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    This was my favorite series from the Halo Classic in St. Louis. Super close series between two excellent teams. I timestamped it. Hope you enjoy!
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    Please keep all discussion related to MCC in the MCC thread. Thanks, NavG123
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    Not to attack snakebite or anything, but even at 1.75x speed this is hard to watch. He speaks for roughly 10 minutes to explain the idea that the game you had the most fun with isn't automatically the best game - that one game isn't better they're all just different. I feel enlightened after hearing such deep wisdom. His arguments were often very flimsy too. "In the older halos u just move so slow!" Ahh yes, that must be why CS:GO and Valorant are such commercial failures.. Oh wait... "Halo 3 is boring to watch": I actually agree, but there is a reason it is boring to watch and that reason isn't nostalgia. It's the shit utility weapon, shit sandbox, and shit maps that people have called out for being shit since the game released. The icing on the cake for me is after he says that h5 is his favorite, he admits he is bored of it cause it's 5 years old and he wants to play something new. "Thrust pack OLD and BORING. Grapple hook NEW and FUN." - Snakebite 2021
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    After running the calculations I predict 343 will inadvertently chance upon a good Halo game when Halo 1,367 releases in about 7,000 years.
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    I understand the argument for them. There is technically skill in keeping track of them, though to me it's outweighed by needing to actually win a battle for an item everyone is setting up for (not to mention coaches negate this skill in tournaments). I think the real argument in their favor is that matches will play out differently from game to game, cycle to cycle. However, you lose the "overlap" dynamic that you get with static timers, where a powerup becomes more powerful the later it's grabbed in the cycle because you'll get to ride it into the next cycle. There's merit to both, but I prefer static because I like the idea of multiple powerups being in play at once. There's also something to be said for adapting to the way the other team is playing each cycle. Damnation and Chill Out both demonstrate how you need to show the opposing team different looks later in games, otherwise they'll adapt and counter your setups. You lose that with dynamic spawns, because the cadence of spawns is going to be different every cycle (unless there's only one powerup, which is ass anyways).
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    I just explained that there are others who Forge and play, and we've gotten together to show what we made and talk about design. Some of those same Forgers are now in the industry, some are practicing design on other editors, and some of them are responsible for Mythic Arena, myself included. Please don't underestimate the work we do; after all, the shooter genre we play started out with a bunch of newbie devs wanting to shoot demons on Mars.
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    I’ve been playing a lot oh h3 lately and I don’t understand wtf bungie was thinking when designing equipment. It’s hot garbage. An already slow game does not need artificially induced stalemates on a respawning timer. Do normies even like playing with that shit? It adds absolutely NOTHING to the game. Hats off to 343 btw by making sure the only playlist I can find matches in has equipment turned on in trash maps. Playing h3 also has me thinking about sandbox design a lot. I cannot stress enough how bad h3s sandbox is. Whoever was responsible for that shit should be fired from their current job, that’s how bad it is.
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    Halo 1’s pace/mechanics, like quick spawning power items, nade physics, and random spawns, make spectating enjoyable because a knowledgeable caster can briefly delve into a player’s motivations while still keeping up with the overarching match narrative. Maybe I just prefer a more laid back casting style but I like that it took multiple snipes in rapid succession to get them really excited. Not that I hate the BR but I don’t need a caster losing his mind over a dIrTY fOuR.
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    So I should just... ... adapt? Also you're over-simplifying it. Dynamic timers encourage snowballing. Let's say one team gets rockets, they won the fight. They pick it up. Well done, you deserve rockets. Then the next rocket spawns, but one team doesn't see what time they're picked up. The team that did now has the advantage and theoretically can keep it for the rest of the game unless the other team expends resources to watch spawns. I feel this is a waste of resources that could be going into far more interesting types of play such as actually playing the game. I am not talking super-high level here. I'm talking solo queueing. Static timers promote faster gameplay and map movement as all players know exactly what is happening and when (specifically about powerups) and have more room to strategise. If you must have dynamic timers, then the spawn time should be given to the players.
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    The game has massive performance issue for me at least. Get FPS drops from 60 to the 40s despite my hardware being way above what is needed to run it.
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    On the contrary. I will still be playing Infinite, mostly because I like making core maps in the Forge editor, along with 2v2 maps. I still have to practice playing the game in order for my personal level design goals to be reached via understanding the sandbox and meta. Many other people who use Forge have the same sentiment; we pretty much know the game's gonna suck, so we spend our time making maps/settings better than the retail, and just play them together or in open lobbies. Multiplayer side is now free, so we don't need to spend a dime on our end, unless 343 do some scummy shit like putting Forge behind a paywall. You made the mistake of giving out information without providing the source of it, which someone else did for you, until you responded to me with the post above. Not only that, but both you and the tuber (which you watched and thought, "cool," which leads me to theorize you just believed what he surmised from the Microsoft webpage) made a huge reach from such a small piece of info tucked in dinky letters at the bottom of a page. It would've made more sense to make this assumption if Microsoft themselves said on a Twitter page the same words. I would be impressed if 343 actually manage to fix their situation to set up a release in Spring, but again, all of their public and nonpublic affairs speak a different story.
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    I've said this before and I'll say it again. Popular streamers' opinions about Halo are worth less than nothing.
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    Classic NavG best NavG. There is no need to get a totally new studio. 90% of employees are just doing what they are told. They need a serious management overhaul which very well may already be under way. If the rumors are true they need to stop relying on contractors so much too. And get better tools. They have a lot of work to do but building a new studio doesn't automatically make those jobs easier. Buuut we said that after Halo 4 and 5 too so who knows.
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    I still remember seeing that very first trailer for odst, back when it was called Halo 3: Recon. Fuckin remember getting so hyped for it.
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    People have been complaining about non-sense issues for so long that 343 thinks a return to "classic Halo" is black undersuits. Also if you boys could do me a favor and smash that subscribe button it'd be much appreciated.
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    According to OGRE2 himself he never said that unless it was sarcasm. https://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/12986-hcs-pro-league-summer-2016-teams-seeds-and-discussion‏/page/1060/?tab=comments#comment-762206
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    Creating is not the same as competing. Being really good at something doesn't actually even mean that you understand all of the rules. Take NBA players for example they're generally the best basketball players in the world but there is an absolutely enormous gap between the average NBA player and the one who can bait fouls all game because he understands exactly what the refs see and why they call the way they do. The point being that while you can both be great at competing and understand everything down to the small details you don't have to be one to be the other. They're people just like the rest of us, as are the developers of the game, so anyone with a logical and realistic take on the mechanics has an opinion worth just as much. There's no reason to note who it is or what they do if you're willing to think about and understand the arguments they're making
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    Just further goes to show that the pros dont know how to maximize the skill gap. Whether it's 2gre saying "no bloom = no skill," ryanoob saying "H4 is the best halo," ghost developing stupid settings for H4, pistola saying "I want halo infinite to be H2 + advanced movement," etc... Countless examples. Really hate that 343 perceives these clowns as representing the competitive halo community.
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    Pros are dummies and always have been.
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    I was actually interested enough to check out some of that stuff I just can't stand actually playing H5 because of how input feels in that game in general. It seems like it would be pretty fun for people if they can get past how the controls feel in H5 though
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    This is where static 60sec timers, 45sec duration, quick camo, not decloaking when nading, and having multiple power ups on the map help.
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    Sixty second duration, and you're only fully camo if you're moving. Shimmer camo if you're not moving.
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    I really didn't enjoy playing with thruster packs because I wanted to play bumper jumper, meaning that since I don't claw, I had to lift my thumb off the right joystick to do it, which was absolutely horrible. It's also just annoying to play against, I really REALLY don't care at all if it makes Halo 5's skill gap larger, it's a stupid mechanic that makes the game substantially less enjoyable to play for me. To be more specific, getting into relatively close quarters and having to contend with someone's inevitable thrust in the ensuing fight is not fun. Putting in a mechanic that can on a dime change a player's direction and speed like thruster pack does makes aiming in your shooter an objectively shitty experience (especially on console) no matter how much god damn aim assist and bullet magnetism you put into the game to compensate. Also, as much as these pros sing praises about Halo 5, its mostly in comparison to older Halos that are very stale at this point. Halo should go all out with having a wacky, fun sandbox that lets you do all sorts of cool things with pick ups. Default annoying abilities like thruster pack, spartan charge, and ground pound definitely shouldn't represent the future of Halo.
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    Now that HCS has concluded two runs of H3, one run of H2A, and one run of Reach since the return to MCC I've been thinking a lot of the frustrations some of the players have had with the return to classic Halo and the strong desire for Infinite and something new. And ultimately, I'm incredibly frustrated that the opportunities presented to us by PC forge mode were not taken advantage of to give the competitive scene a taste of something both familiar and fresh. AoE2 been around for twenty years, but still has a healthy scene that's been growing with the re-release. Dust2, Nuke, Train, etc. have been played forever, yet CS is as strong as ever. These games, and others, are not just doing well because re-release/sequel features are drawing in new talent and enough to sustain the veterans; one thing that allows them to continue to thrive is the consistent examination of map pools and revisions that keep tried-and-true maps while also working new ones into competition. Players compete on classic, iconic maps that are linked to the identity of the games (Arabia, Dust2, etc.) and fans old and new don't feel like they're not playing on the definitive modes of the game; but players old and new also are put on the same playing field of new maps that give everyone the opportunity to try and figure out strategies for. There's something familiar and proven to be good, as well as something fresh and exciting. With MCC giving us a new forge editor on PC and maps having already existed previously, why did we end up playing on just the 11 gametypes that MLG set up, not to act as the final gametypes for decades of play, but as merely the last iteration of settings before the last tournament they would run for that game in light of a sequel? We had pros testing out new maps for Reach but the best we could do is just remove the two worst slayers and replace them with nothing? People have been playing Halo 3 non-stop for years, 343 having an initiative to test out new H3 gametypes while Reach and H2A were ran wouldn't have spread the community too thin. Heck, something could've been done after H5 and H3 MCC was being played on Xbox, PC forge mode is just a bonus. Even CE has new maps for its tournament scene. What are we doing when a game that doesn't have a map editor gets new maps but we're stuck wishing 343 would be at least willing to consider allowing a forge remake of Midship into H2A tournaments? I know, I know, 343 was just hosting sustain tournaments and resources are intended for Infinite, not for having someone review old tournaments settings. And the solution of outsourcing tournament settings for the community wouldn't work because, in spite of all the activity on these forums about what could be done and tested for Reach v8, when push came to shove nobody showed up to test things and we're just as responsible for settings stagnation as 343 is. Still, the fact that we've had so much time in our return to MCC since HCS moved from H5 and haven't had anything new, even with PC releases injecting a shot of adrenaline into classic Halo interest, is frustrating and feels like such a missed opportunity. Well, that's my rant. Guess I'll go back to eagerly awaiting the flighting of crossplay and other upcoming features and figuring out how much H5 heavy aim I'm willing to put up with until those features come out.
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    Tweet has since been deleted but............... What the fuck. Bit of background, The CoD Pro League has moved to PC.... but only using controllers. The Amateur league is PC/Console crossplay but still.... only controllers.
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    I think the people that are acting like 343 missing the launch date for the Series X isn’t a big deal are delusional. MS has literally nothing to launch their consoles with, the brand image took a major hit. Corporations generally don’t like their subdivisions making them look like clowns. Technically 343 hasn’t produced anything to cover the cost of their upkeep for almost 5 years. That’s rent, salaries, healthcare cost, electricity, IT, building maintenance, etc all being paid for by MS with the understanding that they’ll see a return on investment. And guess what...343 is late with the “rent”. Personally I’m thinking MS might pull an EA/ME Andromeda and put the Halo franchise on hold after infinite’s release. Time will tell and I might be wrong but I guarantee that it’s not sunshine and roses up in Washington.
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    nah i'd rather it fail too, so they finally move the IP to a studio that can fucking handle it. how many more games do they have to show that they don't know what they're doing?
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    It's also a feature that gives those who spend money on better equipment an advantage. This is obviously not a dispositive reason for not including footstep noise, but something to consider. Footstep noise has its place in slower, methodical games like CS—the stagnating effects of footstep noise bolster that type of gameplay. Halo, conversely, excels when gameplay is fast-paced and fluid. Footstep detracts from this component of Halo since it encourages players to slow down. Maybe, maybe, if there was a "walk" feature in Halo that keeps you silent in exchange for a movement speed thats slower than base but faster than crouch walking, it could work better; however, I don't really think our abstract idea of "Halo" gains anything from that feature.
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    If flanking is so free why is it such a big deal when someone pulls off a good flank?
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    I've never seen so many words make so little sense. It's very impressive actually.
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    Remember, a delayed 343i game is still going to be a 343i game - just with fewer bugs. Part of me wants this game to fail, so that the disillusionment actually teaches the Halo playerbase to use more than 5 braincells at any given time. Seriously, this is what they deserve for complaining about idiotic shit over legitimate game-breaking issues for the eternity that 343i and Bungie held control of Halo. "I don't want to just be miserable all the time about Halo!". Fine then, be as elated as you want while you play with 4K players at peak, while soloQing against a to4 amateurs on smurfs, on 80 ping servers. If you refuse to hold a game to any standards AND you choose to drown out any other people holding it to a standard, then you deserve a game with no standards.
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    They had static timers for power weapons in H5 iirc, with dynamic powerups. The biggest problem is that 343i still hasn't abandoned the Bungie habit of giving power items 2 hour long respawn timers
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    I am personally partial to the idea @TeeJaY's suggestion of increasing duration for every kill.
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    I think it's more likely that whoever in Xbox marketing put that page together does not have full visibility of Halo's release timeline and just needed to say something to note that Halo is not a launch game. 10 seconds of thought probably went into it.
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    I'll declare this: the idea of large-scale and varied asymmetric gamemodes as opposed to scaled up BTB is something that I've actually done a complete 180 on. Not only can map design and sandbox design be radically different, but the variety of possible gamemodes combined with the variety of the sandbox means that it'd attract casual players like flies. My assumption is that you want the Field Marshall to behave like a one-man mobile base, correct? In that regard, why not just shields that are exponentially stronger? My problem with bubble shield in this mode is that it's still the same thing as it was in Halo 3: a get out of jail card. A Spartan takes 3 shots to kill perfectly from the DMR - the utility rifle. The Field Marshall takes 21 shots to kill perfectly from the DMR. The shield recharge wait is equal to that of a Spartan - 5.5 seconds, but the recharge rate is also identical, meaning that the Field Marshall must wait longer to have his shields fully recharge. I support the idea of giving the Field Marshall an Energy Sword as a remotely activated weapon. I don't think the Field Marshall should be able to wield it indefinitely, especially given the potential that this weapon has for decimating opponents in close quarters. It acts more like the armor ability sword from SPV3's Arbiter missions, where the sword can be held out and used freely for a ~15 second period before entering a cooldown. Though, how do you think that the sword should behave? I actually had an idea for a very similar gamemode, except with a mobile base (mammoth, scarab, forerunner structure) replacing the leader unit.
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    Rewarding sitting on your ass while crouching at 2nd BR ledge is obviously so much more conducive to good gameplay You realize that you're putting yourself at a risk while being aggressive right? All someone has to do is anticipate your movement, and you're almost certainly going to lose. "We don't have maps like chill out and never will again!" K, we won't have movement like old Halo back and probably never will. So let's just trash all discussion on the topic, shall we?
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    Soundwhoring shouldn't be a category of awareness in Halo because it deals a disproportionate disadvantage to flanking players. I'm not asking for maps like Countdown where there's 5 billion interconnected and redundant pathways, I'm asking for more maps like Chill Out. It's Halo, not CS. We want the game to play fluidly and not put people at a disadvantage for making aggressive plays, so that games don't turn into 15 minute standoffs that end 29-28. If you think the game should give you a player's information without you predicting or seeing said player, then there's no real reason for you to oppose radars either. Soundwhoring is only slightly more effortful than keeping one eyeball glued to your radar.
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    The only difference between radar and soundwhoring is its medium. They both produce the same results. They both stagnate gameplay and slow the game to a crawl. They both reward passive play with free, unearned information. Staring at my radar real hard is a form of awareness if listening real hard is as well. It makes no difference. If had to pick or choose between the two, I'd pick radar everytime. Why? Because everyone gets radar, not everyone gets a $300 headset. If you wanna act like you're making some high IQ play because the game fucked over a player who is actively progressing the game, so be it. Just don't act like your "awareness" had anything to do it.
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    If you need a safety net for your lack of awareness, you deserve to get shit on for it. Foot step noise and radar are 2 sides of the same coin. Arguing for one, and condemning the other is hypocritical at best.
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    There's no such thing as a "free" flank. You put your team at a man-disadvantage and risk getting caught out of position—it's the definition of a high risk/high reward play. The only possible way you could construe something as a "free" flank is if you're using the term to criticize the opposing team for their lack of awareness.
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    If the delay was less than six months they would've just rushed it out incomplete like most of 343s releases. This is a holiday 2021 release, maybe September if we're lucky.
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    September 2021. They've missed the release, they will delay it to make sure it impresses. Because it really really doesn't at the moment.
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