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  1. Yeah, I ran the Alpha on my 2070 Super and 3600x and it ran like absolute shit. On a series X with the same 100FOV and performance, it runs cleanly.
  2. This feels like playing launch Halo 3 AR/Pistol starts again, except you can't find a BR to save your life (literally)
  3. It really not. Shots don't register from pink 2 to car 2 on Midship in MCC H2 That's exactly how MCC H2 looks to me.
  4. Oh yeah, for sure. I don't even bother with H2 in MCC because of how infuriating it is. CE is a roulette of "will I be able to kill anything this game".
  5. I thought the hit reg just got an update? I know since mid-November my shots have registered the best they ever have in any iteration of Halo 3.
  6. Since SBMM was implemented not really. We mitigate it by playing Demolition, which has a lower population (and is my favorite CoD gamemode anyways, so win win), but it's still there. It's ironic given BO2 mastered this problem 8 years ago. I'm okay with some SBMM, but it should be there to keep humans larping as meatsims away from people with opposable thumbs, not causing the equivalent of gamebattles every match. To clarify, on paper, we did not deserve to win all 47 of those games. We won some games by literally throwing bodies on points and capping them in ugly fashion out of desire to keep the streak alive. I don't have any issue playing people on my level. My friends, who are 100% not on my level, have serious issues with playing the people on my level SBMM populates the other team with, because it heavily weights off of the best player and there's a wide gap between top 2% players and where my friends hang. Truly high level CoD, as in MLG/CWL/CDL rulesets is actually surprisingly fun as long as you can get everyone to agree to follow the rules. Maybe it's just the fact that I play nothing but Demo, Hardpoint, CTF and HQ, but I never feel like CoD is campy for the most part. I certainly don't play it campy. Amusingly enough, going into to social slayer in Halo 3 with 5 players and having a random person be on the other team was actually pretty fun.
  7. I've got a lot of CoD playtime. 5th prestige in CoD4, BO1 and BO2, didn't put as much time into MW2/3/Ghosts, but still played them a good deal. Prior to AW, you got pretty random experiences. Some lobbies, you slapped. Some lobbies, you got slapped. Some lobbies were sweaty as fuck. The randomness was a benefit, not a problem. You could stay or go at your leisure. That guy on the other team's talking shit? Stay in the lobby and kick his ass again next game. Now, I can't play with certain friends because it pulls in people I can go toe-to-toe with but whom obliterate my friends. I've got a single friend, out of double digit IRL friends who play MW, who is over 1.00. I'll never get my friends to try to match that 47 game HQ win streak we put together in BO1, because that means playing clones of me every game, and they don't find getting lasered cross map constantly fun. Also, unrelenting aggression is the optimal CoD strategy for sure. I do not understand why everyone claims MW is built for camping, because the combination of tac sprint, dead silence and an ADS optimized weapon is lethal as fuck, especially with peaker's advantage in your favor.
  8. I'd rather play v7 Reach over Halo 4 any day. TU Reach is about as bad as Halo 4, they're just bad in different ways. Yep. It's utterly terrible.
  9. I've been playing Halo 4 to get battlepass points to unlock something. Holy god, I'd forgotten how bad this game was. The fact that a perk is needed to pick up grenades is just mindblowing.
  10. CDL lost a lot of player spots. There's a bunch of talent scrambling for a team right now. Frosty wasn't bad at MW, but he wasn't the force of nature he is in Halo either. Combined with the rumored cost cutting in salaries, I'm not shocked.
  11. That tweet 100% happened, I remember it. Summer 2011, if I recall correctly. There was a lot of poor takes by pros around that time regarding bloom. 2Gre's team was solidly on top, though, so it makes sense he wanted continuity. On an unrelated note, anyone got the MLG Dome map in MCC PC? Not the Octagon, but the one with half a crate and the A/B walls in the middle?
  12. Disclaimer: I got mine for free. I've got a V2. I like it a considerable amount more than the regular Xbox One controller. It feels less cheap, I don't have to use the garbage one sticks and the trigger stops are fantastic. Stick tension is nice. I'm enjoying it so much I went out and bought an adapter to use it on my PS4 as well. I don't use the paddles, I've been clawing since 2006 and prefer to continue on that way. Also, the swapable D-pad is nice. The rounded 9-square one (like the one on the X controller in the OP) is better than the regular 4 direction D-Pad.
  13. Given that CDPR's previous game is probably the best game of the last six years at a bare minimum, I highly doubt it'll be anything less than excellent.
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