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  1. I honestly think many of you are putting way too much time/thought into the whole sens issue. Constantly changing and experimenting with all the settings in an attempt to find that special combo that will magically fix H5's bad aiming is a pointless exercise. 


    Trying to make the im feel "more like halo _" is probably one of the dumber things I keep seeing. This is a different game. You need the higher vertical sens in this game. You also need lower horizontal sens because of the input lag and the reduced autoaim.


    Constantly changing/fucking with everything is just going to prevent you from adapting to a specific setting. Instead of constantly fiddling with shit just find something that feels good enough and stick with it. You need to let your muscle memory take over and it'll never happen if you keep tinkering. 



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  2. Question for the people here, and answer honestly.


    Does Halo 5 Team Slayer actually play better than Halo 4 Legendary Slayer(BR/AR starts, no custom loadouts, no armor abilities, no radar, no ordinance drops, and you could pick up grenades from dead Spartans again.).....?


    Yes, because Halo 4 without anything besides shooting is just as boring as default Halo 4. Taking away all the shit abilities of that game only highlights how boring/easy it is to shoot in it. 


    Halo 5 may have some huge flaws but at the end of the day its much harder to aim in (with the pistol mostly), and thruster and the other abilities (beside SC) add variety and skill to gunfights in my opinion. Also the non-DLC maps in H5 are a LOT better than anything in h4.

  3. https://www.twitch.tv/naded/v/60883417


    Was Naded's "rant" (for optimal click-bait) on Halo 5 linked here yet? I'm not sure what time some of this was said. But he definitely talks about some things that really need to be said by someone in the pro scene, and goes on for 30-40 min about it.


    Relevant bit starts at 2:25:10.


    Kinda sucks that he doesnt ever really go into detail like we do in our posts here, he kind of just says "like this sucks man, like bro". Hes right in everything he says, but he just didn't give the concrete reasons that 343 need to hear from pros. Like he should have said why Overgrowth, riptide, torque are bad for competitive, etc. Rather than just saying "they suck". They do suck Naded, but 343 need to hear the reasons. Tell them we need more sight lines and less hallways. 


    He talked about how power weapons are "too easy", but should have specifically argued for reducing aim assist. 343 have demonstrated that they obviously don't possess the knowledge on how to balance skill/casual. So give them specifics that all the pros can agree with and support. Knowing 343, they'll hear "we don't like the sniper in h5" and they'll say "oh, then we'll just sub sniper for binaries". Wouldn't that be awful? /s. Tell them to nerf the magnetism on the sniper. Get a bunch of pros to post some sort of collaborated letter to 343 stating specific changes that need to happen if H5 is meant to be an e-sport.


    The most frustrating thing watching these pros talk crap about the game is knowing that they literally have the biggest voices/opportunity to make an impact and they refuse to utilize it. If I was a pro that made a living off of a game, I would do anything it took to usher in changes that would benefit the game and help it take off as an e-sport. 


    The snakebite/breakout/343lies exposure is literal proof that the pros have the power to fix this game.

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  4. Its not server based. Thats just placebo and the common myth that people are now regurgitating. If you know anything about online multiplayer shooters, you know that aiming is a "client side" thing and would never be affected by connection.


    H5's shit aiming probably the result of a few things:


    1) Some sort of V-sync

    2) Dynamic resolution scaling (alters native resolution constantly which would definitely introduce input lag) This wasn't in use during the beta which is probably why the aiming felt a lot more responsive back then.

    3) awkward sensitivity curves/acceleration.


    I've noticed that if you pay attention to the input lag/shitty aiming then you notice it more. When you try to forget about it (I "reset" my brain by playing Octagon/CTF warmup), you'll notice that your brain seems to compensate and adapt to the slight delay. I also find that when I've been playing a ton in a short amount of time, my aim drastically improves and I almost forget about the bad aiming. Obviously this is because our brains can compensate.


    This may sound "out there" but I also notice that when my hands get greasy/sweaty my aim starts to feel really sloppy and laggy. If I wash my hands with soap or use rubbing alcohol to wipe off my controller I notice my aim feel WAY more controllable since my thumbs are 100% gripped to the thumbsticks. I know it sounds really weird, but try it. Also try gripping your controller tighter. I find it helps me control my aiming better in this game specifically.


    The most important thing IMO is that you need to almost "pretend" the aim is responsive, and your coordination will follow. The more you pay attention to how sluggish everything feels, the more you'll notice it. 

  5. Back in H2 and H3 I loved doing MLG FFAs also I loved halo 3 1v1s on guardian, not sure why but it was just fun I played so many 1v1s on guardian it would blow your mind. Anyways I really want to get better at H5 but honestly I'm in my 30's and I don't care to be champion level good or anything but I just want to really improve my gameplay. Anyways is it pointless for me to run 8player FFA customs? What map and settings would you run it on? guessing truth. I have a few real life friends I play with but its fairly random who i'm playing with because we are all older now with full time jobs and kids but I'm sure I could get enough people to run come FFAs but i'm not sure if I'm better off just grinding the FFA playlist or playing team arena or something solo.


    Also as far as the 1v1 thing I really wish there was a go to 1v1 map like guardian in H3, I know it wasn't the most balanced or the best map ever but it was fun and if you did a 1v1 with anyone in H3 whoever was hosting guardian was loaded up honestly in this game if I tried a 1v1 which I haven't even done yet and I'm over level 100 I don't know what map I would even play it on. So what map is the best 1v1 map?


    Honestly when you dont have anyone to play Team Arena with, I've found playing FFA to be really good for improving your individual skill. FFA forces you to learn and even "exploit" Halo 5's gameplay mechanics. AKA, it teaches you to crouch, use autos in close range, helps your shot, etc. It also REALLY helps with awareness and teaches you to use sprint sparingly. You need to master strafing and using thruster in gun fights, etc. etc. I just started playing FFA in this game and it is VERY frustrating at first but actually gets quite fun IMO once you learn that its not the same FFA from other Halo's. I'm in champ FFA so every game has me playing well known people, which helps you deal with your confidence or if you have any mental blocks. Theres really nothing more ego boosting than ninjaing a pro for the win..lol


    1v1's are meh in this game because they are SO slow and most decent players will end up with 6-7 kills max if they are decently matched. Its a lot of sound whoring, and literally crouching in one spot for up to 2 mins straight or more in between powerups/weapon spawns. Not for me. 


    The best thing overall is Arena because it will teach you teamwork, but like I said, FFA is good for when you can't find solid teammates and I have personally gotten a lot better overall by playing it recently.


    Of course all of this is about MM FFA in the playlist, so Im not sure if you would consider it over customs. I've found customs to always be lopsided and tend to take forever to organize and fill. You'll spend a lot of time in the lobby replacing people and waiting around for people to piss or get food. You can make some great settings for FFA (truth with no autos and a larger radar, increased strafe, etc.), but IMO its sort of a waste if you're trying to improve for any sort of tournies or general MM. Just my opinion though. Try the FFA playlist and grind it until its no longer confusing/frustrating. You may be able to get better settings in customs but MM FFA is more fun to me because you get games way faster than in customs and the matches are always tight in my experience.

  6. I actually just finished finding 100 games of Team Arena and marking the gametype.


    Out of those 100, 34 of them were competitive gametypes.


    20 slayer matches

    28 ctf matches

    25 strongholds matches

    27 assault matches


    The top 5 most common gametypes were


    1.) Fathom CTF (11)

    2.) Coliseum Assault (10)

    3.) Riptide Strongholds (9)

    4.) Torque CTF (7)

    5.) Torque Strongholds and Rig Slayer (6)


    Out of these 6 gametypes, 2 of them are competitive gametypes.




    Some other points of interest:


    Regret Slayer was played twice out of 100 times.


    Coliseum CTF was played once out of 100 times.


    Eden Strongholds was played once out of 100 times.


    Truth CTF was not found until the 23rd match.


    Empire Strongholds was played once out of 100 times.


    Eden, unbelievably, was played once out of these 100 matches. The 63rd match found was Eden Strongholds.


    Out of 12(?) possible competitive gametypes, six of them were found 0, 1, or 2 times.


    This is exactly the problem.


    It basically boils down to this - if my team gets on and we spend literally 5 hours grinding to "practice", we often go some nights without ever playing certain gametypes/maps. I know assault will be put into the Pro League, so playing that isn't too annoying. However theres NO way the current Assault settings will be used for the pro league, because they're shit. Everyone knows this.


    The problem is playing ANYTHING on Riptide or Overgrowth, because those should not and hopefully will not ever be considered for competitive play. Torque is good for slayer and would be good for assault if the settings were fixed. Torque CTF is very debatable. Its almost a good map but is just too damn long to play any OBJ on it seriously. You literally have to slay 4 cycles to cap/plant on that map. 


    Point is that I wouldn't mind playing Riptide/Overgrowth if it was just one out of every 10 games. Thats pretty generous IMO. They should at LEAST have a community vote for favorite maps and set weightings based on that. We'd see more Truth, Plaza, Eden, Rig, and Coliseum and far less Regret, Torque, Overgrowth and Empire. We would also see higher weighted gametype/map combos that are good and that people like. No more Empire Strongholds or Regret assault please.

  7. The overtime CTF rules need to be changed. Anyone else think the blue side of colosseum is easier to cap on? Someone should run some stats. Blocking blue cave is so easy. Allegiance wins game 1 who knows. But clg got a full replay and got their feet under them and remembered their clg.


    I really don't think that was a million dollar series but such is life, congrats.


    I think blocking Blue cave is MUCH easier because its way more difficult to bank grenades predictably into it. The back wall is also open whereas red cave is closed off which makes putting nades into Blue even more difficult. It seems almost impossible to kill the enemy blocker. I guess you could argue blue team has an advantage too though - they can jump up onto the top of Red Flag when pushing from elbow. You can jump up onto that little rock ledge (esp. huge with a push with rockets), but red team can't do it to blue flag.


    I just don't understand how these things are even an issue. It seems like simple logic that you can't have a two-base symmetrical map, but then have alterations to each base which give one team an advantage. Its fine for slayer but not in OBJ. I thought we learned this 12 years ago from H2 Beaver Creek. 

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  8. Honestly I agree that a double elim would have resulted in a much better finals match.


    As much as I wanted Allegiance to show up, its clear that they have not been the 2nd best team after the online qualifiers. I honestly don't think EG would have given any more of a fight though. The only other team that would have given a better series was Denial for the finals. Who knows. The whole point of double elim is that it reduces flukes and reduces bracket fucking yourself.


    Either way, CLG are undeniably the best team so in the end at least 1st place was right. It just sucks to see Allegiance scoop up 2nd even though they didn't deserve it IMO. The MVP should have been picked by casters or other pros... because like I always say - Naded really blew it this tourney.


    Theres a reason why he's never won a tourney in over 10 years of competing. He is just too inconsistent and I've NEVER seen a pro have so many bad games/neg bombs at such a high level. You could literally see him shaking his head, being quiet and full-out complaining on camera after every single death. You don't do that when theres 1 mill on the line. There were like over 15 games between Saturday and today where he went -10ish. Yet he gets MVP. I wanted to see him win the tourney but he just doesn't have the mental game required. 


    He completely ditched his stream for the last half-year for this tourney as well so it really confuses me why he even so many fans (combined with his poor tournament performance)  I'm not trying to hate on him either - these are just facts to me. Like I said, I want to see him overcome his faults but after 10 years of doing the same thing I start to doubt his capabilities.


    Last thing - its sad to say but I almost wish ALG would drop Naded and pick someone up that is more consistent. Its sad to see the talent (esp. Suspector) choked out by Naded personal issues and shortcomings.


    Where the FUCK is the giant check though? WTF.

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  9. I have a hard time believing Xbox One has more units sold than the 360 had 2.5 years into its life cycle.


    The 360 was a crazy seller in 2005-2008. Its partly why Halo 2-3 did so well.


    I honestly think Halo (and the whole Xbpx brand) should go to PC within the next 10 years. If you have any clue of the gaming business or economics you'd understand its Microsoft's best bet. Or MS needs to go back to selling the consoles at a loss and providing either unmatched pricing or exceptional hardware. Right now it has neither. PC is undeniably the best platform today. The PC market is also much bigger and is getting bigger exponentially. Read some news.


    Moving Halo and Xbox to PC would quite literally triple or quadruple Xbox's market reach.

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  10. Halo 4 actually had party restrictions in some of the "more competitive" playlists like Doubles, Throwdown and CTF. (Didn't have ranks or region lock though.


    I just don't like how they seem to not even try it. Same goes for "social" without strict mmr. Just test it. If it works out bad the community will say so and we can change it back. But can we try it at least please? :/

    Whats "Halo 4"?

  11. @@Sal1ent @@Deez good job on the decision loosen matchmaking skill restrictions.


    Now, coupled with this update, let's make the logical decision here and match teams of four against teams of four only. Teams of 3 + 1 vs Teams of 3 + 1. And Mixed Teams of 2/Solo's vs Teams of 2/Solo's.


    I really wish you guys would just give it a shot just so we can prove to you how well it works like it did in Halo 3. I'm pretty confident that you guys use some type of versioning software like Subversion or Git, so you can easily revert back these changes if they seem problematic for you. Just give it a try guys. :)


    Now that you allowed more skilled teams to find more games, a huge problem with the matchmaking system is that teams would constantly match solos and dominate them for easy wins. Now that the skill range extends even further, I can just tell that this will exponentially amplify that problem. The matchmaking experience would be far more enjoyable for everyone if the games were a lot more fair using this method. Yes, lower skilled teams will match higher skilled teams, but that's how teams used to get better in all the other Halo's. Constantly playing other teams to figure out their strategies and take on other teams. Solo players do not have this luxury.


    I really hope you guys consider it because I truly believe it will improve your game far more than you think. The matchmaking experience is extremely frustrating at times due to this issue, and it's indeed an issue. It's been talked about since week one.

    We've been asking for this since Reach, actually.


    The fact that they haven't implemented this yet after the constant feedback for 6 years straight is just mind boggling.

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  12. What's the catch


    Theoretically, skill and connection requirements have been slackened.


    So you're probably going to see a lot more to4 champs playing against Onyx players, or you'll start seeing much more lag. I'm willing to bet we're going to see many more EU vs NA lobbies, with server location being a huge deciding factor for which team gets screwed. I hope I'm wrong.


    I think we should see how this goes before we start getting overly excited. However, maybe there was some odd algorithm or fault in the system that they've fixed, so its possible we won't find any downsides to this change.

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  13. Halo CE was my gateway. It was a quick addiction, fun, playful.

    Halo 2 was my sweet cocaine, a high I'll never forget.

    Halo 3 was my crack, not nearly as good.

    Halo Reach was me giving BJs in the back alley and hating myself for said crack.

    Halo 4 was rehab where I finally said fuck it and walked away from the franchise for a while.

    Halo 5 is like acid, and although I both enjoy and fear it, I have no idea what the fuck is going on half of the time.

    Can we go ahead and vote this 2016's best post thus far?

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  14. When you play a bad game or you remember a questionable decision or play you made just go back and watch the film, you will train your mind what to do in that same situation the next time.


    Also it would benefit you a lot more to play custom games against people of your skill level or higher just because of factoring in wait times to get a match and the 50% chance of the other team being under your skill level or somebody lags out/quits, etc. Being in custom games you could game non stop and you can actively choose teams to make them fair or make sure people of certain skill are on your team or against you but unfortunately the competitive halo community doesn't grind customs like we used to in the halo 3/halo reach days so MM is your best option.


    The only problem with Halo 5 is that if you get bad teammates who make bad plays and you cant communicate with it makes it hard for you to see improvement or what you should of done in situations because if you had decent teammates that were actually playing for the win and not stats you would see what you're doing correctly as a teammate.



    Best quote I can ever give: Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect - "Walshy"


    I would seriously stay away from customs because you're more than likely going to be waiting over an hour to get them going. Finding and filling spots when people leave, people going AFC to get food and shit, picking teams and dealing with repicking every time the other team loses, having to get 2 different party chats going and then messing with chat lobbies each time someone leaves or switches teams... and so on. Customs can be a nightmare. MM in this game isn't perfect but will get you competitive games quickly. Inviting a bunch of friends and playing customs is far more likely to put you with/against people out of your skill level. Theres always that one guy who gets picked last and goes -12 every game, and then has to be passed from one team to another.


    The other major problem with customs is that the lobby was not selected via connection filters. So you coulda have 5 guys from northeast USA, two guys from texas, and a guy from California in the lobby. MM is much faster to just search alone or to find 3 friends to run with. Also not sure why you would think MM takes long to get games because on the east coast NA you get them in less than a minute without fail.


    Customs are a huge time sink but have their own advantages over MM, waiting time not being one of them. Customs are good for having control over the lobby. For example, my buddies used to run Coliseum Slayer 4 times in a row because we all felt we needed to practice it. 

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  15. It is 100% beneficial, even if youre searching alone when you can't find 3 people to team with. 


    Getting better at anything can be broken down into a simple formula:


    Skill = mindful practice X time spent practicing


    Its just as important to actively focus on what you are doing wrong or what you could improve on. Just grinding without being mindful isn't going to benefit you as much. On the other hand, only playing a few games a day isn't going to bring you enough exposure to progress in a meaningful way.


    Personally I pick one "skill" to focus on each time I grind the playlist. Sometimes I choose to really focus on paying attention to typical spawn patterns, or I'll focus more on helping team mates and paying attention to where they are, then the next day, I'll choose to focus on controlling power weapons, then the next I'll focus on individual stuff (like my shot, strafe, using/conserving thruster, etc.). 


    I do that because I find it overwhelming trying to improve everything at once. Playing Team Arena will also get you familiar with the flow of the gametypes.

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  16. So anyone else think assault is stupid as fuck in Team Arena?


    They either need to:


    - Lengthen respawn times

    - Shorten plant times

    - Increase bomb plant/reset radius

    - let bomb guy shoot.


    Because right now playing against top teams neither team can plant. Most games end 0-0 after 3 mins of overtime, or one team gets a random ass lucky/fluke plant.


    You literally have to slay all the way over to the enemy team's base while in a 3v4 (bomb cant shoot), then get in the tiny plant area, arm for several seconds (again in a 3v4) where the enemy is spawning right near you. Staying alive while planting is almost impossible because of the grenade spam.


    Its a giant shit show and you pretty much have to get lucky after 5-6 textbook perfect attempts. Again, Im playing with/against champ players and neither team can plant. On torque we slayed them THREE times during a single plant and still could not finish it. On Truth we slayed them FOUR times in a row but each time one guy would slip through and reset it before we planted. If a team goes 4 dead while the enemy team is near their base with bomb, that should 100% be a plant just like in any other Halo.

  17. Its not so much people giving up but more to do with people realizing that removing sprint in HALO 5 won't work. The sprint argument was hot when the game was in development because we felt the whole game could be changed to work without it.


    I think many of us have realized that sprint isn't what it was in Reach/H4. Its not game-breaking. In fact, its relationship with slide, jumping, thrusting, stabilizing, spartan charging and general movement is so integral to the games DNA. Now, YOU may not like this new ecosystem but you can't honestly say removing sprint is still the best option or even viable. People can say the maps were forced to be huge and segregated, but I'd argue Truth plays extremely well with all gametypes and isn't segregated at all. Sprint or no sprint, 343 seem to like maps like overgrowth or riptide which are massive yet maze-like. But thats not sprints fault. Now we know you can have good maps like Truth with sprint; they just need to be designed well.


    Just ONE example - You can't simply tie things like slide to thrust + crouch. Part of the meta thats evolved so players cant sprint, slide, jump, thrust. Or sprint, thrust, slide then jump etc. Keep in mind this type of movement is all based around the exact speed at which sprint reaches. The only reason any of the combos above work is because of the momentum and variability that sprint gives. You cant just rip out all those aspects of the meta mid-game, and segregate that frankenstein experience to one playlist like you're suggesting.


    Like I said, theres way more to it than that one example. I just can't type it all out right now.


    Even if removing sprint wouldn't somehow gut the entire game and force everyone to re-learn the movement system, 343 would never agree to an overhaul like that post-release. I can't believe Im sitting here and advocating for sprint, but its obvious at this point it should stay for THIS game.


    There are TONS of other solutions that are quick fixes and would benefit the game more than removing sprint at this point.


    and your response was:

    I wish I could not neg anyone for two weeks and throw them all at this one post.



    Hey Cooper, 


    Hows that Achilles?

  18. While I think the storm rifle is OP as fuck, I dont understand why people go after it without automatically (no pun intended) going after the SMG? The smg doesnt overheat, it is easier to aim, and it has a faster kill time.


    The storm rifle at least has some sort of meta going on with burst firing it. If you burst it just right you can actually kill them faster than just holding it. You also have to have restraint to not have it overcharge. You also have to lead it.


    Not saying the SR takes any amount of meaningful skill.. just curious as to why an even BETTER and EASIER SR, the smg, seems to slip under the radar (more bad puns).


    Seriously fuck BOTH those guns. All hail the 4sk pistol (with less autoaim)

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