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  1. These guys are good and deserve a great, dedicated team mate. I ran games with them last night and wasn't up to par with what they were looking for. I can vouch for them though and say that with the right 4th, they have a chance to do big things. Thanks for giving me the opportunity guys. Only reply to Rolle if you feel you can seriously be a top 8 player, because with a good fit, they are well on their way there.
  2. What's up everyone. As the title says, I'm a free agent for HCS season 2 and I'm looking for a team to join. I have no LAN event experience but I've played in countless online tourneys and gb's for all Halo games and other competitive games (CoD, Gears, Shadowrun, Rainbow, etc). So, competitive gaming and the dedication it takes to succeed is nothing new to me. I run mostly support/objective but can play slayer if needed. Those are just the two main positions I feel most comfortable and confident with. Real quick though, I want to be real with everyone here. I'm looking for a team that knows it's going to take work to get to the top. A team that accepts constructive criticism, is mature about things, and doesn't rage complain when we lose a game or two. Team chemistry is above all else the most important attribute to winning matches. If you're on a team that thinks you're going to make top 8 after one week of playing together, please don't message me. I love the drive but we all know that's not going to happen. I play everyday from 8/9PM EST till 12/1 and anytime on weekends. 25 years old with a full time job living in MD. I want to start with online events but can pay my way to any LANs. If this sounds like something you're interested in please leave a message in this thread with your GT or send me a message on XBL. My GT is the same as my username: tackydub
  3. Hey there everyone. Recently, myself and one of my long time online friends decided to start up a team for Halo. We had a full squad, but two of them let us know that they really could not find the time to get on much due to having a busy life, which is perfectly fine, but together we all just felt we weren't able to practice consistently together and get the ball rolling. We had a mutal break up and now me and my buddy have moved on. We're looking for two dedicated guys that are ready to get a team together and see where this goes. I'll be honest because I don't like sugarcoating shit, but I know we're not going to do well right off the bat. Hell, we'll probably lose our first match of the next online tourney and be booted off that bat. That's not an issue though. To me, getting better comes with time and working together to build that teamwork and relationships is key to having a successful team. I know we're going to lose when we first start-it's inevitable. The fact of the matter is that we want to get some started, work towards being good together, and get our asses out there and playing. Kevlared (my friend) and I have been playing together on various competitive games for a long time (H2/3/R, Gears123, Shadowrun, Cod4, etc). Playing competitively isn't anything new. The types of players we're looking for are slayer or objective, doesn't matter, people who are dedicated, want to win, aren't going to complain and get distraught over losing a few games, and overall are cool people looking to have a good time playing some competitive halo. Send me a msg at my GT so we can talk more if you're interested. GT: tackydub
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