shoot him. The thrust itself seems to be about the same as a normal melee lunge would be anyways. So really, you're left with an ability that makes it harder to aim up the sprinting melee, it has a detrimental "recovery" time, disorients the user, is easy to predict (you can hear his thrusters while hes sprinting), and you have a radar to boot. Overall its still a nerf and much better design IMO than the way it used to be. I'm not pretending to have this "secret solution" to counter it, but if you do focus on shooting then meleeing in that order, you'll see what I mean. That said, I wish they kept it as it was in Beta because it was almost a skill-based move then. Now, its easier but it has no more aim assist than a normal melee (I feel both are equally too high to begin with). At the end of the day it still feels like a "more fun" way to kill a guy hiding and abusing radar in some corner. Nothin beats the feeling of seeing a guy sprint away form a battle and hide in a corner with a Storm Rifle out, only to be completely smashed across the map when I come around the corner to finish him off. Cmon' bros. You know that feel.
  9. Its not so much people giving up but more to do with people realizing that removing sprint in HALO 5 won't work. The sprint argument was hot when the game was in development because we felt the whole game could be changed to work without it. I think many of us have realized that sprint isn't what it was in Reach/H4. Its not game-breaking. In fact, its relationship with slide, jumping, thrusting, stabilizing, spartan charging and general movement is so integral to the games DNA. Now, YOU may not like this new ecosystem but you can't honestly say removing sprint is still the best option or even viable. People can say the maps were forced to be huge and segregated, but I'd argue Truth plays extremely well with all gametypes and isn't segregated at all. Sprint or no sprint, 343 seem to like maps like overgrowth or riptide which are massive yet maze-like. But thats not sprints fault. Now we know you can have good maps like Truth with sprint; they just need to be designed well. Just ONE example - You can't simply tie things like slide to thrust + crouch. Part of the meta thats evolved so players cant sprint, slide, jump, thrust. Or sprint, thrust, slide then jump etc. Keep in mind this type of movement is all based around the exact speed at which sprint reaches. The only reason any of the combos above work is because of the momentum and variability that sprint gives. You cant just rip out all those aspects of the meta mid-game, and segregate that frankenstein experience to one playlist like you're suggesting. Like I said, theres way more to it than that one example. I just can't type it all out right now. Even if removing sprint wouldn't somehow gut the entire game and force everyone to re-learn the movement system, 343 would never agree to an overhaul like that post-release. I can't believe Im sitting here and advocating for sprint, but its obvious at this point it should stay for THIS game. There are TONS of other solutions that are quick fixes and would benefit the game more than removing sprint at this point.
  10. Why would you punish someone for using movement? Halo 5 was designed around their movement model. The only time you should be able to hear someone is if they are sprinting right near you and are about to spartan charge you from behind. Any more than that, and you are punishing people for moving and not camping in corners when up one kill (this happens in 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 slayer in GB/MM at champ constantly) An above post got positive rep for saying "we need radar because the game is too fast to not have it". But thats bullshit. Having radar punishes players who are moving, and rewards those who are not -plain and simple. With radar, players HAVE to sprint up behind you if they want to flank/assassinate you. If they just walk, they will be picked up on radar before they get close. Right now we have a radar that punishes movement and agressiveness (which ruins Slayer when combined with H5's maps/autos). And taking out radar will essentially have no effect for 2v2 and 1v1 because the footsteps, thrusters, etc. Can be heard literally halfway across the map. To the guy who said hearing footsteps is a skill - I will bet my Dogs left nut you've never played champ/gb 2s or singles. And I honestly don't say that to sound arrogant. But anyone playing at a high level knows just how gamebreaking these two factors are. The footsteps/thruster noise essentially halt all movement and are nothing more than wallhacks. There is NO skill in hearing someone who is two rooms over and knowing exactly where they are just because they decided to move their character. The only skillgap you can say footsteps add is the skill of walking to a store and buying a decent headset. Theres no need for awareness and no opportunities to flank/juke enemies in 1v1/2v2 because of the radar AND soundwhoring. In the past, sound only became a factor when someone was literally within 3 meters of you. It gave you enough time to react IF you were paying very close attention. So don't act like sound in this game is anything like that. Theres no careful listening and pinpointing skills to be used. The sounds are loud and obvious. They are glorified wallhacks. Back to radar - changing it so it only shows players who are sprinting once again punishes people for moving. So people will simply never sprint, which won't work with the way H5 was designed around it. Walking around the maps takes FAR too long without sprint punishing players THAT much for using a core mechanic would just be frustrating. By the way - I dont like sprint, for the record. H5 is built around it whether we accept it or not. Likewise, having players only show up on radar when shooting, thrusting stabilizing, jumping, etc. Is again punishing movement and SHOOTING. Do we really want to encourage people NOT to put shots out or to not jump, thrust, slide stabilize, etc. And only walk around the map in order to not show up on radar? Walking Simulator? Anyone? See how dumb it sounds when you think about it? Case and point - radar cannot work. It needs to go, and footsteps/character noise need to be reduced to only audible within a few meters. You can increase sprint noise slightly, sure. But the last thing we need in the game is more reasons to hide in a corner. Last thing: Ive played tons of no-radar customs in 4v4 (where spartan noise doesnt fully break awareness), and I SWEAR to you that it was not chaotic. Nobody felt they needed to use autos or hide and crouch for 5 mins to get a flank. You feel free to make smart, unpredictible plays. You can take new routes, flank under a base without being seen by a kid staring at his radar. You can pull a classic Halo and walk behind a guy for 10 seconds, waiting for the perfect moment to end him. You can actually juke a guy hiding behind a pole without playijg ring around the rosey as he stares at his radar. You can lose someone who is chasing you by taking awkward routes. THATS real Halo. I think we're a starting to forget what we've lost because of radar.
  11. I'd argue we have exactly the opposite of that. Ah, so thats why you've got everything bass ackwards.
  12. By the time your aim and comfort reach the levels they were at before, you could get a PhD in astro-physics, land a career with NASA, complete extensive astronaut training, fly to Mars and use your own shit to grow potatoes there (great movie BTW), fly home, retire, and collect your pension so you can buy an Elite anyways. Think about that. Would you rather A. explore outer space and make space shitatoes, or B. get carpel tunnel. The only claw you'll need to learn is the one attached to your spaceshuttle, Major Tom. RIP David Bowie
  13. Literally all your Strongholds changes would do IMO is flip the map so that yard side is OP (which would be worse since nest side is what makes plaza so fun (hint: its the only section of the map that has sight lines) with all the sight lines, Yard being the "poorly made" section of the map. Yard would be much easier to cut off than nest currently is. You'd essentially be putting giant wall between the two strongholds that you want to hold, which IMO is the issue with many other maps. I think the easiest solution is to have the Tram side team just spawn closer up into bottom Posters/Stairs instead of all the way back in Tram. Tram side would have an advantage getting Rail and Blue side would have an easier time getting Camo, but not quite as easy as now (Tram team can get to the lift in around the same time with my suggestion) I think Rig is the biggest issue as far as balance. They need to remove the sniper and that map will play 100 times better. Bunker still gets easier camo, a BR and an SMG (plus better sightlines - similar to Plaza)
  14. MM - Party-sized based MM, only loosens these parameters when matches cannot be found. - Riptide and Overgrowth removed from Team Arena (IMO Strongholds on Overgrowth is actually playable now, so could be a compromise) They can remain in Slayer, SWAT, etc. - Moving forward, all and ONLY HWC/Pro League gametype/map combos in Team Arena. - No hidden MMR matching in social (beating the dead horse but that horse needs to become pulp... fiction?) - Permanent Doubles playlist with special tweaks (see lower section) - Grifball playlist removed after a few weeks, replaced with community Forge playlist (with Action-Sack/Minigames) - Placement matches can only place you in gold max, OR allow players to drop after MMR decreases past a given threshold. - Post game carnage returned to former glory, with LoL style charts/graphs, etc. to show flow of matches. Gameplay - Radar removed from Team Arena and Team Doubles, can stay in Slayer if a compromise must be made. - AR given a nerf (to damage or autoaim/magnetism - the latter promoting more skill) should remain viable. - Magnum kept 5 shots to kill, BUT increase fire rate. I believe having to land 5 shots provides more variables/shooting skill, but increased fire rate would solve TTK issue. - Magnetism reduced slightly for BR, DMR, Carbine and, most importantly - the Sniper. Bullet "curving" on Sniper completely removed while retaining adhesion (same as previous Halo's) Team Doubles Specifics - Reduce ammo in power weapons by half (as every other Halo did), - Add power-ups to maps that lack them (to promote movement/reduce camping) Only use maps that work well with Doubles (No Rig, Overgrowth, or Riptide) - Ranked (obviously) Those are all fair and logical. You could nitpick the game further, I believe these are both the easiest and most important changes.
  15. Yeah but if you only liked the first season that aired 15 years ago, and you've hated every season since, maybe its time to watch a new show?
  16. If you guys rewatch the stream, the reticles on all the guns were fucked up. Even the H5 pistol was showing no red reticle at close range.
  17. One more thing - I dont think any of us are trying to argue that a perfect replica of the CE pistol will NOT work. The only thing Ive seen is people saying we should wait and test how it works in H5 instead of blindly assuming it'll fit perfectly into the sandbox. If you're seriously arguing against careful analysis before implementation then what makes you different than 343? It just comes off as hypocritical to me.
  18. Right, so stop trying to make subjective, premature and ignorant assumptions before ANY testing has been done. This is not CE, and we only know the pistol was balanced within the CE sandbox. Either way, Josh is more likely looking and saying "theres that Lemon guy being ignorant and condescending again"
  19. At the risk of looking like an idiot, Im going to make a prediction here. Im also not watching the stream yet. But.. I predict the CE pistol will be 3SK with SLIGHTLY reduced magnetism, but will be hitscan (no lead). Itll still be way too easy despite its power. I think a lot of people here are forgetting the CE pistol was hard as fuck to 3 shot with, which is what made the kill times work. Theres NO way 343 make a weapon that comes close to the skill demand the OG pistol had.
  20. At the risk of looking like an idiot, Im going to make a prediction here. Im also not watching the stream yet. But.. I predict the CE pistol will be 3SK with SLIGHTLY reduced magnetism, but will be hitscan (no lead). Itll still be way too easy despite its power. I think a lot of people here are forgetting the CE pistol was hard as fuck to 3 shot with, which is what made the kill times work. Theres NO way 343 make a weapon that comes close to the skill demand the OG pistol had.
  21. Ill give you THE reason why 343 will not be replacing their pistol with Bungie's fan favourite. There, I just gave you the reason
  22. I see lemon has spawned a string of ignorance. Damn it Lemon. Do you see the kind of example you're setting for these kids?
  23. Halo ce: sick game Halo 2: sick game Halo 5: fuck the fans Just kidding H5 is semi sick
  24. Sorry man but I can't follow you down this dark road. Not this time.
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