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    So you're saying it can still get worse
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    That's like a reflection of me watching the trailer.
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    343i have decided to build the fanbase from the ground up as well as the engine.
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    I'm having a serious laugh at people getting giddy over the promo art being similar to the CE box art. These charlatans have spent years bashing classic Halo and now they're pretending to be excited for it. Fuck off.
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    I couldn't agree more – 4,000+ word blog posts promising "unity" and a strong "vision" mean nothing when Halo games continue to be unable to sustain a healthy population 3 months after launch. The root of the issue continues to be the game(s) itself. MCC release was a nightmare, Halo 5 suffered from stubborn developers and an identity crisis spanning 3 years, and the MCC reboot/PC release is fueled by nostalgia from players who will not play for more than 10 hours of MP after purchasing. I will continue to believe that Halo needs to present an experience that can be enjoyed and sustained by multiple parties – spectators, streamers, competitors, campaign players, casual MP fans, etc. I'm not saying we all need to be playing the same game (universal settings, etc.), but treating Halo esports as one tiny sliver of a massive pie isn't going to cut it any longer. Real unity will come from a game we all truly enjoy playing and watching. MCC will never deliver that as a 6-in-one package. Infinite is our last hope, and I'm worried about what they are cooking up.
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    So @Sitri has been working hard on a sick mod for Reach. 3sk projectile pistol, fixed viewmodels, fixed OS, nade changes, better strafe and faster shield recharge. The mod is in beta stage right now and we'd love more people to come on and test it. (strafe has actually been nerfed since because it was way too easy to just spam left-right) If you're interested in joining and have the PC version then feel free to join the goldpro discord: https://discord.gg/ApbZMp Full gameplay videos coming tomorrow.
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    Thank you for quoting this old-ass post, which enabled me to find the following post, which could not be more relevant today...
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    It’s almost like their real issue all along was not wanting to play against competent players...
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    Dude, I know. I made a thread for people to organize playtests and discussion. Now I have some responsibility for it? Anybody can host a custom game and talk about settings. That thread can still be used for its intended purpose. I do not have a vital role in this process, at all. What a ridiculous thing to pretend to be upset about. It's almost like she just just wants a reason to throw shade at me... Let me make this abundantly clear @TheIcePrincess -I found out about my AIT date well after making that thread. My life changed significantly in the past month. And I do not feel any sort of responsibility to update a Halo forum about it, especially when other people can do the exact same thing I can. -I wasted your time? That's a laugh. No one even asked you to be a part of it. THIS is why. Bad ideas like "remove the sniper", and all the inevitable cliquey high school drama are hardly worth a few extra bodies in a custom that are just gonna stat in obj anyways. And by the look of your progression completion, I'd say you have plenty of time on your hands, so give me a break. Lastly, zero part of my absence prevents this from going forward. You're just looking for an excuse to be upset. And your whole little soapbox diatribe guilt trip operates under the pretense that me and your friends would ever work together on anything to begin with, which is also a laugher. I want nothing to do with any of you. If any part of the last few weeks frustrates you that nothing is getting done, then take some personal accountability and fucking do it. ANYONE can do it. Trying to pin a lack of results solely on me because I made a thread on a Halo forum is a disingenuous attempt to dodge acknowledgement that your ass didn't do anything either. I'm not surprised IcePrincess is doing it because they look for reasons to give me shit. In fact, I don't even think she even feels what she says. She knows I'm right in the fact that I'm not a necessary part of the process. But she saw an opportunity to grandstand and try to make me look bad, and so here we are.
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    This is the type of well thought out discussion I come here for.
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    I’ve played a lot of Counter-Strike and Reach on PC feels fine to me. I guess I wasn’t expecting the world out of a port of a 10 year old game. Some of you need to accept that this port was never going to bring Halo back into mainstream relevancy. It’s not gaining players not because KBM players feel like they’re OUTRIGHT USELESS and need MASSIVE ASSISTENCE to keep up. It’s not gaining players because people don’t want to play a game they’ve played before. I’m just waiting to see what Infinite is like at this point. I expect more out of that game as it’s being built specifically for PC.
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    Compared to the Halo community's relentless good cheer of course
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    I keep thinking about what Ryanoob is going to do with that grappling hook in a 49-49 situation back against the wall
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    Even worse is people who play video games for "enjoyment". Games are art, and art is pain. It's a craft to be honed over thousands of hours. If you've never thrown a controller at a wall, if you've never called a bad teammate a racial slur, if you've never dampened a chair after a close game, don't you fucking dare call yourself a "gamer". If you want "fun", go toss a ball in a hoop with your dumbass friends outside.
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    I'm gonna bookmark this post to add to my collection of pre-launch / pre-update hopes for every 343 Halo.
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    Good thing you clarified that you both share the same opinion. Might have been confused otherwise.
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    UI of Reach. Gunplay of CE. Art of 3. Movement of 2.
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    If HCS does something at some point that resembles a coherent anything I will show up. Until then I'm kind of done with all this. Tashi continues to speak in these mass cliches about the future, tons of promises about what is coming and pumping up this HCS grassroots effort that has been pretty much a massive failure with only a few creators brought on board and a lot of meh or bad tournaments were it was clear neither 343 or the TO wanted to invest in a 12 year old game with no viewership. I've read the announcement from them yesterday what seems like 100 times. Same tired old stuff about everything they've learned over the years while they still constantly look like amateurs. The team over there seemingly hasn't learned that no one really cares about how many words they write about how good they are going to be in the future, they actually have to SHOW something that presents they have any idea what they are doing. They never did previously until they let MLG run the last worlds cycle. They haven't done it with the post-H5 MCC events at all. I love Halo, I love the Halo community, I've traveled multiple times over the last few years to go tournaments and have met some awesome people. At this point, Halo esports has a terminal disease and I don't see some miracle coming any time soon.
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    Well that rules out Halo 5.
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