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  1. In the MCC friends list menu on the righthand side: Select your gamertag > player details > file share > gametypes (move down to select) then you can browse through your temporary/private files and select one to upload to your fileshare. I would very much like to get my hands on an instant respawn gamteype, so if you get a chance to upload it let me know. Much appreciated!
  2. I do not enjoy watching Fortnite, and I never watch Ninja. But his channel popped up as a recommended channel, so I hopped in for 2 minutes and I'm rewarded with Ninja sharing a hilarious Halo story
  3. can anyone point me to a H3 jump map on MCC? I see Royal 2 and others playing them a lot but don't know where to look or who's fileshare
  4. Snip3down vs Lethul will be awesome, and hopefully the BTB match will be as well. It's so cool to watch out-of-the-norm matchups instead of just Team A vs Team B all the time. Really makes me wonder why they stopped doing All-Star matches. East vs West in Halo 3 back in the day was so fun to watch.
  5. Royal 2 is underrated as a streamer. If you want to be entertained, tune in to him trying to get part the first jump on a jump map. Edit: nvm he just quit. Rip
  6. It's funny you say that because I double-checked HCS wikipedia, and DH ATL wasn't listed on that one. lol
  7. Not sure if you didn't read my post or if you're trying to tell a riddle. Tox won the last two H5 events, and the first H3 grassroots event.
  8. So if Tox wins this next event with Royal 2 returning to the team, they will have won 4 consecutive "major" Halo LANs, across 2 different Halo titles, with 3 different rosters. Anyone know the last time that happened? lol This is a rhetorical question because I'm pretty sure it's never actually been done. Yes I know competitive H3 today isn't near what it used to be, but it's still pretty impressive nonetheless.
  9. I wish there were more maps for H2A, because I feel like that's a decent middle ground between H3 and H5. Feels like a classic Halo in terms of movement/setups/weapons (screw nade hitmarkers and weapon timers) while not having BR spread like H3 does. IMO the CLG vs EG matchups in H2A were some of the most entertaining Halo series ever.
  10. Your boy Boss Jxrge about to get his career ended by sQ on the feature station. Don't judge me. No matter what happens I love you guys.
  11. So my team (You Gotta Jump Off With That Man) came in with like the 36th seed and a first-round bye. Finally at 6pm we got to play our first and only match of the day, and we won 3-0. Our next match is vs sQ tomorrow morning lol. Wish us luck.
  12. This happened to me on Heretic as well. I pulled the flag, threw it up towards Carbine and it got reset immediately.
  13. Has the audio for MCC H3 gotten worse or something? I feel like having Astros back in the day gave you a pretty big advantage, and now I can hardly hear people going up a lift or footsteps. Am I going crazy
  14. So I hear we can embed Twitch clips now? Might as well post this classic then. BTW I came across this channel a few weeks ago, they just stream old MLG Halo tournaments. Good stuff.
  15. Very curious to see what the prize pools are for these HCS events, and whether or not MLG will be involved. Santa if you're browsing this thread right now, I'd love a $1 million open Halo 3 tournament at MLG Arena in Columbus. Thanks.
  16. I'm still going to "accidentally" neg rep people though. Gotta be real passive aggressive.
  17. Shit. I meant accidental neg repping lol. AKA the classic 'accidental neg' posts
  18. ayyy no more accidental neg repping? nice that should reduce the amount of useless posts in a thread by about 30%
  19. While I don't disagree with a lot of what you're saying, Halo 4 was popular with a lot of people. And the ratings, which I really can't begin to fathom: Halo 4 was, in my mind, undoubtedly the worst game in the Halo franchise. Only time I ever stopped playing Halo. But with many, H4 was a popular game and although I haven't looked up total sales or anything, from launch it was a financial success. Seriously how did anyone enjoy Halo 4
  20. Tox vs SQ happening round 3 right now https://www.twitch.tv/masoncobb
  21. Since we're all bashing UGC right now, I feel like I should contribute my fair share. I got asked last-minute to fill in as a sub in the first online qualifier last week. Round 1, the second map was Guardian oddball. Partway through the game, teammate #1 purposely (without warning the rest of us) does the ball glitch on elbow, where you can throw it down a crevice or something and it just sits there until it resets. Doesn't really seem like a glitch because it's a spot on the map and you can't actually hold the ball there so we weren't getting time or anything like that. Basically just an extended play-ball. Anyways we end up coming back to win the game, so obviously the other team reports us for "cheating". Of course, there are no rules in UGC's rulebook or whatever that say anything about ball glitching on Guardian. Nothing (at the time of the first qualifier at least). So my team is also talking to a UCG rep at the same time the other team is, and this ref just tells us to replay it. Because why not just make up replay rules on the spot, no big deal. So we agree to replay, and at this point we actually have motivation to win (the other 3 guys just needed me as a 4th so they could get points for showing up). And I shit you not, less than a minute into the replay, teammate #2 goes to play the ball on elbow and accidentally does the ball glitch again because he didn't actually know where the glitch location was. The 3 of us were shook, couldn't believe he actually did it. The game was ended, the other team just assumed the win, and we got first-rounded lol. Don't get me wrong, if I were on the other team I would think some seriously shady stuff was happening, and I realize my team looked bad for letting it happen a second time. But my point is, HAVE A COMPLETE RULEBOOK.
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