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  1. @@Deez at this stage is posible 2 player split screen campaign? (cap in 30fps)
  2. please remember @@Sal1ent we need a no sprint playlist in the first week (please no more wait 6 months for a playlist like h4, mcc)
  3. so we have to wait another month for ranks come to other playlists?
  4. the first thing the said about h5 was 1080p/60fps , is 343 we can trust them
  5. halo ce got it perfect ar+ pistol start , in case of h5 would be ar+br or ar+buffed pistol , @@Sal1ent in tmcc competitive players quit of ar/smg starts and casuals quit of br starts , but in ce nobody quits (except if they get crushed due bad rank/skill system) to summarize ar+ br starts with a good rank/skill system (and a hcs without sprint) = :goat:
  6. ce 2v2 with ranks hardcore + h3 mlg with ranks ce 4v4 playlist (for fun) if i get that shit ,i would be happy for a long time
  7. @@Sal1ent regarding 4 player split-screen ....is going to be in h5?

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