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  1. Goldenboy may have won BTB, but Walshy will always win the banter battle. Absolutely fried.
  2. The day that my Halo 3 ODST MP disk got scratched in a way that made it unable to load High Ground and Isolation was a god send for my TS 50 journey. I actually got FRs because I could force the game to not choose either one.
  3. If you can answer, are they aware of the actual causes or are they aware of the "acceptable to MS/343i internal politics" causes? Because we've seen some truly ignorant shit out of them over the last half decade plus regarding Halo.
  4. My first thought when I read the price tag was "Thank God I'm a Halo fan first and foremost". I have no idea how they justify that price tag. The only time most COD streams break 40k is when Optic is playing or during Grand Finals. Hell, I'm pretty sure 25 million is more than the combined prize money for every major Call of Duty tournament ever. And the whole city based vs team based concept is just bad. You're blowing up the entire scene's history with that move.
  5. Not necessarily. I held my own just fine against M/K on H2V.
  6. Who's STK Dominator Walshy is playing with? Also, Walshy just beat wholesale ass.
  7. Is that the first successful Runway flag run we've ever seen in Pit CTF?
  8. Mirror, mirror on the wall, Is this not the most perfect out-BR of them all?

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