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    Film Discussion

    Years almost over Infinity War was the most lit of 2018
  2. In an alternate universe -halo 3 -Halo:Reach still exists -they come up with halo 5 instead of halo 4 -they don't make a MCC, but instead a full h2 anniversary -then a halo 3 anniversary -then they announce halo:infinite does online population get better or worse? or stay the same sales? competitive/tournament scene? how's the community over all look?
  3. cordyceps

    Film Discussion

    but you do see Jason and the monstersyou see demons through evil dead I understand the twist you're getting at but Tom hardy becoming venom at the end wouldn't be the twist if you already know he's venom think spawn more so than anything else big fan of Tom hardy tho besides Christopher waltz probably my favourite actor atm
  4. cordyceps

    Film Discussion

    okay. name a Friday the 13th or nightmare on elm street movie where he doesn't kill someone in the first 20 or name an evil dead movie where the demons only show up at that end spittin off nonsense
  5. it's money in their pocket you know? they were so obsessed with not "separating" the community and forcing their new halo down our throats they missed an opportunity to make more money I think it would've brought back more fans a lot of us moved on
  6. I don't know who's tweeting that, but do they know how much a fail the master chief collection was/is?
  7. cordyceps

    Film Discussion

    i just want to see the venom fuck shit up horror movies is a bad example considering you see the monster through out the entirety of the movie if it didn't show up til the end you'd have nothing to be afraid of
  8. I'm still wondering why 343i/Microsoft never gave us a true halo 2 and/or halo 3 remake do they not like money?
  9. cordyceps

    NHL Thread

    another shoot out... >_>
  10. cordyceps

    Film Discussion

    The cheesiest scene has to be princess leia in space I shrug that shit off tho I'm a fan of the universe. Not really concerned with the story goes anymore
  11. cordyceps

    Film Discussion

    The quote is a scene from fan boys It's like some starwars fans have forgotten that there's some quirky stuff going on in the old movies But that's part of their charm
  12. cordyceps

    Film Discussion

    There's some dumb, pointless stuff in this movie, but it was far more entertaining than episode 7 Only watched episode 7 once(in theatres) never bothered with it again And can't finish rogue one on Netflix I separate these new movies from the original trilogy for good reason I don't like to views these as canon But it was nice seeing yoda and some homage to the old starwars. This film captured those moments better than the previous 2 did
  13. Did this years ago and switched to fgs Even though I spent countless house with the halo campaigns and h3 online I prefer playing fighting games now, especially sf4 which I consider a fscoure over halo now I don't understand why Msft didn't give the fans a true halo remaster and then release an h3 anniversary Why does msft want to push down the need halos down our throats? They would have made a lot of money and each game would have probably sustained their own population just like how CoD is Tl;dr Switched to fgs and now prefer sf over halo Why didn't they give us a true halo 2 remake and a halo 3 anniversary
  14. The first time I listened to com truise And the first time @@hapaxlegomena Showed me Nil Admirari
  15. can u un-pin and pin thc plz
  16. yeah it was more jazz/lounge where as now he still carries those influences, but it's more electronic/edm
  17. Same and same My favorite track on that album And black sands is my favourite from all of his stuff He's quite consistent He keeps his sound, but adds something to each album It's interesting to hear his stuff from the early 2000s to now You can tell the difference between the production quality Not always the best at articulating myself, but if you listen to bonobo youd know what I mean lol really liking nmesh right now Sucks Google play don't have pharma on it Listened to about half of it on YouTube I'll finish it when I get the chance tho I'm still bumpin curry
  18. Don't think it's better than black sand or north borders Probably somewhere in the middle of all his work There's a couple gooders on it tho
  19. Ferguson vs McGregor Or McGregor is the worst feather weight and light weight champ of all time
  20. cordyceps

    NBA Thread

    I don't watch enough basket ball You'd have to tell me But Toronto needs more fixes than over spending on one players who sounds mediocre

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