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  1. His Twitch views are always pretty good from what I've seen, Apex or Halo.
  2. Blood and Wine alone for $10 dollars is ludicrously good ROI
  3. I want to be wrong, because I like Faze, but C9 has the same swarm mastery they did in H5. They play as a team so well.
  4. Shame this is probably going to be a quick 3-0 because C9's just too good.
  5. Between Stasis and the fact that only hand cannons and shotguns are viable weapons 95% of the time, it's cancer.
  6. Lol, Walshy really could have been Nadeshot. MLG was just too far ahead for the times.
  7. Gotta play off of the nearly two decades of watching Steelers get demolished by Tommy, though. Mac hasn't even played them yet.
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