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  1. sadly we couldnt participate so ill hit you up today maybe
  2. krazer we could use a dedicated teammate for online events. we cant do LANs cause its to expensive
  3. feel free to add me and ill see what we can do today in the afternoon im in collage atm
  4. Me and my friend would like to join and team. we have both been playing since H3 hit me up and ill reply when i i have free time.
  5. I also wont be online till 3pm MTN time
  6. I have a TO2 if your interested. just hit me up on XBL Amplicityy. also how long have you played and etc.
  7. I am interested In this i have another friend that has been my teammate since H3. so hit me up on xbox and ill see what we can work out. also is the pass covered for everyone on the team or just you? GT: Amplicityy
  8. Hey there everyone, I am Amplicityy and I am looking for another 2 players to compete in HCS Season 2. Me and my friend llRocky are both experienced Halo players since Halo 3. llRocky hasnt competed at any LAN Tournaments but I have, I have competed in 2 MLG events both being FFAs and 3 Local events and won 1st place in both of them. Although my friend hasnt been to LAN events he is still a all round good communicator and teammate just like my self. If you are interested please message me on xbox or my friend. GT - Amplicityy Location: Colorado GT - llRocky - the "ll" are L's Location: Washington I myself Amplicityy will not be on until 3pm or 4pm MTN time to respond to messages. Thanks! :halo:
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