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  1. Teammate 10feet up front of me and 3feet to the left, The sniper bullet Goes through his body and then into my head, Had no idea this was Wanted.
  2. I know, But it's just kinda BS that Where you get placed Ultimately Isn't in your control, You can go 10-0 and get placed in silver if they only placed you agisnt bronze opponents. Maybe if they had a Better matchmaking system in the 1st place as far as making games go... I Still say plat should be the highest you get placed, but certainly not onyx out of placements, To help prevent people getting put there only though a lucky placements. But i'm just complaining that doing the best i could possibly do i don't get the best placement due to RNG
  3. Wasn't my idea, Was just going into greater detail about what i think batchford ment.(If he didn't mean it that way then i take the credit!) Except Some cases like me where i don't have a mic, and i consider this a more competitive focused forum, and if there's one thing i learn in H3 Get a mic or take a hike if you want to play competitive... so im not going to ask anyone to play with someone without one. But considering i was able to go in solo 98% of the time in H3 and still have competitive games shows that the system should work, I can see this kind of matching system if there was only 20k people playing but i'm sure this close after release there's still plenty of population to hold a proper matchmaking system. UGH i need to stop jumping all the time, It's literally worthless in this game, H3 muscle memory... Also, keep seeing people getting put in onyx from placements, Gone 10-0 twice and got Diamond 1 each time... maybe i should try losing some to see if it'll place me higher?
  4. What i believe He's saying is. Say a Boss has 100 HP and Blue team Takes it down to 15 hp Before all dying Red team comes in and have to fight the Boss down from 100HP they take it down to 4HP before dying. Blue team comes back in, And has to finish off the last 15HP that they left it at, Before Red team can get down the last 4hp that they left it at. Essentially Two bars, one for either team meaning to the kill your team has to deal 100% of the boss HP before the Enemy team does 100%
  5. My Main problem with it is the noise it makes. Earlier today i was going across snipe spawn and a loud buzzing was going on that made it hard to hear anything else, had no clue what it was, only solution was to leave the area. Saw the video and realized what it was. Also, Glad it's not just me, but the sniper is way to easy to use, I mean, i can actually be good with it!
  6. Gt: Deathlos Duh Denton county.
  7. Deathlos Duh MM(Mic is broken so won't punish people doing customs. NA(CST)
  8. They obviously Made it Flag since they wanted the Flagnum and they didn't want to code a bombnum. Now why do they want you to push into the enemy base in the 1st place... dunno not alot of logic behind it i can find.
  9. Getting 99lp is like the worse feeling ever... knowing your playing a whole game for 1lp.
  10. Group A: CLG exposed some serious flaws today, They tried to play like C9 and didn't seem to have the same coordination to pull it off, and got snowballed on because of it. Most likely going to see KOO and CLG advancing out of this group with the winner of their next match determining 1st place, Not to say there isn't place for upsets since we've seen FW > KOO and Pain > FW already. Group B: One of the best possible results today for C9, With IG winning and them winning means that they need to go 0-4 next week to not get at least 2nd seed.(Tiebreaker.) Prolly going to see Fnatic join them unless they go full tilt with 2 losses in a row, Doesn't help that FNC next game is Vs C9 as well. Group C: We all know its SKT and EDG making it out, the only question is will EDG win the next game for the tiebreaker and make things interesting? Group D: Origen almost as secure as C9 is, but they can be knocked out by going 0-3 with KT going 2-1 and TSM going 3-0, but with how the other teams are playing in this group, its not very likely. We've seen disappointing play from KT, TSM, and LGD, But with LGD being 0-3 they need to go 4-0 to make a spot, so they are pretty much out of contention. We are likely going to see KT join OG but there's a slight chance for TSM upsets. All in all, We will most likely See at least 2 NA teams and 2 EU teams making it out, which is really kinda good considering before this event the only western team they really gave anything to compared to eastern teams was FNC. P.S. C9 wins worlds, already scripted.
  11. Balanced.... God, LGD is almost 100% out of contention for getting outta groups, when they came in with people saying they are going to win worlds.
  12. Victorious Sivir... who woulda guessed
  13. Bad Pickban from LGD there, China And Korea doesn't seem nearly as dominate as most of the "analysts" predicted coming into this. KT vs TSM was a shitshow as well, KT was outclassed in Macro play, but TSM played like TSM having a weird P/B then starving out an Olaf on your own team, then terrible communication throughout the game. As it stands, It looks like OG and LGD make it out of group D, But at the moment out of all the groups I'd say that this group has the highest chance of variance since 3/4 teams have shown a very poor performance of themselves today. Now we get group C and another two stomps.... Wonder how group A going to play out today, but it seems like as predicted all the excitement is in B and D *Edit* 5mins in and Games already over BKT vs SKT. Guess S > B
  14. They could have developed Translation software implemented into the Spartans suites. I would mind if there was an option in gameplay that allowed you to turn them off... like 99% of the time i don't want them, but getting an animation at a bad time sucks 100% of the time. Yet, i wouldn't mind turning them on when I'm styling in warzone or some crap. In other news, In a world of "Immersion" my question is, why are all the UNSC bases scaled up so big height wise? I mean, we have spartans jumping 10feet that can't clear some of these obstructions and random 10-20feet drops everywhere. I mean they should expect someone other then spartans to use these buildings right?
  15. My Top 10. Most of them are old games. don't have much money to buy new games, and i only pirate games I've played before on general principles. 10: Monster Hunter (First one or GTFO) Basically the 1st game i put much time into, I love the game, but it makes 10 since the gameplay was a bit too easy. 9: League of Legends The competitiveness is what really gets me, i don't think i would be playing it otherwise. 8: Star Wars Battlefront My 1st Shooter game of any notice, Dumped countless hours into this as a kid. 7: Halo Combat Evolved Epic storyline and a Multiplayer that has withstood the ages. Would have made it higher if it was my 1st halo game i suspect. 6: Final Fantasy XI (75 cap or GTFO) IMO back when it was 75 it was basically the best done MMO, but that might be me looking though nostalgia glasses. *Don't know if it's agisnt the rules, So will go on to say i know a good private server, PM me.* 5: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion I really like the whole flow of this game, Its a great RPG, i just wish it had a party system, Epic companions make good games Epic. 4: Halo 3 My Debut into competitive gaming, dumped more hours into this then i care to think about, Just wish i could have attended one event, to confirm how bad i was... 3: Mass Effect 1 One of the only Shooters I'd give the title to as a good RPG(Never really got into the Fallout Series.) Deep storyline, Good companions, while still managing to maintain Freedom. 2: Dragon Age Origins Great storyline that made you feel like you where someone based on your action rather then being born into the power, Not to mention the fact that its one of the games that doesn't have a generic opening no matter what race/class combo you take. 1: Baldur's Gate (1&2 although im partial to 2) Really Disappointed that i haven't seen mention of this yet. In my opinion it's the definition of a RPG, And you can see how it molded several RPGs to come. The Freedom, Depth, and storyline is too good to pass up, not to mention the full fledged companions. Yes it's not perfect, but I'd say it reaches closest to perfections as any game has to that games Genre. Looking at this list im prolly partial to a good storyline, But I'd stay by my decisions
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