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    My insight "We need to run!" "No, we need to fight." No Sprint confirmed bois
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    From the people that brought you “Power weapons are bad”, “Melee and grenades are bad”, and “You should be able to shoot through walls”, comes the newest attempt to make Halo the worst game ever: “Let’s make sniping feel like shooting at teammates, on console”. Coming to a game no one would play near you.
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    $10k for the kids. $10k to the prizepool for the Halo fam. $20,000 total Halo prizepool at Gamers for Giving.
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    2/10 - Critics are calling it the dumbest movie ever made 0/10 - The BEAST/ICE romance is super out of place in this gritty movie 3/10 - Holy fuck what are these people doing 10/10 - Hardway is dummy thicc.
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    So, my 2 cents. The problem with hitscan is that you're fighting an unwinnable battle of balancing - as in I'm saying it will literally never be possible to truly get it to where it needs to be on a console game. The very idea that you'll just go in and tweak and lower and lower and lower Aim Assistance until it's in this magical spot where it's just perfect is unreachable. Because the very nature of what makes console game work is getting your aimer to move in the way that's fully predictable even with a thumbstick. Otherwise the challenge of shooting your teammates in Halo would be considered the pinnacle of perfect skill - which in a lot of ways; it is. Right? But the line that distinguishes "clean, skillful, low AA gunplay" from "sloppy windmilling" is impossibly thin, possibly even nonexistent. There will never be this magic number where the AA get's low enough for the game to be exactly what it needs to be, and is also the proper console experience, not reaallly. Because it could always get more skillful. So why not take that dive? I think we've seen examples of it being close but even CE under the microscope features some pretty generous bullet magnetism when you see what happens to the pistol shots at a range. Projectile really is this magical balancing feature that solves basically every issue that has ever existed within any video game sandbox. Because what someone was saying several pages back that everyone laughed at but is actually spot on, is that it's 100% a mental skill that gets injected straight into every single moment of mechanical skill. The most popular criticism of projectile I want to address is that it makes fights sloppy somehow. The only difference between projectile gunplay and hitscan gunplay is that hitscan has an exact point you have to aim at, while projectile has that same exact level of precision and accuracy, but it's not exactly on the player. You just have to read the context and compensate your aim accordingly. But the exact spot your reticle needs to land on to hit the headshot is just as small, and just as precise as it would be in hitscan. But that imaginary target is in front of the enemy and not on them. You just have to have the mental knowledge to understand how fast your projectiles move, how far the enemy is, and how fast they are moving... and in the case of CE, you have to take into account your own velocity. It's the same exact mechanical skill with added splash of mental skill, and no one should have an issue with that. That's what makes projectile the great equalizer even between mkb and controller players, and probably the sole reason snipedown is even able to compete with Apex players on PC while he uses a controller. Because all the speed and mouse precision in the world means nothing when a mkb player doesn't know how to place their reticle in front of a player. There's also distinct ways you could tune a projectile weapon that can create 3 different levels reactivity and skill. 1: The lowest level is a full hitscan weapon sandbox. Meaning, you have absolutely no shot lead. Every non random weapon has the potential to crossmap laser contest using a MKB (which will happen on PC). And there is no possible counterplay potential from the enemy, because you can't dodge something that is instant. This is ^ when you start having all sorts of balancing issues and developers resort to adding in bloom or shot spread like Fortnite because basically every gun in your sandbox is out-sniping the sniper. There's only so much you can do with hitscan. 2: There's fast moving projectile, a la Halo CE / Halo 3. Meaning that it introduces skill and shot lead and limited weapon ranges in an organic way by just dropping the projectile speed. It's still not reactive at all, as it is impossible to see a sniper bullet or BR bullet coming at you and react or dodge accordingly, but at the very least it adds an element of skill to the attacker that can be tuned accordingly. In my mind there's literally no reason to not have this ^ because hitscan's biggest advantage over slow moving projectile is that you can hit the quick windows of opportunities, especially in games like quake that are highly predictive in terms of map movement and sometimes you need to hit the rail on someone as they fly past a slit window. But the speed of fast-moving projectiles like the sniper in Halo is quite literally what, 2 maybe 3 frames tops? There's effectively no window of opportunity that is too small for those weapons to hit, all you're doing is adding an element of skill to the attacking party. Why wouldn't you take that? Especially considering the very tech of projectile means that it's "traveling" speed is based on frame rate, meaning that under a certain range the weapon, for all purposes, it still hitscan. I think Bungie said that with the Halo 3's sniper speed, S2 to Top Gold on Guardian is still hitscan for all purposes (although it might not feel like this because the networking is really bad, but I actually enjoy the minor lead even here). 3: Then there's slow moving projectile, like what you see in Quake with the Rockets / Nailgun. This is obviously heavily skill based as the shot lead becomes exaggerated, but it also adds the element of reactivity from the other party - which is awesome. Ultimately in a perfect world you could be left with a single point of health and still live to challenge a slew of enemies because you really are that much better than them. That's not something that is ever feasibly possible even using fast moving projectile, because it's not up to your own skill for movement and reaction. It's just up to the enemy to put their reticle on you and then it's game over. Which is why fully hitscan games or even fast moving projectile games put a hard cap on the skill ceiling. So much of your own survivability is totally and completely out of your own hands. There's obviously situations here where some things literally just become impossible with reactive projectiles, but that's sort of the point. The idea that I can have a full auto shredding machine gun (nailgun) that can function without even a drop of random spread and still be capped at distance is awesome. It's also why I think the scattershot in Halo 5, despite the idiotic bounce homing nonsense, is actually a really cool gun. Because it's literally a shotgun - the shortest possible range weapon - but it STILL has an ounce of shot lead at close quarters because of how the scattershot projectiles come out. I think that's awesome. And it's why the spiker would be an awesome full auto replacement for the AR in Halo if it was tuned appropriately...but that'll never happen because of the visual of the weapon alone. That's ^ essentially why I think hitscan doesn't even need to exist in modern gaming and honestly shouldn't. Even the furthest ranges weaponry in any game would ideally be better done with a fast moving projectile that at the very least introduces an additional element of skill to the attacking party. Also final thing worth noting is that it heavily, heavily rewards moving players. While hitscan usually punishes them. If anyone here has played both Titanfall's extensively like I have you'll realize how totally, completely, and fully dogshit titanfall 2 is for about a hundred reasons compared to the first. But perhaps the biggest offender in the sequel is the weapon sandbox is totally out of whack as all the most potent weapons are the hitscan laser beams that pretty much require you to hunker down in a window and just shoot people as they fly by. You could try and parkour and maneuver to your heart's content but to be frank, you're better off just sitting in a window somewhere not moving at all. In fact that's basically what 90% of my deaths are to in that game. If the sandbox had blanketed projectile attributes instead of being 95% hitscan basically every stagnation and camping issue in that shit game would be fixed. The fast you'd move on walls and jumping the harder you would be to hit. Sitting still would grant the opposite effect where they could essentially point and click. Hitscan seriously heavily skews every fight in the favor of the player who is just sitting there. There's also a lot of other tools out there that I've never seen mentioned here for weapon balancing that you guys should probably take into account. Projectile size being the most prominent, meaning the actual width of the bullet you are shooting, and this can be applied to both hitscan and projectile weapons. The most heinous example is likely Hanzo shooting his tree logs but these projectile sizes can become disgustingly small so that you're missing by hitting small cracks between the shoulder blades. Having this be tuned allows you to keep auto aim and bullet magnetism relatively low (or high) given how you want to balance things. So, low AA w/ large projectile size, or high AA with tiny projectile size. And an infinite amount of variations in-between. Bullet drop, never been in Halo. But would be awesome for the sniper/utility weapon or even CQC weapons like the spiker. It means you could have the spiker be accurate, perhaps even semi fast moving, but have the projectiles dip at a certain point so the range is hard capped organically without randomness. Like projectile, it just adds an additional element of skill to the attacking party - I really see no reason to not have this in some form however minor. Bullet sway, as CE has it. This should come back. Damage drop off. Stay away from it. I don't like it. If you're good enough to place your reticle at a distance, you deserve the damage. It also creates this awkward spot where if the enemy had taken an inch forward they would have received double the damage because it was inside the drop off range. Lots of weird scenarios with this mechanic. Projectile limits. As in the projectile literally does not exist past a certain point. This can be good or bad depending on execution. Halo 2 BR has a pretty short actual range as some of you saw when I linked the clip of me shooting across the Zanzibar beach - the bullets literally disappeared before the other person. Very odd. It can be good when contextualized correctly though, like the brute shot air bursting after a certain point. Or roadhog's Left Click shotgun has the pellets just explode in the air after a set distance. There's about a hundred other ways to balance a sandbox in a more interesting and skillful way than to just have it be hitscan and low AA. Seriously the quickest way to have me lose interest in a game is to have reskinned lasers all over. Expand your mindz.
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    speaking of Tony "Lethul" Campbell, I was wasting time on Halopedia just now and realized that next week he'll have gone four years without placing outside the top 2 at a Halo LAN event
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    Hey All, The Skillshot team just finished up a pretty cool project, we hope you guys enjoy it please feel free to give us any feedback and thank you for being so welcoming of the team and talent. From all the team at Skillshot thank you and thanks to UGC & 343i for having us out. Enjoy - www.skillshot.com twitter.com/SkillshotMedia
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    Literally nothing that happened during it matters. Didact didn't die, but then he did in a comic. Cortana didn't die, and this is explained in a short story in a book. Oh she's also evil now. Jul 'Mdama is killed off in the 2nd cutscene of Halo 5. It's over-rated. The Librarian cut-scene is the realisation that the entire premise of the story is based on a book saga that a minority of fans have read (which is actually pretty good tho). Chief's reaction to Cortana's death makes no sense. It's AI, he didn't even get this sad and depressed when Sam, a Spartan he had literally grown up and trained with for years died. Chief and Cortana were together for a max of 3 months, but she dies and he gets visibly sad and depressed for the first time in the series. Explore his humanity my ass, if only there were a group of Spartans that he considered his family existed. Oh wait, they do, and they did shit-all in Halo 5, and that relationship is barely touched on.
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    For someone that chimes in any time someone posts anything about shitting on bad kids, seems like a pretty weird thing to post. Especially since it proves the opposite of what you're probably trying to get across. 60+ kills in a game of KotH to 5 minutes against kids that clearly don't know how to play is not only not worth posting, it's just mean. End the game and get a better one. By the look of the scoreboard, neither of you made an effort to touch the hill. Neat. So you statted on a bunch of kids that obviously didn't know how to play, after routinely complaining about people pubstomping and statting, to try to prove that the game is easy? Cool. Cue the part where you're totally not wrong at all and how dare I insinuate that you are, followed by your thirsty edgelord e-boyfriend summoning his discord cult to come match avatars and have the same opinion together. Sorry I ruined the thread for the next two days, everyone.
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    I’ve played a lot of Counter-Strike and Reach on PC feels fine to me. I guess I wasn’t expecting the world out of a port of a 10 year old game. Some of you need to accept that this port was never going to bring Halo back into mainstream relevancy. It’s not gaining players not because KBM players feel like they’re OUTRIGHT USELESS and need MASSIVE ASSISTENCE to keep up. It’s not gaining players because people don’t want to play a game they’ve played before. I’m just waiting to see what Infinite is like at this point. I expect more out of that game as it’s being built specifically for PC.
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    We literally had Ghost and Neighbour on the last pro team - two of the most outspoken players in the scene (ghost literally helped design competitive settings through previous iterations of Halo since H2) and we still had things like sprint/ground pound/nade markers etc, hate to be that guy but it feels more like a QnA team than a pro team. I hope i'm completely wrong and way off the mark but the name feels more like a PR name as opposed to actually catering the game for pro level play. A relatively harsh and potentially completely wrong critique but that's just my feel (maybe we will see the team utilised more compered to 5), ether way i'm very happy for all those that get the opportunity to work on something they love. Good luck to them and i look forward to what Infinite has to bring.
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    Hey, Beyond…looong time lurker and I figure it's finally time to say hello. I’ve been working on a way of hoping to help grow grassroots Halo, the HCS scene, and content creators, all the while still celebrating our classic roots. It’s an app called Turf and it aggregates and promotes select content across YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter and brings it all to one spot. HCS Grassroots partners, along with current and former pros, will be featured when they're streaming, hosting tournaments, and posting new content. It's currently only available on iOS (Android version is super close to being done, though). You can get it here through Apple's TestFlight program for beta apps: http://bit.ly/turf-halo (Shortlink for https://testflight.apple.com/join/B3AZknEO). It'll ask you to install TestFlight if you don't have it, then you can just go back to the link again to install it. Let me know if you have any trouble doing so. I've made a conscious decision to link out to the content and not play it through the app itself--so it'll open say, Twitch, if you tapped on a clip that's from there--so that it can be supported through the channel it was posted on, liked, subscribed, retweeted, etc. Maybe this experience can be improved upon in the future. Some of what is brought in to the app is done so automatically, but there is also a bit of manual work at this stage. There's a bunch of content I'm still working on bringing in today--especially the pre-2011 Tournaments--and that could definitely use all your help! Feel free to post up anything you think should be there and pardon the dust. It's a bit early stage...there hasn't been anyone else testing this out yet so I'm not sure what's going to happen under more users...and there will be bugs. Just wanted to get it out to everyone here first and see if it resonates in the community. And if it does, we can help build it up together. Thanks and hope you enjoy it. .
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    I've been alive long enough to remember when this thread was just memes. Sad days.
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