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  1. It's... a game. I thought he was already hired by someone. Didn't he get a bunch of offers immediately after the opportunity at 343 went away? Sorry if I'm misconstruing anything - I didn't follow the situation very closely.
  2. Working on a new game and slowly building a studio. It's going to be a while before we announce stuff though.
  3. Yeah, I'd like to see more transparency here, including takeaways from these council meetings. Obviously we won't be able to share everything that is discussed, there will always be confidential stuff that can't be disclosed until later, but whenever there is a decision or a key point of discussion it would be great to share this with the broader competitive community so people have insight into what is being talked about and how/why decisions are being made.
  4. We definitely talked about it (I may have been the one who brought it up) and there wasn't agreement amongst the participants that this would be a positive change. And to be fair, the pros haven't had a chance to play H5 extensively with radar off so they couldn't be confident it would work with the core mechanics of H5. This was a debate we had internally w/ pro team before the game's release and ultimately decided that the heightened mobility made players too hard to track without it, especially in objective games. The biggest problem with radar in the current game is how it limits the effectiveness of flanking. We talked about some potential solutions for future. I also asked the pros to spend some time scrimming without radar to see what they think of the way it plays in different modes/maps so we can revisit the discussion.
  5. Just catching up and wanted to respond to a post from a couple of days ago... None of this stuff is "off the table" for HCS. We are open to all feedback and looking to have the teams and pros play a more active role in helping shape the future of the sport. We just held the first of what will be a regular series of player council meetings with player reps from each of the top NA HCS teams to provide feedback and discuss improvements for Halo 5 and beyond. We flew players out to the studio for a couple of days where they met with the team, played the game, fed back on maps/modes and participated in a lengthy roundtable discussion on all aspects of the game including core mechanics/gameplay. Again, nothing was out of bounds for discussion. That said, there wasn't a push from the group for changes to core mechanics/settings. We were very direct in opening this up and pushing for feedback. It was discussed at length and the consensus amongst the group was that the game plays very well competitively in its current form. There was a lot of feedback related to improving the surrounding experience, additional features to help the game grow and thoughts on how to better structure the overall esports program, run events, etc. Our team takes this feedback very seriously. We took detailed notes from the visit and will be using them to help prioritize feature development and improvements to HCS, etc. The plan is to continue this direct engagement with our pro community on a regular basis and we'll be rotating participants to vary player representation at these councils and bring more international perspective into the mix as well. Bravo, Tashi, Quinn or I will put together a blog to talk more about these efforts in the not-so-distant future.
  6. To be clear, it's a new feature that will provide similar functionality to a custom game browser, extending the existing file browser. It's something we've wanted to build for years and managed to get done as part of our ongoing support for the game. We'll be talking in more detail as we near release, but yeah it's pretty megaton for Halo and will be a great addition on both PC and console.
  7. It's definitely not working as well as we would like and it's something we know we need to keep working on. It's just not as easy to solve from a technical & experiential perspective as you might assume. It's something we're committed to improving though. I check Beyond weekly and post on here from time to time, as well as conversing via PMs. Last post was in late May.
  8. Pretty sure you can pull them in the public API. We don't display in game because people tend to focus on them too much and it can impact player behavior as a result. Also, the methodology isn't consistent game to game so it leads to inaccurate comparisons. Even trying to compare XBL position is pretty meaningless because player distribution over time has changed so much. The main thing is, are people playing and are they having fun? How do we impact those things to ensure that we provide the best play experience for the most people? That's our goal. Anyhoo, my flight is taking off. TTYL!
  9. Not an excuse. H3 numbers were still higher, no doubt. Just letting you know that the numbers aren't directly comparable. BTW, loved you in Snatch.
  10. H3's counter included every GT logged in on menu screens, including guests. H4 counted consoles (1 per each) in active MP sessions. Totally different data methodologies. But carry on...
  11. I've been here the whole time, lurking and responding to PMs. The team is working on a big update for file browser. We want to make sure it's solid and works with content across both platforms before rolling it out. We'll have more info to share as we near release. Yes. The nature of the experience (shared Forge content across XB1 & Win10) means we need to maintain both and keep them up to date & in sync with one another.
  12. We are giving players the ability to play full custom games to test their Forge creations on PC. Because Forge supports and builds upon existing Arena content, that includes the same maps and modes that are available in Arena on XB1. The intent of the experience is to allow Win10 users to Forge more effectively w/ keyboard and mouse and test their creations on PC before publishing to Xbox One. As such, there is no support for matchmaking or server browser. You will need to invite friends into a session through LIVE.
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