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    Can we all take a minute to appreciate @Vyrst's contribution to this thread.
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    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/multilockon/video/42266124 Aarlong I have never seen someone with such a ruthlessly poor understanding of game design. I seriously can't help but down vote every opinion you put out.
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    I have 2.0 post to post removal ratio. I have 148.0 warnings given to warning received ratio. I have matured past the need to react to every post that calls me ou- Shit.
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    Halo 1 NHE has a training mode. The training mode on Halo 1 NHE has neutral host enabled, a talking timer, a HUD timer, alerts/navpoints for the power items(camo, OS, and rockets), shows the spawn points, and shows the random zones. http://halo1nhe.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdkW9X6Boec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS12-SPHK8I
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    Does SaLoT have nude pics of every pro ready to drop or something? Why the fuck would they want Onslaught?
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    Right, well mouse with hitscan weapons and slow movement speed doesn't make for great great design so we definitely have an issue there lol. Puts a nice hard cap right on the skill ceiling. I'm speaking about controller here, which is a much better medium to build around and you can still achieve a lot with hitscan + thumbsticks. Also not all playstyles are equal nor should they be equal, don't you agree? Well designed games don't cater to camping because that would be silly, the games that do do that (ie. Modern Warfare) suffer the consequences. At that point it's worth asking, what playstyles are worth promoting outside of whatever it is that usually has embodied Halo. You could list aggression as something worthy of designing around, intelligent & high risk plays, active movement, but all of these can be boiled down to one word - which I define as integrity. Meaning, the better player should always win. I don't mind "altering playstyles" as you've referred to them, but too much of the time that altering playstyle is just code for someone on reddit wanting to spawn with the Halo 5 saw and kill with it. Which is not only detrimental to the game but also to their own enjoyment because you have to recognize that people don't actually want these things. All the reviewers who praised Halo 5 for finally making other guns like automatics strong; where are they now? What about the hordes of waypoint or reddit posts around launch time saying "Finally! It's not just BR spam!" They're all gone, because frankly it's not enticing to appeal to non skilled playstyles nor is it engaging or serve to further the lifespan of your game. It's like everytime you see someone post on a random gaming subreddit like Titanfall 2 and say "I jUsT PlaYeD tHiS gAme fOr tHe FiRsT TiMee AgAin In MonThs! It'S grEAT whYd I sTop??" And then they stop playing again. It happens all the time with these modern games built for instant gratification with over the top weapons made for people to feel good about themselves. And they think they're having fun at a surface level but deep down, not really. They leave like everyone else and whenever the conversation emerges they say "Oh man I LOVE Titanfall 2/ Halo 4 / Halo 5 / Gears 5" or whatever game it is that they don't actually love... or else they'd be playing it. But they don't. I pick on Titanfall a lot because it's the definition of a feel-good game with absolute dick bumpkiss for depth. Every reviewer and gamer on earth swears it's like the shooter of the generation and that they love it to death and yet it can't hold a population for shit, because the game is meaningless hollow vapid encounters with no skill. I see those who praised Halo 5 for its weapon diversity at launch in the same way. I see Gears 5 just launched with its most bullshit ridden sandbox in history where autos are at an all time high. Reviews? GLOWING. Game has less players than Gears 4 did within 2 months of launch, compared to 3 years on Gears 4. No one plays it. My question would for you would be - what is the one playstyle Halo has? Why is it wrong for only enforcing that playstyle? And why should we be pressured to incentivize other playstyles? I don't even see them as playstyle, that's such a weird way of defining it. It's really just properly rewarding. I think you might be asking for more ways for Halo to be properly rewarding to succeed in, in which case I should agree with you. If we had more powerful and skill based movement even if my shot was bad I would love to be able to juke around someone and secure a kill because of it, but we don't have that so that's not a reality. Or a more meaningful health system that reflects long term damage applied so I can work the map a bit and move around without having to commit to every single kill.
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    If you think the AR having headshot damage is okay, you might be an AR kid.
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    Every time I see a downvote that makes no sense, it’s Vyrst.
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    I was trying to type out a more-thorough response, but I'm genuinely confused about what you're getting at. Let me know if this is even marginally addressing your point: No one (well, maybe not no one) is disagreeing that people want variety in weapons. Weapon variety is not incompatible with a powerful utility weapon off spawn. We've seen it work in at least one Halo game, and it is a fairly simple thing to implement into the other titles with tweaks to the existing weapons, as the GPMA guys have demonstrated. Spawning players with a shitty weapon doesn't create weapon variety if the rest of the sandbox is equally as bad. All you're doing is introducing an extra step of having to find the dominant weapon on the map. No one picks up plasma weapons in Reach, even with AR starts, because they are bad. Sure, you now may have to use your AR to get a DMR, but you're still not picking up other weapons on the map. Turning the game into a race for the DMRs is not weapon variety and it's certainly not a model to build off of for Infinite.
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    Mantra having both Darkman and now Karma as well
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    Sheney' has returned for one last Final Halo 2 montage using clips from Halo MCC on the Xbox. One of the stars of Zola's Trinity returns to close out his Final Montage Trilogy with his montage entitled " Final Final Final." https://youtu.be/UJPnKWTPgiA - Hawk
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    The library is fantastic I’ve always enjoyed playing it because it plays like a halo version of a zombie/horde mode and the mechanics seem like they’re perfectly balanced with that in mind tbh lots of cover, the shotty being a 1sk, the huge nade explosion radius, and the pistol being able to head shot em if you shoot the tentacle in there chest and just the insane amount of flood in that level. Though to be honest I don’t think it would really work with any other Halo game due to the flood having shields kinda ruins it imo but the pure forms would make great mini bosses in a flood type of horde mode. Cortana on the other hand is a steaming pile of shit due to the constant gravemind fuckery if you remove that and shields from the flood I think it would be pretty decent imo.
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    If they remove Battle Canyon King, they're fools. Especially if they're thinking about replacing it with fucking Onslaught. HARD pass on that bullshit again. I'd be okay with either bomb gametype, but I think I'd like to see Splash KotH the most out of these, just to see something different. And I'm fine with Simplex Slayer replacing Penance. I'd rather they just tweak the weapon layout on Battle Canyon than remove it.
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    Well first of all that's not true. And even if that were true - that's hardly a bad thing when comparing to the alternative where skilless weapons are competing with skillful weapons. The more skillful gun should be better, that's all that matters at the end of the day.
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    The reason headshot damage works on utility weapons is because getting them is entirely up to the users skill. The autos are entirely random. Getting a headshot (i.e doing more damage) is a matter of chance. That's bad. Gunfights should not be decided by chance.
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    @MultiLockOn hit him with the brute pr/ar clips
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    Issue isn't spawning with the jack of all trades weapon, it's the fact that the other weapons are useless. We haven't had proper niche weapons arguably since CE, with a few isolated exceptions (Noob Combo in H2, Mauler in H3, Needler in H3/Reach). And to say that the utility weapon is the reason for the state of the Halo community is laughable. No one had any problems in H2 and H3 when the BR dominated the game. Plenty of other elements in the recent games that are far more to blame for issues with the community.
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    That’s why niche weapons are so important for Halo. Because you spawn with a capable utility weapon, other weapons need to have a niche where they do some thing really good. Otherwise, you just have the utility and power weapons.
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    Like you don't already know. It's easy, it's nostalgic, and it's a two-base two-tower. It was regarded as one of the most heart-pounding maps in Halo 3. Pros are gonna be even more stoked about it because now they get to play it with an actual gun. Why did you even ask.
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    Nobody misses because we have mouses to aim with. In a shooter game you cant have hitscan weapons, with no recoil, or need to lead etc it’s to damned easy at that point. I too think h3 had a good place for autos, heck’s I’ve gotten many kills with them. I think people just despise the fact you kinda need to do the melee combo with them for most effective use. lol if the magnum in reach was Like the h5 magnum then people already be bitching again. I prefer precision starts and dominance but I think the majority that aren’t good shouldn’t spawn with a weapon that’s just terrible, because if they feel like they can’t fight back against a person using a precision weapon in any compacity they’ll feel the game leans to one play style which can leave a bad impression and it already has.
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    First of all that not true. And I don’t disagree with getting whipped, just not by the likes of you. It’s just that I’d prefer getting whipped by those who understand how to balance a sandbox. That’s all I’ve started talking about. The competitive players are the only ones that are more aware of both sides compared to social players. Social players like yourself don't know what they they want jackass.
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    See, I'd rather they just remove the RNG -- the AR absolutely -should- be a headshot capable weapon...but I'm much more partial to mechanics like other games where recoil or kick exists. I think the ingrained mentality that "only a single-shot precision weapon should be a precision weapon" in the Halo community is insane and I don't understand it at all. The main thing that bothers me is that the energy shields in Halo have dampened headshot damage from all weapons except Sniper Rifles. You could actually give all weapons the ability to deal more damage via headshots by just changing this dampening to be a flat per-bullet damage reduction. It makes it so all players are encouraged to go for headshots for every shot (rather than the "3 to the chest, last to the head" safety-in-probability method -- and players who are using pistols, rather than ARs, would still win in an outright damage race. (Note for next paragraph: numbers given are entirely arbitrary and not meant to reflect game state or suggested game state) 4 Precision Headshots at 25 damage a piece, with a 5 damage reduction for having shields turns into 20+20+20+25 versus 10 AR bullets at 10 damage a piece would turn into 5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5, leaving the player with 10 points of shields. In both cases, 100 potential damage was dealt, but the AR player didn't even drop a theoretical 60 points of shields. Then, imagine it's not headshots -- all of these damages are halved. Pistol versus a body would be 12.5 x 4 = 50 damage. AR versus Body would be 10 x 5 = 50 damage. They turn out the same.
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    The process for achieving the minimum killtime with a weapon should be clear and definite. Double shotting and BXRing can reduce the BR’s killtime but they reduce it by an exact, predictable amount. Going for headshots with an AR is hazy way to the minimum killtime. You might be better off going for bodyshots because rng decided your headshots should miss at that range. Giving every weapon an optimal method of operating it allows the player to achieve the minimum killtime, not rng.
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    Then why do you do so for police and firefighter services New slogan: "Firefighters, for those who want it".
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