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    Ideally forgers should just yeet those maps out of the game.
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    I will say that EVERYTHING in Halo 3 feels slow. Not just the movement, which is mainly hindered by the FoV. But also the entire sandbox. The guns kill slow. The fire rates are slow. The BR's 3 shot burst is itself slow. The bullets move slow. The reload is slow. The melee, swap speed, and the rest of the animations are slow. Even the vehicles feel slow. The enemies in campaign are all slow. Hell, even the grav lifts are slow, come to think of it. All in comparison to literally every other Halo game on one thing or another. The level of impotence I feel my Spartan has in Halo 3 is extremely jarring compared to everything else in MCC, for better or worse. It is astonishing. Fast, reactive, responsive, and aggressive gameplay is NOT something I think of when talking about Halo 3. Rather, slow, and Methodical. Which to it's credit, is what people also typically like about it, I think. But if we are trying to speed up the game or at least just make it FEEL faster, Halo 3 is definitely the worst template to base classic Halo gameplay speed on, IMO. Granted, I'm sure that a good portion of Halo 3's perceived slowness can be attributed to the narrow FoV, sound design, and choice of animations, instead of the literal speed of the game. But the overall weak sandbox on top of it certainly does it no favors. H2 is feels so good in comparison.
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    Something tells me you don't know what any of this really means.
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    We're still waiting for the audio fix for Reach, 8 months later. Viewmodels in Reach and H2A make the game quite literally unplayable on centered. We still can't use file share on PC, let alone save more than 50 items across all games (lul). The game still has a shit ton of optimization issues and crashes frequently for certain hardware configurations. CE launched in a shit state and never got fixed (we got skins though broooo). H2 launched in a hilariously shit state with the projectile glitch. All the games so far have been rushed pieces of garbage with 343 cutting corners left and right to somehow get them out. I don't know what to tell you man, this was again an intentionally rushed release in every way possible. Yes I aknowledge it isn't as bad as MCC2014, but then again what game is? Not really a good standard to live by.
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    What you say: "I want Halo 3 style gameplay to come back" What I hear: "I want RNG spread to determine where my bullets land & RNG netcode to determine whether or not my bullets register. I want the utility weapon to have an effective range of a mere 15 feet and a kill time over 1.5 seconds. I want clunky movement & a sluggish strafe, power item timers (2-3 minutes) and maps that promote stalemates (the pit, narrows, etc...). I want weak ass grenades with short fuse times, no powerup/power weapon nade tricks, and a melee system with an overly forgiving lunge."
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    Halo 3 is really the equivalent of what MW2 is for Call of Duty, people played it when they were 12 years old and not capable of judging the gameplay and now there is extreme nostalgia for the game because there have been many fun weekends spent with friends in said game. And while that was most certainly a great time for many of us (I mean hell, I played that game on 360 a lot) it was mostly because playing with your mates is always gonna be a fun time. It just doesn't make it such an amazing game tho, and while that is subjective to begin with I am saying this specifically because people seem to forget about some terrible design decisions of that game because of the nostalgia they have. It's funny how similar it is to the CoD example I mentioned, release a CoD game with noob tubes, one man army and stopping power UMP in 2020 and you get so much hate (arguably deserved), yet people say MW2 was so great and fun even if it has the exact issues I named. It's a double standard because those people give the new game shit for everything. And I am a person who gives the new Halo's a lot of shit - so by my standards I have to judge all the old games the same way, really go out and look at all the details and revisit if I really thought "this is the way a Halo game should be". And Halo 3 is pretty bad in my personal view, not all that much better than Reach, 4 and 5, sure it does a better job at being a more classic Halo which I like as somebody who thinks CE was their best game for pvp but they dropped the ball in other areas, floaty movement, BR being a lottery gun, weak power weapons on long timers, annoyingly long average TTK, some very boring maps, etc. I guess Halo will always be a tough game to get right if you want to convince me, they have done so many things right and wrong with different titles, it just feels like they never put the best things across the titles together to make a great experience that learned from the mistakes of the past. And I am not saying that is easy by any means, it's just that I feel other franchises have managed to do a better job at this.
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    Certain aspects of it's game design are the gold standard. Vanilla Doom is pretty easy but WADs realize it's full potential. Circle strafing works in a room that has only a handful of Imps, but when you're fighting tons of Imps plus a Revenant with it's homing projectiles plus the Mancubus with it's own unique projectiles plus Chaingunners in the back suddenly your movement and target prioritization actually matters a lot. You're no longer just mindlessly circling around everything, but being mindful of everything being thrown at you. The maps being more than simple start to end hallways is a GOOD thing. Yes, this wasn't always done well, but I'd rather deal with the occasional annoying keycard hunt than the same bland hallway map boring me to death over and over. The fact that most enemies are projectile and that you can potentially mitigate all damage through effective footwork is a good thing. Halo was wise to copy this. I'll say "it's fast as fuck" is also another benefit. It's just fun to go fast, and not have to slog through everything. Bobbing and weaving through everything is so much more entertaining than just slowly pushing up and constant corner peaking that you see in CoD and to a lesser extent Halo. Small, non-redundant sandbox design. Again another thing Halo was wise to copy. I will agree there's a lot of artificial difficulty though. Unpredictable traps that almost always kill you outright in order to force you to load a save, but then are pretty easy to deal with after, are just bullshit game design. And I'll say that using cramped areas to make dodging harder is actually *good* game design depending, tying enemies to map design like that is a good thing, but many instances where the player is basically locked into place against enemies surrounding them is not. But yes I like Quake a lot more.
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    Now if people can just mod out the spread and increase the velocity so that we can lead shots with accuracy and peace.
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    BTB needing sprint is a myth anyways, if you design the maps with no sprint in mind it shouldn't be a problem to begin with but given the fact that most BTB maps are just giant open areas with not much thought put into the design I could see how some people might convince themselves that's the only way those maps can be...
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    The folks arguing that Halo is better with sprint are the modern-day version of the folks arguing that Halo 3's random BR spread/kill time was no big deal on the MLG forums in 2009.
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    There's no real point to trying to interpolate the reasoning behind Bungie's weapon design. These are the same guys who thought dual-wielding and bloom were good ideas.
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    If Infinite does follow trends but the trend it picks is Doom I doubt I'll be complaining.
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    Man you guys would have a field day with the mechanics they put in Destiny. I've never seen a shooter with so much stupid shit packed into it.
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    "Why should I need all these things that kill my argument?"
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    You ever heard of a vehicle
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    Not a gif and only to top carb, but
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    Its like a failsafe. Like imagine we send a guy back in time to like 5 minutes before h3 goes gold. He infiltrates bungie with the sole intent of turning spread off, but there's no way he doesn't get caught cuz as soon as he does the whole reticle goes wack and bungie is alerted to his treachery. He's then promptly executed for crimes against the people of bungie, and the mission is deemed a failure.
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    The difference between 2014 release and PC release is that I wouldn't have been surprised if I queued hardcore in 2014 and loaded into Domination on Crash from CoD4 instead. The bugs we get now aren't good but they're inconsequential compared to the bullshit that was experienced during the original release. On MCC release I somehow when searching in H2A backed out then started my own custom on damnation to try and "reset" the game and instead it pulled all of the people it had tried to connect me to during my MM search into a 16 man FFA on Damnation with plasma pistols. It was fucking wild in 2014
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    Doom was incredible for it's time but I honestly don't understand why people consider the gameplay to still be the gold standard today. Doom really isn't difficult. The enemies are almost universally slower and less agile than the player, so all you really have to do is not walk in a straight line while shooting at them. Basically everything gets killed by just spamming shots while circlestrafing. It's even more of a power fantasy than Halo, to be quite frank. Even the toughest enemies are a joke given a wide enough space and decently powerful weapons. To compensate for this, you have some of the dumbest artificially-difficulty increasing bullshit of any video game. Random areas where the already-claustrophobically cramped rooms simply shut off all exits and spawn 30 demons as soon as you pick something mildly inconspicuous up, godawful 40 minute long puzzle sections where you scour the map for a stupid keycard, and the like. It was good for the time, but it's extremely dated game design now. Halo is distinct from Doom because the weakened player character introduces a lot of tactical strategy and tension in dealing with comparatively stronger enemies.
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    I mean this is a fair criticism. BTB certainly does take some advantage of the expanded options the Halo universe offers, but there is room for more. Off the top of my head, destructive environments/dynamic map elements would play far better in a BTB setting. "Trait zones" like quick sand or ice would play far better in a BTB setting. I think there's room for more Invasion-inspired gametypes—imagine CTF, but you have Assault-like bombs available to arm and blast holes in certain areas of the map to open up new vehicle routes. If we want to talk more discrete things, like weapons and sandbox items, I've always thought a movable/rotatable man cannon—not just a grav lift from H3, but an actual man cannon—could be an interesting addition. In general, I think BTB should be the area where 343/the developer experiments the most with what the Halo universe provides. Gameplay in BTB is less static and less defined, so there's less risk in "ruining" the experience. It allows them to test ideas and if they seem to work, then maybe they can consider bringing them into 4v4.
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    There's a great gif of someone walking across midship in halo 3 in the same time if not less than it takes to sprint around the halo 5 remake
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajfVdLGGA3I Full release July 10 2020 on Frosty's YouTube Channel! YouTube /frostybb
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