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    ZBNS Reach was much better than H3. Default Reach may have been the worst competitive halo experience to exist. Maybe worse than H4? Tough to say.
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    It's almost like feeling powerless in a shooter is a bad thing.
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    Waypoint kids/h3 kids/bnet kids/reddit kids (really no difference between the four) make me laugh.
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    I can't decipher this. Someone help.
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    I think it's all a matter of where that "really close" line is drawn. I think everyone would agree that, as a console shooter, Halo requires some magnetism to compensate for the imprecision of controllers. But once the "hit" line starts to drift well outside the actual character model of the Spartan, it's going too far. To reference cT's video again, look at H3's magnetism in the example from 0:08 – 0:20 acceptable. The reticle is never over the Spartan's head at any point in the video, yet the player gets a 4sk. To me, that's not "really close"; that's unacceptably far away. Another good example is the SubZero wall snipe from H5: That's not "really close". Magnetism should only be high enough to provide console players with shot consistency. It should not visibly curve bullets.
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