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    Not to attack snakebite or anything, but even at 1.75x speed this is hard to watch. He speaks for roughly 10 minutes to explain the idea that the game you had the most fun with isn't automatically the best game - that one game isn't better they're all just different. I feel enlightened after hearing such deep wisdom. His arguments were often very flimsy too. "In the older halos u just move so slow!" Ahh yes, that must be why CS:GO and Valorant are such commercial failures.. Oh wait... "Halo 3 is boring to watch": I actually agree, but there is a reason it is boring to watch and that reason isn't nostalgia. It's the shit utility weapon, shit sandbox, and shit maps that people have called out for being shit since the game released. The icing on the cake for me is after he says that h5 is his favorite, he admits he is bored of it cause it's 5 years old and he wants to play something new. "Thrust pack OLD and BORING. Grapple hook NEW and FUN." - Snakebite 2021
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    After running the calculations I predict 343 will inadvertently chance upon a good Halo game when Halo 1,367 releases in about 7,000 years.
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    I understand the argument for them. There is technically skill in keeping track of them, though to me it's outweighed by needing to actually win a battle for an item everyone is setting up for (not to mention coaches negate this skill in tournaments). I think the real argument in their favor is that matches will play out differently from game to game, cycle to cycle. However, you lose the "overlap" dynamic that you get with static timers, where a powerup becomes more powerful the later it's grabbed in the cycle because you'll get to ride it into the next cycle. There's merit to both, but I prefer static because I like the idea of multiple powerups being in play at once. There's also something to be said for adapting to the way the other team is playing each cycle. Damnation and Chill Out both demonstrate how you need to show the opposing team different looks later in games, otherwise they'll adapt and counter your setups. You lose that with dynamic spawns, because the cadence of spawns is going to be different every cycle (unless there's only one powerup, which is ass anyways).
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    This was my favorite series from the Halo Classic in St. Louis. Super close series between two excellent teams. I timestamped it. Hope you enjoy!
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    Pros are dummies and always have been.
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    Halo 1’s pace/mechanics, like quick spawning power items, nade physics, and random spawns, make spectating enjoyable because a knowledgeable caster can briefly delve into a player’s motivations while still keeping up with the overarching match narrative. Maybe I just prefer a more laid back casting style but I like that it took multiple snipes in rapid succession to get them really excited. Not that I hate the BR but I don’t need a caster losing his mind over a dIrTY fOuR.
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    *pros and big brain name twitch streamers.
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    They had static timers for power weapons in H5 iirc, with dynamic powerups. The biggest problem is that 343i still hasn't abandoned the Bungie habit of giving power items 2 hour long respawn timers
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    I wanted so badly to enjoy Mythic. The settings are phenomenal. It's the best H5 has ever felt. But good God, man. That game just feels like complete ass to play. No matter what I change, BASIC looking around/aiming feels so utterly awful. This is compounded by SBMM, where I'm playing for my fucking life every single game, every single battle. It's such an uncomfortable experience. If Infinite played somewhat close to Mythic (without thrust bc I still fucking hate it, even in Mythic), and I could actually aim in it, I'd be pretty damn happy.
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    I was actually interested enough to check out some of that stuff I just can't stand actually playing H5 because of how input feels in that game in general. It seems like it would be pretty fun for people if they can get past how the controls feel in H5 though
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    So I should just... ... adapt? Also you're over-simplifying it. Dynamic timers encourage snowballing. Let's say one team gets rockets, they won the fight. They pick it up. Well done, you deserve rockets. Then the next rocket spawns, but one team doesn't see what time they're picked up. The team that did now has the advantage and theoretically can keep it for the rest of the game unless the other team expends resources to watch spawns. I feel this is a waste of resources that could be going into far more interesting types of play such as actually playing the game. I am not talking super-high level here. I'm talking solo queueing. Static timers promote faster gameplay and map movement as all players know exactly what is happening and when (specifically about powerups) and have more room to strategise. If you must have dynamic timers, then the spawn time should be given to the players.
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    What made me cringe 10x harder than the actual video was a dude in the comment section saying that Halo 5 was going down as his favorite video game, not Halo game but VIDEO GAME, of all time. After I read that I promptly proceeded to throw my computer out the window.
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    I greatly prefer static spawns for the dynamic it creates when you stagger spawn times. Sometimes only one PU/PW is up, sometimes 2 occasionally 3. You have to prioritize your resources appropriately. It also gives you tools to cater the games pacing in specific ways by choosing not just what spawns on the map, but when those items spawn in relation to one another. With dynamic spawns, it feels like RNG after the first items are picked up. Static spawns also open up the possibility of having alternate items spawn at the same spot at regular intervals. Trying this with dynamic spawns would be a cluster. Halo could also use some delayed item spawns. How that's not a regular thing already I have no idea.
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    This entire forum knows 343 ain't gonna give a rats arse about no timer shit, we all want static timers, I doubt those fuckers at 343 know what they are, our only hope is for them to do it by accident
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    That's true, dynamic respawn timerscan create potentially-infinite unique ways that each map plays. My issue with it is that it compounds the already snowbally nature of AFPS - The people who lose control of a powerup are already at the disadvantage of having to contest a team with a powerup, on top of probably being dead following the initial challenge for said powerup. If you don't get a time window with an error margin of <8 seconds, that's basically another compounding disadvantage whose exploitability is magnified depending on how good your opponents are. The information disadvantage you're put at; Not knowing what weapons your opponents have, where they are, where they're going to move, or any particular strat that they have - is just magnified significantly when you don't know how you're going to play around the next powerup spawn. I like this idea for certain modes, like Head to Head. There, we can emphasize more stealthy, tense, and passive styles of play. In 4v4, I think we all agree that Halo should flow fast and smoothly.
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    The game has massive performance issue for me at least. Get FPS drops from 60 to the 40s despite my hardware being way above what is needed to run it.
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    this is such grasping at straws without solving anything...if 343 wants to make the hcs a thing, they need to start up a pro league and/or tournament circuit with decent budget and prizing and on a consistent schedule. moving to h5 with the need to be online and the awful servers where we had to delay streams b/c one side was experiencing heavy aim or poor hit reg or internet issues crippling an event is not the way. people are putting on their rose tinted glasses for the days of 60k viewership without remembering the issues that surrounded the game. halo was doing well imo bc we had content coming on a consistent schedule that helped develop rivalries and story lines
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    Now that HCS has concluded two runs of H3, one run of H2A, and one run of Reach since the return to MCC I've been thinking a lot of the frustrations some of the players have had with the return to classic Halo and the strong desire for Infinite and something new. And ultimately, I'm incredibly frustrated that the opportunities presented to us by PC forge mode were not taken advantage of to give the competitive scene a taste of something both familiar and fresh. AoE2 been around for twenty years, but still has a healthy scene that's been growing with the re-release. Dust2, Nuke, Train, etc. have been played forever, yet CS is as strong as ever. These games, and others, are not just doing well because re-release/sequel features are drawing in new talent and enough to sustain the veterans; one thing that allows them to continue to thrive is the consistent examination of map pools and revisions that keep tried-and-true maps while also working new ones into competition. Players compete on classic, iconic maps that are linked to the identity of the games (Arabia, Dust2, etc.) and fans old and new don't feel like they're not playing on the definitive modes of the game; but players old and new also are put on the same playing field of new maps that give everyone the opportunity to try and figure out strategies for. There's something familiar and proven to be good, as well as something fresh and exciting. With MCC giving us a new forge editor on PC and maps having already existed previously, why did we end up playing on just the 11 gametypes that MLG set up, not to act as the final gametypes for decades of play, but as merely the last iteration of settings before the last tournament they would run for that game in light of a sequel? We had pros testing out new maps for Reach but the best we could do is just remove the two worst slayers and replace them with nothing? People have been playing Halo 3 non-stop for years, 343 having an initiative to test out new H3 gametypes while Reach and H2A were ran wouldn't have spread the community too thin. Heck, something could've been done after H5 and H3 MCC was being played on Xbox, PC forge mode is just a bonus. Even CE has new maps for its tournament scene. What are we doing when a game that doesn't have a map editor gets new maps but we're stuck wishing 343 would be at least willing to consider allowing a forge remake of Midship into H2A tournaments? I know, I know, 343 was just hosting sustain tournaments and resources are intended for Infinite, not for having someone review old tournaments settings. And the solution of outsourcing tournament settings for the community wouldn't work because, in spite of all the activity on these forums about what could be done and tested for Reach v8, when push came to shove nobody showed up to test things and we're just as responsible for settings stagnation as 343 is. Still, the fact that we've had so much time in our return to MCC since HCS moved from H5 and haven't had anything new, even with PC releases injecting a shot of adrenaline into classic Halo interest, is frustrating and feels like such a missed opportunity. Well, that's my rant. Guess I'll go back to eagerly awaiting the flighting of crossplay and other upcoming features and figuring out how much H5 heavy aim I'm willing to put up with until those features come out.
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    Here is how I created the mod using a soldering iron, wire, and a £3 spdt relay. The mod is very easy even with little soldering experience and it is completely reversible. I have tried it on an elite controller and a regular Xbox one controller that is about 2 years old. There are two potentiometers for the x and y axes on the thumbstick that register thumbstick movement. One is on the bottom of the module and the other is on the side. The bottom one is for the x axis so that's what I used. There are 3 pins on each potentiometer. Looking at the pins with the thumbstick facing down I soldered one wire to the middle pin and one to the right pin. http://m.imgur.com/oHmEUAm If you connect these wires the controller thinks you're pressing left with 100% of the thumbstick turn. These two wires are connected to the spdt relay which keeps the circuit open until a voltage is applied to it to trigger the closing of the curcuit. This is what it looks like: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/5v-dc-2a-spdt-miniature-relay-n91ed And here mine is http://m.imgur.com/wH8U54S I then desoldered the rumble motor and used the pads to connect my own wires. I connected these to the spdt relay. Now when the rumble motor would normally be activated it instead triggers the relay to close the circuit between the potentiometer pins. This means that when the controller would vibrate that signal is used to make the controller think the thumbstick is being moved. This is where I soldered them. Polarity doesn't matter when you connect these to the spdt relay. http://m.imgur.com/WHO7v3t When you shoot a weapon in game it activates the rumble motor which using my mod triggers the thumbstick movement for a precise amount of time each time. http://m.imgur.com/EH26rHa,oHmEUAm,WHO7v3t,wH8U54S
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