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  1. bman

    Film Discussion

    Decade List to keep this thread alive: Upstream Color Drive The Tree of Life Hereditary Whiplash HM: The Forbidden Room, Good Time/Uncut Gems, Parasite, Mandy, Annihilation, Sorry to Bother You, First Reformed, Arrival, Take Shelter, Moonrise Kingdom, Tangerine, Spring Breakers,
  2. bman

    Film Discussion

    top 5 favs of 2018: annihilation, first reformed, sorry to bother you, mandy, herditary. also good: leave no trace, roma, game night. still have a few to see but yeah
  3. bman

    Film Discussion

    wait where can i order it? need a more in detail review also
  4. bman

    Film Discussion

    @@Ender @hapaxlegemona
  5. bman

    Film Discussion

    i need the favourite now
  6. if only I could get my teambeyond emoji back Jebaited <--- Pro player btw
  7. bman

    Film Discussion

    LuL - the horror genre has been good lately, though.
  8. bman

    Music Thread

    Age Of is pretty dope
  9. bman

    Film Discussion

    https://twitter.com/RaminSetoodeh/status/996148511988039681 @@Ender
  10. damn @@Rick has a great bracket especially if he didn’t pick TN to win
  11. bman

    Film Discussion

    the florida project got snubbed and i will not stand for it especially after tangerine got no love 2 years ago
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