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  1. We are discussing how to handle political threads going forward - until then we will not be allowing political discussions on the forum and this thread will remain locked.
  2. Welcome Beyond competitors! In case you missed it, we've recently made some major updates to our community and tournament platforms. In addition to a new coat of paint, we've also introduced new features to help streamline tournament registration for our regular players. Below is a brief breakdown on how to sign up and participate in our free-to-enter competitions. How to Register Beyond promotes all of our events on a month-to-month basis. To keep up to date with signups and tournament announcements, join our community Discord server and follow us on Twitter for the latest news and info. You can also browse all of our current offerings straight from the tournament landing page. After locating your tournament of choice, simply select "Join the Tournament" to begin creating a team! Joining the tournament will lead you to a team creation page, where you may select an appropriate team name, choose your gaming platform (for cross-platform tournaments), and invite teammates to complete your roster. In order to invite a teammate, they must have a registered account on the tournament site. After completing this form, you are almost ready to secure your spot in the bracket! Finalize Roster & Check-In In order to secure a spot in the tournament bracket, your team must meet the following requirements: Complete Roster (i.e. for a Rocket League 3v3, both teammates must accept their invitation to create a 3/3 roster) Updated Contact Info via your Tournament Profile Check In Before Scheduled Bracket Start If your teammates do not have an account at the time you join the tournament, or if you must remove/add new team members at a later time, you can locate your team page from your profile to edit your roster and invite additional teammates. Your teammates will receive notifications for any invites that are sent their way. Below is an example of a completed 3v3 team roster. All players have accepted invites and updated their PSN ID contact info. Once you have a completed roster, your team captain must click the Check In button, and you will be set to compete at the designated bracket start time! REMINDER: Check-In closes 15 minutes before each scheduled bracket start. If the tournament begins at 7pm EST, you have until 6:45pm EST to finalize your roster and check in to the bracket. After registering and checking in your team, make sure to read over the tournament rules and details to fully understand match schedules, tournament procedures, and specific rules per each competition. With this, you should now be up to speed with our new registration system! Make sure to check in for each new tournament in 2019—good luck, have fun!
  3. After many long months of crafting and testing new features behind the scenes, we are excited to finally deploy the newest and largest platform update to date for TeamBeyond.net. We would like to thank our entire community for helping us reach this point — whether you are a Day 1 forum member or an ASTRO tournament competitor, you've helped shape and improve Beyond throughout the years. The first thing you'll notice is the new look and feel of the Forum and Tournament platforms—Beyond has a new coat of paint! The community forums will feel more responsive, and also now feature new embedding options and emoticon reactions for posts. On the tournament front, we've optimized the platform for mobile devices and added extensive notification options to relay your tournament information to you as fast as possible. Additionally, we are excited to implement a long-awaited check-in system that will remove the frustration of not being able to secure a spot in your bracket of choice. Below is a breakdown of the new features, changes, and updates: Overall Additions & Features In case you missed it, check out our newly updated home page for tournament schedules, news, and VODs! 2-Factor Authentication option (Google Authorization or Authy) for all members to enable under account settings. SSL implementation forum-wide. Community Forum Twitch Streams & Twitch Clips Auto-Embedding in threads. You can now update or change your reputation choice on a post (No more accidental neg rep!). Emote reactions to posts now available (i.e. Discord reactions). Improved navigation on desktop. Improved responsiveness of username tagging in posts and threads. Improved responsiveness of embedded Twitter posts and YouTube videos. Recently used devices information available for all users under account settings. Beyond Tournaments Design overhaul, updated look and feel across entire tournament platform. Required Check-in feature added across all bracket tournament formats (excluding FFA) to prevent incomplete teams from camping a tournament slot. Brackets now viewable and responsive on mobile devices. Joining a Tournament now streamlined and responsive on mobile devices. Inviting teammates now streamlined on mobile devices. Reporting scores now responsive and streamlined on mobile devices. Extensive notification options overhaul for Beyond Tournaments. Please enjoy the new site design and features, and be sure to leave any thoughts and comments in our designated feedback forum!
  4. Today we're excited and proud to announce that Beyond Entertainment has officially been acquired by Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming to help bring our community bigger and better tournaments! Read more: http://teambeyond.net/logitech-acquires-beyond-entertainment/
  5. Have any feedback or ideas for Beyond? We want to hear from you! Feel free to let us know what you would like to see from the team!
  6. A brief announcement for the Beyond community: We have just recently cancelled all recurring payments from our Premium forum members. As we move forward with lots of exciting plans for this year, we'll be putting our Premium program on the shelf for the time being as we shift focus towards other areas of the site. In the future, we hope to be able to reintroduce cool offers and features for our most toxic dedicated community members. If you are a frequent forum poster and have had a Premium subscription in March 2018 - April 2018, please send a private message to @@CyReN or @@Infinity so we can extend your premium membership through the end of the year (Monday - December 17th, 2018) for FREE. We have a lot of exciting plans for the remainder of the 2018 and the future, and we can't wait to share more. From our Premium Tournament competitors to the first forum contributors, we'd like to thank everyone for your incredible support throughout the evolution of Beyond. - Beyond Staff
  7. If you are a Free Agent looking for a Team your post should follow these guidelines in order for people to see your max potential! - Your gaming Alias and Event History (If Any) - What Events you were looking to compete at (Example - AGL Knoxville ) - Post your contact info so people can contact you to run games ( Gamertag, Twitter, etc ) and anything else you see fit to include about yourself.
  8. If you are a member of a Partial team and you are looking for 1 or 2 teammates - You should follow these posting guidelines. - Post which events you are looking to form your team for - Post the Names of you and your teammate(s) - What type of player(s) you are looking for to fill the open positions on your team - A method of contact interested players have to contact you outside of this forum ( Gamertag, Twitter, etc - A method of contact interested players have to contact you outside of this forum ( Gamertag, Twitter, etc )
  9. Looking to play Halo 5: Guardians customs and matchmaking with forum members from Europe? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  10. Looking to play Halo 5: Guardians customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  11. Looking to play Halo 5: Guardians customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  12. Hey guys, What an amazing run Halo 2: Anniversary has run with 2 successful season so far, congrats to Evil Geniuses on winning both Season 1 and 2 this past weekend. With that said, Halo 5: Guardians seems to have a ton of potential moving forward for the competitive community, from the long awaited spectator mode being implemented into the series, and a strong focus on Arena style Game-play this time around. We would like to gauge the community on what we all would like to see happen next as we make the transition into Halo 5 eSports for 2015 / 2016. We ask you guys to please be honest and respectul, we want this feedback to hopefully be vital for 343i and the competitive community moving forward. Everyone has the same goal at the end of the day, we all want Halo to get back on track as one of the most competitive and popular titles.
  13. Today marks the second anniversary of the launch of the TeamBeyond.net website. It’s crazy how far we’ve come within a few short years, thanks to the support of the community and everyone who contributes on the Beyond Entertainment staff. In the span of two years we have had the privilege of partnering with incredible companies such as ASTRO Gaming and Major League Gaming, while also working with the amazing people over at 343 Industries, Elgato Gaming, Twitch, and more. We are all incredibly grateful for the support we have received from both the Halo community, as well as gamers as a whole. From people being active on our forums, to those interacting with us through social media and livestreams, everyone has helped contribute to our amazing growth over the past two years: Pageviews: 35,000,000+ Views Site Visitors: 3,000,000+ Unique visitors Homepage: 1,300+ Articles Members: 13,000+ Members (450,000+ Posts) Twitter: 40,000+ Followers Youtube: 18,000+ Subscribers (300+ Videos) Facebook: 10,800+ Likes Twitch: 4,500+ Followers (20+ LIve Shows) E3 is just a few weeks away; things are starting to pick up once again now that HCS Season 2 is underway, and Halo 5: Guardians news is right around the corner. Let’s once again hope for another great year ahead! Thanks again to our amazing community for all the support we have received throughout these two great years. – Beyond Entertainment Staff
  14. THANKS FOR VOTING - RESULTS HERE -------------------------------------- Now that the Halo 5: Guardians Beta has been released to the public we are launching an official Poll in this thread. 343 Industries has stated many times that they are looking for direct feedback about the Halo 5: Guardians Beta, so lets make it easy for them. It is very important that you vote and let your voice be heard, not many communities receive the opportunity to influence how their favorite game is shaped. Because this poll is so large the thread will be locked, but you will still be able to vote. You need an account to vote - you can register for free here. Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Discussion Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Feedback Thanks, Beyond Entertainment Staff
  15. Feel free to ask to change your usernames here, you can change your username every 3 months.
  16. Looking to play Halo 5: Guardians matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  17. Looking for Scrims on customs with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  18. Looking to play Halo's campaigns with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  19. Looking to play Halo 2 Anniversary customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  20. Looking to play Halo 4 customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  21. Looking to play Halo 1 customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  22. Looking to play Halo 2 Classic customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  23. Looking to play Halo 3 customs and matchmaking with forum members? Post your Gamertag: Customs/MM: Region:
  24. As many of you noticed over the weekend (or at other times) that our site can be very slow at times, in the last year or so we have grown a lot and have maxed out our server size with our current hosting party. In the coming days we will be upgrading our severs once again to fix the issue and give you guys a more reliable experience during peak times. With the new servers come new costs, TeamBeyond.net has been a hobby for a lot of us on Staff to help give some of the Halo community a true home they deserve. We love maintaining the forums and giving you guys the latest reliable news and information all in one spot. The upgrade should be happening in the upcoming days. The server transfer should take 24-48 hours maximum. If would like to support the TeamBeyond.net community and help offset our new upgrades, please check out the information below: or Sign Up For Premium (1 Time Fee of $25) Disable Adblock Thanks again for all the support, if you have any questions feel free to ask. -Staff
  25. Here's a list of items that people can use for their content, everything from Beyond Intros to Watermarks. Logo - [1] Watermark - [1] Intros - [1] [2] Avatars - [1] [2] [3] [4] Wallpapers - [Mobile 1] [Mobile 2] [1] [2] [3] [4]
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