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  1. I am down to run games and see how we messh together. I am able to travel for events if it came to that as well. Good coomunication and consistent call outs as well. GT Legends9001
  2. Hey, nice post. I am looking for the same goals and mindset. I have placed top 40 teams since 2007, Thats not amazing, but I am a dedicated player with great team communication. Team shooting a plus as well. Can add me anytime. GT Legends9001
  3. I'm down as well for possible teaming. Been competing well , least in top 64 teams since 2007. I'd love to run customs and set the strat to see what we can do together. GT Legends9001
  4. Gamertag: Legends9001 Customs/MM: HCS Halo 2 anniversary Region: USA Looking to find players to mesh well with, and possible start a team.
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