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  1. bman

    Film Discussion

    Decade List to keep this thread alive: Upstream Color Drive The Tree of Life Hereditary Whiplash HM: The Forbidden Room, Good Time/Uncut Gems, Parasite, Mandy, Annihilation, Sorry to Bother You, First Reformed, Arrival, Take Shelter, Moonrise Kingdom, Tangerine, Spring Breakers,
  2. why does akawest post like a 60 year Qanon uncle
  3. can’t wait for the mental gymnastics in this thread
  4. bman

    Film Discussion

    top 5 favs of 2018: annihilation, first reformed, sorry to bother you, mandy, herditary. also good: leave no trace, roma, game night. still have a few to see but yeah
  5. wut? bernie supporter link please?
  6. bman

    Film Discussion

    wait where can i order it? need a more in detail review also
  7. bman

    Film Discussion

    @@Ender @hapaxlegemona
  8. bman

    Film Discussion

    i need the favourite now
  9. agreed except vegan lifestyle is not healthy. you can not get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs from strictly plant foods.
  10. yikes at that propaganda. veganism is the NWO
  11. if only I could get my teambeyond emoji back Jebaited <--- Pro player btw
  12. eating a plant based diet is the most un natural way of eating. we were put in nature to eat animals not plants. obviously some animals we aren’t meant to eat - sharks, wild predatory animals etc. you’re slowly killing yourself if you don’t eat any meat, dairy or organs. where do you get all your vitamins from? most plants are toxic and supply your body with anti nutrients.

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