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  1. Is that the first successful Runway flag run we've ever seen in Pit CTF?
  2. Mirror, mirror on the wall, Is this not the most perfect out-BR of them all?
  3. Watching 2Gre's stream right now makes me feel better about my MCC CE pistol. Holy shit, those guys are eating.
  4. I'm guessing you didn't watch a lot of BO2 or CoD4, did you?
  5. We just spent the last half decade playing with Halo 5 and 4. I don't think we can throw stones in that regard.
  6. They did the exact same thing on the exact same map earlier today to Splyce too. Nuts. Even when Optic's not on stream, the numbers are still huge. BO4 is just a much better spectator experience than the last few CoDs, especially WW2.
  7. Neighbor, Flame, Mikwen and someone else (not sure who) are running games right now. Edit: Fourth is Maniac. Also, someone needs to post the hurricane Roy gif, then it'll really feel like the good old days.
  8. One Reach win, one H2A win and a bunch of Halo 5 wins will never be greater than wins in CE, 2 and 3, at least by my reckoning. Royal 2 is an amazing player and CLG/Optic/Tox was dominant in Halo 5, but it's Halo 5. Are we going to start putting Splyce players in the top thirty/twenty too?
  9. I understand why people don't like Pit TS, but I'll always love it for Str8 vs TD Dallas 08 Finals.

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