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  1. I would have sold off my X1 already if I didn't get it for $250 and have $300 store credit to spend. Got quite a decent amount of games from it :P But it sucks because the one thing I bought my Xbox for, I don't even want to play it anymore, like at all.
  2. IW has always dropped the competitive ball.
  3. Didn't expect much. They never have had decent playlist management anyways.
  4. Halo 4 cannot be salvaged. It can only be forgotten and ignored.
  5. Nobody knows what they are thinking, but Halo 4 will be a complete graveyard by the end of November.
  6. Make the DLC free. Problem solved.
  7. There are probably a lot of people still waiting to decide which platform to get the game on. Watch it surge right before release.
  8. Halo 4 will die completely as soon as CoD and Battlefield are released.
  9. Nothing can capture the feel that I get whenever I play CE-Reach. Halo has the certain feeling that is just so perfect and fun.
  10. Considering the new perks that are being added in next week I would say no.
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