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  1. I don't really buy the argument that having different timers for weapons depending on the map is a problem for new players/viewers. For viewers, that's what the casters are there for (or we could throw up a graphic with info like "Sniper - every 2 minutes" during the pre-game flyovers, which I love), and for players, honestly, Halo is not a difficult game to learn. Making it easier for people isn't going to be what brings in new fans, making it more fun and exciting is. To me, that means tuning each map to be as well-balanced and exciting as possible, not trying to make them all as same-y as possible in the name of simplicity. Also, I'd like to throw in my two cents in support of quicker timers on sniper, with less ammo per sniper to balance things (maybe I'll contradict myself here, though, and say that if we're reducing sniper ammo, it probably needs to be across all maps).
  2. Anybody have a schedule for this? When we start on Friday, what rounds what days, etc?
  3. The problem with that is bomb can't be "returned" like flag (aside from throwing it out on Shrine); how often does the bomb reset on Warlord without someone eventually getting a plant?
  4. That's a fair point, but there are way more leaps in logic getting from the written rules to what most of the players were assuming the rule was than there are getting from the written rules to the ruling made. The whole point of writing rules out is to eliminate the part where anything like the "common knowledge that it can take more than 1 player to complete an arm" needs to be considered. Maybe the rule is stupid, but if they wanted to include any of the other factors (bomb in circle, bomb has any time on it, etc.) they could have easily written them in.
  5. The way I read the rule and use common sense regarding the gametype, "actively arming" can only mean when someone is holding the bomb in the circle and it's actively counting the time (key word here being "active"). As for other "interpretations": It can't just be letting the bomb sit in the circle, because would you argue that it's being armed if you've just tossed it up, but no one has even started to arm it? That doesn't make sense. It can't mean "has progress to an arm," because you can throw bomb out (or even all the way across the map on Warlord) before it stops being partially armed, so that doesn't make sense. Obviously it can't be "returned" like in a flag game (aside from throwing it out of the map or letting the timer run all the way down), so there's no clear "end" to a bomb run. Maybe making up some kind of bomb "possession" ruling, where the defensive team touching the bomb ends the "run" (aside from being overly complicated), could work, but the rule says nothing about that. It seems like the rule is only trying to specify that if single guy is planting the bomb, starting before time runs out but finishing (on his own, in one continuous arm) after the game would end, it should count. Honestly, they might as well just toss that rule and say bomb and rule based on detonations. It would be way easier. Maybe the rule isn't terribly clear, but I don't really see another interpretation that makes sense.
  6. Ah, okay, wasn't sure that was ever the definite answer. Was hearing all sorts of nonsense like that Ace retired haha. Thanks!
  7. They probably thought you meant this Jessica Rabbit, given the Halo forum context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFO7T6F454o
  8. I would definitely be interested in something like this later on, too (hopefully MCC is cooperative by that point...). If you're willing to try something like this again, a bit more notice and I'll do everything I can to be there.
  9. Seconding all the thanks in this thread; I really enjoyed watching some competitive CE! Looking forward to more of these in the future!
  10. I disagree; wouldn't it be better to have these social platforms and systems figured out and 100% ready to go as soon as Halo 5 drops? There's going to be a huge marketing push around H5, and that launch window will be the best time to grab new fans. I wouldn't want to risk trying to figure out promotion strategies and/or launch anything else new when Halo has the most eyes on it. Work the kinks out now.
  11. I hate that the free agency period is not immediately after the first LAN. Obviously the LAN results are going to be what motivates the team changes, so why not let the team changes happen then?
  12. April Showers Mini-Hurricane Prediction: Str8 Sick -> Noble Black Someone booted from eXcellence (idk who) -> eLevate in Str8 Sick's place Ninja -> eXcellence (to team with Spartan) ***Bonus definitely-not-just-CLG-fan-wishful-thinking section*** Ola -> CLG Cloud -> Cloud 9 (just to make name stuff less confusing for viewers)
  13. So Ola isn't on C9 officially yet.... Formal, Enable, Ola, and LITERALLY ANYONE?
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